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Narrating Otherness in Poland and Sweden

European Heritage as a Discourse of Inclusion and Exclusion


Edited by Krzysztof Kowalski, Łucja Piekarska-Duraj and Barbara Törnquist-Plewa

The book studies how multiple representations of the Other are constructed, Europeanized and used in Poland and Sweden in various heritage related contexts (museums, cities, war cemeteries, commemoration sites etc.) in the second decade of the 21st century. In a more general sense, the authors raise the question of how otherness (in terms of culture, ethnicity, class, gender, etc.) is constructed and leads to its social inclusion, domestication, marginalization or – increasingly common in Scandinavian and Central European peripheries – exclusion.

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Power and Primacy

A History of Western Intervention in the Asia-Pacific

A.B. Abrams

Today the Asia-Pacific region stands on the verge of major change, with centuries of western dominated regional order being seriously challenged and quite possibly nearing its end. The emergence of a potential new order dominated by regional rather than extra-regional powers - an «Asia for the Asiatics» in the words of Japan’s pan-Asian scholars - means it is now more than ever essential to understand the history of the current western-dominated system, the full implications should it continue and the nature of the West’s intentions towards the region.

This book undertakes the task of elucidating the complex and little-known history of western intervention in the Asia-Pacific, providing information critical to understanding contemporary developments

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Edited by Ian Cawood and Lisa Peters

The provincial newspaper was read by peers, politicians and the proletariat alike. It is striking, however, how limited a range of newspapers and journals are offered for analysis in most historical studies of the political media in modern Britain. The predominance of the London political press and Punch in academic discourse appears to derive largely from the easy availability of these papers and journals to modern scholars rather than their actual distribution and popularity. Consequently, there has been hitherto a distinct lack of attention given to the British regional press by historians. This collection aims to correct this imbalance by investigating the development, maturation and persistence of the provincial political press in the British Isles in the modern era. Chapters covering aspects of the Irish, Yorkshire, Welsh, Scottish and Midlands political press are included to ensure a representative geographical spread of provincial Britain. These chapters cover previously neglected aspects of print culture, political literacy and reading practices across the regions of Britain in the late eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to offer an introduction to research in this burgeoning field of study.
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The Remaking of the Euro-Mediterranean Vision

Challenging Eurocentrism with Local Perceptions in the Middle East and North Africa


Edited by Aybars Görgülü and Gülşah Dark Kahyaoğlu

This edited collection is a timely and in-depth perception analysis of Euro-Mediterranean relations and the EU policy actions towards the Mediterranean region.

The book takes as its departure point the recent geopolitical developments in the Middle East and North Africa, urging the renewal of a Euro-Mediterranean partnership while challenging the ‘Eurocentric orientation of EU policies’ – a critical factor which explains why the EU has been unable to adjust its policies to the region’s fast-changing complexities.

The volume subsequently introduces the findings of an elite survey conducted between 2017–2018 with local stakeholders in 9 countries in the Mediterranean. The findings and policy recommendations presented in the book aim to contribute to making EU policies more responsive to major challenges in the region, more flexible on the multilateral and the bilateral level and more inclusive of key stakeholders.

This book will interest EU policy-makers, civil society, academics and researchers on EU policy, as well as IR experts in general.

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Edited by Joachim Beck

In the context of European integration, cross-border cooperation has become increasingly important. Following both the quantitative and qualitative expansion of this policy-field, it has repeatedly been the subject of scientific analysis in the past. However, as a result of the classical differentiation of the scientific system, it was mostly viewed from a monodisciplinary perspective. This publication aims at the foundation of a trans-disciplinary research approach in the field of European cross-border cooperation. It takes the multi-dimensional reality of practical territorial cooperation in Europe as a starting point and develops a transdisciplinary scientific approach. Based on a common analytic frame of reference, practical patterns of cross-border policy-making in different European border regions are analyzed from the integrated theoretical perspectives of various scientific disciplines: Political Science, Geography, Sociology, History, Law, Cultural Sciences and Socio-Linguistics, Economics and Administrative Science. The scientific conceptualizations are expanded by reports from practitioners coming from different institutional and functional levels of European cross-border policy-making.

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Communism – Legitimacy – Nationalism

Nationalist Legitimization of the Communist Regime in Poland


Marcin Zaremba

This book is devoted to the issue of nationalism in the latest Polish history and presents the subject on the basis of an enormous amount of source files left by the Polish United Workers Party. The work is a substantial input into the knowledge on People’s Poland which shows with precision how the Polish communists used nationalistic arguments to legitimize and validate the system of power introduced by them. The author researches the fascinating source material with the help of a new and innovative concept.

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Antonella Campanini

More than a thousand years pass between the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the discovery of America. In that long stretch of time, European food cultures at first very distant from one another begin to interact in ways that will come to transform all of them. With the circulation of men, products, words, and ideas, the continent forges a substantially unified identity. This volume takes the reader on a journey among ingredients, recipes, customs, and choices as we move in the company of kings and peasants, distinguished figures – noblemen, ambassadors, bishops, and popes – scientists and literati, cooks and artisans, and common men and women (a few, anyway). In other words, this is a journey that weaves its ways throughout the whole of society. Food – whether desired or denied, relished or rejected, global or local – is our key for understanding the slow road toward a unified European culture.

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Die süddeutsche Klosterlandschaft – Kultur, Religion, Politik und Umwelt

Unter Mitarbeit von Lisa Bauereisen und Christoph Gunkel

Edited by Wolfgang Wüst

Ob im Norden, Süden, Westen oder Osten – überall in der Bundesrepublik, Österreich und der Schweiz sind Ordensgemeinschaften beheimatet. Es sind Institutionen, die als Zentren der Einkehr, der Spiritualität und der tätigen Nächstenliebe in einem Netzwerk von Klosterorten und -stätten wirkten. Bis in das Reformationsjahrhundert spielten sie in Mittel- und Norddeutschland auch für die soziale Entwicklung eine beachtliche Rolle und gaben nachhaltige Initiativen für Kultur, Wissenschaft und Barmherzigkeit. Dieser Band beschäftigt sich nun insbesondere mit der süddeutschen Klosterlandschaft. Dabei rücken Schwerpunkte aus Kultur, Religion, Politik und Umwelt in den Fokus.

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Edited by Yves Denéchère

Si la jeunesse a joué un rôle important dans la construction des empires coloniaux, elle est également un enjeu essentiel des décolonisations et de leurs suites. Au second XXe siècle, les processus d’émancipation des peuples colonisés posent en effet avec force la question sociale et politique de l’enfance et de la jeunesse en contexte colonial et postcolonial, dans les pays devenus indépendants comme chez les anciens colonisateurs. L’intérêt de cet ouvrage est de mettre en avant les biopolitiques spécifiques aux enfants et aux jeunes qui ont émergé dans un ensemble complexe de questions politiques et diplomatiques, économiques et sociales, démographiques et populationnistes, philosophiques et religieuses. À l’instar des Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, il s’agit d’interroger les cultures postcoloniales et les articulations entre décolonisation et colonisation, notamment les prolongements de celle-ci dans celle-là. Pendant la décolonisation des empires français et belge et la construction de nouveaux États, les enfants et les jeunes ont été sujets de politiques voulues ou soutenues par des biopouvoirs et mises en œuvre par des protagonistes divers : armées, associations, humanitaires, colonialistes, nouvelles élites, militants, simples citoyens. Les archives publiques qui reflètent les différentes politiques menées ainsi que les sources écrites et orales d’associations ou d’autres organisations permettent de cerner les rôles d’acteurs non-étatiques. Les paroles, plus ou moins critiques, de celles et de ceux qui sont les premières personnes concernées par cette histoire – c’est-à-dire les enfants et les jeunes eux-mêmes – sont bien entendu également mobilisées.

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Etienne Thourneyser Basilea Genevensis

Archäologie eines Autors

Gisela Luginbühl-Weber

Edited by Simon Lauer

Der Schweizer Gelehrte Etienne Thourneyser (1715–1763) ist heute weitgehend unbekannt, obwohl sein Werk maßgeblichen Einfluss auf seine Zeitgenossen ausübte, darunter vor allem die Aufklärer Moses Mendelssohn, Johann Bernhard Basedow, Johann Kaspar Lavater und Gotthold Ephraim Lessing.

Thourneysers Publikation über die psychologische Notwendigkeit menschlichen Handelns mit dem Titel «Lettre d’un philosophe. Dans laquelle on prouve que l’athéisme et le déréglement des moeurs ne sauroient s’établir dans le système de la nécessité» (1752) wurde von Moses Mendelssohn noch 1783 als unübertroffen in der Debatte um Freiheit und Notwendigkeit bezeichnet.

Gisela Luginbühl-Weber widmet sich dem Schweizer Autoren mit dem Ziel, sein bahnbrechendes und zu Unrecht in Vergessenheit geratenes Werk zu dokumentieren.