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Reading Colour

George, Rilke, Kandinsky, Lasker-Schüler

Rey Conquer

Colour is a problem for poetry, where – unlike in painting, sculpture or film – it
is marked by its absence. This absence raises questions that have often been
overlooked in the study of colour: how do writers navigate the invisibility of
colour in text? What aesthetic commitments do certain attitudes to colour
expose? And how, in the face of its absence, do we read colour?

This ambitious and exciting study addresses these questions, analysing the
use of colour language in the work of Stefan George, Rainer Maria Rilke,
Wassily Kandinsky and Else Lasker-Schüler to tease out how these poets
understood poetic production, and how they negotiated the relations between
poem, reader and world. Covering the poetry, prose, translation, literary and art
criticism and theory of these and other writers central to European literature
at the turn of the twentieth century, Reading Colour sheds new light on poetic
practice of the period, but also uses colour to open up an understanding of
how poetic language works, and to ask how we read poetry.

This book was the winner of the 2018 Early Career Researcher Prize in German
Studies, a collaboration between the Institute for German Studies at the
University of Birmingham and Peter Lang.

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Stains / Les taches

Communication and Contamination in French and Francophone Literature and Culture

Edited by Zoe Angelis and Blake Gutt

This volume explores and challenges the extensive possible meanings and semantic connotations of the stain, including dirt, blood, dye, clue, symptom, shadow, smudge, memory, crack, trace and blindspot. The roles, functions, workings and unworkings of stains are interrogated across a range of disciplinary areas in French and Francophone literature and culture. The collection provides a theoretical framework for the significance of the stain in interpretation across a wide range of disciplines as well as offering close readings of films, photographs, paintings and literary texts in which the figure of the stain appears. In this respect, the following key notions are addressed and reconfigured: presence and absence, obscurity, visibility and legibility, form(lessness) and (non)representation, the (non)human and the animal, language and materiality, experience and knowledge, suffering and healing, remembering and forgetting. In parallel, the collection offers innovative readings of the work of key thinkers, examining how Barthes, Proust, Bataille, Camus and others engage with the topic of stains. This volume presents the stain as a powerful critical tool which complicates and contaminates historical, ethical, aesthetic and methodological boundaries. The essays celebrate the productive potential of the stain as an oblique means of accessing and uncovering significant and unexpected continuities and discontinuities.
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Isabelle Leveque Lamotte

La Dordogne, anciennement Périgord, est située dans l’historiographie en périphérie de la zone des familles souches du Sud-Ouest. Le mode de transmission et de reproduction familiale permet de comprendre comment s’organise la famille et comment se nouent les liens en son sein. Outre les relations juridiques, économiques, patrimoniales, est-il possible d’approcher les relations d’ordre affectif? L’étude porte sur les familles ayant vécu dans le village de Saint-Léon-sur-l’Isle, entre 1780 et 1839. Une lecture très fine des sources, notamment des actes notariés, met en évidence les logiques de comportement et leur évolution pendant une période de bouleversements qui malmènent les équilibres familiaux. Elle livre également un aperçu de l’intimité familiale, celle du couple en particulier.

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Edited by Laurent Gajo, Jean-Marc Luscher, Isabelle Racine and Francoise Zay

En articulant les questions de variation, de plurilinguisme, d’évaluation et d’authenticité, cet ouvrage nourrit des débats actuels en français langue étrangère (FLE) et en didactique des langues. Pour le FLE en particulier, l’enjeu consiste à envisager la langue en contexte et en contact, la francophonie se présentant comme un espace d’appropriation du français marqué par la variation et le plurilinguisme, qu’il s’agit de didactiser. Le processus de didactisation interpelle alors les modalités d’évaluation et, en amont, la constitution même du corpus à enseigner et son rapport avec une certaine authenticité. Cet ouvrage intéressera les linguistes, les didacticiens et les enseignants, qui y trouveront des éclairages théoriques originaux et des propositions innovantes pour le travail en classe.

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Wiener Slawistischer Almanach Band 82/2019

Nostalgie. Ein kulturelles und literarisches Sehnsuchtsmodell. Tagung in München April 2017


Edited by Brigitte Obermayr, Anja Burghardt and Aage A. Hansen-Löve

Der Band enthält 21 Beiträge, die aus der Münchener Tagung zum Thema «Nostalgie. Ein kulturelles Sehnsuchtsmodell» (April 2017) hervorgegangen sind. Allesamt sind sie dem literarischen bzw. kulturellen Phänomen der Nostalgie in den osteuropäischen Literaturen (zumal der russischen, der polnischen und den südslawischen) gewidmet. Es geht um kulturelle Sehnsuchtsorte (vom Dnepr bis nach Odessa, vom alten Ägypten zum mythischen Kitež) bei den Klassikern bis hin zu Vertretern der Moderne und der Gegenwartsliteratur. Ausgangspunkt aller Darstellungen ist die theoretische Vertiefung des Nostalgie-Konzepts in unterschiedlichen kulturellen und literarischen Kontexten. Unter anderen werden folgende Autoren behandelt: Gogol’, Gončarov, Čechov, Bal’mont, Platonov, Ėjchenbaum und Benjamin, Tynjanov, Miłosz, Nabokov und Brodskij, Konopnicka, Ugrešic, Šepitka, Prilepin u.v.a.

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Writing Lives

A Female German Jewish Perspective on the Early Twentieth Century

Corinne Painter

This book introduces the works of a German Jewish female author and provides a detailed analysis of the early twentieth century as she witnessed it. Although a prolific writer and leader in the women’s movement, Clementine Krämer (1873–1942) is relatively unknown today. Krämer’s life and works offer a fascinating insight into a challenging period for this community, as she experienced at first hand moments of enormous significance for Germany’s history: the First World War, the German Revolution of 1918, the polarisation of German political life and
the growth of the far right, and the rise to power of the National Socialists in the 1930s. Rather than focusing on one period, this book examines the full range of Krämer’s writings to uncover continuities and changes over her lifetime.

The book explores the following questions: how did Krämer understand herself and her role in light of her German Jewish identity? How did she challenge societal expectations for women and what limits did she perceive? How did she respond to the violence facing German Jews during this time? This important contribution to the scholarship reveals a fresh perspective on this tumultuous time in German history.

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Edited by Elize Bisanz

The volume focuses on the application of Peirce’s semeiotic as a methodological tool to establish a common field for interdisciplinary research. Contributors from the fields of biology, architecture, logic, esthetics and neuroscience, among others, work on diverse research problems, unified by the idea of transcending the dyadic limitations of disciplinary restrictions and applying Peirce’s triadic method, and the structure and process of sign relations of the particular problem that has to be solved. The result is an invigorating example of methodological plasticity wherein the reader acquires an understanding of scientific observation within the complex universe of semeiosis relations.

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Edited by Texas Tech University

Peirce Studies is a peer-reviewed monographic series edited by members of the Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism at Texas Tech University. It seeks to advance scientific research relating to the works and influence of Charles Sanders Peirce (Member, U.S. National Academy of Sciences [Logic of Science]), a scientific theorist and pioneer of methodologies that enable interdisciplinary research. Volumes may be focused upon Peirce’s writings or involve studies that link the spirit of his methods with contemporary problems and projects in any relevant discipline. Works may be expressed in any recognized scholarly language.

Editors: K. L. Ketner, E. Bisanz, S. R. Cunningham, C. Hendrick, L. Johnson, R. McDonnell, T. G. McLaughlin, M. O’Boyle, K. Perkins. 

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Edited by Paul Martin Langner and Joanna Gospodarczyk

Die Rückkehr des Chores in die Theaterstücke und Inszenierungen der Gegenwart macht erkennbar, eine wie hohe Aktualität dieses seit der Antike bekannte Strukturelement des Dramas hat. Dabei werden die antiken Formen für die Bedingungen der Gegenwart überarbeitet und wirkungsvoll weiterentwickelt. Die Beiträge des Bandes leuchten vielfältige Formen der Aneignung und Neubildung aus. Die Position des Chores zur Bühnenhandlung, seine Dimensionen, Artikulationsweisen, Bewegungsmomente werden ebenso in den Aufsätzen diskutiert, wie seine Stellung zur Geschichte und sein Beitrag zum Verhältnis von Individualität und Gemeinschaft. In den Ergebnissen des Bandes wird deutlich, von welcher Wichtigkeit der Chor für das gegenwärtige Drama und die aktuelle Theaterarbeit ist.

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Edited by Agata Brajerska-Mazur and Edyta Chlebowska

The book is the first volume of an extensive four-volume monograph devoted to the work of Cyprian Norwid (1821–1883), one of the most outstanding Polish authors. The impact of Norwid’s oeuvre does not fade, as he addresses fundamental and timeless issues, such as the moral and spiritual condition of man or his place in the world and history and seeks to answer universal questions. The book contains an extensive selection of contributions which represent different approaches to the poet’s work. They cover various areas of research, including interpretation, thematology, genology, and editing.