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Edited by Fang Cai and Juwei Zhang

El problema actual de distribución de ingresos de China tiene la universalidad presentada en el proceso del rápido desarrollo de los países de economía de mercado, también cuenta con la especialidad causada de los mecanismos institucionales chinos. Observar y comprender este problema requiere no solo comenzar con las leyes generales del desarrollo de la economía de mercado, sino también aún más con los sistemas y mecanismos especiales de China.En base de esto, el libro ha abordado los temas como la presentación y la esencia de la distribución del problema de ingresos de China, la brecha de ingresos y el riesgo de la trampa de ingresos medios, los niveles salariales y la proporción de compensación laboral, así como los cambios en el mercado laboral, impacto de la reforma fiscal y la seguridad social en la distribución del ingreso.
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Navigating the Toggled Term

A Guide for K-12 Classroom and School Leaders

Matthew Rhoads

Online learning, blended learning, socially distanced classrooms, educational technology, safety protocols, instructional models, organizational logistics, and educator burnout are all realities presented by the toggled term. Navigating the Toggled Term: A Guide for K-12 Classroom and School Leaders sets the stage not only for the present but also well into the future to help K-12 classroom and school leaders navigate online learning, blended learning, integrating educational technology tools with effective research-based instructional strategies, and moving between various educational settings at the instructional and organizational level. This book provides experienced and novice classroom teachers and school leaders with best practice instructional and organizational frameworks integrated with mainstream educational technology tools to navigate the challenges of teaching students of all ages in an ever-changing world. Beyond the major instructional and organizational frameworks, this book touches on differentiating instruction for all learners, communicating to students and families within digital environments, and provides strategies for educator self-care. Last, this book includes teacher and school leader voice in the form of twelve narrative case studies of practicing educators that align with each chapter’s theme to show the strategies and frameworks in motion for readers.
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Purchase, Power and Persuasion

Essays on Political Philosophy

Gary James Jason

In Purchase, Power and Persuasion: Essays on Political Philosophy, Gary James Jason brings together his articles on political and economic philosopher between 2004 and 2018. These articles touch on issues surrounding two contrasting political systems: a complete totalitarian system—the paradigm case of which was Nazi Germany—versus a classical liberal system.

In Part One of the anthology, the essay topics include the breadth of the Nazi Regime’s propaganda machine, and as well as the nature and ethics of propaganda. In Part Two, the essay topics include the nature and variety of genocides, as well as how the Nazi Regime bought the support of the German citizens, and whether National Socialism was indeed a form of socialism. In Part Three, the essay topics include: what ‘classical liberalism’ means; common myths about the nature of capitalism; the nature of ‘happiness economics’; the basic ideas of Public Choice economics; Adam Smith’s life and work; the legitimacy of secession in America today; and how the American economy compares to European ones. In Part Four, the topics include the ethics of a nation restricting the emigration of trained professionals, Gary Becker’s proposals for immigration reform, and my own proposals for immigration reform. Finally, in Part Five, the topics include business ethics; the nature of American charity today; the economic contributions of Smith, Marx, and Keynes; the spread and value of liberal think-tanks; and the anti-Malthusian economics of Julian Simon.

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Rethinking the Academy

Beyond Eurocentrism in Higher Education

Augie Fleras

Universities and colleges like to self-idealize as relatively neutral and value-free sites of higher learning. In reality, the idea of the Westernized academy is deeply embedded in a Eurocentric logic that not only excludes alternative forms of knowledge and knowing, but also remains racialized, gendered, and sited in coloniality with respect to governance, scholarship, and entitlements. Efforts to address this gap between the ideal and reality have tended toward diversifying the academy through multicultural initiatives in diversity, inclusion, and equity. However helpful as a first step, these interventions are insufficient in generating the kind of substantive changes that would abort the academy’s crisis of legitimacy. Moves to decolonize, ungender, and deracialize the academy will require a commitment to the transformative principles of inclusivity, including a focus on those root causes associated with structural barriers and systemic biases. It remains to be seen if the academia can rise to the challenge of deEurocentrizing the idea of the academy along postEurocentric lines, while engaging the emergent demands and evolving realities of a postmulticultural world.
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Xiaokun Wang and Wenjing Zhang

As the most important ancient cultural relics in prehistory, rock painting has become a direct basis for the reproduction of human history and ideological process. Since the late 1970s, Yinshan rock paintings have been found in large quantities. In this study of Yinshan Rock Paintings, 2842 rock paintings, which can be used as research materials in the Yinshan area, are collected, sorted and classified systematically and the distribution characteristics of rock paintings in each area and the distribution and change rules of main rock painting types are summarized, and the staged study and age exploration are attempted. At the same time, this book places Yinshan Rock Paintings into the overall framework of Chinese rock paintings for analysis, so that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the overall characteristics and status of Yinshan Rock Paintings, and on this basis, preliminarily establish the basic framework of Yinshan Rock Painting type distribution and chronological sequence.

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“We Are Not Scared to Die”

Julius Malema and the New Movement for African Liberation

Tiffany Thames Copeland

Twenty-five years have elapsed since apartheid’s end and South Africa is in a state of emergency. The Black majority are landless and without basic amenities. According to a World Bank report, inequality has increased since apartheid’s end. The charismatic Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema says, “the time for reconciliation is over, now is the time for justice,” and he has captivated the minds of South African youth. The EFF was the only top political party to increase its voter base in the 2019 South African general elections, and its core voters were young people, restless for change. The EFF is a protest movement, representative of an international trend among the youth, who are using social media to protest. The EFF’s pillars have emerged from a clarion call among the youth for their liberation. Malema says the EFF is the “true inheritor of the ANC’s radical agenda,” as he vows to fight corruption in South Africa, striking fear in the hearts of the white monopoly capitalists and their conspirators. In addition, Malema’s agitational rhetoric is investigated in the first rhetorical study on his discourse, and the results are fascinating. At its core, this struggle among the generations, is for the future direction of South Africa. So, the South African youth are singing struggle songs and toyi-toying, wearing red berets, attentively listening to their command team, holding up their election manifesto called a gun, and are equipped now for the legislative battles for economic freedom in their lifetime.
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Affective Landscapes

Representations of Terrorism and Violence by Basque Female Authors

Cristina Ortiz Ceberio and María Pilar Rodríguez

Affective Landscapes: Representation of Terrorism and Violence by Basque Female Authors draws from contemporary social and cultural theory of affect to analyze the Basque Country’s political violence since the birth of the terrorist organization E.T.A. The study focuses on how this violence has been represented in contemporary works of literature and cinema authored by women and examines the alternative means these authors use to examine political violence from a gendered perspective. The artistic works analyzed in this volume highlight the connection between violence and the production of specific affective states; these authors’ stories illustrate the pernicious effects that violence has for human relationality and social bonds. As such, the study provides new readings of seminal works authored by Basque women during this period of violence and, in doing so, it renders a much-needed contribution to the place that their artistic productions have in providing a novel understanding of the Basque political reality. The study presents a groundbreaking analysis to understand the centrality of affect as a unique prism to approach violent contexts, to present different affirmations of the "political," and to bring to light social dynamics otherwise unnoticed.

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Alex JR Quintanilla

Este libro ofrece una introducción a la diversidad lingüística del mundo hispano. Viajamos de manera virtual desde España a América para conocer los principales rasgos lingüísticos de cada región y país. En cada capítulo, el lector puede aprender sobre la pronunciación, la gramática, algunas palabras típicas y todo lo que hace, lingüísticamente hablando, diferente a cada país hispano. Generalmente, el español se ve como una sola entidad, destacándose mayormente el español de España, y olvidándose de la enorme riqueza lingüística que ofrece cada país y región hispana. Asimismo, en este libro introducimos algunos términos básicos del estudio de la variación lingüística, la dialectología y la sociolingüística.

Además de la parte teórica, este libro incluye una variedad de ejercicios prácticos e información sobre recursos adicionales disponibles en la red. Está escrito en un español apropiado para hablantes de español intermedio alto, avanzado o superior (idealmente de tercer año de carrera en EE. UU) y para aquellos con o sin conocimientos previos de lingüística.Este libro es el perfecto compañero de viaje a España o cualquier país de Hispanoamérica.

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Les années 1910

Arts décoratifs, mode, design


Edited by Jérémie Cerman

Coincés entre le tournant du xxe siècle, qui voit encore s’épanouir les diverses expressions de l’Art nouveau, et l’entre-deux-guerres, que l’on associe à l’Art déco, les développements des arts appliqués dans les années 1910 paraissent quelque peu délaissés par l’historiographie. Pourtant, depuis la présence des créateurs allemands au Salon d’Automne de 1910 jusqu’à la fondation du Bauhaus à Weimar en 1919, en passant par les commandes que passe déjà le couturier Jacques Doucet à différents décorateurs, bien des événements rappellent la place cruciale qu’occupe cette décennie dans l’histoire des arts décoratifs, de la mode et du design.

Cet ouvrage rassemble vingt-deux textes, issus pour la plupart des communications délivrées lors d’un colloque international organisé en 2016 au Centre André Chastel et au Mobilier national. Ces contributions permettent de reconsidérer la production décorative et usuelle des années 1910 à l’aune des recherches récentes. Elles reviennent sur les débats qui sous-tendent la production étudiée, considèrent l’importance prise par la mode dans la genèse de ce qui prendra a posteriori le nom d’Art déco, réévaluent les années de guerre en tant que période de gestation de productions futures et explorent la diversité des parcours artistiques, tout en inscrivant la réflexion dans une dimension internationale (France, Belgique, États-Unis, Grande-Bretagne, Italie, Allemagne, Autriche, Pologne, Croatie).

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Literacy Heroines

Women and the Written Word


Alice S. Horning

Literacy Heroines is about twelve amazing women who lived and worked in the period 1880-1930 who used their literacy abilities to address major issues in the country in those years, including some we still face today: racism, sexism, voting rights, educational and economic inequality, health disparities and others. They used their exemplary literacy skills to teach, to bring issues to light, to right wrongs, to publish books, articles, pamphlets and other materials to reach their goals. They benefited from focused help in the form of sponsorship from others and provided sponsorship in many forms to others to foster literacy in people young and old. They stand as Literacy Heroines, working in a variety of roles, using their literacy abilities in heroic efforts to serve as respected exemplars and sponsors of literacy for others. They used their grit and willingness to stand up for their principles, took small steps, worked collaboratively, hospitably inviting people to literacy. Ultimately, it should be clear that in one way or another, the Heroines were addressing the many forms of inequality in American society; their lives and work show that literacy is thus a key tool in the struggle for social justice, then and now. Suitable for courses in the history of literacy or writing studies, history of feminism, history of education and related areas.