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Ingrid Belčáková, László Miklós, Anna Špinerová, Andrea Diviaková, Erika Kočická and Eliška Belaňová

The landscape is a vital spatial and material frame for our natural and man-made environment and is considered by many stakeholders to be one of the most important aspects of a healthy, enjoyable life. This book deals with the current trends in the theory of the integration of landscape aspects in spatial planning and development processes.

The authors discuss the need for integrated land use planning, landscape planning and impact assessment, and explore landscape consideration practice in European countries, with a special focus on Slovakia. Information about landscape decision-making approaches and cases illustrates current practice and lessons from experience, providing baseline material for landscape academic forum, members of the public and professionals in spatial development making: planners, designers, architects, engineers and others.

This practice-oriented and up-to-date monograph is a sourcebook and reference guide to key trends, issues of and approaches to sustainable spatial development in European countries.

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Motivational Issues in Teaching

With special emphasis on Turkey

Zeynep Kiziltepe

This book draws on a review of literature on the motivational research from multiple countries with special emphasis on Turkey. It provides information to further our understanding of why people decide to become teachers, and after they become teachers why they stay in the profession or leave it. Studies about teacher motivation, and demotivation are shared to bring to light the scope and nature of this issue. It offers recommendations for administrators and policy makers about the preparation of teachers for the profession, about the in-service trainings, and the coping strategies needed for teacher demotivation, burnout, and stress in the profession. It is strongly recommended as a resource to be used in educational sciences, educational psychology, and comparative education related classes.

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Love's Betrayal

The Decline of Catholicism and Rise of New Religions in Ireland

Peter Mulholland

This book provides a detailed analysis of the decline of Catholicism and the almost simultaneous surge of new religious movements in Ireland during the second half of the twentieth century. After chronicling the sudden emergence of these new religious movements, some of which were associated with New Age spirituality, and considering the reactions they elicited in the Irish media and from religious and academic observers, the author explores the cultural, socioeconomic and political context in which they flourished.

Taking its title from President Mary McAleese’s response to the Ryan Report on clerical child abuse, the book traces the «systemic betrayal of the great Christian commandment to love one another» back through Irish history and into the heart of Catholic theology. It argues that the theology that transformed the «cult» of early Christianity into a great civilising power was implicated in the development of an authoritarian regime, and that this regime was undermining the faith and fostering interest in alternative spiritualities for decades before the abuse scandals of the 1990s brought the Church to its knees.

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Tintti Klapuri

The book shows Chekhov in a new light, as a writer with a synthetic ethical worldview on which his poetics are based. The book’s key finding is that the temporal experience of modernity lies at the centre of Chekhov’s work. This conclusion is reached by comparing the ways in which modern temporality is represented in the different genres in which Chekhov wrote, from the non-fictional Sakhalin Island to his short fiction and drama. In terms of methodology, the book combines the historiographical and sociological views of modernity as based on a certain understanding of time with Mikhail Bakhtin’s concept of the chronotope.

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Linguistische Beiträge zur Slavistik

XXIV. JungslavistInnen-Treffen in Köln, 17.-19. September 2015


Edited by Anastasia Bauer and Daniel Bunčić

Dieser Band dokumentiert das XXIV. JungslavistInnen-Treffen, das vom 17. bis zum 19. September 2015 an der Universität zu Köln stattfand. Wie gewohnt wurden auch auf diesem Treffen Themen aus den unterschiedlichsten (inhaltlichen wie methodischen) Bereichen der slavistischen Linguistik behandelt. Im Sammelband finden sich daher genderlinguistische und kulturwissenschaftliche Beiträge ebenso wie aktuelle slavistische Arbeiten zur Syntax, Semantik, Psycho-, Kontakt- und Gebärdensprachlinguistik. Damit liefert der Band mit 11 Beiträgen einen guten Überblick über die aktuelle linguistische Forschung der deutschsprachigen Slavistik.

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"Kontaminierte Landschaften"

Mitteleuropa inmitten von Krieg und Totalitarismus. Eine exemplarische Bestandsaufnahme anhand von literarischen Texten

Edited by Alexander Höllwerth

Der Band befasst sich mit dem schweren Erbe von Krieg und Totalitarismus in Mitteleuropa. Er enthält die Texte von 21 Autorinnen und Autoren aus Tschechien, Polen, Ungarn, Österreich und Deutschland. Diese gehen in ihren Beiträgen der Frage nach, welche Rolle der Literatur bei der Aufarbeitung der Traumata der Vergangenheit zukommt. Besprochen werden die Werke zeitgenössischer Autoren wie Pollack, Weber, Bodor, Topol, Sabuschko u. a. sowie von Autoren, die aus unmittelbarer Zeitzeugenschaft heraus schreiben (Wojdowski, Buczkowski). Dabei soll auch aufgezeigt werden, welchen Beitrag die Literatur bei der Durchbrechung national beschränkter Erinnerungskulturen hin zu einer transkulturellen (mittel-)europäischen Erzählung leisten kann. Gerade heute ist dieses Thema wieder hochaktuell.

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Der Kosmos als Vorbild und Lehrmeister

Studien über den Raum-Zeit-Diskurs in der römischen Lebenswelt

Marion Achenbach-Kosse

Während heute die meisten Menschen keinen Gedanken daran verschwenden, dass sich unser irdischer Wohnort mit mehr als 1000 km/h um die eigene Achse dreht, reichte das Wissen um dieses ständige Bewegtwerden bei den Römern bis in den Alltag: Für Vitruv ist das rotierende Weltall der Prototyp aller mechanischen Einrichtungen.

In die römische Lebenswelt gelangte das Wissen über das Raum-Zeit-Modell der griechischen Astronomie, dem Platons Erkenntniseuphorie zu religiösem Charakter verholfen hatte, durch die paideia. Allerdings war der Prozess von der Wissensgewinnung bis zur Wissensrepräsentation keine Einbahnstraße: Die Deutungsmuster griechischer Welterklärung wurden durch Texte und Artefakte nicht einfach reproduziert, sondern an veränderte Bedürfnisse angepasst. Aus tradierten und neuen wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen, religiösen Überzeugungen, politischen Notwendigkeiten und dem Wunsch nach Zurschaustellung des eigenen Kulturkapitals entstand im öffentlichen wie im privaten Bereich ein komplexer Diskurs über Raum und Zeit.

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A Mirror on the High Road

Chapters from the History of Social Research in Poland


Antoni Sułek

The book is a collection of articles and essays devoted to important studies conducted by Polish sociologists in the course of more than a hundred years. It displays not only the discipline’s scholarship but also the society studied, with its questions and problems, from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century, from partition times through the interwar period to the Great Depression, and then from real socialism to the fall of communism and the systemic transformation toward democracy. In this sense, sociological research is Stendhal’s "mirror carried along a high road", where Polish society parades. The findings have been important sources for the social history of Poland.

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Müge Arslan

The intestine (and the gut microbiota), often referred to as the «real brain» of the body, has been implicated in a wide range of diseases, including obesity, and diet has a direct impact on intestinal health. While bloating, flatulence and constipation seem like routine, everyday symptoms, one cannot deny the significant societal burden they impart partly through their effect on the quality of life and partly through the medical and surgical costs they incur on patients desperate to improve symptoms.

This book discusses irritable bowel syndrome, which is accompanied by complaints of bloating, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea, from which many people routinely suffer. Furthermore, it presents treatment methods, e.g., dietary and nutritional approaches, and recommendations to change lifestyle and manage digestive symptoms.

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Chinese New Media Cultures in Transition

Weibo and the Carnivalesque

Minghua Wu

Chinese New Media Cultures in Transition: Weibo and the Carnivalesque is an important contribution to international scholarship on Chinese social media and its role in empowering ordinary Chinese netizens to challenge and influence government and mainstream media policies and practices in ways not possible prior to the widespread availability of digital media. This book develops a new model for understanding Chinese netizens’ model of participation in online discussions—Carnivalesque Participatory Discourse—that integrates Bakhtin’s concept of Carnivalesque discourse with concepts drawn from the Chinese cultural context, Weiguan and Meizhi. The model is then applied to case studies of three different major social media events in China, illustrating the usefulness of the model and illuminating scholarly understanding of the features and social-political significance of Chinese online discourse. Chinese New Media Cultures in Transition demonstrates that participating in online discourse and communities in China that are not explicitly political but are playful and humorous can lead to citizen empowerment.