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Transformations of Social Bonds

The Outline of the Theory of Social Change

Mirosława Marody and Anna Giza-Poleszczuk

We live in times of accelerated changes – social, economic, and political – which are currently transforming most societies and areas of human life. Every day brings not only new shifts in political orders of various countries but also clearly observable metamorphoses of labour patterns, family forms, and modes through which we participate in political life, communicate, and which are related to each other. The pace of these changes and their complex mechanisms make it difficult to discern what directions they are actually taking.

This book is about transformations of social bonds, the most fundamental sociological concept. It examines how these bonds are formed, how they are dissolved, and how they are forged anew. The book offers a preliminary reflection on the course and consequences of the ongoing transformations of the social order. At the same time, it invites to reconsider the foundations of sociological thinking.

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MIMOS 2018

Theater Sgaramusch


Edited by Paola Gilardi, Delphine Abrecht, Andreas Klaeui and Yvonne Schmidt

Seit 1982 kreiert das Theater Sgaramusch inhaltlich wie ästhetisch anspruchsvolle Stücke für Kinder, die sich auch an Erwachsene richten. Der vorliegende Band beleuchtet verschiedene Facetten seines Schaffens, das immer poetisch sein will, nie didaktisch. Das Buch versucht zudem eine Standortbestimmung des Theaters für ein junges Publikum in der Schweiz.

Depuis 1982, le Théâtre Sgaramusch crée des spectacles au contenu et à l’esthétique ambitieux pour les enfants mais aussi pour les adultes. Le présent ouvrage aborde plusieurs facettes de leur engagement qui se veut toujours poétique, jamais didactique. Cette publication propose également divers éclairages sur la situation du théâtre pour le jeune public en Suisse.

Dal 1982 il Theater Sgaramusch crea spettacoli esigenti sul piano dei contenuti ed estetico, rivolti sia ai bambini che agli adulti. Il presente volume esplora vari aspetti del suo lavoro artistico, che vuole essere poetico, non didattico. Il libro tenta inoltre di fare il punto della situazione sul teatro per un pubblico giovane in Svizzera.

Founded in 1982, Theater Sgaramusch creates challenging plays in terms of content and aesthetics, staged for children and adults alike. The present volume showcases various facets of the company’s oeuvre – which aims to be poetic and never didactic – and seeks to assess the current standing of theatre for young audiences in Switzerland.

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Eine kritische Diskursgeschichte des Tagebuchs


Ralph Köhnen

Lebenskunst hat Konjunktur: Offenbar ist der Traum, das Leben als Gesamtkunstwerk einzurichten, zur ethischen Maxime geworden. Beteiligt ist dabei seit der Antike das Motiv von Selbsterforschung bzw. Selbstbesserung, das über die Frühe Neuzeit bis in die Gegenwart wirksam geblieben ist. Tagebücher sind dabei ein notwendiges Begleitmedium gewesen und haben wechselhafte Formen angenommen, die von religiösen, wirtschaftlichen, psychologischen und medizinischen Aufschreibesystemen bestimmt worden sind. In diesem umfassenden mediologischen Sinn untersucht der Autor Programme der Selbstschrift und stellt diese an Beispielen dar, die sich von Pacioli über Pepys, Leibniz, Herder, Moritz, Goethe, Hebbel, Schmitt, Jünger oder Rainald Goetz bis in die Gegenwart der Social Media erstrecken.

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The Panentheism of Karl Christian Friedrich Krause (1781-1832)

From Transcendental Philosophy to Metaphysics


Benedikt Paul Göcke

The book provides the first analysis of Karl Christian Friedrich Krause’s system of philosophy and his panentheism in English. Karl Christian Friedrich Krause has bequeathed to us a system of philosophy which is little recognised in contemporary philosophy. This is both surprising and unfortunate, because Krause’s philosophical system has much to offer: Through transcendental reflection on the nature of the human, Krause understands God as the one infinite and unconditioned reality, and the ultimate necessary condition of knowledge. God makes humanity, nature, and reason ultimately comprehensible as the essential categories of the divine Essence. God is thus the single, primary, object of science that is already logically presupposed even before His discovery. Science presupposes theology, and theology is best read as panentheism.

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Jew. The Eternal Enemy?

The History of Antisemitism in Poland


Alina Cała

Edited by Mikołaj Golubiewski

This book is the first monograph that provides a wholesome overview of the history of Antisemitism in Poland. The author critically analyzes the Polish manifestation of the gruesome phenomenon against the backdrop of historical events in all Europe, as she traces the formation of the ideology and its difference from Judeophobia. A special notion requires the author’s meticulousness in research of the archives referring to the Catholic Church and folk culture. Most importantly, she does not end with the historical perspective but uses her studies to shed light on the events permeating in the thirty years of the recent Polish history as an independent country.

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Fictions of African Dictatorship

Cultural Representations of Postcolonial Power


Edited by Charlotte Baker and Hannah Grayson

Fictions of African Dictatorship examines the fictional representation of the African dictator and the performance of dictatorship across genres. The volume includes contributions focusing on literature, theatre and film, all of which examine the relationship between the fictional and the political. Among the questions the contributors ask: what are the implications of reading a novel for its historical content or accuracy? How does the dictator novel interrogate ideas of veracity? How is power performed and ridiculed? How do different writers reflect on questions of authority in the postcolony, and what are the effects on their stories and modes of narration? This volume untangles some of the intricate workings of dictatorial power in the postcolony, through twelve close readings of works of fiction. It interrogates the intersections between real and literary space, exploring censorship, political critique and creative resistance. Insights into a wide range of lesser known texts and contexts make this volume an original and insightful contribution to scholarship on representations of dictatorship.

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Zeit- und Alterstopik im Minnesang

Eine Untersuchung zu Liedern Walthers von der Vogelweide, Reinmars, Neidharts und Oswalds von Wolkenstein


Simone Loleit

Der Band präsentiert ein grundlegendes systematisch-theoretisches Gesamtkonzept zur Erforschung minnesangspezifischer Zeit- und Alterstopik sowie innovative Ergebnisse zur Walther-, Reinmar-, Neidhart- und Oswald-Philologie. Die Analysen widmen sich sowohl ‚kanonischen‘ als auch seltener behandelten Liedern der vier Autoren und arbeiten unter anderem mit Verfahren der rhetorischen und literaturwissenschaftlichen Toposforschung, der Varianzforschung und der Erzähltextanalyse.

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Between an Animal and a Machine

Stanisław Lem’s Technological Utopia


Paweł Majewski

The subject of this book is the philosophy of Stanisław Lem. The first part contains an analysis and interpretation of one of his early works, The Dialogues. The author tries to show how Lem used the terminology of cybernetics to create a project of sociology and anthropology. The second part examines Lem’s essay Summa technologiae, which is considered as the project of human autoevolution. The term «autoevolution» is a neologism for the concept of humans taking control over their own biological evolution and form in order to improve the conditions of their being. In this interpretation, Summa is an example of a liberal utopia, based on the assumption that all human problems can be resolved by science. Various social theories, which can be linked to the project of autoevolution, are presented in the final part.

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Desert Island, Burrow, Grave

Wartime Hiding Places of Jews in Occupied Poland


Marta Cobel-Tokarska

This book is an anthropological essay which aims to capture the elusive phenomenon of hideouts employed by Jews persecuted during the Second World War. Oscillating between life and death, the Jewish hideouts were a space of the most diverse and extremely complex human relations – a specific realm of everyday life, with its own inherent logic. Based on different literary sources, especially wartime and post-war testimonies of Jewish escapees, the author seeks to examine the realm of hideouts to develop a novel, interdisciplinary perspective on this often neglected aspect of the 20th-century history.

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Intense Bodily Presence

Practices of Polish Butō Dancers


Magdalena Anna Zamorska

The author explores the practices of Polish butō dancers. Underlining the transcultural potential of the genre, she discusses in particular their individual body-mind practices and so-called butō techniques in order to produce a generalised account of butō training. Her argument is underpinned by complex field research which she carried out as an expert observer and a workshop participant. Drawing on a transdisciplinary approach, which combines insights and findings from the fields of cultural and performance studies, cultural anthropology and cognitive sciences, the book depicts the sequence of three phases which make up the processual structure of butō training: intro, following and embodiment.