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River-Friendly Cities

An Outline of Historical Changes in Relations between Cities and Rivers and Contemporary Water-Responsible Urbanization Strategies

Anna Januchta-Szostak

The history of urbanization was inseparably connected with the exploitation of the environment and the subjugation of rivers. Today we experience the effects of this expansion in the form of escalating water problems. The book outlines the processes of transformation of anthropogenic, natural and waterborne structures in urban environment, which were presented in three historical phases: the period of Respect, Conquest and Return. River-friendly cities require integrated water management in entire catchments from the source to the recipient. The key to the success of the Return strategy is the recovery of space for greenery and water, responsible spatial planning, circular economy and rainwater management as well as continuous raising of awareness of the whole society.

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Luiza Mesesan-Schmitz and Claudiu Coman

The book is written specifically for students or young researchers with no prior experience in the procedure of index construction. The book is designed as a self-teaching aid, thus some terms related to index are clarified, and some typologies of this kind of variable and the procedure of constructing index are presented. Using examples and datasets from social research, tables and SPSS screen captures, the readers are guided through this process. Some problems encountered in practice in this process of constructing an index are highlighted and some solutions are presented.

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The Interpretation of Nizami’s Cultural Heritage in the Contemporary Period

Shared past and cultural legacy in the transition from the prism of national literature criteria

Edited by Rahilya Geybullayeva and Christine van Ruymbeke

This book fills a void in the field of pre-modern literature written in Persian. It is the first scholarly publication in English language on and around the poet Nizami Ganjavi written by important Western and Non-Western scholars, enriching the field with an awareness of their knowledge and research interests.

The multidisciplinary volume initiates a much-needed dialogue it initiates a much-needed dialogue between the metropolitan and postcolonial academic points of view.

By the example of Nizami’s poems it shows how different academic circles interpret Medieval authors in relation to modern-day national identity and national cultures. Unlike in Europe and USA, in the USSR citizenship and ethnicity, like two modern official different criteria of identity, became a stumbling block in the division of cultural heritage of the past. Irredentism is a central topic in the post–Soviet Union world and gives a voice to the peripheral rather than to the metropolis with its colonial arguments. The richness and usefulness of this volume is that the contributions that take this innovative standpoint are put side by side with others, which remain within the traditional literary analysis and examine Nizami’s creative thoughts on human, society, women, or justice.

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Subjekt und Liminalität in der Gegenwartsliteratur

Band 8.2: Schwellenzeit – Gattungstransitionen – Grenzerfahrungen; Sergej Birjukov zum 70. Geburtstag


Edited by Matthias Fechner and Henrieke Stahl

Liminalität ist ein Signum der Gegenwart. Die neuere Literatur, insbesondere die Lyrik, nimmt seismographisch liminale Phänomene der Gegenwart wahr und bildet vielfältige liminale Formen und Funktionen aus. Zentral betroffen ist das sprechende Subjekt, das in Transition versetzt wird: Zersetzung, Auflösung, Fluidität, aber auch Transparenz und Transformation öffnen seine Grenzen zum Anderen: zu den Mitmenschen, der Natur oder auch der Transzendenz. Der vorliegende Band vereint Aufsätze, die Liminalität in Bezug auf Schwellenzeit als conditio historiae der Gegenwart, auf Gattungstransitionen und auf Grenzerfahrungen des Subjekts behandeln. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf russisch- und deutschsprachigen Gedichten. Darüber hinaus werden weitere slavische und ostasiatische Literaturen einzeln und komparatistisch behandelt sowie andere Gattungen, intermediale Formen und philosophische Perspektiven einbezogen.

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Michael S. Cummings

Is the official political silencing of children in a democracy rational and just, or is it arbitrary and capricious? How might democratic polities benefit from the political engagement and activism of young people? Michael Cummings argues that allowing children equal political rights with adults is required by the basic logic of democracy and can help strengthen the weak democracies of the twenty-first century. A good start is for governments to honor their obligations under the ambivalently utopian UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Children’s political views differ from those of adults on issues such as race, sex, militarism, poverty, education, gun violence, and climate change. Young activists are now sparking change in many locations around the globe.

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Transformation after Trauma

The Power of Resonance

Yabome Gilpin-Jackson

This book expands on the idea of transformation after trauma through the concept of Resonance and provides practical guidance for accessing it. Resonance is presented as the key to posttraumatic growth and transformation and is defined as a moment of awakening, through personal stories, that creates an opportunity for transformative learning. This book presents an integrative, holistic and narrative development understanding to individual, organizational and social systems change and transformation after trauma. It proposes a Trauma-Informed Narrative Development Pathway for consideration at all levels of systems and institutions who support people post-trauma. Resonance is critical, timely, and relevant now more than ever. As we continue to work for a world of social justice where preventable sufferings are no longer normalized, a posttraumatic transformation lens allows us to take a developmental perspective to supporting ourselves and those among us touched by trauma to achieve transformational outcomes. In a world with ongoing suffering, the ability to return to core identity memories and access greater connection and love for humanity unleashes the desire to take actions to create a better world for all.

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Konzeptuelle Motivationen des Verbalaspekts im Russischen und Tschechischen

Mit besonderer Berücksichtigung von Iteration und der ‘faktischen’ Funktion sowie der Begriffe von Episodizität und Referenz


Valentin Dübbers

Die Publikation befasst sich mit der Frage, durch welche universellen Konzepte der Verbalaspekt und seine Variationen motiviert sind. Hierfür werden zunächst die Grundlagen der Aspekttheorie auf den Ebenen Vorgangstyp und Vorgangstoken neu beleuchtet und eine Differenzierung innerhalb des Zustandsbegriffs sowie zwischen den Parametern Episodizität und episodische Referenz vorgenommen. Anschließend befasst sich die Publikation unter Einschluss empirischer Korpusstudien mit der Aspektvariation bei Iteration im Tschechischen. Der letzte Abschnitt widmet sich der Aspektmotivation bei ‚faktischer‘ (nichtepisodischer) Referenz und der Divergenz zwischen dem Russischen und Tschechischen in diesem Bereich.

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Edited by Gerald Bär

The aim of this book is to revisit Ossian, whilst broadening the scope of oral literature and translation to embrace cultural contexts outside of Europe. Epics, ballads, prose tales, ritual and lyric songs, as genres, existed orally before writing was invented. Serious debate about them, at least in modern Western culture, may be said to have begun with James Macpherson and Thomas Percy. Considering the ongoing debate on orality and authenticity in the case of Ossian, this book includes ground-breaking, previously published essays which provide essential information relating to orality, Ossian and translation, but have been frequently overlooked. Its contributions focus on the aspects of authenticity, transmediation, popular poetry and music, examining Scottish, German, Portuguese, Brazilian, African, American Indian, Indian and Chinese literatures.

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Edited by Murat Özyavuz

Global warming and the resulting climate change affect the cities most. With the decrease of rural areas in recent years, migration to cities has increased. With the rapid migration, an orderly structuring occurred in the cities, and as a result, the quality of the urban environment has started to decrease. In order to mitigate this issue, planners and designers have started to use different approaches to make cities more sustainable and livable. This book contains new theories, approaches and practices that scientists devise for physical planning and design.

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The Relational Theory Of Society

Archerian Studies vol. 2


Edited by Krzysztof Wielecki and Klaudia Śledzińska

This book focuses on the question of relationality. Despite the numerous motifs introduced to the discourse pertaining to Margaret S. Archer’s concept, we notice that some often reappear. What frequently appears is the concept of agency, closely related to the matter of the subject’s reflexivity. We also include papers that refer to methodological dilemmas. However, all collected texts directly consider the essence of the concept of the human person and society in reaction to the ontology of the person proposed by Archer. The common thread and horizon of these elaborations is Archer’s concept and Pierpaolo Donati’s relational sociology. Thus, this publication seeks to gain broader public and open new research perspectives in sociology.