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New Approaches in Health Sciences

New Methods and Developments in Health Sciences

Edited by Gökhan Aba

New methods, new approaches and advanced technologies have started to be used for patients to gain access to less costly and more quality diagnosis and treatment services in a shorter time. This book, which includes new approaches in health sciences, has been written by successful and expert researchers who work in different health disciplines of health sciences.

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Edited by Fatih Ayhan

With the development of the industry, both social lives and economies have been significantly affected. Together with the Industry 4.0 revolution, significant changes have occurred in both the social life and the production process. As a result, different sectors are affected by this change. With this book, successful researches have been carried out by expert academics in a wide range of fields from finance to marketing and tourism to foreign trade, etc.

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Miroslava Dobrotková, Artur Bekmatov, Andrea Chlebcová Hečková and Ján Kuciak

The book deals with the most challenging issues which the Slovak Mass Media are currently facing, including matters of public criticism. The first chapter describes the media influence on power control in Slovakia. It does not avoid the controversial question of corruption in the Slovak media field. The following chapter examines the stereotypes about the social minorities that are still widely spread by the media (especially the Internet and the social media). In this context, the chapter related to the public media explains why the existence of the media of public service is so important and why it is necessary to finance such media by public sources and not by the state. In the final chapter, the author aims to identify the reasons why alternative sources of information usually fail to inform truthfully, impartially and objectively.

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Adam Olech

The aim of this book is the analysis of Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz’s meta-epistemological project of the semantic theory of knowledge and its implementations to solve certain traditional epistemological problems and their metaphysical consequences. This project claims that cognitive problems need to be approached from the perspective of language. One of the results of this analysis is the thesis that the philosophical-linguistic legitimisation for the meta-epistemological project is the philosophy of Edmund Husserl from his Logical Investigations. This is the philosophy that makes it possible to speak reasonably of a close relation between thinking and language and provides thereby the legitimisation for this project.

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Bildnis der Arbeit

Emotionen, Werte und Einstellungen zur Integration: Eine Mixed Methods-Untersuchung zur Repräsentation und Wahrnehmung des visuellen Arbeitsmarktdiskurses in österreichischen Medien

Andreas Schulz

Die Themen ‚Flucht und Asyl‘ dominieren seit dem langen Sommer der Migration 2015 die Nachrichtenagenda. Neben den stereotypisierten entmenschlichenden Massendarstellungen der frühen visuellen Berichterstattungen ist von besonderem Interesse, inwiefern Geflüchtete im Zuge der Arbeitsmarktintegration 2015 bis 2018 dargestellt werden. Anhand eines Mixed Methods Designs, einer visuellen Diskursanalyse und einem Online-Experiment, sollen idealtypische Repräsentationen extrahiert und die emotionalen Wirkungen auf die Mediennutzer*innen untersucht werden. Es wird deutlich, dass vor allem anzugtragende, weiße und männliche Politiker den Diskurs dominieren. Soziodemografische Aspekte haben keinen signifikanten Einfluss auf die Wahrnehmung von Integrationsmaßnahmen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt, wohingegen der Kontakt mit Flüchtlingen eine negative Wirkung hat.

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Class actions in Australien

Class closure und Vergleichsgenehmigung als Perspektive für Deutschland


Fabian Stitz

Nicht zuletzt der Diesel-Skandal hat die Diskussion um den kollektiven Rechtsschutz neu befeuert. Australien ist dabei neben den USA und Kanada das Land mit der größten praktischen Erfahrung. Der Band untersucht die australische class action auf neue Erkenntnisgewinne für Deutschland. Hauptaugenmerk ist der Umgang mit verschiedenen Schadenstypen sowie die richterliche Vergleichsgenehmigung. Der Autor stellt fest, dass die Debatte um opt-in und opt-out ein Scheingefecht darstellt. Es wird sich für einen dualen Mechanismus von Gewinnabschöpfung und Schadensersatz ausgesprochen. Im Rahmen der Vergleichsgenehmigung zeigt sich, dass Gerichte ihrer geforderten aktiven Rolle aufgrund eines Informationsdefizits nicht gerecht werden können. Es bedarf daher einer Erweiterung der Erkenntnisquellen.

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The Many Faces of Crisis

An Analysis of Crisis Management from an Economic and Political Perspective


Edited by Marek A. Cichocki and Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse

The authors of the book examine the phenomenon of crisis from the perspective of political and economic science. The texts of the book are focused on four aspects of the crisis: (1) the development problem, (2) the structural problem, (3) the management problem and (4) the problem of the weakening legitimacy of a specific crisis-stricken system. This book offers a proposal for a methodological approach to the evaluation of crisis reality and to research on the ways of overcoming the crisis by state authorities. The four proposed aspects of the analysis are an attempt to view the crisis from various perspectives, which are interrelated and not always clearly separable.

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Edited by Eamon Maher, Eugene O'Brien and Brian Lucey

This book looks at various effects, symptoms and consequences of the period in Irish culture known as the Celtic Tiger. It will trace the critical pathway from boom to bust – and up to the current beginnings of a similar, smaller boom – through events, personalities and products. The short entries offer a sense of the lived experience of this seismic period in contemporary Irish society.

While clearly not all aspects of the period could realistically be covered, the book does contain essential information about the central actors, events, themes, and economic trends, which are discussed in a readable and accessible manner. Each entry is linked to the overall Celtic Tiger phenomenon and its immediate aftermath.

The book also provides a comprehensive account of what happened in this period and will be a factual resource for anyone anxious to discover information on the areas most commonly connected to it. All entries are written by experts in the area. The contributors include broadcasters, economists, cultural theorists, sociologists, literary critics, journalists, politicians and writers, each of whom brings particular insights to some aspect of the Celtic Tiger.

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Europe: Civilizations Clashing

From Athens to the European Union

Piotr Jaroszyński and Lindael Rolstone

European culture is rich with diversity and character, developing, maturing, and emerging throughout the course of history. The authors of the book examine the complex nature and multifaceted culture of Europe, developed throughout time, through the lens of philosophy and theology. The authors cover the period from the Persians to the European Union and notice that clashes occurred and reoccurred throughout European history, which had an impact on Europe’s identity. Greece clashed against Persia. Islam clashed with Christianity. Christianity clashed within itself during the protestant reformation. The European Union now clashes with Christianity.

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Writing War in Contemporary Iran

The Case of Esmāʻil Fasih’s Zemestān-e 62

Saeedeh Shahnahpur

Writing War in Contemporary Iran offers a complete account of Esmā’il Fasih’s life, works, and position in contemporary Iranian literature. This book uses a text-based analysis of Fasih’s wartime novel Zemestān-e 62 (The Winter of ‘83, 1985) as a case study, and illustrates how the book set a precedent for anti-war novels that appeared in the period following the Iran–Iraq War. Unlike the many one-dimensional novels of the time which focused only on state ideology, Fasih’s novel grapples with broader issues, such as the state’s war rhetoric and the socio-political realities of life in wartime, including the impact of the War of the Cities on the daily lives of Iranians, government policies and their enactment, and the contribution of the upper class to war efforts. In this vein, The Winter of ‘83 was the first Persian anti-war novel that was different in that it did not present a glorified or heroic vision of the war and its participants. Furthermore, the book deals with the analysis of Fasih’s postwar novels, which emphasized the roles and sacrifices of Iranian women during the war—a neglected theme in Persian war novels—marking him as one of the most culturally important war writers in contemporary Iran.