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Transmission and Transgression

The History of Rock 'n' Roll on Television


Gary Kenton

When MTV (Music Television channel) was established in 1981, an executive claimed that they had "integrated the most powerful forces in our two decades, TV and rock ‘n’ roll." In fact, this problematic relationship began in the mid-1950s, when the advent of rock ‘n’ roll represented a musical and cultural revolution. The backlash against the music and the youth culture from which it emanated, described here as "rockaphobia," was reflected in a process of adulteration, racism, and co-optation by television programmers, spearheaded by American Bandstand. This interplay between rock ‘n’ roll and television played a significant role in alienating baby boomers from the mainstream, motivating them to create their own counter-cultural identity. This social migration helped to delineate the boundaries that would be identified in the 1960s as the generation gap.

Transmission and Transgression uses an interdisciplinary approach informed by Media Ecology, the theoretical framework which recognizes that each communication technology, or medium, creates its own unique environment independent of content. This analysis allows the author to identify inherent technological and sensory incompatibilities between the medium of television and the cultural practice of rock ‘n’ roll, and to place these tensions within the broader shift of physiological emphasis from the traditional, tribal world dominated by the ear to the modern world which privileges the eye.

Even in its remediated, diluted form, rock music has occupied a significant niche on television, and this book is the most comprehensive summary, celebration, and analysis of that history.

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Antonio Garcia and Rex Butler

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Žižek Studies

The Greatest Hits (So Far)


Edited by David J. Gunkel and Paul A. Taylor

Žižek Studies: The Greatest Hits (So Far) assembles and presents the best work published in the field of Žižek Studies over the last ten years, providing teachers, students, and researchers with a carefully curated volume of leading-edge scholarship addressing the unique and sometimes eclectic work of Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek. The chapters included in this collection have been rigorously tested in and culled from the (virtual) pages of the International Journal of Žižek Studies, a leading open access journal that began publication in 2007, and are organized into three sections or subject areas where Žižek and his seemingly indefatigable efforts have had significant impact: philosophy, politics, and popular culture. As a "greatest hits," the book offers the long-time fan and uninitiated newcomer alike a comprehensive overview of the wide-range of opportunity in the field of Žižek studies and a remarkable collection of truly interdisciplinary "hits" from a diverse set of innovative and accomplished writers.

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Aspekte kultureller Identität

Beiträge zur Kulturgeschichte der deutschsprachigen Minderheit in Kroatien


Edited by Thomas Möbius, Ivana Jozić, Melita Aleksa Varga, Leonard Pon and Ivana Šarić Šokčević

Zwischen dem 18. und 20. Jahrhundert lebten im heutigen Staatsgebiet Kroatiens zahlreiche deutsche Emigranten. Zwischen ihnen und der kroatischen Mehrheitsbevölkerung fanden z.T. intensive kulturelle Austauschprozesse statt. Im zweiten Band zu dem vom DAAD geförderten internationalen Forschungsprojekt werden Ergebnisse zur Erforschung einzelner Aspekte des regionalen deutschsprachigen Presse-, Theater- und Schulwesens vorgelegt. In einzelnen Beiträgen aus diesem Band wird auf den regen Kontakt zwischen deutscher und kroatischer Sprache und Kultur im Bereich des landwirtschaftlichen Wortschatzes, der gymnasialen Schulordnung, aber auch der Philosophie, Literatur und Theaterpoetik sowie Theaterkritik hingewiesen.

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Information und Wissen – Beiträge zum transdisziplinären Diskurs

Beiträge des Symposions in Berlin am 21. und 22. April 2016


Edited by Kristina Pelikan and Thorsten Roelcke

Information und Wissen stellen einen wesentlichen sozialen, kulturellen und ökonomischen Faktor der Gesellschaft dar. In dem Band, der auf ein Symposion 2016 in Berlin zurückgeht, werden sie aus erkenntnis-, informations- und sprachtheoretischer Perspektive diskutiert. Schwerpunkte bilden dabei: Grundsätzliche Überlegungen zu Information und Wissen, das Fehlen von und Zweifel an Wissen, Quantität und Qualität von Information aus dem Internet, Zusammenhänge zwischen Wissen und Sprache.

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Major Theories of Media Effects

Analysis and Evaluation

W. James Potter

In Major Theories of Media Effects, six major theories of media effects are thoroughly analyzed and then evaluated to construct a picture of the current state of knowledge in the scholarly field of media effects. These six theories are cultivation, agenda setting, framing, uses and gratifications, social learning, and third person effect. Each of these six theories is examined in detail using fourteen analytical dimensions organized into four categories: how the theory was originally conceptualized, its original components, patterns of empirical testing of its claims, and how the theory has developed over time. The theories are then compared and contrasted along five evaluation dimensions (scope, precision, heuristic value, empirical validity, and openness), plus one summary evaluative dimension that compares their overall utility to generating knowledge about media effects. The insights generated through these analyses and evaluations are used to address questions such as: "What is a theory?"; "Who qualifies as a theoretician?"; and, "Within the scholarly field of media effects, why are there so many theories yet so little theory usage as foundations for empirical studies?"

Concise and accessible analyses of major media effects theories—alongside helpful reference lists that handily index important literature in the field—make Major Theories of Media Effects both a vital reference for scholars and a valuable textbook for graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in media studies.

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Narrativas periféricas

Historia e historiografía del exilio español en México


Iliana Olmedo

Las historias de la literatura española y mexicana, bajo el uso de criterios nacionales, aislaron, marginaron o ignoraron la creación de los intelectuales del exilio español de 1939. Este libro evalúa con inteligencia y profundidad las condiciones sociales, políticas y culturales que conformaron este contexto, para determinar las causas y consecuencias de esta exclusión. Analiza, así, los factores que determinan y construyen la historiografía literaria, tanto de México como de España. A partir del caso paradigmático de Luisa Carnés y Paulino Masip, dos narradores del exilio español en México, cuestiona los criterios tradicionales usados en la escritura de las historias nacionales de la literatura. Del mismo modo, valora las políticas de memoria, surgidas después del fin del franquismo, implicadas en la restitución de los exiliados como autores españoles, para valorar la incidencia del entorno en la formación del canon literario. Así, propone la apertura de este canon, para dar lugar a un diálogo más amplio y rico acerca del exilio español en los dos escenarios donde actúa: México y España, cuya comunidad va más allá de la lengua.

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William L. Benoit and Mark J. Glantz

This book offers content analyses of the 2016 presidential candidate campaign messages from the primary and the general election. The chapters examine both new (Twitter, Facebook) and traditional (TV spots, debates, speeches) media employed in this contest. This allows comparison of campaign phases (primary versus general), candidates (Republican primary and Democratic primary candidates; general election candidates), and message forms. The results are compared with data from analyses of previous presidential campaigns.

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M. Alroy Mascrenghe

Samson as God’s Adulterous Wife reveals striking parallels between the depiction of Samson in the Book of Judges and the prophetic literature’s metaphorical representations of Israel as an adulterous woman. This book endeavors to understand why Judges dwells on Samson’s sexual and romantic relationships while the personal lives of the other six judges are not afforded the same narrative attention. M. Alroy Mascrenghe compares adulterous Samson with idolatrous Israel and argues that Samson’s life is marked by the same cycles of adultery, bondage, crying out, and deliverance that structure the Book of Judges as a whole. Mascrenghe continues to pursue the theme of God’s adulterous wife through a comparison of the Levite-concubine story of Judges 19 to that of Hosea and Gomer.

Samson as God’s Adulterous Wife demonstrates the author’s own method for recognizing intertextual allusion, based on insights drawn from the field of software engineering. Drawing from a wide variety of disciplines—including narratology, software engineering, and theological hermeneutics—Samson as God’s Adulterous Wife offers a fresh perspective on the role of the Samson story within the broader intertextual thematic space of the Hebrew Bible.

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Teatralidades del conflicto armado en Colombia

Dramaturgia de las víctimas

Adriana Sánchez Gutiérrez

En momentos de crisis y conflictos políticos nacionales, el teatro se reconfigura como una de las artes que denuncia, devela e ilustra los quiebres sociales de un país. En esos términos, la dramaturgia en Colombia empodera nuevas estéticas en donde el ciudadano deviene protagonista de la escena, defendiendo derechos humanos y civiles que le han sido negados por el Estado. A partir de ese contexto, este libro analiza la producción de cuatro dramaturgos colombianos para descubrir cómo el cuerpo de las víctimas es representado en la escena y cuáles son las estéticas que se proponen en torno a los casos de desaparición forzada, ejecuciones extrajudiciales, desplazamientos, genocidios y masacres. Crímenes que, hasta el 2018, en el marco de un proceso de reparación y restitución a las víctimas, cuentan con más de ocho millones de casos en donde menos del cinco por ciento ha recibido condena por parte del Estado. En este estudio se propone el concepto de cuerpos-no-ausentes para entender la presencia corpo-política de las víctimas en la escena de las obras de Patricia Ariza, Felipe Vergara, Carlos Satizábal y Nohora Ayala.