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The Great Disruption

Understanding the Populist Forces Behind Trump, Brexit, and LePen

Anil Hira

The Great Disruption: Understanding the Populist Forces Behind Trump, Brexit, and LePen aims to put the shocking events of 2016–17 into a long-term, historical perspective. The seemingly disparate and separately discussed election of Donald Trump, Brexit vote, success of Marine LePen’s National Front Party, and the wider spread of populism have an overlooked commonality: They all start with a similar core constituency of disaffected older blue collar workers. Using a data-driven analysis, author Anil Hira shows that racism and xenophobia are linked to economic populism—xenophobia becoming widespread under conditions of economic stress. Hira shows further that since economic stress is felt very deeply, conventional solutions are inadequate. There is a perception among the affected group that politicians can not offer "normal" solutions and thus turn to populism. The Great Disruption traces long-term and largely un-linked shifts in the economy from globalization to automation to uncover the deeper sources of populist outbreaks. This book demonstrates that racial and immigrant attitudes have not changed, rather any backlash is a scapegoating effect of economic loss and dislocation. Populism not only misdiagnoses the situation but also misses the wider long-term threats of climate change, demographic shifts, and the rise of China. Recognizing the transformational nature of such threats depends on the maturation of the Millennial generation and its willingness to evolve towards a more global style of governance, in the process rejecting the shallow promises of populism.

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Écrire l’espace des Amériques

représentations littéraires et voix de femmes amérindiennes


Rita Olivieri-Godet

Les études réunies dans ce livre mettent en évidence la contribution de la littérature à un nouvel imaginaire sur l’espace des Amériques, se traduisant par la prise en considération des cultures des peuples autochtones et la remise en question de la perspective coloniale qui perdure jusqu’à nos jours. Le choix des récits et recueils de poèmes du Brésil et du Québec (XXe et XXIe siècles) permet à Rita Olivieri-Godet de souligner les aspects géopolitiques et culturels d’un processus de transformation des territorialités autochtones à travers des textes qui témoignent des structures profondes reliant les Amérindiens à leur territoire et dévoilent la mémoire enfouie du vécu des communautés. L’étude des voix d’écrivaines amérindiennes interroge les éléments formels et thématiques d’une poétique autochtone qui participe à l’élargissement et à la reconfiguration des dimensions matérielle et symbolique des espaces des Amériques, dans le contexte pluriculturel de nos sociétés contemporaines. C’est par l’amérindianité des œuvres littéraires allochtones et autochtones –qui réclament la reconnaissance des cultures amérindiennes– que l’ouvrage rejoint la perspective de l’américanité.

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Jatinder Mann

Adopting a political and legal perspective, Redefining Citizenship in Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand undertakes a transnational study that examines the demise of Britishness as a defining feature of the conceptualisation of citizenship in Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand and the impact that this historic shift has had on Indigenous and other ethnic groups in these states. During the 1950s and 1970s an ethnically based citizenship was transformed into a civic-based one (one based on rights and responsibilities). The major context in which this took place was the demise of British race patriotism in Australia, English-speaking Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand. Although the timing of this shift varied, Aboriginal groups and non-British ethnic groups were now incorporated, or appeared to be incorporated, into ideas of citizenship in all three nations. The development of citizenship in this period has traditionally been associated with immigration in Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand. However, the historical origins of citizenship practices in all three countries have yet to be fully analysed. This is what Redefining Citizenship in Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand does. The overarching question addressed by the book is: Why and how did the end of the British World lead to the redefinition of citizenship in Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa New Zealand between the 1950s and 1970s in regard to other ethnic and Indigenous groups? This book will be useful for history and politics courses, as well as specialised courses on citizenship and Indigenous studies.

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A Practical Guide in Conversation, Vocabulary and Writing

Mara Cogni

Many students today have to grapple with questions such as What am I very good at? and What are my strengths and how can I use them for a better life? These are central questions for us as learners, employees, family members, friends and thriving individuals in general. An inquiry into our skills helps us discover our potentialities and the talents we need in order to create a fulfilling life. As a result, it assists us in successfully finding the right role for ourselves in society. Skills: A Practical Guide in Conversation, Vocabulary and Writing is intended to take learners on a reflective skill-investigative journey, in which speaking and writing about skills is both self-exploratory and fun.

This book offers a more reflective approach to thinking and talking about skills. Learners will become well-equipped with knowledge and understanding of a set of skills they can ascribe to themselves and others. This will, consequently, prepare them for a world of work that is very specific in its skillset requirements. The book aims at helping students think critically about skills both orally and in writing. It also includes activities intended to expand vocabulary, which underlies successful communication.

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Frank R. Ardolino

Spenser, Kyd, and the Authorship of "The Spanish Tragedy" maintains that Edmund Spenser and not Thomas Kyd is the author of The Spanish Tragedy, written in 1590/1592. This argument is based on the strength of the internal evidence and not on computermetrics, linguistic statistics, or parallel passages. The Spanish Tragedy and Spenser’s works are united by sources, themes, methods, and language to the point of authorial equation. Thomas Heywood provided the only attribution of the play to Kyd in 1612, but given the depth of the learning, the apocalyptic context of the anti-Spanish theme, and the literary, rhetorical, and metadramatic sophistication of The Spanish Tragedy, it is much more probable that Spenser wrote it and not the nearly anonymous journeyman writer Kyd. The internal evidence for a new attribution is compelling, and since the proposed author is Spenser, who is supposed to have been hostile to the public theater, the revelation of his hidden authorship of the most popular and influential play of the period is significant not only for Spenserian studies but also for the history of English literature.

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Netflix at the Nexus

Content, Practice, and Production in the Age of Streaming Television

Edited by Amber M. Buck and Theo Plothe

Netflix’s meteoric rise as an online content provider has been well documented and much debated in the popular press and in academic circles as an industry disrupter, while also blamed for ending TV’s "Golden Age." For academic researchers, Netflix exists at the nexus of multiple fields: Internet research, information studies, media studies, and television and has an impact on the creation of culture and how individuals relate to the media they consume. This collection examines Netflix’s broad impact on technology and television from multiple perspectives, including the interface, the content, and user experiences. Through chapters from leading international scholars in television and internet studies, this book provides a transnational perspective on Netflix's changing role in the media landscape. As a whole, this collection provides a comprehensive consideration of the impact of streaming television.

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Lauren Selfe

The figure of the «Muslim» woman or girl performs a crucial role in far-reaching socio-political debates in Germany. Indeed, such figures challenge the boundaries of gender equality and secularism and contest notions of tolerance and integration. The (in)visibility of Muslim women’s bodies and their apparent position in Islam function as ostensible indicators of their oppression and of Islam’s supposed incompatibility with western values.

This book investigates representations of «Muslim» women and girls in German popular culture from 1990 to 2015. The study analyses the discursive function of such figures in German popular culture via three key research questions: what representational practices surround the figure of the Muslim woman or girl in German life writing, young adult literature and film? How do such representations function to produce «non-Muslim» subject positions? What is the function of this figure within narratives of feminism and assertions of gender equality? This study understands itself as an intervention into contemporary racist discourses in Germany and operates within a transdisciplinary framework of intersectional feminism and cultural and German studies. Ultimately, the book aims to make visible and interrogate
the underlying hierarchies and agendas that drive representations of Muslim women and girls.

This book was the winner of the of the 2017 Early Career Researcher Prize in German Studies, a collaboration between the Institute for German Studies at the University of Birmingham and Peter Lang.

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Die Abweichungsgesetzgebung des Art. 72 Abs. 3 GG im Freistaat Sachsen

Entwicklung und Handhabung am Beispiel des sächsischen Naturschutzrechts


Christian Szmais

Im Rahmen der Föderalismusreform 2006 fällt ein Reformgegenstand aufgrund seiner Neuartigkeit besonders ins Auge – die in Art. 72 Abs.3 GG statuierte Abweichungsgesetz-gebung. Mit dem in ihr angelegten Nebeneinander von Rechtssetzungen des Bundes und der Länder innerhalb einer Regelungsmaterie strapaziert sie die Funktionsweise des kooperativen Föderalismus ebenso wie den bundesstaatlichen Gedanken in seiner Gesamtheit. Ausgehend hiervon soll die vorliegende Publikation einen Bogen zwischen der Entwicklungsgeschichte der Abweichungsgesetzgebung bis hin zu ihrer konkreten Anwendung am Beispiel der Novellierung des sächsischen Naturschutzrechts schlagen. Der Autor nimmt dabei insbesondere das Sächsische Naturschutzgesetz vom 6. Juni 2013 unter abweichungsrechtlichen Problemstellungen in den Blick.

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Edited by Christoph Garstka

In Dostojewskijs Romanen und Erzählungen sind eine Fülle von Schilderungen zumeist städtischer Lebensweisen in Russland zu finden. Sie betreffen typische Wohnsituationen, das ökonomische Denken, soziale Gliederungen und Wertvorstellungen u.v.m. Der Band blickt auf diese russischen Alltagswelten in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts durch das Prisma der Literatur, die in dieser Zeit danach strebt das Typische und Wesentliche menschlicher Lebensumstände zu schildern und den Durchschnittsmenschen als Helden entdeckt.

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Lene Kohl

Die vorliegende Publikation untersucht die gesetzlichen Liquidationsvorschriften aus §§ 730 ff. Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, die heute für so mannigfaltige wie zahlreiche, sich nach Art, Größe, Personenkreis, Organisation, Zwecken, ideeller und wirtschaftlicher Bedeutung in hohem Grade voneinander unterscheidender Erscheinungsformen der Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts herhalten müssen. Anhand von Fallbeispielen weist die Autorin dabei auf Defizite im Gesetz sowie Beratungs- und Regelungsbedarf im Gesellschaftsvertrag hin und bietet BGB-Gesellschaftern und ihren Beratern eine Anleitung zur Auseinandersetzung.