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Vendiendo Guantánamo

Explosión de la propaganda sobre la prisión militar más infame de los Estados Unidos

John Hickman

Examinando ejemplos históricos de prisioneros mantenidos en prisión indefinida durante los conflictos asimétricos y las crisis de seguridad nacional, Hickman desenreda lo presunto de lo aprobado y revela exactamente por qué el encarcelamiento corriente en la base naval infame es tan único y sin precedentes. Ofrece una teoría alternativa que completamente contradice la narrativa inventada por el Gobierno de Bush construyendo su argumento de la historia doméstica e internacional existente: los prisioneros fueron exhibidos como símbolos de victoria militar, castigados como sustitutos por los arquitectos del 11 de septiembre que quedaban libres, y usados como peones en un paso neoconservador para señalar una nueva política exterior estadounidense que no hacía caso de las Naciones Unidas, que no respetaba las Convenciones de Ginebra, y que se burlaba de la Corte Criminal Internacional.

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Edited by Anthony J. Nocella II and Amber E. George

Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies: A Historical Collection represents the very best that the internationally scholarly Journal for Critical Animal Studies (JCAS) has published in terms of articles that are written by public critical scholar-activists-organizers for public critical scholar-activists-organizers. This move toward publishing pieces about engaging social change, rather than high-theoretical detached analysis of nonhuman animals in society, is to regain focus for liberation at all costs. The essays in this collection focus on intersectionality scholarship within the realm of Critical Animal Studies, and discuss issues related to race, gender, disability, class, and queerness. Not only are these articles historically significant within the field of Critical Animal Studies, but they are integral to the overall social justice movement. Intersectionality of Critical Animal Studies: A Historical Collection should be read by anyone interested in the Critical Animal Studies field, as we consider them to be classic writings that should be respected as foundational texts. There are many interesting and innovative texts, but these are historical, not only because they were published in JCAS, but because they were among the first to publish on a particular intersectional issue.

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R. C. De Prospo

Poe’s Difference argues that Edgar Allan Poe has much more in common with early American, medieval, and ancient writers than with the modern and post-modern ones with whom the writer is so often associated. This book emphasizes Poe’s anachronisms to make a number of theoretical, pedagogical, literary historical, and political claims about the backwardness of antebellum U.S. culture. Some time ago Michael Colacurcio issued the challenge that "the full case for the Puritan character of Poe’s ‘horror’ remains to be made." Although going back a good deal further than just to the "Puritans," Poe’s Difference aspires fully to make precisely this case.

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Lingüística experimental y contraargumentación

Un estudio sobre el conector del español


Laura Nadal

Esta monografía sustenta experimentalmente estudios teóricos sobre el significado procedi-mental y la contraargumentación. El análisis expuesto hace posible determinar desde una perspectiva cognitiva, a partir de datos obteni-dos mediante la lectura controlada por eyetrac-king y mediante test de comprensión, el valor del conector argumentativo sin embargo duran-te el procesamiento de enunciados. Se confirma que esta relación discursiva necesita ser marca-da: el uso de sin embargo asegura la adecuada reconstrucción de una implicatura basada en la cancelación de inferencias. La investigación muestra que la combinación de enfoques teóri-co-descriptivos con el enfoque experimental constituye un método eficaz para el desarrollo de estudios aplicados (traducción, enseñanza de lenguas o escritura).

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Feuchtwanger and Judaism

History, Imagination, Exile


Edited by Paul Lerner and Frank Stern

This collection of essays is devoted to the Jewish themes that ran through Lion Feuchtwanger’s life, works and worlds. Beginning with a selection of Feuchtwanger’s unpublished writings, speeches, and interviews, the volume examines the author’s approaches to Jewish history, Zionism, Judaism’s relationship to early Christianity and to eastern religions, and Jewish identity through his works, above all his historical fiction. Essays also trace translations of his works into English and Russian, and the meaning of his writing for various communities of Jewish and non-Jewish readers in Britain, North America, and the Soviet Union. A final section frames the issues around Feuchtwanger and Jewishness more broadly by considering the condition of exile and expanding the focus to communities of émigré writers and political figures in North America and beyond.
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History of English Literature, Volume 8

From the Late Inter-War Years to 2010

Franco Marucci

For ordering the hardcover version of this book, please contact (Retail Price: £100.00, $151.90).

‘Franco Marucci’s History of English Literature is unique in its field. There is no other book that combines such erudition and authority in such a compact format. An indispensable work of reference.’

— J. B. Bullen, Visiting Fellow, Kellogg College, Oxford

History of English Literature is a comprehensive, eight-volume survey of English literature from the Middle Ages to the early twenty-first century. This reference work provides insightful and often revisionary readings of core texts in the English literary canon. Richly informative analyses are framed by the biographical, historical and intellectual context for each author.

Volume 8 continues with the 1920s and the 1930s, when the Depression, the Spanish Civil War, Fascist dictatorships, and the threat of a second war challenged apolitical Modernism. Poets led by Auden, novelists like Orwell and figures such as Lawrence of Arabia defined the period. By the end of the Second World War, a realist, satirical or comic tradition resurfaces in the novel, while in poetry the affirmation of a pre-war neo-Romantic vein, especially with Dylan Thomas, is reacted against by various movements that lead poetry back to the common man. Two important years are 1953, when Waiting for Godot by Beckett is staged, and 1956, when Look Back in Anger by Osborne gives life to the ‘angry’ novel and theatre. Extensive discussions not only of writers now become classics (Doris Lessing, Iris Murdoch, Heaney, Hill and Ted Hughes) but also of other leading ones (such as Salman Rushdie, Martin Amis and Ian McEwan) are included.

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Imagined Cosmopolis

Internationalism and Cultural Exchange, 1870s–1920s

Edited by Charlotte Ashby, Grace Brockington, Daniel Laqua and Sarah Victoria Turner

The period from the 1870s to the 1920s was marked by an interplay between nationalisms and internationalisms, culminating in the First World War, on the one hand, and the creation of the League of Nations, on the other. The arts were central to this debate, contributing both to the creation of national traditions and to the emergence of ideas, objects and networks that forged connections between nations or that enabled internationalists to imagine a different world order altogether. The essays presented here explore the ways in which the arts operated internationally during this crucial period of nation-making, and how they helped to challenge national conceptions of citizenship, society, homeland and native tongue. The collection arises from the AHRC-funded research network Internationalism and Cultural Exchange, 1870–1920 (ICE; 2009–2014) and its enquiry into the histories of cultural internationalism and their historiographical implications.

This collection has been edited by members of the ICE network convened by Grace Brockington and Sarah Victoria Turner.

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Le constitutionnalisme environnemental

Quel impact sur les ordres juridiques ? - Préface de Stéphane Pierré-Caps


Edited by Jochen Sohnle

Environmental constitutionalism is founded on ideological doctrines, such as liberalism and environmentalism. It aims to enhance comparative law methods leading to the establishment of general principles that protect the environment within the constitution. This is the first book that presents the topic to European readers working in the field of environmental protection – involving members and organizations within civil society, policymakers, national and international officers, law students, and legal and non-legal scholars. The book begins with detailed studies of France, Germany, Switzerland, India and Brazil. Thereafter, it highlights the impact of the French Environmental Charter on administrative law, company law, and compensation methods for environmental harm. Finally, the book takes an unprecedented look at EU law, whose legal standards are discussed in light of environmental constitutionalism. The various contributions are written either in French or in English, as befits the comparative nature of the subject matter.

Le constitutionnalisme environnemental constitue un champ de l'analyse juridique qui souligne les fondements idéologiques (comme le libéralisme ou l'écologisme) de toute constitution. À cette fin, il valorise les méthodes du droit comparé pour construire des principes généraux du droit protecteurs de l’environnement. Ce livre est le premier sur cette thématique qui s’adresse spécialement à des lecteurs européens actifs dans la protection de l’environnement, y compris les membres de la société civile, les décideurs nationaux et internationaux ainsi que les étudiants et les enseignants-chercheurs, juristes et non juristes. Le livre commence à explorer la thématique à travers l’étude des systèmes de la France, de l’Allemagne, de la Suisse, de l’Inde et du Brésil. Il approfondit ensuite les répercussions de la Charte française de l’environnement sur le droit administratif, le droit des sociétés et les méthodes économiques appliquées au préjudice écologique. Enfin, les normes de l’UE sont revues à travers le prisme inédit du constitutionnalisme environnemental. Les différentes contributions sont écrites soit en français, soit en anglais, conformément à la dimension comparative du sujet

Jochen Sohnle is Full Professor of Public Law at the University of Lorraine.

Jochen Sohnle est professeur de droit public à l’Université de Lorraine.

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Pirandello in un mondo globalizzato 1

Pirandello. Narrazione-Memoria-Identità

Edited by Alessandra Sorrentino and Michael Rössner

Nel 150° della nascita di Luigi Pirandello gli studi sulla sua opera sono stati molteplici. Con questo volume il Centro Europeo di Studi Pirandelliani si propone di rendere conto di alcuni di essi, confermando la sua attitudine a guardare all’opera di Pirandello da prospettive che tengono conto delle più attuali linee di ricerca internazionali. I contributi del volume si ispirano al cosiddetto «narrative turn» e alla recente teoria della memoria culturale (Assmann) e sui «narrated communities» (Blume-Leitgeb-Rössner), partendo dal presupposto che la narrazione sia fondamentale per creare una memoria – sia individuale che collettiva (Halbwachs) – e, tramite essa, un’identità. L’opera di Pirandello confronta il lettore con il problema delle narrazioni contrastanti, il problema della necessità della narrazione per acquisire un’identità, fino a mostrarci la narrazione come fondo della memoria collettiva. I ricordi, nei diversi aspetti in cui si presentano nella sua produzione, sono come elementi chiave e sempre in modo conflittuale. Sono questi i temi con cui questo libro si confronta, temi che sembrano essenziali e fonte di ispirazione per una migliore comprensione del mondo contemporaneo.
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Queer Ventennio

Italian Fascism, Homoerotic Art, and the Nonmodern in the Modern

John Gerard Champagne

Given fascist proscriptions against homosexuality, a surprising number of artists under Mussolini’s regime were queer. Exploring the contribution of Italy to our understanding of both the history of homosexuality and European modernism, this ground-breaking study analyses three queer modernists – writer Giovanni Comisso, painter and writer Filippo de Pisis, and painter Corrado Cagli. None self-identified as fascists; none, however, were consistent critics of the regime. All understood their own sexuality via the idea of the primitive – a discourse fascism also employed in its efforts to secure consent for the dictatorship. What happens when we return to these men and their work minus the assumption that our most urgent task is identifying their fascist tendencies or political quietism? Variously infantilized, pathologized, marginalized, and stigmatized, treated as both cause and effect of fascism, queer ventennio artists are an easy target, not brave or selfless or savvy enough to see their common struggle with fascism’s other victims. Revisiting their works and lives with an eye toward neither rehabilitation nor condemnation allows us to ponder more carefully the relationship between art and politics, how homophobia has structured art criticism, the need to further bring queer perspectives to Italian cultural analysis, and how such men disrupt our sense of modern homo/heterosexual definition.