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Paz y valores europeos como posible modelo de integración y progreso en un mundo global

Peace and European values as a potential model for integration and progress in a global world


Edited by Jesús Baigorri and Jürgen Elvert

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A Practical Guide in Conversation, Vocabulary and Writing

Mara Cogni

Many students today have to grapple with questions such as What am I very good at? and What are my strengths and how can I use them for a better life? These are central questions for us as learners, employees, family members, friends and thriving individuals in general. An inquiry into our skills helps us discover our potentialities and the talents we need in order to create a fulfilling life. As a result, it assists us in successfully finding the right role for ourselves in society. Skills: A Practical Guide in Conversation, Vocabulary and Writing is intended to take learners on a reflective skill-investigative journey, in which speaking and writing about skills is both self-exploratory and fun.

This book offers a more reflective approach to thinking and talking about skills. Learners will become well-equipped with knowledge and understanding of a set of skills they can ascribe to themselves and others. This will, consequently, prepare them for a world of work that is very specific in its skillset requirements. The book aims at helping students think critically about skills both orally and in writing. It also includes activities intended to expand vocabulary, which underlies successful communication.

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Dreaming Kurdistan

The Life and Death of Kurdish Leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou

Carol Prunhuber

This book follows the life and brutal assassination of Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, the Iranian Kurdish leader who was killed while negotiating a supposed peace accord for his people with Iranian government emissaries in Vienna, Austria 1989. Countless elements remain unresolved in this political assassination. The culpability of the Iranian government is clearly spelled out, yet jurisdiction has never been passed on the perpetrators.

Combining historical and political analysis with journalistic testimony, this story depicts real events reconstructed through political documents and speeches, police reports, taped material, letters, interviews, and the author’s own first-hand knowledge of Ghassemlou. His destiny brought him to significant events of the twentieth century that laid the groundwork for his future role: the Soviet occupation of northeast Kurdistan in 1941; the coup d’état organized by the CIA and the British secret services against the Iranian Prime Minister Mossadeq in 1953 and the installment of the Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran; the end of the Spring of Prague with the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet tanks in 1968; the beginnings of a certain autonomy in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1970 and the ensuing negotiations between the Kurdish leader, Mustapha Barzani and Saddam Hussein. Preeminent in this list is the determined rebellion of the Iranian Kurds against Khomeini in 1979.

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Écrire l’espace des Amériques

représentations littéraires et voix de femmes amérindiennes


Rita Olivieri-Godet

Les études réunies dans ce livre mettent en évidence la contribution de la littérature à un nouvel imaginaire sur l’espace des Amériques, se traduisant par la prise en considération des cultures des peuples autochtones et la remise en question de la perspective coloniale qui perdure jusqu’à nos jours. Le choix des récits et recueils de poèmes du Brésil et du Québec (XXe et XXIe siècles) permet à Rita Olivieri-Godet de souligner les aspects géopolitiques et culturels d’un processus de transformation des territorialités autochtones à travers des textes qui témoignent des structures profondes reliant les Amérindiens à leur territoire et dévoilent la mémoire enfouie du vécu des communautés. L’étude des voix d’écrivaines amérindiennes interroge les éléments formels et thématiques d’une poétique autochtone qui participe à l’élargissement et à la reconfiguration des dimensions matérielle et symbolique des espaces des Amériques, dans le contexte pluriculturel de nos sociétés contemporaines. C’est par l’amérindianité des œuvres littéraires allochtones et autochtones –qui réclament la reconnaissance des cultures amérindiennes– que l’ouvrage rejoint la perspective de l’américanité.

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Netflix at the Nexus

Content, Practice, and Production in the Age of Streaming Television

Edited by Amber M. Buck and Theo Plothe

Netflix’s meteoric rise as an online content provider has been well documented and much debated in the popular press and in academic circles as an industry disrupter, while also blamed for ending TV’s "Golden Age." For academic researchers, Netflix exists at the nexus of multiple fields: Internet research, information studies, media studies, and television and has an impact on the creation of culture and how individuals relate to the media they consume. This collection examines Netflix’s broad impact on technology and television from multiple perspectives, including the interface, the content, and user experiences. Through chapters from leading international scholars in television and internet studies, this book provides a transnational perspective on Netflix's changing role in the media landscape. As a whole, this collection provides a comprehensive consideration of the impact of streaming television.

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Zwischenzeiten, Zwischenräume, Zwischenspiele

Ergebnisse des Arbeitstreffens des Jungen Forums Slavistische Literaturwissenschaft 2017 in Hamburg


Edited by Katarzyna Adamczak, Ina Sdanevitsch, Ina Hartmann and Clemens Günther

Der vorliegende Sammelband präsentiert die Beiträge des 15. Treffens des Jungen Forums Slavistische Literaturwissenschaft (JFSL), das 2017 an der Universität Hamburg stattfand. Der Band bietet entlang der thematischen Leitbegriffe Zwischenzeiten, Zwischenräume, Zwischenspiele eine Momentaufnahme der aktuellsten Forschung von Nachwuchswissenschaftler/innen der deutschsprachigen slavistischen Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft. Die transgressiven Beziehungen von Literatur und Politik, Text und Medium, Identität und Kultur werden in den Beiträgen aus verschiedenen slavischen Literaturen unter vielfältigen methodischen Ansätzen sowie in breiter zeitlicher und räumlicher Auffächerung untersucht.

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Contemporary Challenges to Conscience

Legal and Ethical Frameworks for Professional Conduct


Edited by Aleksander Stępkowski

This book is a collection of studies addressing the complex and sensitive issue of conscientious objection. It has become utmost controversial, especially in relation to professional conduct in healthcare service. Moral dilemmas of physicians, being always a part of human existence, due to the development of public health insurance, became also a political issue with legal consequences. The book provides an in-depth analysis of this complex issue from a multidisciplinary perspective, including philosophical, political, legal and medical aspects. It also presents various experiences of different medical and legal professionals in this field.

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Juristische Fachphraseologie – zwischen Konvention und Routine

Untersucht am Beispiel deutscher und polnischer Gesetzestexte zum Zivilrecht


Małgorzata Płomińska

Rechtstexte sind keine Einzelereignisse. Sie entstehen in standardisierten Situationen und sind durch Vorgeprägtheit auf mehreren Ebenen gekennzeichnet. Die Autorin des Buches setzt sich zum Ziel, Rechtexte in den sie insbesondere auszeichnenden Merkmalen der Vorgeprägtheit und Konventionalisierung zu zeigen. Den Hauptgenstand der Untersuchung stellen dabei rechtssprachliche Fachphraseologismen, die als eine bedeutende Komponente der ausdrucksseitigen Formelhaftigkeit der deutschen und polnischen Rechtstexte dargestellt werden.

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Migration im Schulalter

Systemische Effekte der deutschen Schule und Bewältigungsprozesse migrierter Jugendlicher


Mona Massumi

Das deutsche Schulsystem steht seit Langem vor der Herausforderung, Migrant*innen adäquat einzubeziehen. Für junge Menschen sind mit der Migration Umbrüche im Leben verbunden – nicht zuletzt in Bezug auf ihre formale Bildungsbiografie.

In diesem Buch werden Zusammenhänge zwischen Systemeffekten und der subjektiven Handlungsfähigkeit von Migrant*innen untersucht. Die Autorin rekonstruiert historisch, wie das Schulsystem seit der Gründung der Bundesrepublik auf die Anwesenheit von Migrant*innen reagiert und welche Auswirkungen diese Reaktionsweisen nach sich ziehen. Anhand narrativer Interviews zeichnet sie Bildungsbiografien von 21 Migrant*innen, die im Jugend- und jungen Erwachsenenalter nach Deutschland migriert sind, nach. Ihre Wege ins deutsche Schulsystem werden ebenso aufgezeigt wie die Barrieren, die den Zugang zum und Verbleib im formalen Bildungssystem in Deutschland erschweren. Die Untersuchung zeigt, wie junge Menschen mit wahrgenommenen Hindernissen umgehen und welche Möglichkeiten sie nutzen, um die eigene Schullaufbahn positiv mitzubestimmen.

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Edited by Thomas Szende and George Alao

The L2 speaker is able to function in the target culture only when s/he is able to understand, anticipate and produce the choices that the said society makes. Being polite therefore means: knowing how to draw on the conventions of a society, taking into account the expectations of an interlocutor regarding social relations at any given point, and is based on the appropriate language register to the communication situation; being able to balance standard and non-standard features and to adjust one’s speech by moving it towards more or less familiarity, or formality. The learner therefore needs to be aware of the pragmatic flexibility of speakers – native and experts – who move from one register to another and juggle between respect and caution, first degree meaning and irony, exuberance and excess, with difference in levels, nature and degrees of politeness.


This volume contains contributions whose theoretical reflections, field work experiences and authentic data from diverse African, Asian and European languages, literatures and cultures as well as a variety of corpora shed new light on politeness as a central phenomenon in pragmatics, and on what is at stake when teaching or learning the subject. It also opens up a conceptual dialogue with a whole range of domains likely to enrich the debate: sociolinguistics, literature, translation studies, semiotics, cultural anthropology, social psychology, etc.