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The City as Place

Emotions, Experiences, and Meanings

Edited by Rebecca Madgin and Nicolas Kenny

The purpose of this series is to examine the city as a lived place. Specifically, we are interested in the ways in which the city is invested with meaning through everyday lived experiences. The series is particularly interested in submissions that focus on the perceptual and felt dimensions of urban places through exploring the experiential, emotional, sensory, and affective dimensions that contribute to how people behave in, feel about, and move around in cities. Books in this series will interrogate the relationship between people and place through a focus on the diverse ways in which subjective and intimate feelings are fundamental constituents of the urban experience. We encourage authors to examine the city as a lived place from a range of different perspectives, and to be inclusive of individual and collective voices in the city to better understand the historical development and contemporary evolution of diverse urban settings.

Some of the questions we seek to explore through the series include, but are not restricted to:

  • How is the city experienced, by whom, and how does this change over time?
  • Who shapes the experience of the city and for what reasons?
  • How do individual and shared joy, fear, pride, nostalgia, disgust, or other emotions, shape the meanings attributed to urban spaces?
  • How does the lived experience of, and emotional connections to, urban places inform the way particular spaces within cities are preserved and memorialized, or alternatively demolished and redeveloped?
  • In what ways is our understanding of the lived experience of the city sharpened through the lens of comparative, transnational, and global approaches?

The series seeks to examine the real and the imaginary, the representational and the non-representational, the historical and the contemporary, the remembered and the recreated in all historical periods including research on the twenty-first century city. The series is open to work covering all geographic areas, and we encourage authors, where possible and relevant, to situate their studies in comparative, transnational, or global perspectives. Books may be published in English or in French.

Series editors: Dr Rebecca Madgin, Urban Studies, University of Glasgow and Dr Nicolas Kenny, History, Simon Fraser University.

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L'invention du geste amoureux

Anthropologie de la séduction dans les arts visuels de l’Antiquité à nos jours


Edited by Valérie Boudier, Giovanni Careri and Elinor Myara Kelif

Les traités de manières et les traités artistiques, de même que le discours amoureux dans le domaine littéraire, se sont donnés la tâche de définir, voire de codifier, la gestuelle amoureuse et établissent notamment des relations entre le domaine artistique, littéraire et la vie sociale. Par rapport au « geste écrit », le « geste en image » se manifeste sous une forme plus ambiguë et laisse transparaître, souvent, des rapports de réciprocité, de domination, d’assujettissement ou d’inversion des rôles d’autant plus lorsqu’il traduit le sentiment amoureux.

Cet ouvrage rassemble des communications, interventions et réflexions menées à l’occasion d’un colloque consacré à L’invention du Geste Amoureux à la Renaissance ainsi que d’une série de workshops portant sur le même thème pour différentes périodes chronologiques. Quels que soient la période traitée et le support de la représentation, la gestuelle est entendue, au sens large, à la fois en tant que gestes et attitudes corporelles. Il ne s’agit pas simplement d’un geste intentionné mais également d’une posture du corps, celle-ci intervenant soit de façon suffisamment régulière pour être identifiée à un « topos », soit au contraire de manière si exceptionnelle qu’elle mérite qu’on s’y attarde. Les analyses exemplaires réunies dans ce livre abordent, enfin, les questions de la migration de gestes entre le champ du rituel et celui de l’art, entre le registre du sacré et celui du profane ainsi que les transferts trans-chronologique ou trans-géographique. Elles proposent une étude des postures, attitudes, gestes et expressions qui « disent » l’amour dans les arts visuels.

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La poesía de la guerra civil española

una perspectiva comparatista

Edited by Pilar Molina Taracena

En este libro se aborda la poesía de la guerra civil española desde una perspectiva comparatista. En cada capítulo se compara poesía española con poesía escrita en otro idioma o por poetas latinoamericanos.

Es la primera vez que se reúne en la misma publicación el estudio de poemas escritos en español, alemán, inglés, portugués, yidis, francés, catalán, vasco y gallego compuestos durante la guerra civil española. Su lectura dará al lector una visión panorámica y enriquecedora de la poesía bélica escrita entre 1936 y 1939.

Desde una perspectiva de análisis textual, se busca establecer qué temas, subtemas, motivos e imágenes tienen en común estos poemas y cómo influye el hecho de que se escriban en idiomas distintos teniendo en cuenta que participan del mismo fenómeno histórico. Los autores de esta publicación investigan si el hecho de ser español o no y tener una cultura distinta influye sustancialmente en la forma y contenido de los poemas.

Es lectura indispensable para aquellos que estudian la literatura de la guerra civil española.

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Linguistic and Translatological Aspects of Poetry Translation

Joseph Brodsky’s Texts in Russian, English and Latvian


Edited by Jānis Veckrācis

This essentially academic book and its author are daring companions of poetry translators in their dance on a rope while searching for the best solutions and shifting boundaries between the possible and impossible, and the insights have at least three main directions: first, the artistic and aesthetic nature of the activity; second, those specific skills which are necessary to complete the task; and third, the pre-requisites of failure or acclaim.

The artistic and complex nature of both poetry and its translation suggests the necessity of specific inclusive approaches though, whatever the technique, there always remain some blurred, inaccessible zones of inexplicable elements. The book aims at studying the linguistic aspects of poetry translation theories and practice in order to define the main theoretical principles of an integrated approach to poetry translation.

Practical insights are based on an analysis of the translation of Joseph Brodsky’s poems into English and Latvian. While under way, we experience all the cause-effect aspects of poetic texts representing author’s intention both to express and to hide, to intensify/highlight and to disguise. At times, we really feel – similarly to poetry translators themselves – like investigators either in the complex networks of theoretical insights or in even more risky endeavours to discuss and outline the practical aspects of poetry translation. A balance of theoretical and practical aspects is one of the main features and main benefits of the study. A detailed analysis of Brodsky’s poetic and philosophical heritage is another contribution. A unique opportunity for the international audience to gain insights into the Western/Russian/Latvian approaches to poetry translation theories and practices by also observing their mutual impacts and interaction, provides more added value.

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Teach For All Counter-Narratives

International Perspectives on a Global Reform Movement

Edited by T. Jameson Brewer, Kathleen deMarrais and Kelly L. McFaden

Founded in 1989, Teach For America (TFA) has grown into a massive organization with a presence across the United States and expanded internationally to 46 countries. TFA’s international expansion through Teach For All (TFAll) coincides with a broader exportation of neoliberal education reform ideologies across the globe. As a follow up to Teach For America Counter-Narratives: Alumni Speak Up and Speak Out (Peter Lang, 2015), this text is the first to provide a glimpse into the first-hand experiences of those impacted by the colonizing nature of TFAll and the global education reform movement of privatization.

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The Case for a Proto-Gospel

Recovering the Common Written Source Behind Mark and John


Gary Greenberg

In this landmark study of the literary relationship between the gospel of John and the synoptic gospels, Gary Greenberg presents compelling evidence for the existence of a written pre-canonical Alpha gospel that contained almost all of the main episodes in the adult life of Jesus (excluding major speeches, such as discourses, parables, and "I Am" sayings) and which became the written source for the core biography of Jesus in Mark, Luke, John, and Matthew. While Mark used the Alpha gospel with only slight variations, John had profound theological disagreements with it, objecting to its theological message about how to obtain eternal life, the depiction of Jesus, and other matters. This induced him to rewrite the Alpha gospel so that it conformed to his own very different theological agenda. Consequently, John’s gospel functions as a thorough theological critique of Mark, but the changes he introduced made it difficult to see how he and Mark worked from the same written source. By using John’s theological concerns as a filter for reading and understanding what objections John would have with Mark’s Jesus stories, The Case for a Proto-Gospel reverse-engineers the editorial path taken by John and reconstructs the content of the Alpha gospel. Finally, the author discusses the relationship of the other two synoptic gospels to the Alpha gospel, asserting that Luke also knew the Alpha gospel but used Mark as his primary source, and that while Matthew did not know the Alpha gospel, his use of Mark as a primary source ensured that his core biography of Jesus also derived from this earlier source.

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Culture and Psychopathology

The Anthropology of Mental Illness

Georgi Onchev

The book sets itself the ambitious task of exploring the relationship between human culture and the phenomenon of mental illness, that which has embarrassed, fascinated, and challenged educated minds throughout the centuries. Various manifestations of this phenomenon are examined in specific cultural contexts, presented with notable competence, and illustrated with memorable descriptions of clinical cases. (…) The book and its author have many merits—the capacity to present a highly specialized subject in an intelligible, absorbing, and simultaneously profound manner; respectable erudition and academic self-discipline; and the notable skill of handling different domains of knowledge, among others. The most remarkable quality, however, is the author’s concern both for the reader—who is carefully led into quite unknown and still frightening territory—as well as for his protagonists, the mentally ill. All told, I believe that this book will be of interest not just to students of psychiatry, psychology, and anthropology, but also to a broader circle of readers who are excited by the wretched and admirable destiny of being human.

Haralan Alexandrov

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Edited by Rémi Digonnet and Stéphanie Béligon

Si c’est souvent la nature qui se trouve associée à ses manifestations sensorielles, la ville produit elle aussi de multiples paysages sensibles, que le citadin perçoit et exprime. Ce sont ces paysages – visuels, olfactifs, sonores, tactiles mais aussi haptiques – que le présent ouvrage propose d’explorer, dans leur dimension sociologique, architecturale, historique ou encore fictionnelle.

Les contributions réunies ici démontrent que si la ville, et les perceptions sensorielles auxquelles elle donne lieu, est fragmentée et menace l’intégrité du sujet-percevant, elle est sans cesse reconstituée par le citadin, qui cherche à se la réapproprier, tant individuellement que collectivement.

Les articles de ce volume parcourent Londres, Manchester, Liverpool, Le Caire, en passant par Lodève, Gérone ou Madrid à travers les documentaires rock, ainsi que les œuvres littéraires et cinématographiques de Ian McEwan, Robert Solé, Ahmad Abdallah, François Bon, Javier Cercas et les romanciers espagnols de la génération X. Ils explorent la perception des odeurs dans les centres commerciaux de Beijing, exposent les enjeux et la méthode de la reconstitution sonore d’un Paris médiéval et la façon dont les touristes perçoivent Budapest ou encore les caractéristiques de l’accent stéphanois. Ils étudient la réappropriation de la ville par le tram et l’architecture-sensorium et par la reconstruction du quartier des anciennes usines Fiat.

Cette approche pluridisciplinaire met en évidence la richesse qu’offre la ville aux sens, mais aussi l’étendue du champ d’investigation que constituent les paysages sensibles urbains. C’est parce que la ville est consubstantielle de l’individu et de son parcours – au propre comme au figuré – et qu’elle correspond à une échelle politique et sociale incontournable que les enjeux qu’elle représente sont aussi nombreux qu’essentiels.

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Jan Philipp Hans

Die Agenda 2010: Von den einen gelobt, von den anderen kritisiert. In diesem Spannungsfeld setzt diese Publikation an und untersucht die Auswirkungen der Agenda 2010 auf die berufliche Mobilität von Beschäftigten. Das ökonomische Kalkül hierzu ist recht simpel. Für Angestellte hatte die Agenda 2010 zur Folge, dass die Fallhöhe aus einem Übergang in Arbeitslosigkeit angestiegen ist. Beschäftigte, die überlegen, den Arbeitsplatz zu wechseln, und dann eine Probezeit absolvieren müssen, sind mit einem höheren Risiko konfrontiert. Es wäre deshalb ökonomisch rational, dass die Arbeitsmarktmobilität von Beschäftigten zurückgeht. Ferner beschäftigt sich diese Publikation auch damit, welche sozial- und arbeitsmarktpolitischen Reformen geeignet sind, um berufliche Mobilitätsbewegungen zu initiieren.

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Des femmes et du crime

Société, modernité et mœurs à Shanghai sous la république, 1911-1949

Aglaia De Angeli

En plongeant dans les archives de la ville de Shanghai, Aglaia De Angeli offre une analyse de la vie des femmes criminelles autant que de celle des victimes de la criminalité à l’époque républicaine. Des centaines de cas judiciaires, des rapports de police et des comptes-rendus par les prisons et maisons de détention jamais utilisés auparavant nous racontent le milieu et les femmes qui y traînent.

Shanghai, connue déjà à l’époque comme le Chicago de l’Orient, est vue d’un côté pas encore exploré, celui de l’histoire des femmes, qui offre au lecteur une nouvelle vision de l’histoire sociale et urbaine de Shanghai, la métropole par excellence de la modernité en Chine.

À l’époque républicaine, la société en Chine bouscule entre tradition et modernité, ainsi l’histoire de femmes avec leurs méfaits autant que leurs malheurs nous offre un baromètre pour comprendre vers où les mœurs et le droit chinois se dirigent.