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Tsvetomira Danova

John of Damascus is one of the most remarkable figures among the Church Fathers. The reception of his theological and philosophical works among the Orthodox Slavs in the Middle Ages has been comparatively well researched – unlike that of his homiletic works. This book is devoted to four Slavonic translations of three homilies of John of Damascus dedicated to the Mother of God. It offers the first comprehensive, complex study of the translations of John’s First and Third Homilies on the Dormition and his Homily on the Nativity of the Mother of God, preserved in South Slavic hagiographic and homiletic collections. The problems related to the textual tradition and translational peculiarities of these works have a central place in this study. It is supplemented with an edition of the Slavonic translations with parallel Greek text, as well as with a Slavonic-Greek and Greek-Slavonic list of content words.

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Aline Duvoisin

L’ampleur et l’exceptionnalité qui ont caractérisé le baby-boom ont concouru à en construire une représentation dénuée de nuances. L'ouvrage interroge alors l'hétérogénéité qui a caractérisé ce phénomène dans le contexte suisse. Dans une perspective de parcours de vie et en recourant à des méthodes mixtes, l'interrelation des trajectoires familiales et professionnelles des cohortes féminines est examinée au regard du système de valeurs promulgué dans la société suisse de l'époque pour montrer comment un phénomène d’ampleur a pu être le produit d’une diversité de parcours de vie. Si l'ouvrage se concentre sur la Suisse, le développement de l’approche méthodologique mixte qu'il propose offre un cadre d’analyse renouvelé, dont les apports pour la compréhension du baby-boom peuvent être transférer à divers contextes nationaux et à l'étude d'autres phénomènes démographiques.

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Edited by Frank Kessel

This carefully curated collection of the writings and speeches of W. McNeil (Mac) Lowry will provide significant information about and insight into a remarkable period in the second half of the twentieth century, when the foundations of the arts as they now exist in the United States were creatively and firmly laid, primarily through Lowry’s penetrating intellectual perspective and his strategic organizational acumen as Director of The Ford Foundation’s unique Program in Humanities and the Arts. And many of the fundamental issues he raised and analyzed—why the arts should be valued and how they are best supported and governed—are no less pressing today. The significance of the material is framed and underscored by a foreword by Darren Walker, President of The Ford Foundation; an enlightening essay on "W. McNeil Lowry, the Arts and American Society" by the eminent scholar, Stanley Katz; poetic and powerful tributes to Lowry by Lincoln Kirstein and Peter Zeisler; and a context-setting introduction by the editor. Given the substantive variety and depth of the chapters, the volume will be of interest to a wide range of scholars and students, artists and administrators, both within and at the intersection of philanthropy, the arts, society, public policy and history.

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Erika Džajić Uršič

The study deals with Industrial Symbiosis (IS), a term used to describe a network of diverse organizations that make use of different by-products to improve their facility to achieve common goals, improve environmental conditions or improve business and technical processes. Industrial symbiosis is understood as a technological material as well as a social relationship between so-called social actors, which are involved in the exchange of secondary resources.

The author proposes a model for the evaluation of the possibilities to establish such industrial symbiosis with a study benchmark of seven industrial symbiotic examples used to build a qualitative multi-criteria decision model for the evaluation of the industrial symbiotic network model. With the data obtained from the best-known industrial symbiotic cases in the world, the author examines the importance of social actors’ involvement in industrial symbiosis both in their industrial and non-industrial technological processes.

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Olaf Edmund Truszczyński

The book deals with problems of visual attention in various lighting conditions, including operator's work in air and road transport during the day, at dusk and during nighttime. Day provides the best condition for transporting people. Night, and to some extent dusk, causes difficulties in perceiving objects and threatens the level of security. Therefore, the experimental part focuses on the basic problems of visual attention under conditions of changing brightness, such as attention shifting, its intentionality and inhibition process and visual search. Stimulus detection times and the efficiency of object identification during simulated flight are also examined, depending on their characteristics and the assessment of aircraft position at night and at dusk, under daytime conditions and when using goggles night vision.
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Das preußisch-polnische Verhältnis und der Positivismus

Eine kultursoziologisch-postkoloniale Revision


Katarzyna Kostrzewska-Adam

Der Positivismus gilt als eine längst erschlossene Epoche. Die Erweiterung der literaturwissenschaftlichen Untersuchung um eine Anlehnung an den theoretischen Ansatz der kulturellen Hegemonie von Antonio Gramsci, die theoretischen Begriffe der Postkolonialen Theorie und das Konzept des literarischen Feldes von Pierre Bourdieu ermöglichte der Autorin jedoch einen neuen Zugang. Die Analyse fokussiert den Wechsel des Schreibstils vor dem Hintergrund des deutsch-polnischen Nationenkonflikts. Neben der Neubetrachtung der Genese des Positivismus, bietet dieses Buch einen tiefen Einblick in die Geschichte der deutsch-polnischen Beziehung in ihrem frühen Stadium und zeigt eine große gesellschaftliche Relevanz für das heutige Verhältnis.

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Queering Paradigms VIII

Queer-Feminist Solidarity and the East/West Divide


Edited by Katharina Wiedlack, Saltanat Shoshanova and Masha Godovannaya

Queering Paradigms VIII brings together critical discourses on queer-feminist solidarity between Western, post-Soviet and post-socialist contexts. It highlights transnational solidarity efforts against homophobia, transphobia and misogyny. It engages grass-roots activists and community organizers in a conversation with scholars, and shows that the lines between these categories are blurry and that queer theorists and analysts are to be found in all spheres of queer-feminist culture. It highlights that queer paradigms and theories are born in street protests, in community spaces, in private spheres, through art and culture as well as in academia, and that the different contexts speak to each other.

This anthology presents some of the radical approaches that emerge at the intersection of activism, community organizing, art and academia, through transnational exchange, migration and collaborations. It is a celebration of alliances and solidarities between activism, community building, art, culture and academic knowledge production. Yet, the collected work also brings forward the necessary critique of Western hegemonies involved in contemporary queer-feminist solidarity activism and theory between the ‘East’ and ‘West.’ It is an important thinking about, thinking through and thinking in solidarity and the East/West divide, setting new impulses to fight oppression in all its forms.

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The Relational Theory of Society

Archerian Studies, Volume 3

Edited by Krzysztof Wielecki

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Revisiting Vygotsky for Social Change

Bringing Together Theory and Practice


Edited by Adolfo Tanzi Neto, Fernanda Liberali and Manolis Dafermos

Contemporary thinkers and researchers from different parts of the world involved in achieving human development employ Vygotsky’s theory in order to deal with new social challenges arising in a global but deeply divided world (Santos, 2000; Souza e Santos, 2008; Martín-Baró, 1998). The chapters of this book shed light onto Vygotsky’s initial principles adding critical and social perspectives as a way of expanding his legacy to global contemporary needs such as a critical reflection from the perspective of social change, social dynamics and human development, ethical-political situations of action power, dialectic relationship of the human being with society, contradictions in an individual’s dramatic life events and awareness of the social environment to actively change the existing forms of life.

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Russische Deklamationsforschung

Texte von S. I. Bernštejn. Herausgegeben und kommentiert von Witalij Schmidt


Witalij Schmidt

In den 20er Jahren des vergangenen Jahrhunderts entwickelt der russische Linguist und Deklamationsforscher Sergej Ignat’evič Bernštejn die Theorie der klingenden künstlerischen Sprache. Seine Forschungsgegenstände reichen von Dichterdeklamationen über den Vortrag von deutschsprachigen Schauspielern und Rezitatoren – vor allem von Alexander Moissi und Ludwig Wüllner – bis zur Erforschung der politisch-agitatorischen Rede. Die vor kurzem entdeckten handschriftlichen Arbeiten Bernštejns und seiner Mitarbeiter gingen in diesen Sammelband ein. Sie erhellen ein Kapitel in der Geschichte der Intermedialität von geschriebenem und gesprochenem Wort in der historischen Phase zwischen russischer Avantgarde und formalistischer Theorie.