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Indigenous Epistemology

Descent into the Womb of Decolonized Research Methodologies

Marva McClean and Marcus Waters

Indigenous Epistemology problematizes the self-reflexive inquiry between two researchers engaged in transnational collaboration that asserts experiential pedagogy as a tool to decolonize research methodology and honor the inter-generational stories that empower Indigenous people across the globe. The authors demonstrate the direct connection between Black Lives Matter, SOSBlakAustralia and the Maroons of Jamaica as examples of contemporary Indigenous people disrupting hegemony through agentive action that inspires global awareness and pushes for systemic change. In elevating the critical epistemologies of the ancient cultures of the Aboriginals of Australia and the African Diaspora, the authors assert that the legacies and current operations of colonialism must be disrupted and replaced with an emancipatory epistemology.

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What's Race Got To Do With It?

How Current School Reform Policy Maintains Racial and Economic Inequality. Second Edition


Edited by Edwin Mayorga, Ujju Aggarwal and Bree Picower

At the time that the first edition of What’s Race Got to Do with It was published (2015), many on the left were struggling to both fight back neoliberal education reforms—such as charter schools, school closings, high-stakes testing—understand how these reforms were defined, and how they circulated through the entanglements of race and class. In the years since, we have seen the accelerated growth of social movements push back against this logic. The steady and grounded work of those fighting back neoliberal education reform has increased the visibility and critique of privatization, market-based reforms, and segregation; demonstrating the interlocking connections between racism and capitalism. We have also seen the election of Donald Trump to the office of U.S. President and the appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, signaling an intensified attack on public education (alongside other public infrastructures) and a return to "racism as we knew it." As neoliberal multicultural reforms that defined the Obama administration are rolled back, this new edition of What’s Race considers how we might sharpen our analysis concerning what we are working to defend and what we are working to transform. Each chapter author tracks the changes and continuities of recent years, revealing the ways in which market-driven education reforms work with and through race, and sharing grassroots stories of resistance to these reforms. We hope that this book will continue to provide readers with a guide to action that emboldens our struggles for justice.

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Thomas P. Crumpler and Lara J. Handsfield

Previous scholars have investigated aspects of the complexity of teacher identity and demonstrated the need to look beyond skills and generalized "best practices" to consider social processes and power relationships. However, few books focus on teacher identities at both the micro and macro levels. In this timely book, the authors argue that teacher identity awareness is crucial for both preservice and in-service teachers who desire deeper knowledge about the role of identities in effective instruction. The Complex Development of Preservice and Inservice Teacher Identities breaks new theoretical ground in understanding teacher identities by bringing a process drama lens to bear on development at the macro and micro levels. Process drama uses dramatic structures such as teacher in role, students in role, tableau and others to activate imaginations and explore interpretive possibilities. Through this lens Crumpler and Handsfield show how teacher identities are performed, reproduced, and how they may shift at the micro level—in everyday discourse and classroom practices—across a span of two years. Two years of data are analyzed using micro-ethnographic discourse analysis to demonstrate how teachers tactically position themselves to navigate current political discourses of accountability and standardization in both pre-service and in-service contexts. Understanding how identities are constructed, evolve, and shift moment-by-moment is essential for programs striving to prepare successful teachers and for schools providing meaningful professional development for in-service teachers.

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Inquiry in Tandem

Student and Teacher Learning in Secondary Schools

Christine D. Clayton and James F. Kilbane, Jr.

Inquiry in Tandem explores how engaging in teacher and student inquiry simultaneously impacts teacher practice and student learning in powerful ways.  With a focus on secondary schools and all content areas we encourage inquiry because it is good practice. Teachers and students are active doers and thinkers who ask questions, seek information, and develop thoughtful responses. This book presents a model of professional development that fosters this type of deep learning by teachers and students.

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Teach For All Counter-Narratives

International Perspectives on a Global Reform Movement

Edited by T. Jameson Brewer, Kathleen deMarrais and Kelly L. McFaden

Founded in 1989, Teach For America (TFA) has grown into a massive organization with a presence across the United States and expanded internationally to 46 countries. TFA’s international expansion through Teach For All (TFAll) coincides with a broader exportation of neoliberal education reform ideologies across the globe. As a follow up to Teach For America Counter-Narratives: Alumni Speak Up and Speak Out (Peter Lang, 2015), this text is the first to provide a glimpse into the first-hand experiences of those impacted by the colonizing nature of TFAll and the global education reform movement of privatization.

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Teilhabe braucht Rehabilitation

Blicke zurück in die Zukunft

Edited by Helga Seel

Die Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Rehabilitation e. V. (BAR) ist der Zusammenschluss der Rehabilitationsträger. Seit 1969 fördert sie im gegliederten Sozialleistungssystem die Teilhabe von Menschen mit Behinderungen. Die BAR koordiniert und unterstützt das Zusammenwirken der Reha-Träger, vermittelt Wissen und arbeitet mit an der Weiterentwicklung von Rehabilitation und Teilhabe. Ihre Mitglieder sind die Träger der Gesetzlichen Renten-, Kranken- und Unfallversicherung, die Bundesagentur für Arbeit, die Bundesländer, die Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Integrationsämter und Hauptfürsorgestellen, die Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der überörtlichen Träger der Sozialhilfe, die Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung sowie die Sozialpartner.

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Intern Teachers Using Currere

Discovering Education as a River


Leslie L. Palmer

Intern Teachers Using Currere: Discovering Education as a River is about a new way of grounding students in teacher preparation programs that allows them to access their previous experiences and concepts of education as the basis for developing their individual understandings of curriculum in the fullness of its meaning. Currere is shown as a remarkable process that can have a tremendously positive influence on a teacher’s developing identity, her understanding of lived curriculum, and her emerging recognition of pedagogy.

The metaphor of a river is used to open up the phenomenon of using Currere to understand curriculum through various sources that reveal relationships with language, dwelling, identity, and hermeneutic phenomenology. The initial themes that arise include moments, in-between spaces, abundance, resilience, and the flow of lived experience. Further conversation and interpretation reveal deeper pedagogical themes, including navigating unexpected experiences; the difficulties of finding authenticity in a mentor’s classroom; the constant state of being watched, observed, and evaluated; exploring the teacher-self; and discovering the curriculum and pedagogy of lived experience.

Based on these emergent themes, this book explores ways in which the lived experience of using Currere to understand curriculum has pedagogical implications for teacher practice and teacher preparation. It suggests that opportunities for intern teachers to use the Currere process can help them discover for themselves what it is to be a teacher; develop orientations of stewardship toward professional practice; deepen their understandings of curriculum in its abundance; and create a lived curriculum of pedagogical care in their classrooms for the children whom they have committed to serve.

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Constructing the (M)other

Narratives of Disability, Motherhood, and the Politics of «Normal»


Edited by Priya Lalvani

Constructing the (M)other is a collection of personal narratives about motherhood in the context of a society in which disability holds a stigmatized position. From multiple vantage points, these autoethnographies reveal how ableist beliefs about disability are institutionally upheld and reified. Collectively they seek to call attention to a patriarchal surveillance of mothering, challenge the trope of the good mother, and dismantle the constructed hierarchy of acceptable children. The stories contained in this volume are counter-narratives of resistance—they are the devices through which mothers push back. Rejecting notions of the otherness of their children, in these essays, mothers negotiate their identities and claim access to the category of normative motherhood. Readers are likely to experience dissonance, have their assumptions about disability challenged, and find their parameters of normalcy transformed.

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Disability and the University

A Disabled Students’ Manifesto

Edited by Christopher McMaster and Benjamin Whitburn

Disability and the University: A Disabled Students’ Manifesto is a guide to what students with disabilities need to know about attending university, as well as to the essentials universities should provide for these students. Each chapter presents a benchmark for students to follow as they travel through the institution, and lays clear what they should expect. Written by former students with disabilities who have traversed the terrain and experienced higher education, this book is not about disabled students, but instead is a manifesto, a call for change, a call to action. It is a guide book, blueprint, and tool for both students and universities.

Disability and the University is divided into four parts, each examining crucial aspects of higher education, including the culture of the academy, movement beyond the limits of compliance, access to and in the institution, and disability rights. Each chapter is a statement of what every institution of higher education should provide for disabled students.

While every country has its own practice and laws based on its own experience, arbitrary national boundaries should no longer be a reason for practices that do not meet student needs. Disability and the University speaks across borders, and leaves no doubt about what needs to be done to develop more inclusive teaching and learning spaces.

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Kinder mit Behinderungen in der Volksschule des 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhunderts

Historische Modelle der Integration und ihre zeitgenössische Diskussion


Ulrich Schwerdt

Das gemeinsame Lernen von Kindern mit und ohne Behinderungen in der Regelschule erscheint in den aktuellen Diskussionen um die Inklusion vielfach als etwas gänzlich Neues. Befürworter wie Skeptiker nehmen den von der UN-Behindertenrechtskonvention angestoßenen Bruch mit der überkommenen Organisationsform von getrennten Regel- und Förderschulen je nach Standort als Ausweis einer besonders fortschrittlichen oder fragwürdigen Neuausrichtung des Schulsystems wahr. Dass es bereits im 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhundert Versuche gab, Kinder mit besonderen Förderbedürfnissen in die allgemeine Volksschule zu integrieren, ist dagegen fast unbekannt.

Die vorliegende Studie stellt ausgewählte historische Konzepte des Gemeinsamen Lernens in ihrem historischen Entstehungszusammenhang dar und zeichnet die außerordentlich kontroversen zeitgenössischen Debatten nach, die um diese Ansätze geführt wurden. Darüber hinaus fragt sie nach den Ursachen ihres Scheiterns.