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Tjiauw Thuan

Since 1999, Indonesia’s higher education system has entered a new stage. The government promotes legal entity reform at public colleges and universities, and plans to transform all public colleges and universities into legal entities. This is unprecedented in Indonesian education history. Eight public higher education institutions in the first and second batch were succesfully converted to legal entities. After experiencing legal entity reform, Indonesia’s public colleges and universities improved. The government indirectly proposed three types of public higher education institution. This means that Indonesia’s public colleges and universities developed from a single model to becoming these diversified models.

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Edited by Anthony J. Nocella II and Amber E. George

Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies: A Historical Collection represents the very best that the internationally scholarly Journal for Critical Animal Studies (JCAS) has published in terms of articles that are written by public critical scholar-activists-organizers for public critical scholar-activists-organizers. This move toward publishing pieces about engaging social change, rather than high-theoretical detached analysis of nonhuman animals in society, is to regain focus for liberation at all costs. The essays in this collection focus on intersectionality scholarship within the realm of Critical Animal Studies, and discuss issues related to race, gender, disability, class, and queerness. Not only are these articles historically significant within the field of Critical Animal Studies, but they are integral to the overall social justice movement. Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies: A Historical Collection should be read by anyone interested in the Critical Animal Studies field, as we consider them to be classic writings that should be respected as foundational texts. There are many interesting and innovative texts, but these are historical, not only because they were published in JCAS, but because they were among the first to publish on a particular intersectional issue.

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Jerry Worley and Logan Roshell

Now more than ever, students need support. To meet their needs, educators should encourage their students to break from the mainstream by inspecting their experiences, and therefore expressing their own values. This endeavor will lead students to make choices that are best for themselves and others. It is important to support students in both relating and connecting to society, and to have hope and joy for meeting the day full on.

Educators need to give their students the opportunity to reveal their life histories, experiences, perspectives, and expectations in ways that are themed with the educators' class curriculums. Doing so will naturally build inter-subjectivity. Increased inter-subjectivity leads to meaningful relationships and higher achievement. In turn, this will lead to stronger social relatedness and connectedness.

The purpose of Building, Maintaining, and Repairing Classroom Relationships is simple: to quickly build classroom relationships in a metaphorical, colorful, and creative way. This can be accomplished by theming curriculum with phenomenology, experience, and values clarification (PEVC) strategies. This book is set up in a concrete, sequential, and linear fashion, and is designed to meet the needs of a variety of educators and leaders. It is arranged to be browsed for quick reference for teachers who are busy and need relationship building strategies, fast.

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Liberation in Higher Education

A White Researcher’s Journey Through the Shadows


Sarah Militz-Frielink

Liberation in Higher Education introduces and expands on the notion of Endarkened Feminist Epistemology (EFE) based on a qualitative case study of Cynthia B. Dillard and her students as well as the white researcher and author, Sarah Militz-Frielink, as she became transformed through her research in higher education. Dillard, who created EFE as a teaching and research paradigm in 2000, grounded it in several frameworks: Black feminist thought, standpoint theory, the tenets of African American spirituality, and the work of Parker J. Palmer on non-religious spirituality in education. The book delves into EFE’s origins and students’ meaning-making experiences with EFE—including related themes such as healing, identity development, cultural histories, spirituality, and the evolution of the phenomenon over time. This book also includes a chapter in which Militz-Frielink applies EFE as a methodology to herself, which is one of the recommended practices of EFE as a research tool. Liberation in Higher Education concludes with implications and recommendations for practitioners, particularly white practitioners in higher education who work with African American students in predominantly white institutions.

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Antje Eder

Viele bisher erfolgte Einführungen von lernfeldorientierten Lehrplänen schöpfen das unterrichtsbezogene Potential des Lernfeldansatzes an den Berufsschulen meist nicht aus. Ausgangspunkt der vorliegenden Untersuchung ist die Anpassung des bisher fachsystematischen Lehrplans im Ausbildungsberuf Landwirt in Bayern an das Lernfeldkonzept. Neu an dem gewählten Implementationsansatz ist die umfassende Vorgehensweise, bei der die Autorin durch eine kontinuierliche wissenschaftliche Begleitung einen exemplarischen Prozessablauf für Lehrplanimplementationen entwickelt, fördernde Maßnahmen diagnostiziert und Unterstützungsstrukturen für eine externe Begleitung erarbeitet.

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Teacher Stories

Perspectives on Inclusive Pedagogical Language in Zimbabwe

Kumbirai Khosa

The teaching of English in multilingual contexts such as Zimbabwe, where English is often not the primary language of the Black majority public school student population, is a highly contested issue. Though generally considered as necessary in an increasingly globalized, English language dominated world, this conventionally Eurocentric, elitist-oriented English education system is imbued with colonialist discourses that tend to shape and complicate educators’ understandings about the place of diverse sociocultural backgrounds, ethnic-identified indigenous languages, indigenous knowledge systems, and differently abled learners within its conventional structures.

In Teacher Stories, the author utilizes postcolonialist theoretical lenses and a poststructuralist-inflected narrative inquiry approach to self-reflexively analyze her impressions of three veteran Zimbabwean teacher educators’ interpretations of what they understand to be their experiences of learning and teaching English.

The purpose of this research is to provide English education scholars and policy makers with some insights into what veteran Zimbabwean English teacher educators perceive as the efficacies and challenges of implementing policy-mandated inclusive education pedagogical practices. Since English teacher educators’ perspectives are a much under-researched area of English in a Zimbabwean context, this study makes a meaningful contribution to the international field of English education.

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Perspektivenvielfalt im Literaturunterricht

Theoretische und qualitativ-empirische Untersuchungen zu einem didaktischen Prinzip

Katja Siepmann

Die Vielfalt der Welt muss im zeitgemäßen Unterricht widergespiegelt und reflektiert werden. Derjenige, der sich auf die Komplexität postmoderner Gesellschaften einlässt, macht Erfahrungen, die produktiv auszuhalten sind. Hier setzt die qualitativ-empirische Studie zu dem allgemeindidaktischen Prinzip der Perspektivenvielfalt an und untersucht sowohl dessen theoretische als auch empirische Relevanz. Die Untersuchung der Bedeutung für die Lehrkräfte und die Umsetzung in der Unterrichtsgestaltung stehen im Mittelpunkt der Arbeit. Der exemplarisch gewählte Literaturunterricht im Fach Deutsch bietet eine geeignete Gelegenheit für den Umgang mit Ambivalenz, Kontingenz und Vielfalt im Kontext eines Bildungsverständnisses, das Perspektivenwechsel, Diskursivität und Identitätsbildung betont.

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Mass Media and Chinese ESL Students Abroad

Adopting Host Communication and Culture

Jun Qian

Mass Media and Chinese ESL Students Abroad: Adopting Host Communication and Culture investigates Chinese ESL students’ use of host mass media and how such use enables them to acquire host communication competence and acculturation from their perspective. This qualitative study is grounded in Kim’s theory of communication and cross-cultural adaptation and the uses and gratifications theory and employs a phenomenography approach. Nine participants at a university in Ontario were involved in this study. Data obtained from media use logs, think-aloud protocols, and follow-up interviews provide a far-reaching and detailed description of the uses, reasoning, and effects of using host mass media for the participants.

This book illustrates that these students used a variety of media as sources of information, language acquisition, culture learning, entertainment, and communication. Findings suggest that host mass media were the major influence on these students’ acquisition of host communication competence and perceptions of and acculturation to Canada. Their reliance on mass communication went into the later years of their acculturation process and complemented their language and culture learning, which was somewhat limited through insufficient or reluctant participation in host interpersonal communication. Host communication competence was a primary factor that influenced their selection and use of host mass media, but it was not the only decisive factor relevant to their degree of acculturation. Individual characteristics and the social and cultural environment in Canada were also found to have significant impact on their acculturation process and outcomes. These findings can assist colleges and universities in designing effective programs based on these students’ needs and characteristics, thus enabling them to achieve their academic and professional goals.

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Edited by Gerd-Bodo von Carlsburg

Dieser Band dokumentiert eine Reihe von ausgewählten Beiträgen der XXII. Internationalen wissenschaftlichen Konferenz Bildungsreform und Lehrerausbildung zum Thema »Transkulturelle Perspektiven in der Bildung«, die vom Ministerium für Bildung und Wissenschaft der Republik Litauen und der Vilnenser Akademie für Bildungswissenschaften der Vytautas Magnus Universität in Kaunas (VDU) gemeinsam konzipiert und veranstaltet wurden. Im Fokus standen der Diskurs kulturwissenschaftlicher Bildungsforschung und der Austausch von Beispielen transkultureller pädagogischer Praxis in der Hochschul- und Schulbildung. Der Erwerb dieser interaktiven Kompetenzen in der kulturwissenschaftlichen Forschung ist Voraussetzung für die Bildung einer Identität, die den Herausforderungen unserer Gesellschaft im kommenden Jahrzehnt gerecht wird.

This volume presents a series of selected contributions from the XXIInd International Scientific Conference on The Reform of Education and Teacher’s Training dealing with the topic »Transcultural Perspectives in Education«, which was conceived and organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania together with the Vilnius Academy of Educational Science at Vytautas-Magnus-University in Kaunas (VDU). The focus of attention was the discourse on research in cultural studies and the exchange of examples of transcultural pedagogical practice in Higher and Secondary Education. The acquisition of interactive competencies in cultural research is a prerequisite for the formation of identity in order to meet the challenges our society will be facing in the coming decade.

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Edited by Sylvain Wagnon

Cet ouvrage présente un état des lieux des recherches francophones concernant l’étude du manuel scolaire et une analyse des défis et des enjeux de cet outil scolaire dont on annonce perpétuellement la mort proche mais qui reste une interface majeure entre les enseignants, les élèves et les apprentissages.

Au carrefour du monde scientifique, didactique, pédagogique mais aussi culturel, politique et économique, le manuel scolaire est un témoin de son temps. À partir de l’analyse du manuel dans son contexte d’écriture, d’édition et de réception, cet ouvrage l’envisage comme un véhicule de normes sociales, politiques et éducatives.

L’ensemble des contributions de cet ouvrage pose les jalons méthodologiques de compréhension du manuel scolaire comme objet d’étude et de recherche. Par de multiples regards croisés, venant de toutes les disciplines, avec des démarches et des problématiques renouvelées, l’étude du manuel apparait ici comme une source et un outil majeur de compréhension de la culture scolaire et des pratiques enseignantes.