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Internationalization in Action

Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion in Globalized Classrooms

Edited by Ching-Ching Lin and M. Cristina Zaccarini

Over the past few decades, there have been growing concerns about ways in which diversity and internationalization converge and diverge with one another across different types of educational institutions. This edited volume is one of the first books to investigate meaningful ways of integrating competing goals between internationalization and diversification within the social fabric of the campus life and beyond. Each chapter is a call to action that aims to leverage diversity for broader collaboration in higher education institutions in the U.S. and other sociocultural contexts, while providing insights into best practices in navigating diversity through strategic action plans. Each author challenges issues relating to the diversity efforts of internationalization across disciplinary, cultural and national boundaries as well as strategies to strengthen the campus communities’ commitment to diversity and inclusion.

In addition to its theoretical depth, as well as its cultural and disciplinary breadth, this book addresses issues relevant to many different stakeholders, and hence, potential readers in diverse and international settings. This book is of particular importance to those associated with globally mobile populations, which include but are not limited to, academic faculty, higher education professionals as well as those in administrative positions and policy makers who wish to develop a critical perspective on the current practices on internationalization to further their international efforts.

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Ser mujer en Iberoamérica

un continuum de discriminación

Edited by Aida Figueroa Bello and Gerhard Niedrist

Ser mujer en Iberoamérica: un continuum de discriminación trata sobre la discriminación de género. Desde una perspectiva multidisciplinaria, el libro contribuye al debate de #MeToo con especial enfoque a Iberoamérica.

La obra contiene una serie de trabajos de académicos y reconocidos investigadores de México, España y Perú, quienes abordan temáticas de gran trascendencia. Tales como las múltiples manifestaciones bajo las cuales la violencia de género se hace presente en Iberoamérica, ya sea en el entorno laboral, o bien, escolar. Del mismo modo, analizan, en perspectiva internacional y comunitaria europea, los planes de igualdad como instrumentos óptimos para el logro de la igualdad sustancial entre mujeres y hombres, tanto en el ámbito empresarial, como en el contexto político mexicano.

De igual modo, el libro pretende ahondar un poco más en las temáticas de género, y de esta manera contribuir a una necesaria (re)configuración de la idea de género, traspasando el prejuicio discursivo que en gran parte de América Latina aún hoy en día prevalece.

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A World Transformed

Reflections on the International System, China and Global Development

Danilo Türk

The main theme of the book are transformations of the world community at the political level and at the level of the international institutions. The book explores the currently precarious state of an emerging multipolar world at the time of the peaceful rise of China. It starts with the basic political and geopolitical features, followed by a discussion on norms, values and institutions of the organized international community, and the potential of international law in the face of political instability and crises. The rise of China is discussed in its various aspects: economic and political, with particular regard to the recent turning of China outward, the Belt and Road Initiative and its evolving cooperation with the European Union. The third part of the book is devoted to development as seen from the perspective of the United Nations and the evolving conceptualization of development. In the final chapters emphasis is placed on the issues of multilateralism and the basic precepts for the future peaceful transformation of the world: There exist different types and sources of state legitimacy and different development models that can co-exist and co-evolve. Significantly, such a transformation requires respect for the fundamentals of international law, in particular sovereignty of states. Building new or reforming existing international institutions is possible only on this basis.

The book could be used in courses on international relations and law at universities in all countries, either as a basic or a supplementary source. It would be also useful to journalists and researchers.

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Edited by Ela Sibel Bayrak Meydanoglu, Riza Öztürk, Natalie Bartholomäus and Müge Klein

In today's increasingly digitalized world, digital transformation dramatically changes the way of doing business and reshapes business functions such as controlling, logistics, HR, marketing etc. For companies that do not know how to implement digital transformation, it will be difficult to survive. Therefore, digital transformation is one of the most debated issues in today's business world. Being aware of this issue, Turkish-German University (TGU) hosted a conference on „Digital Transformation in Business" in cooperation with Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in Istanbul. The conference offered a platform where academicians as well as practitioners discussed current issues of digital transformation. The academic papers presented in the conference constitute the papers of this book

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Scotland and Arbroath 1320 – 2020

700 Years of Fighting for Freedom, Sovereignty, and Independence

Edited by Klaus Peter Müller

700 years of people in Scotland, England, Europe, and the world fighting for freedom, sovereignty, independence and justice are investigated in the essential periods and cultures since the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath: the Middle Ages, the Reformation and Early Modern Age, the English Revolution, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Cultural, media, political, and social studies, history, the law, art, philosophy, and literature are used for an analysis of the evolution of human rights, democracy, freedom, individual as well as national independence and justice in connection with past and present threats to them. Threats from politics, the economy, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, people's ignorance.


With contributions by Alasdair Allan MSP, Christopher J. Berry, Neil Blain, Alexander Broadie FRSE, Dauvit Broun, Mark P. Bruce, Ewen A. Cameron, Robert Crawford, Ian Duncan, Richard J. Finlay, David Forrest, Edouard Gaudot, Marjory Harper, Sarah Longlands, Ben McConville, David McCrone, Aileen McHarg, John Morrison, Klaus Peter Müller, Hugh O’Donnell, Murray Pittock, Anthony Salamone, David R. Sorensen, Silke Stroh, Christopher A. Whatley and Ben Wray.

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Black Immigrants in the United States

Essays on the Politics of Race, Language, and Voice

Edited by Ayanna Cooper and Ibrahim Awad

In the United States, ‘immigrant’ is a complicated category. It is used interchangeably with ‘refugee’ and it is, most of the time, linked to South America, especially Latina/os. Black Immigrants in the United States is arguing that immigrants are not refugees and, whether coming from the Caribbean, Latin America or Africa, Black immigrants are oft-silenced in immigration studies and unsystematically researched. Being one of the first books on the topic in the United States, Black Immigrants in the United States is a crack, a verse in the syntax which links Blackness and immigration; a required reading for anyone who is interested in immigration generally and Black immigration in particular. For example, did you know that 12-13% of the statistically defined as African Americans are ‘Black immigrants’ (both immigrants and refugees) (Ogunipe, 2011)? Out of this 12-13%, did you know the first and second-generation constitute 41% of Black first-year students in Ivy League? Black Immigrants in the United States is an attempt to answer these questions and paint a picture for this population, where they come from, what languages and histories they bring with them to the United States, and discusses their challenges as well as their triumphs. With this book, as children of migration ourselves, we are turning researching and writing about Black immigrants into acts of love and reading about them into an expression of jouissance.

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Bolaño Constelaciones

Literatura, sujetos, territorios

Macarena Areco

Este libro estudia la narrativa de Roberto Bolaño a partir de la premisa de que esta es una textualidad híbrida, que –en la tradición de la literatura chilena– se manifiesta como una novela de lo abierto: proliferante, marginal, no burguesa ni familiar, de la ciudad, nomádica, contestataria, cuyo amuleto es la Literatura, escrita con mayúsculas, es decir, una posibilidad vital de aprendizaje y también de sobrevivencia, que otorga su influjo, como un don, a los sujetos, modelizándolos, transformándolos, sacándolos de sus casillas, desterritorizándolos, volviéndolos múltiples y otros.

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Corneille Ntamwenge

Pour encourager les pays africains à promouvoir des cultures de confiance et d’intégrité, l’auteur de ce livre recommande trois valeurs morales à intérioriser : confiance, crédibilité et intégrité. L’intégration effective de ces valeurs dans les réalités organisationnelles dépend de la qualité des résultats de la recherche au niveau local et régional. Elle suppose l’institutionnalisation de l’éthique. Ce livre clarifie les notions d’intégrité, de crédibilité et de confiance dans la vie organisationnelle. Il dégage ensuite des nouvelles pistes de recherche en éthique, des difficultés d’opérer une réforme morale, des exigences de cette réforme et la nécessité de connaître les forces hostiles à l’éthique dans les organisations africaines. L’administration publique et l’entreprise privée lucrative constituent le point de départ des réflexions de l’auteur. Les textes utilisés sur ces deux secteurs organisationnels ont été publiés entre 1994 et 2014. L’auteur entreprend une lecture critique des codes d’éthique de quatre pays d’Afrique centrale, avec une attention particulière sur les objectifs des codes, sur leurs valeurs morales et sur leur mise en œuvre. Cette critique s’effectue grâce à la littérature disponible sur les valeurs morales inscrites dans les codes, sur les violations de l’intégrité morale et de la dignité humaine et sur l’échec des projets de la lutte contre la corruption. La réflexion s’applique d’abord aux valeurs morales clés des codes d’éthique avant de se tourner vers la résistance à l’intégration de l’éthique dans la vie organisationnelle et vers le devoir d’enraciner les valeurs retenues dans les structures organisationnelles.

Ce livre se présente comme un tremplin pour entreprendre la recherche sur d’autres questions pertinentes, telles que la description des violations de l’intégrité morale et l’éthique dans le processus de validation, d’adoption et de mise en œuvre des réformes socioéconomiques. Il doit donc intéresser les chercheurs en éthique et en sciences sociales. Les réflexions de ce livre doivent éclairer les investisseurs des entreprises extractives, les analystes des réformes politiques et économiques et les agents de l’administration publique en Afrique.

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Brady Robards and Siân Lincoln

Growing up in the era of social media isn’t easy. With Facebook now having existed for more than a decade and a half, young people who have grown up using social media can look back and see earlier versions of themselves staring back: nostalgic moments with friends from school, reminders of painful breakups, birthdays and graduations, posts that allude to drama with family, experiences of travel, and blurry drunken photos. How do we make sense of our own personal histories inscribed on and through social media? What are the implications for future careers, for public trust in social media companies, and for our own memories?

Growing up on Facebook examines the role of Facebook, and other social media platforms that have emerged around Facebook, in mediating experiences of 'growing up' for young people. Based on interviews with the first generation of young people to grow up with social media, the book covers education and employment, love and relationships, family life, and leisure (drinking, travel, and music). It touches on processes of impression management, privacy, context collapse, and control, and raises critical questions about the standards we hold social media platforms to, as they become the guardians of our personal histories.

The book will appeal to both academic and general audiences alike. Students and scholars in media and communications, the sociology of youth, and beyond, will find strong connections to the literature and acknowledgement of the methodological detail of the study the book is based on. The themes and issues covered in the book are also of broader interest, and will appeal to people who have themselves grown up in the era of social media, to parents, educators, anyone interested in how we look back at social media as a personal memory archive.

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Thierno Guèye

Ce livre se propose de réaliser le projet ambitieux d’établir les fondements d’une épistémologie des nanotechnosciences. Il s’agit d’une analyse de philosophie des sciences portant sur cet objet nouveau et de grande importance scientifique, économique, politique et sociale.

Cet ouvrage dresse un paysage détaillé des questions épistémologiques que posent les nanotechnosciences et cherche, chez les philosophes des sciences qui proposent des théories du changement scientifique, les moyens de répondre à ces questions.

Compte tenu des conclusions de Guèye selon lesquelles aucune des théories philosophiques actuelles ne répond vraiment aux questions épistémologiques soulevées par l’avènement des « nanotechnologies », il suggère quelques pistes pour dépasser les limites des épistémologies contemporaines, en s’appuyant sur la philosophie du langage d’Austin et sur la praxéologie de Denis Vernant.

Dans cette contribution majeure au débat scientifique sur les nanotechnosciences, il procède à l’examen des principales théories philosophiques du changement scientifique dans le but de décider de leur capacité à prendre en charge les changements introduits par l’apparition des nouvelles technologies de « l’infiniment petit ». Ce projet philosophique tire son intérêt et sa pertinence du fait que l’apparition des « nanotechnologies » constitue un changement phénoménal, et qu’il est important de disposer d’une théorie du changement scientifique qui en rendît compte.

Un autre thème majeur de ce livre est celui de la place de la recherche de la vérité dans les nanotechnosciences. Même s’il s’agit d’un thème trop vaste, Guèye l’affronte cependant sans détour dans ce livre. La problématique du rapport entre science et technologie y est abordée plus franchement.