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KakaoTalk and Facebook

Korean American Youth Constructing Hybrid Identities


Jiwoo Park and Dafna Lemish

KakaoTalk and Facebook: Korean American Youth Constructing Hybrid Identities explores the role smartphones play in the lives of Korean American youth as they explore their identities and navigate between fitting into their host society and their Korean heritage. Employing multiple methodologies, this book gives voice to the youth’s personal experiences, identity struggles, and creative digital media practices. While similar in many aspects to other American youth, they also differ greatly in the central roles that their smartphones’ use plays in maintaining their mastery of the Korean language, connecting to Korean pop culture, and cultivating their social networks with other co-ethnic peers and homeland relatives and friends. The results of this study challenge traditional assumptions about assimilation of second generation immigrants into a host society and suggest that digital technologies facilitate the process of segmented assimilation, according to which ethnic identities continue to play a central role in the identity of children of immigrants. KakaoTalk and Facebook will be of great interest to scholars and educators of media and youth and those exploring how digital media have changed the nature of immigration processes in dramatic ways.

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Edited by Andreas Bihrer

Schon die Zeitgenossen zählten die ›Vision des Mönchs von Eynsham‹, die einem Benediktinermönch eines englischen Klosters 1196 offenbart wurde, zu den bedeutendsten Jenseitsreisen des Mittelalters. Bald nach der Aufzeichnung des Visionsberichts um 1200 begannen mehrere Bearbeiter und Übersetzer in Westeuropa, die Offenbarung den Erfordernissen ihrer Zeit und ihrer Region sowie ihrem sozialen und geistigen Milieu anzupassen. Die Edition erschließt eine Redaktion des 14. Jahrhunderts, die im Umfeld der monastischen Reformbewegung des Spätmittelalters und dabei insbesondere im Kontext der deutschen Kartausen zu verorten ist. Die Einleitung klärt die Überlieferungszusammenhänge und das Verhältnis der unterschiedlichen hoch- und spätmittelalterlichen Fassungen und Übersetzungen dieser Vision.

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Die Vorversichereranfrage

Wirtschaftliche Bedeutung und kartellrechtliche Bewertung


Sarah Vogel

Bei einer Vorversichereranfrage handelt es sich um einen Informationsaustausch zwischen Versicherern und damit zwischen Wettbewerbern. Vorversichereranfragen finden insbesondere statt, wenn ein Versicherungsnehmer einen Wechsel zu einem anderen Versicherer anstrebt. Die im Rahmen der Anfrage erhaltenen Angaben legt der neue Versicherer seinem Vertragsangebot gegenüber dem betreffenden Versicherungsnehmer und seiner Prämienberechnung zu Grunde. Die Autorin untersucht die wirtschaftlichen Hintergründe dieses Informationsaustauschs sowie seine kartellrechtliche Zulässigkeit. Dabei geht sie insbesondere auf die im Rahmen von Art. 101 Abs. 1 AEUV geltenden Maßstäbe für die kartellrechtliche Zulässigkeit eines Informationsaustauschs ein.

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Edited by Rafel Ravina, Luis Bayardo Tobar Pesántez and José Marchena Dominguez

The mystery of happiness has occupied human beings from ancient times until the present day. Philosophers, economists, historians, artists, and psychologists have offered different definitions of what happiness is and how to measure and develop it in various fields.

In this regard, the group of researchers from six countries: Spain, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom, Brazil and Equador, present their fourth joint work in this new book titled »Happiness Management: A Lighthouse for Social Wellbeing, Creativity and Sustainability«, which contains twelve contibutions about different knowledge areas, all based on the approach to happiness.

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Hip-Hop Education

Innovation, Inspiration, Elevation

Edited by Edmund Adjapong and Chris Emdin

Hip-Hop Education is a sociopolitical movement that utilizes both online and offline platforms to advance the utility of hip-hop as a theoretical framework and practical approach to teaching and learning. The movement is aimed at disrupting the oppressive structures of schools and schooling for marginalized youth through a reframing of hip-hop in the public sphere, and the advancement of the educative dimensions of the hip-hop culture. Hip-Hop Education’s academic roots include, but are not limited to the fields of education, sociology, anthropology and cultural studies and it draws its most distinct connections to the field of hip-hop studies; which is in many ways, is the stem from which this branch of study has grown and established itself. Authors and academics who brought hip-hop into fields like African American studies, philosophy, and the general public writ large, provided in depth studies of a wide range of topics that range from feminism to race and racism. Hip-Hop Education: Innovation, Inspiration, Elevation will be the first of its kind in educational praxis. The series will be composed of books by artists, scholars, teachers, and community participants. The series will publish global authors who are experts in the fields of Hip-Hop, Education, Black Studies, Black Popular Culture, Community Studies, Activism, Music, and Curriculum.

Hip-Hop Education is explicit about its focus on the science and art of teaching and learning. This series argues that Hip-hop embodies the awareness, creativity and innovation that are at the core of any true education. Furthermore, its work brings visibility to the powerful yet silenced narratives of achievement and academic ability among the hip-hop generation; reflecting the brilliance, resilience, ingenuity and intellectual ability of those who are embedded in hip-hop culture but also not necessarily academics in the conventional sense.

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Youth Culture Power

A #HipHopEd Guide to Building Teacher-Student Relationships and Increasing Student Engagement


Jason D. Rawls and John Robinson

In our schools, hip-hop culture is the dominant culture among the students. In Youth Culture Power: A #HipHopEd Guide to Building Teacher-Student Relationships and Increasing Student Engagement, Jason D. Rawls and John Robinson, educators and hip-hop artists with experience in the urban classrooms, focus their efforts through Hip-Hop Based Education (HHBE). They argue that hip-hop culture could be useful in building relationships and building student engagement.

The approach to achieve this is Youth Culture Pedagogy (YCP). YCP is based in a foundation of reality pedagogy (Emdin, 2014), culturally responsive pedagogy (Ladson-Billings, 1995), and HHBE (Hill, 2009; Petchauer, 2009). In this volume, the authors lay the groundwork for YCP and how they envision its use within the classroom.

In Youth Culture Power, the authors put forth their C.A.R.E. Model of youth pedagogy to help teachers create a positive learning environment by building relationships and lessons around students’ own culture. Instead of forcing students to give up the things they frequent, Rawls and Robinson feel teachers should discuss them and when possible, use them in lessons. The purpose of this book is to present a fresh take on why educators should not discount the culture of youth within the classroom.

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Bernard Vargaftig

Gestures toward the Sacred


Aaron Prevots

The French poet Bernard Vargaftig (1934–2012), first known in 1960s literary circles as a writer mentored by Aragon, published regularly and served on the editorial boards of Action poétique and Europe. His poetry foregrounds identity and alterity, eros and notions of self, an immediate present and an onrushing past. This book examines Vargaftig’s evolution and aims. It explores his postwar search for self-acceptance, ontological rootedness and shared forward paths. Using close readings of his poetry and prose, complemented by his comments in interviews, the book particularly considers his emphasis on the sacredness of words. His spiritual yearnings, as well as a need to heal due to lingering trauma from wartime hiding, are shown to underlie his focus on allusive imagery, recurring motifs and compact structures, where silence and sound interweave. Comparative analyses are used to show how his enthusiasm for the female Other attunes us to interpersonal bonds and to the outer world’s creative surge. The study of Vargaftig through the lens of gestures toward the sacred thus highlights poetry as a healing ritual, one that facilitates not only immersion in emotion and sensation, but also a continual process of renewal and self-discovery.

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The Enigmatic Tsar and His Empire

Russia under Alexander I. 1801–1825


Edited by Jan Kusber, Alexander Kaplunovskiy and Benjamin Conrad

In many ways Russia under Alexander I was an epoch of exploration and revision of empire and state-building. The authors of this volume explore the Alexandrine-era Russia not from the traditional vantage point of the emperor and his inner circle but from the point of view of experts and elites. These «men on the spot» drafted «maps» of the empire and its collective subjects and constructed social, political, and economic imaginaries of the empire. All these revisions and projects did not necessarily lead to an immediate and consistent (re)organization of the political, social, and cultural structures of imperial space. The Alexandrine Russia may be interpreted much more as a «laboratory» in which different potential scenarios for modernization were designed, discussed, and tested—but also rejected and forgotten.

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Nadine Bieker

Der Anfang und das Ende geben einer jeden Erzählung einen Rahmen. Bisher ist jedoch nur unzureichend untersucht worden, wie sich der Anfang, das Ende sowie deren Zusammenhang gestalten. Durch eine strukturalistische Zugangsweise zum Text zeigt der Band je eigene Modelle für die Analyse des Anfangs und des Endes. Eine Übersicht zeigt zudem, wie der Residualtext vom Anfang zum Ende überleiten kann. Der Adoleszenzroman eignet sich als konventionalisierte Kommunikationsform als Grundlage für die Konzeption der Modelle, da durch diese Wahl die Modelle nicht verzerrt werden. Gleichzeitig bahnt diese Subgattung durch ihre sowohl jugend- als auch allgemeinliterarischen Anteile der Übertragbarkeit der Modelle auf andere Gattungen einen Weg.

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Die europäische Regulierung audiovisueller Mediendienste

Kohärenz des materiellen Anwendungsbereichs der AVMD-Richtlinie für hybride Onlineangebote vor dem Hintergrund der Medienkonvergenz


Sarah Hartmann

Die europäische AVMD-Richtlinie, die auch die deutsche Medienregulierung determiniert, befindet sich seit 2016 in einem Reformprozess. Insbesondere der materielle Anwendungsbereich der Richtlinie wird dem Anspruch einer rechtssicheren Unterscheidung zwischen regulierungsbedürftigen und nicht-regulierungsbedürftigen Diensten nicht gerecht. Auch mit der Neugestaltung der Richtlinie werden die Herausforderungen der Medienkonvergenz nicht angemessen bewältigt. Ausgehend von diesen Defiziten konzipiert die Autorin eine alternative Ausgestaltung des materiellen Anwendungsbereiches, die auf rechtsvergleichende Erkenntnisse der Medienregulierung in Großbritannien, Australien, Neuseeland und Deutschland zurückgreift und maßgeblich an die Meinungsbildungsrelevanz der Angebote anknüpft.