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Edited by Jorge Cagiao y Conde and Alain-G. Gagnon

The controversial issue of secession has received little attention from experts of federalism. The best federal studies either evade it or dismiss it in a few lines. However, the issue of secession has been present throughout the history of federations. This book is one of the first to explore the complex relationship between federalism and secession.

The authors whose work is presented here recognize the potential of federalism as a way to organize relations between several different states, peoples, nations or territories under the same government. However, they are not naïve or idealist about the ability of the federal idea to succeed in the complex situations in which it is applied. In some cases success seems assured (the United States, Switzerland, Germany, etc.), and the merits of federalism can be showcased. But there are also failures (the former Yugoslavia, or more recently Brexit) and semi-failures that have generated turbulence in recent years in devolutive systems (Scotland in the United Kingdom, Catalonia in Spain) or federative systems (Québec in Canada).

This book provides a nuanced portrait of the issue of secession in federal contexts and lays the groundwork for questioning the still too fragile legacy of the great thinkers of federalism.

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Edited by Cyril Levitt and Sabine Sander

This posthumously published work by Lawrence Krader surveys the study of myths from ancient times (classical Greece and Rome, Egypt, Babylonian, Akkadian, Sumerian, Chinese), from the Biblical traditions, from the indigenous peoples of the Americas and Australia, and from Northeastern and Central Asia. The book covers the various approaches to the study of myth from ancient times through Europe in the Middle Ages, in the Renaissance and Enlightenment, in the Romantic movement in the late eighteenth and early to mid-nineteenth century, among the evolutionists of the mid-nineteenth to the early twentieth century, and the structuralists, and hermeneutic approaches as well as linguistics. The book covers the treatment of myth from the inside, that is, from the experience of those committed to the myth and from the outside or those ethnologists, philosophers, and other students of myth who are outsiders. This treatment takes up the theme of esoteric and exoteric myths as it rejects some of the assumptions and approaches to the study of myth in the past while singling out others for approval and inclusion in the general theory of myth. Interestingly, it includes a discussion of myth in science and in infinitesimal mathematics. And, it considers the relationship between myth and ideology in the twentieth century in relation to politics and power. It both incorporates and broadens Krader’s theory of nature as a manifold consisting of different orders which he developed in his magnum opus Noetics: The Science of Thinking and Knowing.

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Ilias Ben Mna

This book examines the reverberations of key components of Ronald Reagan’s ideology in selected Hollywood blockbuster movies. The aim of this analysis is to provide a clearer understanding of the intertwinement of cinematic spectacles with neoliberalism and neoconservatism. The analysis comprises a dissection of Reagan’s presidential rhetoric and the examination of four seminal Hollywood blockbuster movies. The time range for analysis stretches from the 1980s until the 2010s. Among the key foci are filmic content as well as production and distribution contexts. It is concluded that Reagan’s political metaphors and the corporatization of film studios in the 1970s and 1980s continue to shape much of Hollywood blockbuster filmmaking.

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Anil Jacob Kunnel

In today’s global and digitalized world, the investigation of relational trust as part of social connections has remained a popular and interdisciplinary academic topic. This book explores the idea of trust as a basic type of information processing that might be as old as human existence but has gained new attention with the emergence of online communication channels. The result is a strategic reconsideration of the brain’s role in the formation of social relationships and a new look at how information might shape our confidence in others.

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L’émergence de la norme internationale sur le « crime d’honneur »

Une analyse du discours onusien dans la perspective de l’histoire des religions

Aurore Schwab

Ce livre ouvre un nouveau champ d’études : les dynamiques normatives globales relatives aux religions. Le cas de la norme internationale des droits de l’homme sur la pratique du crime d’honneur retient l’attention car elle a un potentiel de dissémination mondiale et participe à la controverse sur la religiosité de la pratique du crime d’honneur au Pakistan. En empruntant la perspective de l’histoire des religions et la méthode d’analyse du discours, l’auteure atteint trois objectifs : la reconstruction des événements qui produisent la norme internationale, la mise en exergue des mécanismes sous-jacents aux discours onusiens et l’examen de la religiosité des pratiques normatives onusiennes et pakistanaises.

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Der Traum in der neueren russischen Lyrik

Elena Švarc, Ol’ga Sedakova und Gennadij Ajgi


Katina Baharova

Der Traum als Medium transzendenter Erfahrungen ist ein bevorzugtes literarisches Motiv von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. Auch in der russischen inoffiziellen Lyrik der Sowjetzeit entwickelt der Traum metaphysische Dimensionen, die auf individuelle Weise gestaltet werden. Anhand der Analyse exemplarischer Gedichte wird die Traumpoetik von Elena Švarc, Ol’ga Sedakova und Gennadij Ajgi erschlossen und im Hinblick auf ihre Spezifik vergleichend ausgewertet. Die dichterisch geformten Träume erweisen sich als Wege zur Gottesbegegnung (Sedakova), zu spiritueller Selbsterkenntnis (Švarc) oder auch zu mystischer Naturerfahrung (Ajgi). Die drei AutorInnen verorten sich dadurch im literaturhistorischen Kontext der metaphysischen Lyrik, deren Tradition sie durch das Traummotiv fortsetzen.

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Семантика коннекторов – La sémantique des connecteurs

Количественные методы описания – Méthodes quantitatives d’analyse


Edited by Olga Inkova

В эпоху корпусных исследований и создания цифровых информационных ресурсов, содержащих большие объемы текстов, применение количественных методов анализа языковых единиц становится неотъемлемой частью лингвистических описаний. В книге представлены результаты сопоставительного исследования коннекторов с использованием количественных методов анализа, выполненного в рамках совместного российско-швейцарского проекта «Контрастивное корпусное исследование коннекторов русского языка».

Исследование коннекторов проводилось с использованием нового уникального лингвистического ресурса – Надкорпусной базы данных (НБД) коннекторов. В первой главе монографии описаны структура НБД и возможности, которые она дает лингвистам для применения количественных и контрастивных методов исследования. Во второй и третьей главе монографии представлены результаты применения этих методов для исследования коннекторов как показателей логико-семантических отношений сопутствования и переформулирования в русском и французском языках. В четвертой, заключительной, главе монографии количественные методы применены к анализу результатов машинного перевода, одного из перспективных направлений в области компьютерной лингвистики.

A l’époque du développement de la linguistique de corpus, de l’élaboration de corpus de textes annotés qui contiennent un volume important de données, l’application des méthodes quantitatives d’analyse devient une partie inhérente de toute étude linguistique. Le livre contient les résultats de l’étude contrastive (russe-français) des connecteurs avec l’utilisation des méthodes quantitatives qui a été menée dans le cadre du projet de recherche conjoint (Suisse-Russie) soutenu par le FNS et par la Fondation pour la recherche fondamentale de la Fédération de Russie (RFBR).

Les données statistiques pour l’étude contrastive des connecteurs ont été obtenus grâce à une nouvelle ressource informatique : une base de données des connecteurs qui contient des textes parallèles en russe et en français. Le premier chapitre décrit la base de données, ses fonctionnalités et les possibilités qu’elle offre aux linguistes pour l’analyse contrastive, qualitative et quantitative, des connecteurs. Le deuxième et le troisième chapitres présentent les résultats de l’application de ce type d’analyse des connecteurs russes et français en tant que marqueurs des relations discursives de concomitance et de reformulation. Dans le quatrième chapitre ces méthodes sont appliquées à l’analyse des résultats de traduction automatique, un domaine de recherche qui se trouve actuellement au centre des intérêts de la linguistique de corpus et de la linguistique computationnelle.

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The Expanding Universe of Writing Studies

Higher Education Writing Research


Edited by Kelly Blewett, Tiane Donahue and Cynthia Monroe

This edited collection arrives at a crucial moment in the evolution of Writing Studies research. It brings together well-known and emerging scholars in the field of Writing Studies, broadly defined, to explore the range of research methods and methodologies, the types of research questions asked, and the types of data in play in research about higher education writing in the 21st century. Its contribution is unique in the current landscape—a collection of carefully detailed descriptions of the research methods that constitute the field today, after fifty years of development—as marked by the 50th anniversary of the 1966 Dartmouth Seminar. The chapters focus on writing and writers in higher education, foregrounding research questions, methods, and data, while defining the areas of research that constitute this interdisciplinary field and offering examples of studies that employ the methods in these areas. Initial chapters address broad questions: the state of the field today, with a special focus on the field’s methods and their (inter)disciplinary history. Contributions then cover domains such as sociological ethnography, cultural-historical activity theory, linguistics, decolonial translation, cognitive science, corpus linguistics in the study of writing in university first year and upper-level contexts, recurring features in writing across academic contexts, work from psychologists studying college writers’ neuroplasticity, and many other domains of writing research. The final chapter argues for the value of lifespan writing research as an emerging domain, while the conclusion presents a synthesis of the major themes of the collection from leading scholars in the field.

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Edited by Stefanie Acquavella-Rauch and Birger Petersen

Komponieren – im Sinne eines Entwerfens und Entwickelns von Musik als Schreibvorgang und gedanklicher Prozess – ist direkt verbunden mit einem jeweils spezifischen neuzeitlichen Künstlerbild und Kunstbegriff. Dieser Band hat zum Ziel, die musikalische Skizzenforschung aus der unmittelbaren Verbindung zur philologischen Erschließung von Werkgenesen zu lösen und in den größeren Kontext einer Schreib- und Kreativitätsforschung zu stellen. Bezogen auf die drei Schwerpunkte Schriftbildlichkeit, Rekonstruktion des musikalischen Denkens und interdisziplinärer Methodendiskurs werden neue Ansätze für die Musik des langen 19. Jahrhunderts diskutiert. Übergeordnet soll der Band dazu beitragen, das Studium der Skizzen als eine als Problemgeschichte des Komponierens zu definierenden Kulturgeschichte musikalischen Schaffens formulieren zu können.

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I have no Country, I have a homeland

Istanbulite Romiois:Place- Memory- Migration

Nurdan Türker

The book explores the concepts of migration, space, memory and identification drawn from the experiences of Istanbulite Romiois/Greeks and through the notion of being minority. The primary problematic examined in this book revolves around the meaning of these concepts, the functions they serve, and how they are related to the identity of minorities who have experienced ruptures like mass migrations. The concepts such as place and memory are addressed through the way in which Istanbulite Romiois/Greeks create meaningful connections around spaces, identity and memory as evidenced by spatial arrangements and how space in general and in Istanbul is specifically rendered sacred.