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Against the Grain

The Poetics of Non-Normative Masculinity in Decadent French Literature

Mathew Rickard

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André Malraux and Art

An Intellectual Revolution

Derek Allan

This study provides a step by step explanation of André Malraux's theory of art. Drawing on his major works, such as The Voices of Silence and The Metamorphosis of the Gods, it examines key topics such as the nature of artistic creation, the psychology of our response to art, the birth of the notion of "art" itself and its transformation after Manet, the birth and death of the idea of beauty, the seriously neglected question of the relationship between art and the passage of time, the emergence of our "first universal world of art," the contemporary role of the art museum and the musée imaginaire, and the contentious question of the relationship between art and history.


Rejecting negative criticisms from writers such as Maurice Merleau-Ponty and E. H. Gombrich, the study argues that Malraux offers us a theory of art that is fully coherent and highly illuminating. In addition, the analysis shows that he presents a radical challenge to the traditional explanations of art inherited from the Enlightenment that have dominated Western thinking for some three hundred years. In short, the study unveils a way of understanding art that is nothing short of an intellectual revolution.

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The Pleasure in/of the Text

About the Joys and Perversities of Reading

Edited by Fabien Arribert-Narce, Endo Fuhito and Kamila Pawlikowska

Reading is a peculiar kind of experience. Although its practice and theory have a very long tradition, the question of aesthetic pleasure is as perplexing as ever. Why do we read? What exactly thrills us in the text? One of the most prominent scholars having addressed these questions in the twentieth century is undeniably Roland Barthes, who distinguished between the «ordinary» pleasure of reading and bliss (jouissance), a delight so profound that it cannot be expressed in words. Taking his work as a central reference, and revisiting some of his seminal publications on the subject such as Empire of Signs (1970) and The Pleasure of the Text (1973), this collection of essays adopts a similar interdisciplinary approach to explore a broad range of themes and issues related to the notion of readerly enjoyment, between form and content, emotion and reason, escapist and knowledge-seeking responses to the text: how do literary and ideological pleasures intersect? In what ways do perversions, madness or even fatigue contribute to the pleasure of the text? How do writing and signs, sense and significance, but also image and text interact in the intermedial process of reading? How can paratexts – i.e. the margins of the text, including footnotes – and metatexts play a part in the reader’s enjoyment?

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Relatar la catástrofe en el Siglo de Oro.

Entre noticia y narración

Gennaro Schiano

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Reimagining the Family

Lesbian Mothering in Contemporary French Literature


Robert Payne

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Edited by Emilio Blanco and Mechthild Albert

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El español de Granada.

Estudio sociolingüístico

Edited by María de la Mercedes Soto Melgar and Anna Zholobova

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Edited by María Ángeles Varela Olea

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La letteratura italiana del Secondo Novecento fuori d’Italia: ricezione e immaginario (1945-1989)


Edited by Alejandro Patat and Brigitte Poitrenaud-Lamesi