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Marktfreiheiten und Kartellrecht unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des öffentlichen Beschaffungswesens

Eine rechtsvergleichende Studie zum georgischen und europäischen Recht vor dem Hintergrund des Assoziierungsabkommens zwischen der EU und Georgien


Dato Kochiashvili

Am 27. Juni 2014 wurde beim EU-Gipfel in Brüssel das Assoziierungsabkommen zwischen der EU und Georgien unterzeichnet. Die Errichtung einer vertieften und umfassenden Freihandelszone (DCFTA), die ein besonderer Teil des Assoziierungsabkommens ist, soll zu einer tatsächlichen Einbindung Georgiens in den Binnenmarkt der EU führen. Auf diesem Weg der Integration analysiert der Autor mittels Vergleichsmethoden die ausgewählten Problembereiche des georgischen Vergaberechts im Hinblick auf das Verhältnis zwischen europäischen Marktfreiheiten und Vergaberecht einerseits und zwischen Kartell- und Vergaberecht andererseits. Er identifiziert mögliche Schwierigkeiten bei der geplanten gegenseitigen Öffnung der Beschaffungsmärkte zwischen der EU und Georgien.

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Pure Leiblichkeit

Brasiliens Neokonkretismus (1957-1967)

Pauline Bachmann

Seit einiger Zeit ist Brasiliens Neokonkretismus in Ausstellungen, Katalogen und Publikationen in Europa präsent. Die Autorin nimmt erstmals auf Deutsch umfassende Werkanalysen vor und stellt den Schlüsselcharakter der neokonkreten Praktiken dar. Die Kunst- und Lyrikproduktion der Bewegung führte, so die Autorin, zu einer Umwertung und Neuauslegung des konkret-konstruktivistischen Gedankenguts der europäischen Avantgarden des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts. Diese Umwertungen schufen in Brasilien erst die Voraussetzungen dafür, haptische und sensorielle Komponenten ästhetischen Erlebens zum zentralen Ausgangspunkt künstlerischer Praxis zu erheben, für welche die späteren Arbeiten der brasilianischen Avantgarde-Ikonen Lygia Clark und Hélio Oiticica bekannt sind. Die Arbeit ist ein wichtiger Beitrag dazu, moderne und zeitgenössische künstlerische Praktiken aus Brasilien zu dekolonisieren, denn die Analysen zeigen auf, dass haptisch und plurisensoriell erfahrbare Kunstwerke aus Brasilien eben nicht auf einer angenommenen genuin sensorisch-sensiblen Konstituierung des Menschen in Brasilien beruhen, sondern vielmehr auf einer eigenwilligen, lokalen Rezeption europäischer Avantgardepraktiken.

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Writing for College and Beyond

Life Lessons from the College Composition Classroom


CJ Kent

Writing for College and Beyond: Life Lessons from the College Composition Classroom explains how the many skills taught in the Freshman Composition course apply at work and in life. The composition class is a pre-requisite and General Education course for most colleges and universities in the United States. It reaches students in every area of study. As people wonder about the value of a liberal arts education and question whether colleges and universities are truly preparing students for the workforce, Writing for College and Beyond challenges those arguments by pointing out exactly how classroom policies and writing assignments apply beyond school walls. Professors, lecturers, and graduate students teaching Freshman Composition courses will find this book helpful. Administrators who service the Freshman Composition population, such as Writing Center Directors, will also find Writing for College and Beyond: Life Lessons from the College Composition Classroom a wonderful aid.

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Writing in the 21st Century

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Instruction, Practice, and Theory

Edited by Staci L. Shultz and CJ Kent

This interdisciplinary series responds to the ever changing educational landscape of the 21st century with practical writing support for students at the undergraduate and graduate level.This series offers material for a variety of courses: textbooks and resources for creative writing, composition, and literary studies classrooms; support guides for writing-intensive non-English courses; and resources aimed at supporting professional activities, such as grant writing and assessment reports. The broad scope of the series invites books on new approaches to established topics, such as teaching training, writing center pedagogy, and the use of technology as well as evolving and emerging topics, such as gamification, social media and writing, studies in language and power, writing across the disciplines at the graduate level, literacy councils, imagination and creative development, plagiarism studies, and writing competition.

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Media Law

A Practical Guide (Revised Edition)

Ashley Messenger

Media Law: A Practical Guide (Revised Edition) provides a clear and concise explanation of media law principles. It focuses on the practical aspects of how to protect oneself from claims and how to evaluate the likelihood of a successful claim. This new edition has been revised to reflect important changes and updates to the law, including recent developments relating to scandalous trademarks, embedding, fair use, drones, revenge porn laws, interpretation of emoji, GDPR, false statements laws, lies, and the libel implications of the #MeToo movement.

Media Law is divided into five sections that help non-lawyers understand how the principles apply to their actual behavior: background information about the legal system; things you can be sued for; how you actually gather information; ways the government can regulate speech; and practical issues that are related to media law. This book is perfect for courses in media and communications law or a combination course in journalism law and ethics, as it covers both the legal and ethical aspects of communication.

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Bruno Munari

The Lightness of Art

Edited by Pierpaolo Antonello, Matilde Nardelli and Margherita Zanoletti

Bruno Munari was one of the most important and eclectic twentieth-century European artists. Dubbed the «Leonardo and Peter Pan» of contemporary art, he pioneered what would later be labelled kinetic art, playing a key role in the constitution and definition of the aesthetic programmes of groups such as Movimento Arte Concreta and Programmed Art. He became an internationally recognized name in the field of industrial design, winning the prestigious «Compasso d’Oro» prize four times, while also being a prominent figure in Italian graphic design, working for magazines such as Tempo and Domus, as well as renowned publishing companies such as Einaudi and Bompiani. He left an indelible mark as an art pedagogue and popularizer with his famous 1970s artistic laboratories for children and was the author of numerous books, ranging from essays on art and design to experimental books.

Capturing a resurgent interest in Munari at the international level, the exceptional array of critical voices in this volume constitutes an academic study of Munari of a depth and range that is unprecedented in any language, offering a unique analysis of Munari’s seven-decade-long career. Through original archival research, and illuminating and generative comparisons with other artists and movements both within and outside Italy, the essays gathered here offer novel readings of more familiar aspects of Munari’s career while also addressing those aspects that have received scant or no attention to date.

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The Nation of Islam and Black Consciousness

The Works of Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, and Other Writers


Ammar Abduh Aqeeli

The Nation of Islam and Black Consciousness: The Works of Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, and Other Writers engages in the scholarly discussions about the origins and formation of the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, which rarely give credit to the role of the Nation of Islam’s (NOI) teachings in the emergence of the movement and in shaping the subjects and themes of its literary works. This book reevaluates the common belief that Malcolm X is the most appealing black historical figure in the movement’s literature and demonstrates how the NOI’s perception of black consciousness shaped the aesthetic sensibilities of the movement’s poets and playwrights in their fights against anti-black racism. The Nation of Islam and Black Consciousness can be used in African American literature courses as it provides a thorough analysis of hidden literary texts written by black writers in the 1960s and 1970s. Reading this book today will help readers reflect on how a narrow understanding of "Americanness" is threatening to the American ideals of diversity and inclusiveness on which America was founded. Moreover, this book is useful for those who are interested in studying how identity politics functions to achieve certain social and cultural goals.

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Erinnerung aus zweiter Hand

Die born-free Generation in Südafrika und ihre Interpretation der Apartheid und des demokratischen Übergangs


Julia Sonnleitner

Nach den ersten demokratischen Wahlen in Südafrika 1994 ist eine Generation herangewachsen, welche die Apartheid nicht mehr miterlebt hat. Sie ist in einem demokratischen Staat aufgewachsen, in dem die Apartheid dennoch in vielen Bereichen nachwirkt. Basierend auf ethnografischer Forschung legt die Autorin dar, wie VertreterInnen der born-free Generation die Vergangenheit ihres Landes interpretieren. Durch zwei neue Ansätze leistet die Untersuchung einen innovativen Beitrag zur Erinnerungsforschung: erstens durch den rezeptions-zentrierten Zugang, der soziale Positionierungen der befragten Jugendlichen in den Mittelpunkt stellt. Zweitens durch das Konzept des Chronotopos, mit dem die Relevanz von Zeit, Raum und Subjekt in der Analyse von Vergangenheitsdarstellungen berücksichtigt wird.

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Andrej Zahorák

This book provides a comprehensive view of intercultural specifics resulting from the translation and reception process of precedent phenomena (precedent names, texts, statements, situations) in different linguistic and socio-cultural spaces – Russian, Slovak and German. The author analyses language and translation itself as a phenomenon of culture in form of interdisciplinary research and thus links translation studies with philosophy, literary science, culture, and intercultural psychology. His comparative research provides a detailed analysis of precedent phenomena in the work Moscow to the End of the Line by V. Erofeev (Russian-Slovak-German comparative aspect). His conclusions and commentaries enrich the sphere of translation and reception of intercultural units.

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Edited by Wim Remysen and Sabine Schwarze

Cet ouvrage est le second de deux volumes publiés à la suite de la troisième édition du colloque international Les idéologies linguistiques dans la presse écrite : l’exemple des langues romanes (ILPE 3), tenue à l’Université d’Alicante en octobre 2017. Il réunit 15 articles qui abordent, sous divers angles, la question des idéologies linguistiques véhiculées dans la presse de langue française et italienne.

Questo libro è il secondo di due volumi pubblicati in seguito alla terza edizione del colloquio internazionale La mediazione di ideologie linguistiche attraverso la stampa: il caso delle lingue romanze (ILPE 3), tenutosi presso l'Università di Alicante nell'ottobre 2017. Raccoglie 15 contributi che affrontano, da angolazioni diverse, temi relativi alle ideologie linguistiche veicolate dalla stampa francese e italiana.