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Unigenitus Dei Filius

25 Texte und Biographien zur Verdammungsbulle gegen Pasquier Quesnel (1713)


Christoph Weber

Die Verdammung des jansenistischen Theologen Pasquier Quesnel durch Papst Clemens XI. fand scharfen Widerspruch bei vielen französischen Autoren. Hier werden zentrale Texte dieser Kritik zusammen mit 15 Lebensläufen der Opponenten erstmals übersichtlich zusammengeführt.

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Soul Travel

Spiritual Journeys in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Edited by Jennifer Hillman and Elizabeth Tingle

This volume is an edited collection of original essays on spiritual travel in medieval and early modern Europe. Pilgrimage was a central feature of medieval and early modern Christianity. But holy travel was not only a physical act, it was also an interior disposition and a spiritual process. From at least the late Antique period, the life of a Christian was understood allegorically as a journey towards heaven. Also, many people could not travel: enclosed orders of monks and nuns, men and women with responsibilities tying them to localities, the sick and frail. Virtual travel was instead their recourse to the sacred sites. Thus spiritual pilgrimage, instead of or alongside physical pilgrimage, became prominent in medieval Europe and survived the Reformation in both Protestant and Catholic traditions.

These essays show that this experience took many forms: a lively imagining of a journey with holy people or to holy places; an «out-of-body» experience such as the revelations of St Bridget of Sweden; guided journeys; meditations upon holy places such as Jerusalem; and travel in reconstructed landscapes, from the Monti Sacri reconstitutions to convent churches. The volume includes an historiographical introduction by the editors and nine case studies of spiritual journeys, drawn from across the late medieval and early modern periods and from different regions of Europe.

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World War II Re-explored

Some New Millenium Studies in the History of the Global Conflict

Edited by Jarosław Suchoples, Stephanie James and Barbara Törnquist-Plewa

This volume is a collection of thirty papers written by authors from around the world. The writers focus on topics related to their own research interests. As a result, readers obtain a worldwide perspective on World War II from academics working on nearly every continent, proving that World War II was, probably, the first ever truly global experience for humanity. Present are many and different perspectives on the war. Eighty years after the end of World War II, these academics share their knowledge and reflections about a gruesome, but still not very remote time. In the new millennium, their studies should remind readers that the ‘end of history’ has been an impossible illusion and warn that peace and stability in international relations are not a given.

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Sicherheit Denken

Entspannungspolitik auf der Zweiten Ebene 1969-1990

Sabine Loewe-Hannatzsch

Gerade wegen der Abkühlung des sowjetisch-amerikanischen Verhältnisses entwickelten sich die Beziehungen zwischen ost- und westdeutschen Instituten für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik in den 1970er und 1980er Jahren beträchtlich weiter. Beide deutsche Staaten blieben sowohl an einem bi- wie multilateralen Entspannungsprozess über die Blockgrenzen hinweg interessiert und führten diesen teils auch gegen die explizit formulierten Erwartungen der jeweiligen Hegemonialmacht fort. Die Analyse greift sowohl den Perzeptionswandel einer deutsch-deutschen epistemic community als auch die sicherheits- und militärpolitischen Aspekte der Beziehungen zwischen Bonn und Ostberlin auf. Die Autorin holt somit die Bedeutung multilateraler Sicherheitspolitik in die Geschichte der Wiedervereinigung zurück und präsentiert eine neue Dimension der gegenseitigen Beeinflussung nicht nur der Institute sondern auch der Politikelite allgemein.

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Tragedy and History

The German Influence on Raymond Aron’s Political Thought

Scott B. Nelson

This work examines the cohesion of Raymond Aron’s political thought and argues that its unifying principles are to be found in certain intellectual problems he came upon early in life through his study of German thought. These problems consist of the relation between man and history, knowledge and action, and philosophy and politics. They are explored in three intertwined facets of Aron’s thought – History, Sociology, and Praxeology – which are elaborated by setting Aron in dialogue with three key German thinkers: Dilthey, Marx, and Weber respectively. This work argues that the roots of Aron’s political thought reach back to the 1930s and that his ongoing meditation on the philosophical problems raised at that time endure and provide the framework for his thought for the rest of his life.

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Une certaine idée de la France… et du monde

Charles de Gaulle à travers ses décorations

Edited by Tom Dutheil, Anne de Chefdebien and Vladimir Trouplin

Les ordres et décorations sont des doubles miroirs où se reflètent l’histoire des hommes et de leur temps. L’intégralité des ordres et décorations français et étrangers reçus par Charles de Gaulle durant sa vie, exposée au musée de l’Ordre de la Libération, aux Invalides, en témoigne et résume fidèlement la personnalité hors du commun du « plus illustre des Français ». Cet ensemble exceptionnel fait l’objet pour la première fois d’une étude scientifique basée sur le dépouillement des archives françaises et étrangères et mettant à contribution historiens et spécialistes internationaux de phaléristique.

Dans la galerie des grands hommes qui ont façonné l’histoire de France, le général de Gaulle occupe une place particulière. Le libérateur du territoire, le fondateur de la Ve République, a été décoré à la fois comme officier à titre militaire et comme chef de l’État. Réformateur infatigable, on lui doit la refonte du code de la Légion d’honneur et la création de trois nouvelles récompenses nationales : l’ordre de la Libération, la médaille de la Résistance française et l’ordre national du Mérite. Le premier président de la Ve République fut aussi le tenant d’une ambitieuse politique étrangère visant à préserver l’indépendance de la France et à accroître son prestige. Les honneurs étrangers qui lui ont été conférés, ou non, en sont le reflet.

Décerner une décoration est l’une des dimensions les plus symboliques de l’exercice du pouvoir. Assurément, sur cet aspect comme dans d’autres, Charles de Gaulle se faisait « une certaine idée de la France » et du monde.

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From Empire to Republic

The Role of American Missionaries in US-Ottoman Empire Relations and their Educational Legacy

Hacer Bahar

This book focuses on American missionary activities in the Ottoman Empire. After the construction of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mission in 1810, American missionaries started to spread the Gospel around the world. The Ottoman Empire was perceived as a strategic place since it occupied Jerusalem. By the time they arrived, American missionaries found a weak central authority. Some of the Ottoman officials considered that Westernization of the public institutions in the Empire could strengthen central authority. In order to protect its integrity, the Ottoman Empire started to grant freedoms to the minorities. After gaining liberties, American Missionaries further strengthened their position in the Empire. This book analyzes the strong image of American missionary schools through Robert College which was established in 1863. Robert College which reflects American ideals, preserves its distinguished place to this day.

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Vietnamese in Poland

From Socialist Fraternity to the Global Capitalism Era


Grażyna Szymańska-Matusiewicz

The world order that emerged after the Second World War resulted in the formation of rather unexpected connections between Poland and Vietnam, two middle-sized countries located on opposite sides of the globe. The mobility induced by "socialist fraternity" student exchange programs resulted in the emergence of the largest non-European migrant community in Poland already after the collapse of the Soviet Bloc. Basing on multi-sited anthropological fieldwork conducted in Poland, Vietnam, and the Internet, the author provides nuanced picture of Vietnamese migrant community, focusing on evolution of resources transferred by the migrants during particular periods of history. The main question posed in the book is the durability of Cold War era patterns of human mobility in the current era of "global capitalism".

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Jo Renee Formicola

This book shows how Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI mandated many confused, inconsistent, and misguided policies on clerical sexual abuse; actions that ultimately hindered the implementation of effective reforms to alleviate the crisis that has enveloped the Catholic Church for the last two decades. It also examines the possibility of authentic change by articulating the positive outreach of Pope Francis to the victims of abuse, his attempts at institutional atonement, as well as his struggles to implement systematic actions for the protection of young people.

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Narrating Otherness in Poland and Sweden

European Heritage as a Discourse of Inclusion and Exclusion


Edited by Krzysztof Kowalski, Łucja Piekarska-Duraj and Barbara Törnquist-Plewa

The book studies how multiple representations of the Other are constructed, Europeanized and used in Poland and Sweden in various heritage related contexts (museums, cities, war cemeteries, commemoration sites etc.) in the second decade of the 21st century. In a more general sense, the authors raise the question of how otherness (in terms of culture, ethnicity, class, gender, etc.) is constructed and leads to its social inclusion, domestication, marginalization or – increasingly common in Scandinavian and Central European peripheries – exclusion.