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Herbert E. Craig

This book examines in detail the numerous translations and revisions to these two essential languages of one of the outstanding works of French and world literature. Although the Spanish poet Pedro Salinas completed the first translation in the world of Proust’s first two volumes (1920, 1922), it was C. K. Scott Moncrieff of England who was largely responsible for the first complete translation of the Recherche (1922-1931). Since then there have been many partial translations of Proust’s seven volumes, as well as one new complete translation for English and three for Spanish since 2000. Through comparison of first the English versions and then the Spanish versions of each important segment of the Recherche, the author attempts to determine which translation or revision is the best for each one. Factors included the addition or omission of elements, mistakes in the translation of words, phases or levels and the importance given to equivalency or fluency.
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Edited by Stephanie G. Schartel Dunn and Gwendelyn S. Nisbett

Narratives and storytelling are how we create shared meaning and experience the world with others. Implications of narrative are vast and apply to many disciplines. The persuasive function of narrative can be seen in marketing, advertising, strategic social media, and public relations whose practitioners are using narrative based strategies to deeply engage audiences.

This interdisciplinary volume seeks to explore the range of applications and implications of using persuasive narrative and storytelling. Persuasive strategies include the use of influencers, celebrities, virtual reality, interactive games, and content marketing (among others). The authors explore the impact of the innovative strategies that persuaders are using to capture attention and actively engage audiences.

Through a variety of theoretical, qualitative, and quantitative approaches, this book focuses on the application and outcomes of narrative strategy. Ultimately we see this collection as a way to inspire narrative research into new directions and applications in media, marketing, public relations, advertising, and strategic communication fields.

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The Marianne Williamson Presidential Phenomenon

Cultural (R)Evolution in a Dangerous Time

R. Michael Fisher

The most important national election in U.S. history is underway. Marianne Williamson stepped-up to show she is confident to be president of the United States in 2020. She had to step down. Many people are supportive of her provocative healing vision for American, and that fan and voter-base is growing. She may run again in 2024. However, many are puzzled by her and many are critics on the Left and Right and in between. The book is a thorough case study of Williamson’s speeches, writings, and interviews. lt documents and analyzes the thoughts and feelings of her supporters and critics based on what they have written, performed, and published. It records history while it is being made. The author offers support and criticism of how Williamson’s leadership and her team could have done things different so as to be more successful in the presidential campaign. The big idea throughout the book is to emphasize, as does Williamson’s teaching, that spirituality and politics ought never be separated completely (as religion and the State), if we truly desire more than mere reforms of society, but desire a transformation to a truly better and more liberated world. The book highlights productive guideposts for Williamson and other leaders like Williamson in future campaigns. It offers Americans, and others, a view of "what happened" in 2019-20 that made Williamson an outstanding phenomenon. Students, scholars, journalists, politicians, and the general public interested in the improvement of politics will want to study this book.

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Platωn’s Reality, Baudrillard’s Nostalgia

The Oὐσία, the ’Pataphysical Atopos, and Postmodern Made Spaces

Anastasia Nicéphore

Platωn establishes the principle that literature should cut through the notion of an ideal truth rather than be used as a vehicle for subjective visions and aesthetic tropes by those claiming to be ‘artists.’ To engage with this centrality of human consciousness means to integrate a single source of origin: a Platωnic "οὐσία." Contemporary hermeneutics draw upon perceptions that the origin is elliptic in postmodern and continental philosophical trains of thought. Moreover, much obscurity arises from Platωn’s own insistence on over-emphasis, and what some philosophers and philologists would consider ‘taut tautology’—which leaves vast amounts of passages in Pre-Socratic manuscripts and Platωnic dialogues open to speculation and subjectivity. Philosophical debates center on the incapability of pinpointing truth, the real, or some definitive and/or tangible self-referential core within an age of pluralism and uncertainty. For this reason, students and scholars in literary theory and postmodern philosophy can gain much from clarifying these ubiquitous areas.Through comparative constructs, the nature of the novel, its evolution over time and inclusion of postmodernist technologies, cyber-capitalism, and accompanying symbols, bring us to question the real and human exigency. Could it be that "unlimited experimentation," a kind of ’pataphysical atopos within and upon a text warrants an aesthetic surface that construes a morally heinous environment? Jean Baudrillard probes this concept by vivifying that a lack of substance—an "exponential instability"—is invariably transmuting into an altogether absent entity. Within this displacement, this book juxtaposes Platωnic exegesis of the real—the "οὐσία"—and Baudrillardian aporia into current modes of reality for a body politic in acceleration.

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Cyril Aigbadon Odia

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Learning to Disclose

A Journey of Transracial Adoption

Joni Schwartz and Rebecca Schwartz

Joni and Rebecca Schwartz in their collaborative autoethnography, Learning to Disclose: A Journey of Transracial Adoption, are doing soul work. This adult white mother and black daughter reflect and dialogue around the places and histories that shaped their relationship. Through three voices: the voice of critical history, the daughter and the mother, the co-authors excavate the past to see if and how it lives in their present. In an intriguing mix of critical history of places like Port-au-Prince and Gulu, Uganda as well as lesser-known narratives of W.E.B. Dubois, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and Shirley Chisholm, the co-authors tell their own personal and moving stories of becoming mother and daughter engaging such topics as racial identity, disclosure, racial appropriation, colonialism, and the complex history of transracial adoption.

For anyone interested in racial identity in the complex world of blended families and adult mother and daughter relationships, this is a must read. This book is ideal for all humanities courses across disciplines from sociology, education, qualitative research, and social work to race and communication studies. In this era of strained and confusing racial dialogue, this book is refreshing in its honesty, moving it its personal narratives, and instructive in its engagement in how the historical lives in the social imagination of our present lives and relationships.

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Martin Luther and Women

Theology and Lived Experience

Laura Jurgens

This book argues that Martin Luther did not enforce his own strict theological convictions about women and their nature when he personally corresponded with women throughout his daily life. This becomes clear with Luther’s interactions with female family members and Reformation women. With these encounters, he did not maintain his theological attitudes and made exceptions to his own theology for such influential women. Luther also did not enforce his theology throughout his pastoral care where he treated both men and women respectfully and equally. His pastoral work shows that he allowed his compassion and empathy to win over his own strict theological convictions about women. It is important to remember that Luther not only wrote about women in the abstract, but also lived both his public and private life among women. However, there have been no comprehensive studies that have examined his theological writings about women and personal encounters with women. For this reason, fundamental aspects of Luther have remained in the dark. As actions speak louder than words, scholars need to include the practical, as well as the theoretical when analyzing his attitudes towards women. This book not only contributes to a more nuanced understanding of Luther’s theological views on women, but also how those views compare to his actual social encounters with women. This work highlights the necessity to explore Luther’s personal encounters with women, as well as his theology when trying to provide an authentic assessment of the reformer’s attitudes towards women.

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Policing Black Athletes

Racial Disconnect in Sports


Vernon L. Andrews

"Why isn't sport played the way it used to be played, when football was for men who loved America, who saluted the flag, and who respected our men in blue and our troops by standing—and not kneeling—for our National Anthem!" This sentiment permeates American football today, and represents the feelings of many fans who can appreciate their Black heroes, but find the issue of "Blackness" via the two extremes of celebratory expression and protest, regressive. "This should be about sport, not politics," many feel. I concur. I wish the sporting arena didn't have to be the last battlefield for Civil Rights. But here we are.  This book explores how conflicts over diversity, culture, inclusion, exclusion, protest and control have been played out over the twentieth century in various sports and institutions, and what lessons we can learn from our overlapping—though at times, separate—cultural histories of Black and White. This book is about how we learn to act when out in public...and when playing sport. Infused in this discussion is the ever-present policing of Black bodies in sport and society, and the disconnect we have as citizens living in the same country perpetually divided by race.

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Documentary in Wales

Cultures and Practices

Edited by Dafydd Sills-Jones and Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones

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Insane Run

Railroad and Dark Modernity


Wojciech Tomasik

This is a book about impending catastrophe. The metaphorical insane “run“ ends with the outbreak of the First World War. The book focuses on European culture of the late nineteenth century and the Polish contribution to it. The word “dark“ used to describe modernity is understood as a metaphor of gradual and permanent devaluation of the idea of progress, as a fading hope for the future of Europe as bright, predictable, prosperous, and safe. The “darkening“ also receives a literal sense. At the end of the nineteenth century, darkness found its way back to the public space – in the theaters, panoramas, dioramas, and “love tunnels“, which awaited the visitors of American and European amusement parks.