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The Relational Theory of Society

Archerian Studies, Volume 3

Edited by Krzysztof Wielecki

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Revisiting Vygotsky for Social Change

Bringing Together Theory and Practice


Edited by Adolfo Tanzi Neto, Fernanda Liberali and Manolis Dafermos

Contemporary thinkers and researchers from different parts of the world involved in achieving human development employ Vygotsky’s theory in order to deal with new social challenges arising in a global but deeply divided world (Santos, 2000; Souza e Santos, 2008; Martín-Baró, 1998). The chapters of this book shed light onto Vygotsky’s initial principles adding critical and social perspectives as a way of expanding his legacy to global contemporary needs such as a critical reflection from the perspective of social change, social dynamics and human development, ethical-political situations of action power, dialectic relationship of the human being with society, contradictions in an individual’s dramatic life events and awareness of the social environment to actively change the existing forms of life.

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Russische Deklamationsforschung

Texte von S. I. Bernštejn. Herausgegeben und kommentiert von Witalij Schmidt


Witalij Schmidt

In den 20er Jahren des vergangenen Jahrhunderts entwickelt der russische Linguist und Deklamationsforscher Sergej Ignat’evič Bernštejn die Theorie der klingenden künstlerischen Sprache. Seine Forschungsgegenstände reichen von Dichterdeklamationen über den Vortrag von deutschsprachigen Schauspielern und Rezitatoren – vor allem von Alexander Moissi und Ludwig Wüllner – bis zur Erforschung der politisch-agitatorischen Rede. Die vor kurzem entdeckten handschriftlichen Arbeiten Bernštejns und seiner Mitarbeiter gingen in diesen Sammelband ein. Sie erhellen ein Kapitel in der Geschichte der Intermedialität von geschriebenem und gesprochenem Wort in der historischen Phase zwischen russischer Avantgarde und formalistischer Theorie.

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«Spectator»-Type Periodicals in International Perspective

Enlightened Moral Journalism in Europe and North America


Edited by Misia Sophia Doms

As soon as the Spectator model spread from England to continental Europe and began to be incorporated in French, Dutch and German translations and adaptions, the respective journalistic networks and negotiations regularly exceeded local, regional, and even national boundaries and took on international dimensions. The contributions of the present volume outline the historical development and the intricate literary, artistic, journalistic and scientific communication and distribution networks of the moral weeklies and periodical essays inspired by the Spectator prototype in Europe and North America. Thus, these periodicals become visible as parts and products of ramified learned and creative negotiations on genres, writing techniques and topics.

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Edited by Irfan Yazicioglu, Özgür Yayla, Alper Işın and Turhan Çetin

There is a continued need for overarching and profound approaches to tourism and hospitality. The concept of tourism and hospitality needs to be thoroughly considered so that issues with an ever-increasing complexity and interconnectivity can be understood and dealt with. This book has been prepared, by pursuing a scientific goal in the field of tourism and hotel management, in order to create a resource for the academicians and sector representatives who conduct researches on the subject. The current issues in the book have been determined by taking into consideration the lack of resources in the field of tourism and hotel management and the latest research areas in the international literature.

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Transcultural Haiku

Polish History of the Genre


Beata Śniecikowska

The monograph presents the Polish history of haiku and the forms associated with this genre – in literature and visual arts. Polish works are confronted with Japanese poetry (along with its aesthetic, philosophical and ethical contexts) and with haiku-inspired miniatures produced by poets from various European and American countries. The book also touches upon the theory of literary genres and translatological problems (translations of Japanese haiku as a touchstone of changes in Western literature). The presented discussion with haiku as the central theme allows for a unique and panoramic perspective of Polish poetry of the last hundred years. It also facilitates original analyses of the relationship between literature and visual arts – in the field of book art, painting and multimedia.

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Isabelle Leveque Lamotte

La Dordogne, anciennement Périgord, est située dans l’historiographie en périphérie de la zone des familles souches du Sud-Ouest. Le mode de transmission et de reproduction familiale permet de comprendre comment s’organise la famille et comment se nouent les liens en son sein. Outre les relations juridiques, économiques, patrimoniales, est-il possible d’approcher les relations d’ordre affectif? L’étude porte sur les familles ayant vécu dans le village de Saint-Léon-sur-l’Isle, entre 1780 et 1839. Une lecture très fine des sources, notamment des actes notariés, met en évidence les logiques de comportement et leur évolution pendant une période de bouleversements qui malmènent les équilibres familiaux. Elle livre également un aperçu de l’intimité familiale, celle du couple en particulier.

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Edited by Florentina Scarneci-Domnisoru

The book addresses current methodological issues related to the use of visual data in research and to the relevance of the visual techniques for enhancing social knowledge. It illustrates the variety of social topics that can be visually dealt with. The themes that are covered in the book are not only methodological, but also refer to worthy aspects related to community change, identity, perceptions and representations, and emotions. As it is a book on the use of the visual in research, each of the ideas and each of the results presented here is exemplified in images. This makes the volume very easy to follow and understand. It provides useful examples to those who want to use visual techniques in their social research.

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Joan Cronin

This book explores the experiences of women who are childless by choice in contemporary Ireland, to gain a greater understanding of the factors that influence their decision making, to examine how others react to that decision, and to consider the strategies women engage in to manage the reactions of others. The book is based on detailed in-depth interviews with a group of twelve Irish women who have consciously chosen not to have children. The women speak of their childhoods, personalities, relationships and careers and describe how these shaped their decision making. The book links the women’s accounts with literature on the values and belief systems around procreation and motherhood which were prevalent throughout Ireland and chronicles the stigma and negative appraisal associated with women’s voluntary childlessness.

Although the book is written from a sociological perspective, the merger of theory and practical insights make it accessible to a wide audience. The aim it to foreground the women’s voices and generate a greater awareness and understanding of women’s voluntary childlessness.

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Weiblichkeit im Serbischen

Weibliche Genderspezifizierungen zwischen Gewalt und Widerstand


Rajilić Simone

Feminina für Frauen! – so lautet die Forderung serbischer Feminist_innen, die in den letzten Jahren immer wieder zu teils hitzigen Debatten über das Für und Wider einer gendersensitiven Sprachreform in Serbien geführt hat.

Der Band zeichnet die Argumentationslinien von Gegner_innen und Befürworter_innen einer feministischen Sprachkritik in Serbien nach und fragt nach den Konzeptualisierungen von Weiblichkeit, die über konventionalisierte Sprachpraktiken im Serbischen entstehen. Vor dem Hintergrund poststrukturalistischer Gendertheorien überprüft die Autorin, ob in der Forderung nach weiblicher Genderspezifizierung tatsächlich ein Potential zum Widerstand liegt, oder ob die Klassifizierung von Menschen als Frauen vielmehr im Kontext sprachlicher Gewalt diskutiert werden sollte.