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Das Jahr des Schwertes


Edited by Dorothea Weltecke

Im Rahmen des 100-jährigen Gedenkens an den Völkermord an den Aramäern veranstaltete die Forschungsstelle für Aramäische Studien vom 29.-30. Mai 2015 die Tagung „Der Genozid an der aramäischen Gemeinschaft (ost- und westsyrische Christen) im Osmanischen Reich sowie im osmanisch besetzten Iran (1914-1918)" an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Dieser Sammelband beinhaltet Beiträge der Teilnehmer der Tagung und thematisiert verschiedene Felder der Erforschung des Genozids. Sie beleuchten den Völkermord an den syrischen Christen im Osmanischen Reich, die Rolle deutscher Missionen beim Völkermord, sowie Erinnerungsdiskurse der Nachfahren in der Diaspora heute. Der Band erschließt somit verschiedene Felder für die Erforschung des Genozids.

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Edited by Eamon Maher and Eugene O'Brien

This collection of essays explores the concept of patrimoine, a French word used to denote cultural heritage, traditional customs and practices – the Gaelic equivalent is dúchas – and the extent to which it impacts on France and Ireland. Borrowing from disciplines as varied as sociology, cultural theory, literature, marketing, theology, history, musicology and business, the contributors to the volume unearth interesting manifestations of how patrimoine resonates across cultural divides and bestows uniqueness and specificity on countries and societies, sometimes in a subliminal manner.

Issues covered include debt as heritage, Guinness as a cultural icon of «Irishness», faith-based tourism, the Huguenot heritage in Ireland, Irish musical inheritances since Independence, Skellig Michael and the commodification of Irish culture.

With a Foreword by His Excellency M. Stéphane Crouzat, French Ambassador to Ireland, this collection breaks new ground in assessing the close links between France and Ireland, links that will become all the more important in light of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.

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Edited by Hülya Yaldir and Mirza Iqbal Ashraf

The magnetism of modernity has remained human being’s passion since his earliest days. A born thinker, philosopher, scientist, and discoverer, he has cognized to define his identity by shaping it according to his contemporary period. Liberating himself from the deterministic modes of his existence and viewing to be no more at the mercy of biological and natural forces, he endeavors to weave the tapestry of his life with his own hands. This book epistemically reveals the mind of contemporary time, tools of cutting-edge technology, and ideas of socio-philosophy by the thinkers of modern age, who have revealed their experiences of diverse aspects of human being’s existence and his identity in today’s age of artificial intelligence.

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Médecine et santé dans les campagnes

Approches historiques et enjeux contemporains


Edited by Patrick Fournier, Claude Grimmer and Marie Bolton

Les territoires ruraux font l’objet de préoccupations spécifiques en matière de santé : souvent considérés comme des « déserts médicaux », ils attirent de plus en plus l’attention des pouvoirs publics. La réalité est complexe et diversifiée en fonction de multiples paramètres. L’objet de cet ouvrage collectif est de comprendre les processus historiques qui ont contribué à façonner les relations entre les populations des campagnes, les soignants et les autorités de toutes natures. Différents éclairages permettent de comprendre les évolutions survenues depuis la Renaissance. À partir d’exemples principalement français et européens, mais aussi d’études de territoires colonisés et dominés, les auteurs s’interrogent sur les formes de la médicalisation à l’œuvre dans les campagnes : présence de médecins et d’autres personnels de soins, création de structures spécifiques, relations sanitaires entre villes et campagnes, apports des campagnes au savoir médical... En définitive, c’est la notion de territoire rural de santé qui est questionnée. Des ouvertures sur la situation contemporaine permettent de réfléchir à la pérennité des héritages et à l’ampleur des (r)évolutions en cours.



The countryside presents specific issues to consider when studying health care. Often termed "medical deserts," rural areas have increasingly become a focus of concern for public administrators. Multiple parameters demonstrate its complex and diversified reality. This collection seeks to understand the historical processes that have contributed to the development of relationships between rural populations, health care providers, and various authorities. A variety of perspectives illuminate the diverse changes that have occurred since the Renaissance. Through an examination of primarily French and European but also colonial examples, the authors investigate various forms of medicalization at work in rural areas: the presence of doctors and other health care providers, creation of specific health care structures, relationships between rural and urban areas in terms of health issues, contributions by country dwellers to medical knowledge, and so forth. The very notion of health care as specific to the countryside is questioned. The status of rural medicine and health care in present times is also addressed to reflect both on continuities with the past and the scope of changes to come.

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Minderheiten in der slawischen Welt

Sprachkontakte und kulturelle Identitäten


Edited by Anna Kretschmer, Gerhard Neweklowsky, Stefan Michael Newerkla and Fedor Poljakov

Die im Buch versammelten Beiträge stellen Ergebnisse eines internationalen Symposiums zu sprachlichen und kulturellen Identitäten der Slavia im Wandel der Zeit dar und setzen sich vornehmlich anhand zahlreicher Beispiele aus der Geschichte und Gegenwart mit der Rolle slawischer Minderheiten in der Staatenlandschaft Europas auseinander.

Das Buch schließt an den vorangehenden Band 4 der Reihe Philologica Slavica Vindobonensia an und diskutiert aktuelle Ansätze im Bereich der gegenwärtigen slavistischen Forschung zu Mehr- und Minderheiten. Neben theoretischen und methodologischen Fragestellungen werden insbesondere auch philologische und kulturwissenschaftliche Probleme erörtert.

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Textimmanente Wahrnehmung bei Gajto Gazdanov

Sinne und Emotion als motivische und strukturelle Schnittstelle zwischen Subjekt und Weltbild


Ingeborg Jandl

Sinne und Emotion bilden das Prisma jeder Selbst- und Welterfahrung und prägen die im Individuum verankerte Subjektivität. Der russische Emigrationsschriftsteller Gajto Gazdanov (1903-1971) rückt Wahrnehmungen so stark in den Vordergrund, dass die Handlung oft von einem Übermaß an Deskription in den Hintergrund gedrängt wird. Diese Studie beleuchtet Motive sinnlicher und emotionaler Erfahrung unter Berücksichtigung interdisziplinärer Konzepte aus Psychologie, Psychoanalyse, Philosophie und den Naturwissenschaften und fragt nach der Systematik ihrer motivischen Repräsentation, ihrer Wechselbeziehung sowie eines davon abzuleitenden Weltbilds. Das Forschungsfeld eröffnet Zugang zu Mechanismen der empirischen Realität, was auch für andere Disziplinen neue Perspektiven und Erkenntnisse verspricht.

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Italian World Heritage

Studi di letteratura e cultura italiana / Studien zur italienischen Literatur und Kultur (1300-1650)


Christoph Mayer, Grazia Dolores Folliero-Metz, Mariateresa Girardi and Susanne Gramatzki

L’Italia comunale e rinascimentale ha ricoperto un ruolo precursore nella formazione dell’Europa moderna, per quanto riguarda il costituirsi sia delle strutture e istituzioni europee che delle singole culture nazionali. Ancora oggi è vitale il valore fondativo delle esperienze culturali elaborate nel ‘Rinascimento lungo’ della storia d’Italia, in specie nell’ambito letterario e artistico, specifico della stessa identità e civiltà italiana.

Italienisch- und deutschsprachige Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler gehen in diesem Band gemeinsam der Frage nach, welche kulturellen Ideen Italien in Mittelalter und Renaissance als wegweisend für Europa hervorgebracht hat und in welcher Weise die vielfältigen literarischen und künstlerischen Projekte aus der Ideenfabrik Italien heute noch aktuell sind.

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Living by the Golden Rule: Mentor – Scholar – World Citizen

A Festschrift for Wolfgang Mieder’s 75th Birthday

Edited by Andreas Nolte and Dennis Mahoney

This Festschrift for Wolfgang Mieder, preeminent paremiologist and folklorist, combines personal tributes and scholarly papers by colleagues, friends, and former students – presented in three categories that address his roles as a mentor, scholar, and world citizen over many decades.

The central scholarly section likewise consists of three parts. The papers dealing with proverbs examine them as patterns, stereotypes, rhetorical devices, media for self-enchantment, and means of allusion in works by Tolstoy, Solzhenitsyn, Chukovskaya, and Kempowski. A second group deals with fairy-tale motifs in literary works by Lehmann, Rabinowich, and Hummel. A third section includes topics ranging from James Bond to Stephen King, from runaway slaves to the Holocaust, and literature as cultural ecology.

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The NEUROGES® Analysis System for Nonverbal Behavior and Gesture

The Complete Research Coding Manual including an Interactive Video Learning Tool and Coding Template

Hedda Lausberg

The NEUROGES® analysis system is an objective and reliable interdisciplinary research tool for analysis of body movement and gesture. The system has been field-tested on more than 500 individuals from cultures of five continents, including healthy adults and children as well as individuals with mental illness or brain damage, and further, on non-human primates.

Following up on the first book on theoretical background of the NEUROGES® system, which was published in 2013, this book contains the complete coding manual for the application of the system in research including an interactive video learning tool with video examples of all NEUROGES® hand movement and gesture types, training videos, and a template file for the Multimedia Annotator ELAN.

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Forfatterens individuelle estetikk i gjendiktning

Wisława Szymborska og Czesław Miłosz i norske oversettelser


Aleksandra Wilkus-Wyrwa

The book poses a question about the functioning of the individual aesthetic features of a writer in the translation. The author examines this multi-faceted problem from the comparative perspective, analyzing the poetry of Wisława Szymborska and Czesław Miłosz translated to the Norwegian language. Two novel analytical models were used, first based on the Walter Benjamin’s concept of aura and the second based on the poet-translator’s phenomenon.

Szymborska’s translators had a lot of problems with the lexical-semantic and cultural code contained in her poetry. On the other hand, Paal Brekke, an influential Norwegian writer, applied in his translations of Miłosz’ poetry many solutions closely related to his own literary aesthetics, thus changing the original form of the poems.