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Damian Pierzak

Historical exempla were an important part of the Roman political discourse. They could serve as a moral guide to conduct, but also lend credibility to an orator’s argument. In his extant orations, Cicero often draws parallels between his contemporaries and the old Romans or, less frequently, he compares the Romans of the present day with non-Roman individuals. Cicero himself calls such foreign examples ‘exempla externa.’ Using a theoretical framework that combines the precepts of ancient rhetorical theory and modern terminology, this book explores the ways in which Cicero employed exempla externa in oratorical practice. It argues that there were many different categories of exemplum for Cicero to choose and that exempla externa were not necessarily suitable for negative lessons.

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Societies and Spaces in Contact:

Between Convergence and Divergence

Edited by Milan Bufon, Tove H. Malloy and Colin Williams

This volume represents an inter-disciplinary discussion of some fundamental categories of convergence and divergence, focusing in particular on issues of both social integration and devolution related to ethnos as the space of identity, and demos as the space of polity. The aims of the book are to assess past developments within crucial parts of Central Europe where both conflict and coexistence potentials seem to best represent the actual “unity in diversity” managing dilemma in the continent; to provide an analysis of current approaches to minority protection, language planning, spatial and social cross-border and inter-cultural policies; and to develop an evaluation of the future trends and opportunities for co-operation and re-integration within a local and broader operational context.

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Serving Refugee Children

Listening to Stories of Detention in the USA

Edited by Montse Feu and Amanda Venta

Serving Refugee Children shows the struggles and traumatic experiences that unaccompanied and/or undocumented children undergo when seeking safety in the United States and find instead imprisonment, separation from their families, and ICE raids in what would have become their neighborhoods. Current legislation and bureaucracy limit first-person narratives from these children, but service providers and grassroots activist authoring the pieces in this collection bear witness to the children’s brave human spirits in their search for safety and their arrival in the United States. Through the power of storytelling, Serving Refugee Children exposes current detention center conditions while also protecting detained children. No child should have to live the persecution suffered by children featured in these stories, nor should they have to embark upon perilous journeys across Latin America or be subjected to the difficult immigration court process unaided. Researchers and the general public who believe that the emotional bonding of telling stories continues to humanize discussions and who want immigration policies that foster a culture of engagement and interconnectedness will be interested in this volume.
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Steven Randolph Cureton

Black women are long overdue for proper recognition as primary love interests and researchers who are so inclined must do a better job of uncovering examples of black men who proclaim black women as more than a default companion. A primary objective of this book is to examine love letters, civil rights pursuits, and interpersonal relations amongst prominent liberation icons. Additionally, exploring colorism, black power, nihilism, race manners, race matters, black feminism, secular verification of spirituality and racial casting will hopefully provide insight concerning whether black-on-black love is a survival type of love. This is attractive for any undergraduate and graduate level courses seeking to understand the nature of the black experience in America. Moreover, this book is intended to reach audiences interested in the real thin line between love and hate amongst black men and black women.
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Khuloud Jamal Khayyat Dajani

No previous research has ever explored thoroughly the types and trends of smoking and the different models of tobacco smoking among Palestinian children. This study was designed to identify the factors that increase or mitigate risk associated with smoking among school children and adolescents living within the Palestinian territories. An ecological framework serves as the theoretical framework for the study, incorporating multiple levels of children’s and adolescents’ lives, including individual, family, school, peers, and community dimensions. The study is based on theory that considers the school as a central component of socialization and also on problem behavior theory, suggesting that humans develop clusters of dangerous behaviors that become part of their daily lives. This research study is based on the data set of the Health Behaviors in School-aged Children (HBSC) international survey. It revealed the high prevalence of tobacco smoking, the risk and protective factors affecting smoking, and showed that Nargilah ranked first among tobacco smoking habits, and employed a dual focus on individuals and schools. In an era of narrow agendas of “effectiveness” and “control,” this book suggests a way to incorporate schools as venues and spaces for behavioral transformation, growth, and positive change, and shows how awareness can be created within the families and the relevant agencies. Health promotion and risk prevention initiatives can help control tobacco smoking, the most preventable cause of death and disease in the nation. Those who smoke must quit, and we must work together to prevent children from starting this endangering health behavior.
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Edited by Helga-Jane Scarwell and Philippe Deboudt

Transition, adaptation, résilience : ces trois notions ont été choisies pour identifier et analyser dans cet ouvrage au travers de multiples contextes géographiques, échelles de l’action, figures d’acteurs et temporalité de l’aménagement, les nouveaux paradigmes du projet. La transition constitue le premier nouveau paradigme du projet analysé dans la première partie de l’ouvrage. La transition accompagne-t-elle la généralisation d’une inflexion du projet vers la préfiguration comme nouveau mode opératoire ? Le projet n’apparaîtrait-il pas comme une opportunité à saisir pour engager les villes et les territoires sur le chemin de la transition environnementale ? L’adaptation représente le second nouveau paradigme du projet constituant le fil directeur de la seconde partie de l’ouvrage. A la différence de la première partie dans laquelle les transitions ont principalement concerné le fait urbain et les villes, l’adaptation est envisagée pour des territoires plus diversifiés. Quelles sont les nouvelles figures de l’action, quelles sont les méthodes qui s’imposent en parallèle du projet pour envisager l’adaptation des villes et des territoires aux enjeux environnementaux et au changement climatique ? Dans la troisième partie, la résilience représente le dernier paradigme mobilisé. La notion même de projet a-t-elle encore du sens ou n’est-elle plus qu’une fiction, lorsque domine la vulnérabilité, l’inégalité, l’instabilité, l’incertitude ? Quels projets ou stratégies sont conçus et mis en œuvre dans les villes et les territoires pour assurer leur résilience ?

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Histoire des salaires en France des années 1940 aux années 1960 (1944–67)

Analyse historique et économique d‘un système salarial avancé

Michel-Pierre Chélini

Les salaires français constituent entre la Libération et l’année 1968, une veritable sphère salariale élaborée à travers la généralisation des conventions collectives. Ils forment la majorité du revenu primaire des ménages, les deux tiers de la valeur ajoutée des entreprises et la moitié du PIB. Leur organisation est alors caractéristique de celle des pays libéraux avancés et leur croissance est rapide (4% par an). L’existence de modes d’ajustement pluriels (conventions collectives, politiques publiques de libéralisme dirigeì, assurances sociales généralisées et juridictions prud’homales) tempèrent l’impression première de relations sociales tendues. Depuis les années 1980, l’érosion ou l’inflexion de ce système salarial à la fois libéral et social, qui a trouvé son apogée dans la haute croissance de 1950-1973, n’entame pas l’essentiel de son organisation.

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Edited by Jürgen Fuchsbauer and Emanuel Klotz

Die Altslavistik beschäftigt sich mit der Geschichte der slavischen Sprachen ebenso wie mit den historischen Grundlagen des Kulturraums, in dem diese gesprochen werden. So verbindet sie die Slavistik mit benachbarten Disziplinen wie der Indogermanistik, der Byzantinistik, der Geschichtswissenschaft, der Theologie. Dieser Band spiegelt die ganze Breite gegenwärtiger altslavistischer Forschung wider. Er enthält Beiträge zur frühesten Sprachgeschichte des Slavischen, zur Onomastik, zu historischen Quellen und zu aus dem Griechischen übersetzten religiösen Texten.

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Ulrich Vollmer

Carl Clemen (1865–1940) nimmt in der Forschungsgeschichte der Religionswissenschaft einen besonderen Platz ein. Er war der Erste, der das Fach in Deutschland nicht an einer Theologischen, sondern an einer Philosophischen Fakultät vertreten hat. Dieses Buch zeichnet seinen Weg von der Theologie und der Beschäftigung mit den Religionen in der Umwelt des frühen Christentums zu einer historisch-philologisch arbeitenden Religionswissenschaft nach. Vor dem Hintergrund der internationalen Fachgeschichte stellt der Autor seine Beiträge sowohl zur Erforschung einzelner Religionen als auch zur Klärung systematischer Fragestellungen vor. Abschließend verfolgt er seine Tätigkeit nach der altersbedingten Emeritierung im Jahr 1933, die ihn als einen konsequenten Gegner des Nationalsozialismus ausweist.

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Moritz Benjowsky – ein (mittel)europäischer Held

Materialien der internationalen wissenschaftlichen Konferenz, Wien, 22.–26. Mai 2019


Edited by Alois Woldan and Katalin Blaskó

Die Beiträge dieses Bandes untersuchen das große Erbe, das der Abenteurer und Weltreisende Moritz Benjowsky (1741–1786) in Literatur, Theater und Film vieler europäischer Kulturen hinterlassen hat. Benjowsky ist Autor berühmter Memoiren und Held literarischer Werke in einem. Die Autoren dieses Bandes analysieren Werke über Benjowsky in deutscher, ungarischer, polnischer, slowakischer und russischer Sprache vom 18. bis zum 20. Jahrhundert, sie untersuchen die Verflechtungen innerhalb dieser Texte und die Bedingungen ihrer Entstehung. Sie zeigen, wie in diesen Texten ein Mythos von Benjowsky geschaffen wird, der auch als nationaler Erinnerungsort von Bedeutung ist. Ethnische Stereotypen in diesen Texten werden aufgezeigt, koloniale Mythen dekonstruiert.