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Edited by Elżbieta Hałas and Nicolas Maslowski

Politics of symbolization affects the semantics of identities and power relations between various subjects, and encompasses the changing meanings of social spaces, times, historical narratives, as well as modalities of collective memory. The volume focuses on politics of symbolization across Central and Eastern Europe understood as complex spaces of semiosis that are rife with similarities and differences. Politics of symbolization consists of various strategies of referring to past collective experiences from the perspective of projected visions and representations of the future. The European Union and its politics of symbolization is relevant in this respect. The volume facilitates understanding of the problems associated with politics of symbolization in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Der Traum in der neueren russischen Lyrik

Elena Švarc, Ol’ga Sedakova und Gennadij Ajgi


Katina Baharova

Der Traum als Medium transzendenter Erfahrungen ist ein bevorzugtes literarisches Motiv von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. Auch in der russischen inoffiziellen Lyrik der Sowjetzeit entwickelt der Traum metaphysische Dimensionen, die auf individuelle Weise gestaltet werden. Anhand der Analyse exemplarischer Gedichte wird die Traumpoetik von Elena Švarc, Ol’ga Sedakova und Gennadij Ajgi erschlossen und im Hinblick auf ihre Spezifik vergleichend ausgewertet. Die dichterisch geformten Träume erweisen sich als Wege zur Gottesbegegnung (Sedakova), zu spiritueller Selbsterkenntnis (Švarc) oder auch zu mystischer Naturerfahrung (Ajgi). Die drei AutorInnen verorten sich dadurch im literaturhistorischen Kontext der metaphysischen Lyrik, deren Tradition sie durch das Traummotiv fortsetzen.

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Under the Sign of Contradiction

Mandelstam and the Politics of Memory

Anna Razumnaya

The book revisits the final decade in the life of Osip Mandelstam (1891–1938), a central poet of Russian Modernism. Premised on the belief that no life can be understood without insight into its contradictions, the book attends to the two contentious cruxes of Mandelstam’s life and art: his testifying against his closest friends to the secret police and his composition, in exile, of an ode in praise of Stalin. Offering a close reading of the protocols of Mandelstam’s interrogations, a critical reflection on the nature of the «Ode» and an unflinching yet humane interpretation of the connecting events, the book pursues the dramatic arc of Mandelstam’s imaginative involvement with the politics of the Soviet state, revealing the perennial aspects of his case in dialogue with poets and critics in the English language, from Andrew Marvell to William Empson. In doing so, the book contemplates Mandelstam – a poet of «longing for world culture» – as a phenomenon of Western literature at large.
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Peter Fitting

Edited by Brian Greenspan

This collection brings together for the first time Peter Fitting’s writings about the utopian impulse as expressed in science fiction, fantasy, cinema, architecture, and cultural theory. These wide-ranging essays trace the constant reconsideration of the utopian project itself over the past four decades, from its mid-twentieth century period of decline to its revival in counter-cultural science fiction of the 1960s and ‘70s, its second decline with the «dystopian turn» in film, and the rise of feminist pessimism in the 1980s.

These pages reveal what popular utopian, dystopian, and science-fiction narratives tell us about today’s most pressing political issues, including gender equity, education reform, technological change, capitalist excess, state-sanctioned violence, and the challenges of effecting lasting political change. Through analyses of various popular genres and media, the author demonstrates how utopian visions written from particular political perspectives transcend narrowly partisan concerns to stoke our collective desire for another world and a more adequate human future, teaching us how to become the citizens and subjects that a utopian society demands.

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Supporting Play-Based Learning in Primary Mathematics Curriculum

Effect of Teaching Mathematics Through Different Play Types on 1st Grade Students Achievements and Retention Levels

Raci Demir

Since the elementary school years, the power of the play has been used in cognitive, social, motor, and affective ways to overcome students’ anxiety of mathematics. This book examines the effect of play-based learning method on the achievements of 1st-grade students within the scope of 8 different math plays prepared for objectives in the primary mathematics curriculum. Supported by students’ views on different math plays, including theoretical reflections on play-based learning and thoughts about methodological, empirical, and experimental approaches as well as analyses of various play studies, the research examines the role of child-centered teaching methods in primary school math curriculum from planning to play evaluation processes. Practical examples of different types of plays in teaching primary mathematics are presented to researchers and classroom teachers.

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Collective Motherliness in Europe (1890 - 1939)

The Reception and Reformulation of Ellen Key's Ideas on Motherhood and Female Sexuality

Edited by Ulla Åkerström and Elena Lindholm

Ellen Key (1849–1926) was one of Europe’s most influential thinkers on issues of motherhood and women’s sexuality during the early 1900s. This anthology maps how her ideas were reformulated in Europe’s five major language areas – English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish – and explores how her ideas about social modernity and women’s sexuality were received and how they were communicated in feminist literature and debate during the first decades of the 20th century. The aim of this anthology is to offer new knowledge about Key’s influence on European thinking on issues such as motherhood, sexuality, and love in the early 1900s by offering both a broader and deeper understanding of the international significance of Key’s work.

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Encompassing Passing

Identities in the Making

Edited by Mihaela Mudure

This book is a collection of articles written by international scholars and dealing with passing from a textual and cultural perspective. All these explorations of a complex identity phenomenon that defies reductive dualities result in scholarly interrogations of societal arrangements. The texts under perusal belong to different historical periods and various communities. The novelty of this collection is that passing is viewed not only as a racial or gendered transformation, but also as a religious one. The book deals with passing either as a strategy that results in assimilation, melting, and merging, or as resistance and challenge against the whiteness-only-based identity politics.

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I have no Country, I have a homeland

Istanbulite Romiois:Place- Memory- Migration

Nurdan Türker

The book explores the concepts of migration, space, memory and identification drawn from the experiences of Istanbulite Romiois/Greeks and through the notion of being minority. The primary problematic examined in this book revolves around the meaning of these concepts, the functions they serve, and how they are related to the identity of minorities who have experienced ruptures like mass migrations. The concepts such as place and memory are addressed through the way in which Istanbulite Romiois/Greeks create meaningful connections around spaces, identity and memory as evidenced by spatial arrangements and how space in general and in Istanbul is specifically rendered sacred.

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Russische Deklamationsforschung

Texte von S. I. Bernštejn. Herausgegeben und kommentiert von Witalij Schmidt

Witalij Schmidt

In den 20er Jahren des vergangenen Jahrhunderts entwickelt der russische Linguist und Deklamationsforscher Sergej Ignat’evič Bernštejn die Theorie der klingenden künstlerischen Sprache. Seine Forschungsgegenstände reichen von Dichterdeklamationen über den Vortrag von deutschsprachigen Schauspielern und Rezitatoren – vor allem von Alexander Moissi und Ludwig Wüllner – bis zur Erforschung der politisch-agitatorischen Rede. Die vor kurzem entdeckten handschriftlichen Arbeiten Bernštejns und seiner Mitarbeiter gingen in diesen Sammelband ein. Sie erhellen ein Kapitel in der Geschichte der Intermedialität von geschriebenem und gesprochenem Wort in der historischen Phase zwischen russischer Avantgarde und formalistischer Theorie.

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Das Warschauer Ghetto

Zwischen «Ausnahmezustand» und permanent schlechtem Gewissen. Eine Untersuchung anhand zentraler Texte der polnischen Literatur. Mit einem Vorwort von Claus Leggewie


Alexander Höllwerth

Der Band beleuchtet das Thema des Warschauer Ghettos in der polnischen Literatur. Die zentralen Kategorien der Untersuchung sind Bachtins «Chronotop»-Konzept sowie Schmitts und Agambens Theorie des «Ausnahmezustands». Das Spektrum der Analyse reicht von Texten aus den 1940er Jahren (Andrzejewski, Miłosz) über solche aus den 1980er Jahren (Rymkiewicz, Błoński) bis hin zu neueren Texten, deren Autoren keine persönliche Erinnerung an die Shoa mehr haben (Ostachowicz). Eine weitere Kategorie der Untersuchung ist die der «Augenzeugenschaft». Sie verleiht der polnischen Literatur – als der Literatur jenes Landes, das sich im Epizentrum des Zivilisationsbruchs der Shoa befunden hat – eine exzeptionelle Bedeutung. Insgesamt bringt dieses Buch eine Reihe von neuen Aspekten in die Erforschung der polnischen und europäischen Shoa-Erinnerungskultur ein.