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Edited by Eamon Eamon, Eugene O'Brien and Brian Lucey

This book looks at various effects, symptoms and consequences of the period in Irish culture known as the Celtic Tiger. It will trace the critical pathway from boom to bust – and up to the current beginnings of a similar, smaller boom – through events, personalities and products. The short entries offer a sense of the lived experience of this seismic period in contemporary Irish society.

While clearly not all aspects of the period could realistically be covered, the book does contain essential information about the central actors, events, themes, and economic trends, which are discussed in a readable and accessible manner. Each entry is linked to the overall Celtic Tiger phenomenon and its immediate aftermath.

The book also provides a comprehensive account of what happened in this period and will be a factual resource for anyone anxious to discover information on the areas most commonly connected to it. All entries are written by experts in the area. The contributors include broadcasters, economists, cultural theorists, sociologists, literary critics, journalists, politicians and writers, each of whom brings particular insights to some aspect of the Celtic Tiger.

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Die Umsetzung der UN-Behindertenrechtskonvention auf kommunaler Ebene in Bayern

Eine rechtstatsächliche und rechtspolitische Untersuchung


Ursula Obermayr

Ziel der Behindertenrechtskonvention der Vereinten Nationen ist die selbstverständliche Teilhabe von Menschen mit Behinderung am Leben in der Gemeinschaft, die sogenannte Inklusion. Die Publikation hinterfragt, wie Inklusion auf kommunaler Ebene erreicht werden kann. Die Autorin geht auf das Problem der Rechtsgeltung der UN-BRK in den Ländern ein. Zum Erreichen der Inklusion werden vor allem Aktionspläne erstellt. Diese werden daraufhin untersucht, ob und wie Menschen mit Behinderung am Umsetzungsprozess teilhaben. Die Autorin fordert, dass Behindertenbeauftragte hierbei unterstützen sollen und macht Gesetzgebungsvorschläge, um zu erreichen, dass Beauftragte flächendeckend vorhanden sind. Schließlich gibt die Arbeit einen Überblick über die in Bayern vorhandenen Aktionspläne »Inklusion«.

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Edited by Ladislaus Ludescher

Mit «Grenzen, Wenden und Zäsuren» liegt nach «Grenzüberschreitungen und Wendepunkte» der zweite Sammelband der Interdisziplinären Vortragsreihe (IVR) Heidelberg vor.

Aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven beschäftigen sich die Autoren, deren wissenschaftliche Diversität die Mannigfaltigkeit der Beiträge widerspiegelt, mit Themen aus der Germanistik, Geschichte, Kultur- und Literaturgeschichte, Linguistik, Literaturwissenschaft, Philosophie, Politik, Psychologie und Theologie.

Das Themenspektrum reicht von der Identität der Krypto-Muslime im Spanien der Frühen Neuzeit, über Wolfgang Herrndorf als Stimmungskünstler, Papst Franziskus und die Flüchtlinge, Stereotype und Rassismus sowie über Trauer- und Gedenkrituale im öffentlichen Raum bis zum Freiheitsbegriff der Fernsehserie Breaking Bad.

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Buffers beyond Boundaries

Bridging theory and practice in the management of historical territories



What is a buffer? Is it a control zone? Or is it rather a transition space, a blurred boundary? Since "buffer zones" were introduced in the late 1970s as a complementary protection layer to World Heritage sites, the dimensions of heritage have changed significantly; from physical to intangible, from defined to diffused. Now, buffers can present all these different characters, even at the same time.

Using buffers as the main connection thread, this book is a collection of complementary studies that explore the contemporary challenges in heritage definition and management. With a focus on European and Asian historical territories, this book tracks umbrella terms, from their genesis inside international discussions and cultural exchanges, to their specific interpretation in top-down on-site strategies. Then, it originally complements and verifies these official management models with the study of local realities and parallel bottom-up actions that have emerged to fill major gaps in this system. With this, the book underlines the negative impacts of isolated biased strategies, and addresses the call of local intermediate groups and communities for integrated efforts.

Finally, buffers are presented as an intermediate heritage management model that could help integrate both, protection and development, territorial and community scales.

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Building Family Identity

The Orsini Castle of Bracciano from Fiefdom to Duchy (1470–1698)

Edited by Paolo Alei and Max Grossman

The Orsini of Bracciano were among the most powerful and influential signori di castelli of early modern Italy, controlling a vast domain that stretched from the Tyrrehenian Sea to the mountains of Abruzzo. This book explores the construction and decoration of their principal headquarters north of Rome between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries as well as the careers and artistic patronage of its leaders, who included captains, condottieri, cardinals and urban aristocrats. The castle is one of the largest in Latium and was once a centre of courtly culture and diplomacy, hosting princes, kings and popes. Today it boasts many beautifully preserved artworks of the Renaissance era, including frescos by Antoniazzo Romano and the Zuccari brothers.

The contributors to this study investigate the castle as a visual expression of the family identity of its builders. They trace its evolution from the fortified capital of a large fiefdom at the dawn of the age of artillery to the palatial residence of a ducal dynasty in the aftermath of the Italian Wars. Richly illustrated with numerous historic and new photographs, this book analyses a fascinating and mostly neglected facet of early modern Italian culture: the artistic patronage of seigniorial clans.

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Cinéphilies et sériephilies 2.0

Les nouvelles formes d’attachement aux images


Edited by Mélanie Boissonneau and Laurent Jullier

Enfin ! Depuis l’avènement d’Internet, les 99,9% d’amoureux des films et des séries qui n’exercent pas la profession de critique peuvent se faire entendre... Mieux, ils peuvent passer sans effort de la position devant à la position depuis : s’asseoir devant un écran et s’exprimer depuis un écran sont en effet devenus deux attitudes communes. Les films et les séries arrivent sur les terminaux domestiques ; tout de suite après et quelquefois même pendant leur diffusion, les avis et les analyses partent en sens inverse. Une autre nouveauté consiste en la diversification de la parole critique, confinée jusqu’ici à l’écrit ou aux conversations éphémères. Internet et la démocratisation des machines qui accompagne son essor ajoutent aux mots toutes sortes d’images, de sons et de manipulations audiovisuelles, laissant là encore loin derrière le modèle séculaire du critique professionnel écrivant son papier.

Comment étudier ces bouleversements ? Comment réagir devant l’abondance des critiques postées, la variété de leurs formes d’expression, l’interactivité qu’elles engendrent, sans parler du rapport à la professionnalisation qu’entretiennent leurs auteurs, surtout quand ils atteignent le statut de « vlogueur » vedette ? Une seule manière possible : l’interdisciplinarité. Le présent ouvrage réunit donc les contributions de spécialistes en provenance de champs divers (sociologie, Gender et Cultural Studies, Sciences de l’information-communication, etc.), sans oublier les acteurs les plus en vue de cette révolution de la parole critique, les « vlogueurs ».

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Constance Naden

Scientist, Philosopher, Poet

Clare Stainthorp

Constance Naden (1858–1889) is a unique voice in Victorian literature and science. This book, the first full-length critical account of her life and works, brings into focus the reciprocal nature of Naden’s poetry, philosophical essays and scientific studies. The development of Naden’s thinking is explored in detail, with newly discovered unpublished poems and notes from her adolescence shedding important light upon this progression.

Close readings of Naden’s wide-ranging corpus of poetry and prose trace her commitment to an interdisciplinary world-scheme that sought unity in diversity. This book demonstrates how a rigorous scientific education, a thorough engagement with poetry and philosophy of the long nineteenth century, an involvement with the Victorian radical atheist movement, and a comic sensibility each shaped Naden’s intellectual achievements. Naden sought to show how the light of reason is made even brighter by the spark of poetic creation and how the imagination is as much a tool of the scientist and the philosopher as the artist.

Taking a comprehensive approach to this complex and overlooked figure of the Victorian period, Stainthorp demonstrates how Naden’s texts provide a new and important vantage point from which to consider synthetic thinking as a productive and creative force within nineteenth-century intellectual culture.

This book was the winner of the 2017 Peter Lang Young Scholars Competition in Nineteenth-Century Studies.

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Dubbing and Subtitling

The China Experience

Zhengqi Ma and Zheng Xie

The first summarization in English of 70 years of film and television translation and production in China. The first academic retrospect and innovation of audiovisual translation studies for the world’s largest movie and television audience. A product based on more than 20 years of successful teaching and award winning translation experiences.

This book offers the world academia, translation practitioners, students a first chance to look at how the industry began and developed in China, the challenges it is facing, and the prospect that lies ahead. It also gives a rare look at the independently developed theories and guidance for practice that are unique to English-Chinese translation. Until very recently, academic researchers have had very little exchanges with the outside world on the subject of movie and TV translation. Interestingly, readers could find the two independently developed schools of AVT translation studies are meeting each other at the cross road.

This book could serve as a text book for both graduate and undergraduate students who have an interest in AVT, especially movie and TV translation studies. It also aims to help amateur translators who wish to enhance their translation. It also endeavors to become a reference for academic researchers in both translation and intercultural studies. Although this book is dedicated to China’s experiences, its theories, principles, and guidelines could serve a more general purpose.

China’s dream works industry is witnessing an unprecedented boom, a blockbuster could easily rake in a box office revenue of tens of billions of dollars. Translated movies are taking a large share of the boom. That has not included the countless Online sharing of movies and TV productions translated by fansubbers. A lucrative and growing translation market both from foreign language audiovisual production to Chinese and the other way round makes this book particularly relevant to current cultural exchanges between the fastest growing economy, one of the largest audiovisual consuming market and producers worldwide.

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Edited by Freda Mishan

Situated within the context of unprecedented levels of inward migration to the UK and Ireland bringing with it all the complexities of integration, this volume focuses on a key aspect of this - language provision. Through the voices of stakeholders in the field of teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESOL), this volume critically examines models of language provision and integration, the relationship between language and identity, developing ESOL practices and ESOL policy. A distinctive feature is the diversity of contributions, ranging from research studies to vignettes presenting living portraits of ESOL practice on the ground. The volume fills an urgent gap in this area, offering a snapshot of the ‘state of the art’ of ESOL in the UK and Ireland and projections of how the needs of new migrants can be addressed into the future.

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Global South Powers in Transition

A Comparative Analysis of Mexico and South Africa


Edited by Deon Geldenhuys and Humberto González

Employing a novel collaborative transnational methodology, this ground-breaking book presents the first comprehensive and systematic comparison of Mexico and South Africa. Although geographically, historically and diplomatically far apart, Mexico and South Africa are ambitious and influential powers in the Global South and also experience wide-ranging domestic transitions. A binational team of 26 researchers from the two countries, all specialists in their respective disciplines, probe the transitions that Mexico and South Africa are undergoing in areas such as socio-cultural diversity, domestic politics, economic development, labour dynamics, social and territorial inequality, food security, crime and violence, and foreign relations. The detailed country studies allow the authors to identify striking similarities but also profound differences between the two societies. In so doing, the book helps to explain Mexico and South Africa to each other but also to the world at large.