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Restored Order

Subordination and Freedom in 1 Peter

Steve Carter

The concept of subordination plays a prominent role in the paranesis of 1 Peter, and it appears too in the context of Christ’s victory over the cosmic powers. It seems to presuppose some kind of given natural and social order in which people must live in their allotted place. But the author also sees his readers’ subordination as conditioned by their status as free people, which he expounds in several passages.

This investigation aims to clarify the meaning and relationship of the concepts of subordination and freedom in 1 Peter, with reference to the related idea of order. After an introduction that sets out the issues in detail, the first main section examines the three themes in the wider thought of the first century CE, andthe second provides detailed exegesis of the key Petrine texts. A final chapter synthesizes this evidence and draws conclusions regarding the conceptuality of subordination and freedom expressed in the letter.

The study presents the idea of "restored order" as a new interpretive key to the teaching and paranesis of 1 Peter and the significant New Testament tradition to which it belongs. It clarifies the important Petrine concepts of subordination and freedom, with that of order, within the letter as a whole and its constituent parts, and it illuminates the exegesis of various disputed texts and passages. Scholars and research students of 1 Peter and the wider New Testament will find here a compelling proposal to stimulate and inform their own engagement with the text.

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Peter D. Usher

In a novel reading of Shakespeare’s plays, this book addresses an observation first made many decades ago, that Shakespeare appears to neglect the intellectual upheavals that astronomy brought about in his lifetime. The author examines temporal, situational, and verbal anomalies in Hamlet and other plays using hermeneutic-dialectic methodology, and finds a consistent pattern of interpretation that is compatible with the history of astronomy and with the development of modern cosmology. He also demonstrates how Shakespeare takes into account beliefs about the nature of the heavens from the time of Pythagoras up to and including discoveries and theories in the first decade of the seventeenth century. The book makes the case that, as in many other fields, Shakespeare’s celestial knowledge is far beyond what was commonly known at the time.

Students and teachers interested in Shakespeare’s alleged indifference towards, or ignorance of, the celestial sciences will find this book illuminating, as will historians of science and scholars whose work focuses on epistemology and its relationship to the canon, and on how Shakespeare acquired the data that his plays deliver.

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Edited by Robert Kiełtyka

The present volume is a monographic study devoted to selected aspects of English historical phonology, orthography, syntax, morphology and semantics. It is the result of international cooperation of scholars affiliated with various academic institutions around the world, such as the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA; the University of Edinburgh, UK; the University of Westminster, UK; the University of Tours, France, the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands; the Boris Grinchenko University in Kiev, Ukraine; the South-West University “Neofit Rilski”, Bulgaria; the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland; the University of Silesia, Poland; the Silesian University of Technology, Poland.

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Swan’s Nest, Swaffham, Norfolk

Excavating the Prehistory of the Breckland Clays


Joshua Charlton White

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Últimos ecos del exilio

Estudios de poesía hispanomexicana


Bernard Sicot

Este libro reúne diecisiete artículos del autor sobre los poetas hispanomexicanos, anteriormente publicados en diversas revistas. Estos estudios sobre los trece poetas del grupo ofrecen una visión principalmente literaria de sus obras y vienen a paliar un vacío editorial. Van dirigidos a estudiantes de literatura, master, doctorado, así como a los hispanistas en general.
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Vegans on Speciesism and Ableism

Ecoability Voices for Disability and Animal Justice


Edited by Anthony J. Nocella II and Amber E. George

This powerful intersectional social justice book examines animal, disability, and environmental oppression and justice. Located in disability studies, sociology, environmental justice, food justice, and critical animal studies, this book engages the reader in an intersectional ecological manner for an inclusive interdependent global community. This outstanding collection of original articles by scholars from around the world discusses the need to acknowledge the relationships among nonhuman animals, those with disabilities, and the environment. Adaptive sports from mountain biking to rock climbing is saving the lives of those with disabilities from extreme depression and suicide at the same time those with disabilities are becoming some of the most loyal advocates for defending the environment from human destruction. Those with disabilities are being welcomed into the animal rights movement and also introduced to nonhuman animals not as merely service animals, but as friends, allies, and companions.
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God, Guns, Capitalism, and Hypermasculinity

Commentaries on the Culture of Firearms in the United States


Warren J. Blumenfeld

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gun-related deaths have reached epidemic proportions in the Unites States, snuffing out the lives of well over 30,000 people (with 1/3 homicides and the remainder suicides and accidents) and wounding many more annually. Everytown organization found that on average, 96 people are killed by guns every day, and for every person killed by a gun, two more are injured. Seven children and teens are killed on average daily. Many of the guns used in these killings reach military-level weapons power, guns which currently remain legal to purchase. Today in the United States, there are approximately 101 firearms per 100 people. The Unites States ranks high when compared with 22 other wealthy industrialized nations in per capita gun-related deaths with 3.85 per 100,000 residents, compared, for example, with the United Kingdom at 0.07, Japan at 0.04, Germany at 0.12, Indonesia at 0.10, and Oman at 0.06.

This book covers issues of firearms violence and efforts at common sense reform from multiple perspectives, including a culture and climate of firearms addressed from a historical, social, governmental, legal, and psychological perspective; political activism and organizing strategies; and options for reform. It is written in a clear and accessible style from a progressive political perspective.

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Grenzüberschreitende Zusammenarbeit nach der Pandemie / La coopération transfrontalière après la pandémie

Rechtlich-institutionelle Flexibilisierung im Kontext des Aachener Vertrags / Flexibilisation juridique et institutionnelle dans le cadre du Traité d'Aix-la-Chapelle


Edited by Joachim Beck

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Jewish Fugitives in the Polish Countryside, 1939–1945

Beyond the German Holocaust Project


Joanna Tokarska-Bakir

Focused on the struggle to survive by the Jewish Poles stranded in the Polish countryside during the Holocaust, case studies collected in this volume are based on research carried out at Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance. Where possible, they are also complemented by Jewish survivors’ testimonies dispersed throughout the world. There are at least two leitmotifs recurring throughout all texts: What are the social correlates of the anti-Jewish violence undertaken by Polish neighbours without German initiative and even knowledge? Are there certain types of social relationships more subject or prone to this kind of violence? What was the role of peasantry, social elites, and Catholic church in inciting and perpetrating it? Was this violence influenced by the Holocaust, or was it a separate form of genocidal violence?