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Giving with an Agenda

How New Philanthropy Advocates for the Corporate Reform of Education

Marina Avelar

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Inklusion. Exklusion. Künste. Textsammlung zu Ungleichheiten und Normativitäten an Kunsthochschulen

Penser l’inclusion et l’exclusion dans les arts. Recueil sur la normativité et les inégalités dans l’enseignement artistique supérieur

Sophie Vögele, Philippe Saner and Carmen Mörsch

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The Coup D'état of the New Orleans Public School District

Money, Power, and the Illegal Takeover of a Public School System


Raynard Sanders

The Coup D'état of the New Orleans Public School District explores and criticizes the contemporary educational reforms of the New Orleans public school system. The New Orleans education reforms implemented after hurricane Katrina has been an academic failure with charter operators making millions of dollars while reestablishing a segregated school system based on race and class all in the name of school reform. This education reform, using the corporate model approach, has received more than its share of favorable reports by the media. Despite the claims of unprecedented academic success the educational reforms has it has been a dismal failure academically, operationally and has resurrected equity and access issues. Equally as disturbing the reforms firmly have re-established a tiered public school system that segregates students by race and class. The Coup D'état of the New Orleans Public School District puts the corporate education reform movement in its proper context, which is to create a new 21st century model for turning around America’s urban public school districts. This book reveals untold events of what really happened pre and post Hurricane Katrina that contributed to the state takeover of public schools in New Orleans. This story is told through the eyes of parents, students, activists, political leaders, Orleans Parish School Board members and employees who have been largely ignored. It will also include my analysis of almost 40 years of being intimately involved in New Orleans public schools as a teacher, principal and college professor.



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Radical Imagine-Nation

Public Pedagogy & Praxis


Peter McLaren and Suzanne SooHoo

This collection of essays, poems, and reflections by scholars, public intellectuals, artists, and community activists (as well as those whose work intersects with all of these categories) constitutes a landmark achievement in critical pedagogy and social justice education. Edited by two leaders whose work spans both academic and grassroots communities, Radical Imagine-Nation was conceived during a time of political turmoil both nationally and internationally, a time when freedom and democracy seemed out of reach for millions around the world.

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Philosophy and Education

Engaging Pathways to Meaningful Learning

Mara Cogni

Philosophy and Education: Engaging Pathways to Meaningful Learning represents a philosophical approach to reading and analyzing texts in English. It encourages students to think critically and form well-reflected opinions around relevant concepts in the English language, literature and society, such as INEQUALITY, DUTY, etc. Philosophy and Education: Engaging Pathways to Meaningful Learning  embodies a more engaging style (than is traditionally common) with the text—instead of reading long texts and answering questions about that text, it asks the learners to relate their own experience and interpretation to the view communicated in the text, by actively and continuously engaging learners to test one opinion against another.

Philosophy and Education: Engaging Pathways to Meaningful Learning is primarily designed to help students improve their reasoning skills both orally and in writing, and prepare them for tests and exams at the end of the upper secondary and university-preparatory courses. Some of the chapters in Philosophy and Education: Engaging Pathways to Meaningful Learning have been used in the classroom, resulting in highly engaged students who feel they are offered the opportunity to relate to the classroom experience in a meaningful way. None of the activities asks students to make lists of words or spend enormous amounts of time on close reading and interpreting texts—instead, they are required to reflect and share their own thoughts on the relevance of the texts, movies, etc. to their own lives. They learn new words and ideas by discussing the myriad of philosophical questions presented, which makes learning a conversation about life.

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Called to Sankofa

Leading In, Through and Beyond Disaster—A Narrative Account of African Americans Leading Education in Post-Katrina New Orleans


Tammie M. Causey-Konaté and Margaret Montgomery-Richard

Called to Sankofa is a collection of Hurricane Katrina survival stories by African American education leaders in New Orleans. It draws upon the West African concept, Sankofa, which loosely translates to "return to the source and fetch." The griots, through their stories, fetch salvageable and knowledge-laden valuables linked to their resilience and rebuilding efforts. Thus, the Sankofa concept serves as a lens for examining leadership in the aftermath of disaster; it serves as an intense magnifier and illuminator of lessons considered relevant and profoundly valuable to guide one’s understanding of how to lead in, through, and beyond disaster. Past experiences, yield teachable moments. The lessons excerpted from these moments reveal the sources from which the leaders draw the resilience to recover from trauma, the vision to guide others, the courage to challenge the status quo, the imagination to make a way where there is none, and the stamina to press beyond peril toward an unpromised future.

Called to Sankofa rejects the assumption that "all was broken" in education – either before or due to Katrina, and through the storytellers, we are reminded that to rebuild things better than before, one must take stock of, extract meaning from, and be guided by what constituted the "before." Hence, Called to Sankofa documents the leaders’ acts of resilience, optimism, strength, passion, and resolve and details the support structures and sources of inspiration that enabled within them the capacity to adapt to the chaotic and uncertain environments and to be moved to action and leadership.

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The World’s Highest-Scoring Students

How Their Nations Led Them to Excellence


Hani Morgan

The World’s Highest-Scoring Students focuses on how various countries transformed their school systems into the world’s leading systems of education. The World’s Highest-Scoring Students covers 8 countries: Finland, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China, Canada, Estonia, and the United States. The World’s Highest-Scoring Students offers ideas on improving the United States’ school system and includes a plan on how the United States can regain the status it once had as the world’s undisputed leader in education.

In addition to offering a brief historical context for each country, The World’s Highest-Scoring Students describes important aspects that helped these countries achieve stellar results in international testing, such as their teacher preparation programs, cultural attitudes toward education, and teacher recruitment practices. Although this book is similar to previously published books on this topic, The World’s Highest-Scoring Students differs in that it provides detail on the most recent practices various educational systems have used to remain the best performers and the strategies others have implemented to climb to the top.

The World’s Highest-Scoring Students offers a new perspective on this topic in several ways. First, it provides a balanced view of the highest-ranking nations in education, offering the outstanding practices they use to achieve stellar results, but also pointing out the problems they endure. The World’s Highest-Scoring Students also discusses various controversies about international tests, including the limitations of using these tests to evaluate students.

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Competition, Community, and Educational Growth

Contemporary Perspectives on Competitive Speech and Debate

Kristopher Copeland and Garret L. Castleberry

Competition, Community, and Educational Growth: Contemporary Perspectives on Competitive Speech and Debate is an up-to-date text providing informed academic thought concerning the impact of forensics. Its primary focus is to demonstrate how the forensic activity allows students to actively engage and learn outside the classroom. Specifically, Competition, Community, and Educational Growth focuses on how students educationally grow through the activity. The book frames methods and pedagogy as best practices to provide educational growth for students and explicitly connect learning outcomes for students. Coming from the perspective of higher educational instructors, the book provides insight beyond the high school experience. Competition, Community, and Educational Growth examines contemporary perspectives on competitive speech and debate theory, experience, and methods of instruction.

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The Magic Glasses of Critical Thinking

Seeing Through Alternative Fact & Fake News


D. Michael Rivage-Seul

D. Michael Rivage-Seul’s eye-opening new book, The Magic Glasses of Critical Thinking: Seeing Through Alternative Fact & Fake News, invites readers to try out what Baba Dick Gregory calls the "magic glasses" of critical thinking. Gregory’s eyewear suggests ten rules for seeing through the haze created by any culture’s ruling group mind. The criteria urge students to: (1) reflect systemically, (2) select market (as an organizing principle), (3) reject neutrality, (4) suspect ideology, (5) respect history, (6) inspect scientifically, (7) quadra-sect violence, (8) connect with your deepest self, (9) collect conclusions, and (10) detect silences. The Magic Glasses of Critical Thinking then applies those criteria to a broader contemporary context where fascist tendencies reminiscent of the 1930s are unmistakable. Surprising interpretations of familiar Hollywood and documentary films illustrate every point, making this book a fascinating text and discussion starter for critical thinking and composition courses at the secondary and post-secondary levels.

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Claudia Grümpel and Analía Cuadrado Rey

Telecollaboration has been applied in foreign language education for more than two decades. This corpus study on telecollaboration in Third Language Learning has been carried out in institutional (CEFR) and non-institutional settings following the principle of autonomy in the framework of Higher Education implementing online tandems and student recordings in order to analyze discourse patterns. The chapters of this issue are original studies on corpus data of the L3Task project reflecting findings and new research paradigms and instruments that consolidate teaching and research methodology on online tandem practice for third language learning.