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Normas restrictivas sobre aborto en América Latina

Una mirada desde la biolegitimidad

Ana Cristina González-Vélez

Este libro aborda el debate sobre los supuestos morales que subyacen a las regulaciones y prácticas, es decir, a las normas restrictivas sobre aborto en América Latina. En particular propone que la noción de biolegitimidad es un aspecto central de esta moralidad y que es en virtud del menor valor que se le reconoce o asigna a la vida de las mujeres, que tales restricciones se mantienen en todos los países de la región. Este menor valor se vincula, en el campo de la reproducción, con el rechazo a las mujeres que se niegan —cuando abortan— a la maternidad como un destino. Así, la persistencia de las normas restrictivas sobre aborto se fundamenta en la menor legitimidad que se otorga a la vida de las mujeres como biografía, limitando su libertad en materia de autodeterminación reproductiva. En este trabajo se cruzan el feminismo, la salud pública, el derecho y la bioética, el campo en el cual se ordena la conversación aquí propuesta. En suma, el libro ofrece una reflexión sobre los valores y principios que informan las normas —entendidas tanto en su sentido formal en cuanto disposiciones del derecho positivo, como en su sentido informal en tanto prácticas sociales— sobre aborto en América Latina.

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Dostojewskij und St. Petersburg

Die Stadt und ihr literarischer Mythos


Edited by Christoph Garstka

Wohl kein anderer Schriftsteller ist im internationalen Bewusstsein so eng mit der Stadt St. Petersburg verbunden wie Fjodor M. Dostojewskij. Der Sohn eines Moskauer Armenarztes hat das Bild der Stadt an der Newa, ihr „Image" in der Welt und ihren Mythos bestimmt und verewigt. Seit der große Zar Peter in den finnischen Sümpfen seine Hauptstadt buchstäblich auf den Knochen tausender Zwangsarbeiter errichtet hat, hat die nördliche Metropole zahllose russische Denker beschäftigt. Welche Bedeutung hat St. Petersburg für die russische Kultur, welche Stellung nimmt diese zweite Hauptstadt im russischen Denken gerade in Opposition zur „Mutter aller russischen Städte", Moskau ein?

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On an Electric Arc

Andrzej Bobkowski Writing


Maciej Nowak

Maciej Nowak’s book is the first monograph on the writings of Andrzej Bobkowski (1913–1961), a Polish émigré writer from the millieu of Jerzy Giedroyc’s Kultura journal. Bobkowski is famous for his diary Wartime Notebooks: France 1940–1944, translated into many languages, including English. Using current methods of the French school in the study of diaristics and epistolography, Nowak overcomes the limits of aesthetic analysis to reach the anthropological center of Bobkowski’s authorial practices. In this way, Nowak unveils the existential and axiological dimension of Bobkowski’s work. Thus, the book offers a coherent depiction of the rich and diverse writings of Bobkowski, prepared with methods of modern humanities.

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Sexuality: From Intimacy to Politics

With Focus on Slovakia in the Globalized World

Gabriel Bianchi

The book seeks to answer questions that emerge when human sexuality leaves the medical/sexological context and gets into the focus of social sciences. It provides an insight into a geopolitical region (Slovakia) where, for ideological reasons, research on sexuality was impossible for decades. The most provoking questions in the book are: What was the price human sexuality has had to pay for the attention received from scientific medicine since the 19th century? What is the current transmutation of intimacy about? Why do we need to talk about healthy sex and not only about sexual health? What do we know about, and what can we learn from, the boundary between wanted and unwanted sex? Do we need new norms for sexuality? Why is sexuality so important in politics?

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Unacknowledged Legislators

Studies in Russian Literary History and Poetics in Honor of Michael Wachtel


Edited by Lazar Fleishman, David M. Bethea and Ilya Vinitsky

The 50th volume of Stanford Slavic Studies brings together prominent international specialists in the study of Russian literary history. 42 contributors are affiliated with leading academic centers in the United States, the European Union, United Kingdom, Russia, and Israel. Their essays propose new approaches and introduce hitherto unknown materials that address themes central to literary scholarship, such as theory of Russian verse, history of Russian Formalism, Russian-German and Russian-Italian cultural ties. The chapters of this book cover such towering figures of modern Russian letters as Pushkin, Gogol, Akhmatova, Mandelshtam, Nabokov, and Pasternak.

The volume is dedicated to the distinguished authority in Russian poetry and comparative literary studies, Professor of Princeton University Michael Wachtel.

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Insane Run

Railroad and Dark Modernity


Wojciech Tomasik

This is a book about impending catastrophe. The metaphorical insane “run“ ends with the outbreak of the First World War. The book focuses on European culture of the late nineteenth century and the Polish contribution to it. The word “dark“ used to describe modernity is understood as a metaphor of gradual and permanent devaluation of the idea of progress, as a fading hope for the future of Europe as bright, predictable, prosperous, and safe. The “darkening“ also receives a literal sense. At the end of the nineteenth century, darkness found its way back to the public space – in the theaters, panoramas, dioramas, and “love tunnels“, which awaited the visitors of American and European amusement parks.
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Les Bucoliques de Théocrite

Construction et déconstruction d’un Recueil


Alain Blanchard

Les dix idylles bucoliques de Théocrite que la tradition manuscrite place, comme embléma-tiques, en tête de son œuvre, mais dans un certain désordre, constituaient-elles, à l’origine, un recueil organisé ? On en a douté à l’époque moderne. Mais des recherches récentes (Jean Irigoin, Claude Meillier et l’auteur lui-même) permettent d’être plus optimiste. Le livre présenté ici s’appuie en particulier sur la découverte que l’Idylle IX, considérée jusque-là par la majorité des savants comme apocryphe, confirme en fait l’authenticité de l’ensemble des dix idylles bucoliques de Théocrite et code même les grandes proportions du Recueil. L’étude des structures numériques permet alors de reconstituer avec sûreté l’organisation de celui-ci, conduisant ainsi à une analyse littéraire plus exacte et à une édition du texte grec plus respectueuse de la tradition manuscrite.
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River-Friendly Cities

An Outline of Historical Changes in Relations between Cities and Rivers and Contemporary Water-Responsible Urbanization Strategies

Anna Januchta-Szostak

The history of urbanization was inseparably connected with the exploitation of the environment and the subjugation of rivers. Today we experience the effects of this expansion in the form of escalating water problems. The book outlines the processes of transformation of anthropogenic, natural and waterborne structures in urban environment, which were presented in three historical phases: the period of Respect, Conquest and Return. River-friendly cities require integrated water management in entire catchments from the source to the recipient. The key to the success of the Return strategy is the recovery of space for greenery and water, responsible spatial planning, circular economy and rainwater management as well as continuous raising of awareness of the whole society.

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Luiza Mesesan-Schmitz and Claudiu Coman

The book is written specifically for students or young researchers with no prior experience in the procedure of index construction. The book is designed as a self-teaching aid, thus some terms related to index are clarified, and some typologies of this kind of variable and the procedure of constructing index are presented. Using examples and datasets from social research, tables and SPSS screen captures, the readers are guided through this process. Some problems encountered in practice in this process of constructing an index are highlighted and some solutions are presented.

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The Interpretation of Nizami’s Cultural Heritage in the Contemporary Period

Shared past and cultural legacy in the transition from the prism of national literature criteria

Edited by Rahilya Geybullayeva and Christine van Ruymbeke

This book fills a void in the field of pre-modern literature written in Persian. It is the first scholarly publication in English language on and around the poet Nizami Ganjavi written by important Western and Non-Western scholars, enriching the field with an awareness of their knowledge and research interests.

The multidisciplinary volume initiates a much-needed dialogue it initiates a much-needed dialogue between the metropolitan and postcolonial academic points of view.

By the example of Nizami’s poems it shows how different academic circles interpret Medieval authors in relation to modern-day national identity and national cultures. Unlike in Europe and USA, in the USSR citizenship and ethnicity, like two modern official different criteria of identity, became a stumbling block in the division of cultural heritage of the past. Irredentism is a central topic in the post–Soviet Union world and gives a voice to the peripheral rather than to the metropolis with its colonial arguments. The richness and usefulness of this volume is that the contributions that take this innovative standpoint are put side by side with others, which remain within the traditional literary analysis and examine Nizami’s creative thoughts on human, society, women, or justice.