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Big Data in Organizations and the Role of Human Resource Management

A Complex Systems Theory-Based Conceptualization


Tobias M. Scholz

Big data are changing the way we work as companies face an increasing amount of data. Rather than replacing a human workforce or making decisions obsolete, big data are going to pose an immense innovating force to those employees capable of utilizing them. This book intends to first convey a theoretical understanding of big data. It then tackles the phenomenon of big data from the perspectives of varied organizational theories in order to highlight socio-technological interaction. Big data are bound to transform organizations which calls for a transformation of the human resource department. The HR department’s new role then enables organizations to utilize big data for their purpose. Employees, while remaining an organization’s major competitive advantage, have found a powerful ally in big data.

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Edited by Christian Scholl, Torben R. Gebhardt and Jan Clauß

During the Middle Ages, rulers from different regions aspired to an idea of imperial hegemony. On the other hand, there were rulers who deliberately refused to be «emperors», although their reign showed characteristics of imperial rule. The contributions in this volume ask for the reasons why some rulers such as Charlemagne strove for imperial titles, whereas others voluntarily shrank from them. They also look at the characteristics of and rituals connected to imperial rule as well as to the way Medieval empires saw themselves. Thus, the authors in this volume adopt a transcultural perspective, covering Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern Europe, Byzantium and the Middle East. Furthermore, they go beyond the borders of Christianity by including various caliphates and Islamic «hegemonic» rulers like Saladin.

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Pourquoi les migrants vivent-ils plus longtemps ?

Les inégalités face à la mort en Suisse (1990–2008)


Jonathan Zufferey

Dans les sociétés postindustrielles contemporaines, les migrants ont généralement des risques de décès inférieurs aux populations des pays d’accueil bien qu’ils soient tendanciellement plus vulnérables en raison de moindres capitaux humains, sociaux et économiques. Il s’agit là d’un véritable paradoxe épidémiologique car ces facteurs sont considérés comme les causes fondamentales des inégalités de longévité. A travers le prisme de la société suisse, cette thèse présente les dernières tendances en termes de mortalité différentielle entre les populations suisse et étrangères. Par une vision globale et compréhensive, nous mettons en exergue les particularités des populations migrantes afin d’offrir des clés d’interprétation à ce fameux paradoxe. L’étude tente d’approcher la migration dans toute sa profondeur en investiguant les différentiels en fonction de l’origine et du statut migratoire. En partant des outils de la démographie classique, en passant par des modèles de régression et des arbres d’induction, pour finir par des modèles multiniveaux exprimant des risques spatiaux, la connaissance des processus et des populations s’affermit. Au terme de ce manuscrit, nous aboutissons à une synthèse sur les principaux mécanismes explicatifs. La discussion reviendra sur deux axes clés qui expriment, selon nous, l’essentiel de l’avantage observé : des biais de sélection à l’entrée et à la sortie ainsi qu’une « culture de la migration ».

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Development by Free Trade? Développement à travers le libre-échange?

The Impact of the European Unions’ Neoliberal Agenda on the North African Countries Les enjeux de l’agenda néolibéral de l’Union européenne pour les pays de l’Afrique du Nord

Edited by Gisela Baumgratz, Khaled Chaabane, Werner Ruf and Wilfried Telkämper

One year ago the negotiations between Tunisia and the European Union about a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement (DCFTA) had started in Tunis. Experts from both sides of the Mediterranean accepted to contribute to this book in order to foster the public debate in the North-African countries by informing actors of the civil society about the risks of this new generation of free trade agreements of the EU for the respective countries and their population. In fact, by analyzing the impact of the structural adjustment programs of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria since the late 1980s followed up by the EU’s free trade policy, the authors seriously doubt about the positive effects on development and prosperity promised by the promotors of free trade. They underline, on the contrary, that it is the EU which profits from the asymmetric power-relations in order to pursue its economic and especially its security interests related to "illegal migration".

Publié un an après le début des négociations sur l’Accord de libre échange complet et approfondi (ALECA) entre la Tunisie et l’Union européenne, cet ouvrage veut contribuer au débat public dans les pays concernés et alerter les acteurs de la société civile sur les risques que comporte cette nouvelle génération des accords de libre-échange de l’UE. Les experts nord-africains et européens réunis pour débattre des enjeux de la politique économique de l’UE vis-à-vis des pays de l’Afrique du Nord mettent sérieusement en cause la promesse de développement et de prospérité du libre-échange. Analysant l’impact de cette politique entamée par la Banque mondiale et le FMI depuis les années 1980 en Tunisie, en Algérie et au Maroc et poursuivie par l’UE, ils soulignent au contraire que l’UE profite de l’asymétrie des relations de pouvoir pour poursuivre ses intérêts économiques et sécuritaires liés à la « migration illégale ».

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Adult Education and Work Contexts: International Perspectives and Challenges

Comparative Perspectives from the 2017 Würzburg Winter School


Edited by Regina Egetenmeyer and Monica Fedeli

Adult education has deep connections with employment contexts. This volume discusses interrelations within transnational contexts studied during the Würzburg Winter School on Comparative Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning (COMPALL). The book shows that adult education and work contexts are influenced by international and transnational developments. The findings are presented in three chapters: Lifelong Learning Policies Targeting Employment Contexts; Transnational Perspectives on Lifelong Learning Policies; Employment Perspectives and Professionalisation in Adult Education.

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Edited by Machteld Venken

This book provides a comparative analysis of the history of borderland children during the 20th century. More than their parents, children were envisioned to play a crucial role in bringing about a peaceful Europe. The contributions show the complexity of nationalisation within various spheres of borderland children’s lives and display the dichotomy between nationalist policies and manifest non-national practices of borderland children. Despite the different imaginations of East and West that had influenced peace negotiators after both World Wars, moreover, borderland children in Western and Central Europe invented practices that contributed to the creation of a socially cohesive Europe.

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Cultures of Solitude

Loneliness – Limitation – Liberation

Edited by Ina Bergmann and Stefan Hippler

This collection of essays comprises cultural analyses of practices of eremitism and reclusiveness in the USA, which are inseparably linked to the American ideals of individualism and freedom. Covering a time frame from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century, the essays study cultural products such as novels, poems, plays, songs, paintings, television shows, films, and social media, which represent the costs and benefits of deliberate withdrawal and involuntary isolation from society. Thus, this book offers valuable contributions to contemporary cultural discourses on privacy, surveillance, new technology, pathology, anti-consumerism, simplification, and environmentalism. Solitaries can be read as trailblazers for an alternative future or as symptoms of a pathological society.

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Fremdsprachenunterricht in der Grundschule in den Bundesländern Deutschlands

Eine Bestandsaufnahme des Status quo und seiner gewünschten Weiterentwicklung

Margit Hempel, Markus Kötter and Jutta Rymarczyk

Die Studie zum Fremdsprachenunterricht in deutschen Grundschulen bietet einen Überblick über Bundesländergrenzen hinweg in eine heterogene Bildungslandschaft, die von erheblichen curricularen Unterschieden und Widersprüchen geprägt ist.

Neben dieser Bestandsaufnahme zeigen die Autoren auf, welche bildungspolitischen und fachdidaktischen Ausgestaltungen Fachleute aus Hochschulen, Landesinstituten und Schulen als sinnvoll und wünschenswert erachten. Ihr Meinungsbild erlaubt es, bundesländerübergreifende Konzepte für die qualitative Weiterentwicklung des frühen Fremdsprachenunterrichts zu entwickeln, daraus resultierende Implikationen für Lehreraus- und Fortbildung zu beleuchten und so letztlich eine Basis für nationale Mindeststandards für den Fremdsprachenunterricht in der Grundschule zu bieten.

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Fremdsprachliche Diskursbewusstheit als Zielkonstrukt des Fremdsprachenunterrichts

Eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit der Interkulturellen Kompetenz


Jochen Plikat

Interkulturelle Kompetenz spielt für das Lernen fremder Sprachen aktuell eine Schlüsselrolle. Der Autor untersucht die Leitfragen, wofür eine solche Kompetenz steht und welches Verständnis von Kultur ihr zu Grunde liegt. Er arbeitet die Problemlage auf, in welchem Maße das Gebot, alle Kulturen zu tolerieren, wünschenswert und umsetzbar ist, und diskutiert zentrale Beiträge zum Thema kritisch. Der Autor schlägt vor, den Fremdsprachenunterricht in Zukunft auf das neue Zielkonstrukt Fremdsprachliche Diskursbewusstheit auszurichten. Für den Umgang mit Konflikten lehnt er relativistische Beliebigkeit ab. Vielmehr empfiehlt er eine konsequente Rückbesinnung auf jene Werte, welche die Grundlage des friedlichen Zusammenlebens in pluralen Gesellschaften bilden: Menschenrechte, Demokratie und Rechtsstaatlichkeit.

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Joint Modules and Internationalisation in Higher Education

Reflections on the Joint Module «Comparative Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning»


Edited by Regina Egetenmeyer, Paula Guimaraes and Balázs Németh

This volume places the development of the Joint Module «Comparative Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning» (COMPALL) in the context of international development in higher education and adult education. Based on this framework, the authors discuss the development of the joint module in terms of its institutional and didactical structure as well as participants’ motivation and diversity. The book is divided into three parts: (1) Internationalisation in Higher Education, (2) Internationalisation of Higher Education: The Case of Adult Education, and (3) Internationalisation of Higher Education: The Example of COMPALL.