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Kontinuität oder Diskontinuität?

Das westfälische Anwaltsnotariat 1945-1961


Fabian Spreier

Der Neuanfang der westdeutschen Justiz nach 1945 war tatsächlich vor allem ein Wiederaufbau. Doch hatte die Rechtspflege damit nicht schon eine »zweite Schuld« auf sich geladen, ehe sie sich nach demokratischen Maßstäben bewähren konnte? Am Beispiel des westfälischen Anwaltsnotariats beleuchtet das Buch den Übergangsprozess von der NS-Diktatur zur Bundesrepublik zwischen Kontinuität und Diskontinuität und geht so dem komplexen Problem unter einer veränderten Perspektive nach. Die Biographien aller 515 Notare, die in den ersten Nachkriegsjahren im Oberlandesgerichtsbezirk Hamm (wieder)ernannt wurden, hat Fabian Spreier vor diesem Hintergrund ebenso untersucht, wie Veränderungen in berufsständischen Organisationen oder Entwicklungen im Berufsrecht der Anwälte und Notare.

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Alldeutsche in den USA

Die New Yorker Ortsgruppe im frühen 20. Jahrhundert


Markus Bierkoch

Die Ortsgruppe New York des «Alldeutschen Verbandes» war ein Sammelbecken deutschamerikanischer Immigranten mit mehrheitlich völkischer Weltanschauung in den Jahren vor und während des Ersten Weltkrieges. Sie fällt durch eine rege Agitation und ausgeprägte Vernetzung mit Akteuren des ideologischen Milieus über die USA hinaus auf. Durch die Verknüpfung von sozial- und ideologiegeschichtlichen Methoden leistet die Untersuchung sowohl zur Migrationsforschung als auch zur Ideengeschichte einen informativen Beitrag. Nicht zuletzt veranschaulicht die Studie den Transfer völkischen Gedankenguts in die USA und schließt an jüngere transnationale Untersuchungen an, die globale Austauschprozesse zwischen rassistischen Gesinnungen und das Verhältnis von Ethnizität und Nationalismus in den Blick nehmen.

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The Great Irish Famine and Social Class

Conflicts, Responsibilities, Representations


Edited by Marguerite Corporaal and Peter Gray

The sesquicentenary of the Great Irish Famine saw the emergence of seminal, often revisionist, scholarship addressing the impact of the catastrophe on Ireland’s economy (including its relations with Britain) and investigating topics such as the suffering of the rural classes, landlord and tenant relations, Poor Laws and relief operations. The Great Irish Famine and Social Class represents a significant new stage in Irish Famine scholarship, adopting a broader interdisciplinary approach that includes ground-breaking demographical, economic, cultural and literary research on poverty, poor relief and class relations during one of Europe’s most devastating food crises. The volume incorporates a comparative European framework, as well as exploring the issue of class in relation to the British and North American Famine diaspora.

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Clientelistic Warfare

Paramilitaries and the State in Colombia (1982–2007)


Francisco Gutierrez Sanin

Clientelistic Warfare analyzes the relationship between Colombian paramilitaries and the State in the period 1982–2007. Despite the attention that the paramilitaries demand, due to both the magnitude of their crimes and their specifi cities, understanding the nature of this interaction has proven to be complex. They were not a homogeneous, hierarchical force, but a protean network of highly localistic coalitions and units. Based on new and extensive empirical evidence, this book shows that even in diverse circumstances there was a set of basic mechanisms that established a link between the State and paramilitary factions, which marked the trajectory of the latter. These mechanisms, in turn, were permanently mediated by political institutions and the highly clientelistic Colombian polity. Therefore, without a close reading of the Colombian clientelistic politics and statehood, it is not possible to understand the interaction between the two entities.

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Democratic Transition and Consolidation in Romania

Civic engagement and elite behavior after 1989

Dragoş Dragoman

Democratic transition is a very complex phenomenon. It relies on the outcome of the political competition between key actors during its initial stages, as well as on economic, social, and structural constraints inherited from the previous authoritarian regime. The book compares both series of factors by focusing on citizens’ democratic engagement and on political elites’ behavior. Despite a strong path-dependency to the previous authoritarian structures and low levels of initial democratic resources, citizens made proof of remarkable willingness to support democracy. By street protests, they even pressured political populist elites in power to abandon radical undemocratic regime changes. Romania managed therefore to maintain its European course and to avoid serious democratic backsliding.

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Konrad Wink

Der Autor untersucht, inwieweit die Medizin der revolutionären oder evolutionären Theorie folgt. Der Wissenschaftstheoretiker Thomas Kuhn ging in seiner Abhandlung „Die Struktur wissenschaftlicher Revolutionen" (1962) davon aus, dass die Wissenschaft sich revolutionär entwickelt und prägte die Ausdrücke Paradigma und Paradigmenwandel (Normalwissenschaft – neue Erkenntnisse – Theorien – Revolution –Paradigmenwandel). Als Paradebeispiel für einen revolutionären Wandel gab er den Übergang vom ptolemäischen zum kopernikanischen Weltbild, die Darwin’sche Evolutionstheorie und die Gravitationstheorie Isaak Newtons und Albert Einsteins an. Kuhn steht mit seiner Entwicklungstheorie im Gegensatz zur klassischen, kumultativen, evolutionären Entwicklung.

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Church and Synagogue (30-313 AD)

Parting of the Ways


Mariusz Rosik

The separation of Church from Synagogue was not a one-time act, but a long-lasting, multilayered, and diversified process. The attempt to explain this process, namely the process of parting of the ways between Judaism and Christianity in the years 30–313 AD, constitutes the main research subject of this publication. The aim of this study is the presentation of the dynamism of Christian–Jewish relations in the first three centuries of the existence of the Church, taking into account mainly historical and theological (but not the only) factors which influenced these relations and finally led to the creation of two separate religions. The two religions existing side by side were in many aspects connected with each other mostly because both originated from biblical Judaism.

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Elena Flor

Keynes’s proposal in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference to found the new international monetary system on a world currency (the "bancor") was rejected and the dollar – convertible into gold – was put at the center of the system.

In 1968 the IMF created its own "unit of account" – the SDR – based on a basket of national currencies and, in 1971, president Nixon announced the end of dollar convertibility to gold.

In 2008 the financial crisis erupted and in 2016 the renminbi was included in the SDR basket: a new international multi-currency reserve system is emerging.

This work offers a synthetic but comprehensive view of the international monetary system’s evolution from an original perspective: the process for reinforcing and stabilizing it through the gradual introduction of a world currency (notably, the SDR).

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Meaningful reform in the Western Balkans

Between formal institutions and informal practices


Edited by Eric Gordy and Adnan Efendic

This book contains collection of articles which provide policy implications related to the problem of achieving substantive reform on the basis of harmonising legislation in Western Balkan (WB) countries with the standards of the European Union (EU). While WB states have generally been successful in adopting legal reforms that make up a part of EU conditionality, many laws remain unenforced, amounting to "empty shells." In the space between law, as it is written, and practices as they are engaged in everyday life, exists a gap, characterized by informality, clientelism, and exchange often based on strong tie relationships. Some instances of informality undermine the goal of establishing rule law and contribute to corruption. Others offer valuable solutions to persistent social problems or represent traditional vehicles of social cohesion that should be promoted. The recommendations in this book seek to address both constructive and damaging instances of informality, and to identify policy measures that can help to harmonise not only legislation, but existing informal practices on the ground.

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Aider les Acadiens ?

Bienfaisance et déportation 1755-1776. Préface de Martin Pâquet


Adeline Vasquez

Pourquoi accueillir des réfugiés en période de guerre ? Cette question si contemporaine s’est posée dès le XVIIIe siècle aux administrateurs britanniques des colonies d’Amérique du Nord. À travers un exemple concret de « bienfaisance » en faveur des habitants de l’ancienne colonie française d’Acadie, cet ouvrage montre qu’au-delà des conflits militaires, des idées communes sur l’entraide et la fraternité marquèrent déjà les rapports sociaux de part et d’autre de l’Atlantique. Connue sous l’expression « Grand Dérangement », la déportation des Acadiens de 1755 fait ici, pour la première fois, l’objet d’une analyse détaillée des rapports entre cette population déplacée de force et les diverses autorités qui furent chargées de l’accueillir.