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Conflit au Pays basque

regards de militants illégaux

Caroline Guibet Lafaye

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) a annoncé sa dissolution le 3 mai 2018 après un conflit avec l’État espagnol qui a duré 60 ans. Ce conflit s’est étendu de chaque côté de la frontière quoiqu’avec des conséquences distinctes. Médias et journalistes se sont emparés du sujet. Ils ont été invités, depuis août 1994 par le ministère de l’Intérieur espagnol, à devenir parties prenantes de la lutte antiterroriste. Du côté scientifique, existent en langue anglaise ou hispanique des travaux statistiques reposant sur l’exploitation de base de données d’attentats commis par ETA ainsi que quelques analyses de récits de vie recueillis dans les années 1990. L’ouvrage Conflit au pays basque: regards de militants illégaux comble une lacune de l’analyse scientifique à partir d’une enquête empirique menée entre 2017 et 2019 auprès de plus de 60 ex-militants d’ETA et d’Iparretarrak (IK) en convoquant une méthodologie de sociologie compréhensive. Le livre cherche à comprendre pourquoi la lutte armée persiste après la chute du franquisme en Hegoalde et naît dans les années 1970 en Iparralde. Il analyse les motivations et les raisons qui ont porté ces acteurs – inculpés pour des faits de terrorisme – vers l’engagement illégal voire l’action armée, tout en proposant une analyse générationnelle des trajectoires de ces militant.e.s. Il étudie enfin la façon dont chaque groupe clandestin élabore son « éthique de la violence politique » et précise comment l’éthique de la responsabilité fait partie intégrante de l’ethos du militant clandestin abertzale (patriote).

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A Dangerous Pursuit

The anti-sectarian work of Counteract


Roz Goldie

This is the untold story of Counteract, the trade union sponsored anti-sectarian unit tackling violent sectarianism in the workplace in the Northern Ireland conflict. As the death toll mounted through the 1980s key union women and men started what was planned as a campaign to support workers and became a ground-breaking facility for mediating sectarian disputes in the workplace in these violent times. People were shot for challenging flags at work, drivers hijacked at gun point and forced to drive bombs, taxi drivers murdered in tit-fortat sectarian killings, and workers were forced out of jobs because of sectarian threats and intimidation. This is a hidden part of the peace process, showing the path from «Shipyard confetti» to nuanced expressions of sectarian hostility.

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From Toleration to Religious Freedom

Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives


Edited by Mariëtta van der Tol, John Adenitire, Carys Brown and E. S. Kempson

This volume examines the knotty relationship between toleration and religious freedom. Spanning from the early modern period to the present day, it explores how discourses on toleration impact on current debates about religious freedom, and challenges assumptions about the associations between religious ideas and the law. Bringing together scholarship from the fields of history, law, political science, philosophy, and theology, it throws into sharp relief the disciplinary presuppositions that have—sometimes misleadingly—shaped our understandings of toleration and religious freedom.

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The Origins of the Welfare State

Polish Social Policy in the Period 1918–1939


Paweł Grata

The book focuses on the Polish social policy, its contextual (historical, organisational, conceptual, financial) conditionings, the institutions it fitted in, and primarily on the practical activities, undertaken by the state and other entities with regard to its individual domains. The time span covered by the analysis is the period of 1918–1939. The scope of the research is based on the ways the social policy in the interwar period was conceptualised. It covers labour and employment issues (labour legislation, combatting unemployment, migration policy), social insurance (retirement pension, work injury, sickness insurance), social welfare (support for the poor, welfare for mothers, children, adults and the disabled, problems of social pathologies) and health care system.

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Political Music

Legitimization and Contestation


Edited by Tomasz Bichta and Anna Szwed-Walczak

In the 12 chapters of this book the authors argue for the universal presence of music in public space and social relations. The examples of American, British, Hungarian, Polish and Russian music serve to elucidate two functions of political music, that of legitimizing and contesting political power. Both satirical songs with their ironic commentary on specific events and people as well as protest songs undermining the system corroborate the universal character of the legitimizing and delegitimizing function of music. The book is addressed to readers interested in countercultural movements and politically engaged music, especially to students of political studies, sociology and cultural studies.

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Warrior Talk

A study of war, peace and politics

Sally Watson

«Warrior talk is defined as language, terms and metaphors associated with war and violence used in political discourses or appropriated into everyday settings to influence people and situations.»

Warrior Talk is part of the human experience in conflict situations at global, national and organizational levels and while the scale of conflict may vary, the language of war is a potent dynamic and key inhibitor of sustainable peace. A case study of the Northern Ireland peace process has been used as a background for research into Sinn Féin political discourses in the period 1969-2019. The findings indicate that republican warrior talk has evolved over five decades but continues to play a role in Sinn Féin politics. The implications of this research are applicable to other forms of conflict and particularly whether there has been protracted or intermittent episodes of violence.

This book will appeal to a varied audience: students, researchers and readers interested in peace building whether international or local. The style of the book will demystify the field of political discourse analysis and provide tools and resources to enrich the reader’s experience.

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Helena Dettmer

In his 1995 Teubner edition, J. B. Hall separates Tristia 1.5, 1.9, 3.4, 4.4, 5.2, and 5.7 into two poems. One reviewer of Hall’s edition is highly critical of the editor for not justifying the separation of these poems despite the fact the divisions have manuscript support. Because of the sorry state of the textual transmission of Ovid's five books of Tristia, it is sometimes difficult to determine the beginning and end of an individual poem if that poem resumes thematically and verbally where the previous poem concludes. The aim of this study is to show that definitive evidence can be offered to justify division of these six elegies into two poems. Structure combined with theme serves as an analytical tool that defines the beginning and end of the twelve literary pieces under consideration and highlights their artistry. Resolution of the issue of unity enhances our interpretation of the independent poems and our understanding of the complex interplay among poems within each poetry-book. The careful and often brilliant craftsmanship of the poems and of the books in which they appear reaffirms that Ovid’s repeated deprecation of the quality of his literary work composed during his period of exile in the Black Sea region is simply a pose to attract sympathy and support from his Roman audience.
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The Language of Feminine Duty

Articulating Gender, Culture, and Covert Policy in Modern Japan

Rika Saito

This book examines "women’s speech" as a policy of constructs expressed in official and unofficial discourse from the 1880s to the 1920s in Japan. It analyzes specific language policies that were incorporated through governmental gender policy to perpetuate "women’s speech," asymmetrical gendered speech styles and concepts in the Japanese language. It also seeks to develop cross-cultural approaches to language and gender theories initiated in the United States and Europe by proposing new concepts of language policy. This work contributes to ongoing interdisciplinary scholarship on gender, language, and policy by reconsidering the relationship between the Japanese "national language" and "women’s speech."

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Las revoluciones hispánicas y la historiografía contemporánea

Historia de las ideas, liberalismo e Ilustración en el mundo hispánico durante la Era de las revoluciones


Roberto Breña

La independencia de las Trece Colonias y la Revolución Francesa han ocupado un lugar privilegiado en el estudio de la Era de las revoluciones. Los nueve capítulos de este libro plantean colocar a la revolución liberal española, al liberalismo hispánico y a las independencias hispanoamericanas en un lugar destacado en el estudio de dicha era. Esto lo hace el autor mediante un análisis de varios aspectos políticos e intelectuales del mundo hispánico del primer cuarto del siglo XIX que muestran su riqueza, su peculiaridad, su complejidad y sus aportaciones a la historia de las ideas en Occidente. En resumen, el libro que el lector tiene en sus manos proporciona argumentos para concluir que no se puede seguir ignorando a las revoluciones hispánicas cuando se escribe historia política o historia intelectual sobre la Era de las revoluciones.

Fuera de algunos especialistas, muy pocas personas saben que el término "liberal" con una connotación política surgió en el mundo hispánico al final de la primera década del siglo XIX. Concretamente, en las Cortes de Cádiz, una asamblea de representantes españoles e hispanoamericanos que se reunieron en ese puerto español entre 1810 y 1814. Esa asamblea bi-continental y la constitución que elaboraron (la Constitución de Cádiz o Constitución de 1812) consideraron como ciudadanos a los indígenas de América y el documento era el más abierto que hasta entonces se había redactado en términos de participación electoral. Además, tuvo repercusiones sobre varias regiones italianas, Portugal, Rusia y Noruega, así como, por supuesto, sobre los territorios hispanoamericanos, los cuales pronto extendieron la revolución hispánica al Nuevo Continente y optaron por una vía propia hacia la modernidad política que surgió en Occidente durante la Era de las revoluciones.

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Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Weltgeltung.

Die Botanische Zentralstelle für die deutschen Kolonien am Botanischen Garten und Museum Berlin (1891–1920)


Katja Kaiser

Diese Publikation untersucht die Beziehungen zwischen Wissenschaften und Kolonialismus am Beispiel der Berliner botanischen Einrichtungen. Im Fokus steht die dem Botanischen Garten und Museum angegliederte Botanische Zentralstelle für die deutschen Kolonien. Ihre Tätigkeit bestimmte die Verknüpfung von wirtschaftlichen, wissenschaftlichen und kolonialpolitischen Interessen. Die Studie beschreibt die Aufgabenbereiche der Botanischen Zentralstelle und die Motive der wichtigsten Akteure. Mit der Untersuchung der botanischen Netzwerke leistet sie einen Beitrag zu transimperialen Ansätzen der Kolonialgeschichtsschreibung. Exemplarische Objekt- und Sammlerbiographien widmen sich außerdem eingehend wissenschaftsgeschichtlichen Aspekten und der Aufarbeitung von Provenienzen kolonialer Sammlungen.