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Breast Cancer Inside Out

Bodies, Biographies, & Beliefs

Edited by Kimberly R. Myers

Open access

Leith Morton

This book analyzes the literature that emerged from World War II. It also examines the literature that resulted from the two major earthquakes that have struck Japan over the course of over the last hundred years. The small number of volumes previously published examining the literature of war and earthquakes in Japan have almost always focused exclusively on fiction while this volume focuses mainly on poetry. This volume breaks new ground in its attempt to draw together and analyze the literature produced by these tragedies as a single phenomenon. It provides a new template for the literature of trauma produced by such events as the earthquake that accompanied the tsunami and nuclear meltdown in northeast Japan in 2011.

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Culture and Psychopathology

The Anthropology of Mental Illness

Georgi Onchev

The book sets itself the ambitious task of exploring the relationship between human culture and the phenomenon of mental illness, that which has embarrassed, fascinated, and challenged educated minds throughout the centuries. Various manifestations of this phenomenon are examined in specific cultural contexts, presented with notable competence, and illustrated with memorable descriptions of clinical cases. (…) The book and its author have many merits—the capacity to present a highly specialized subject in an intelligible, absorbing, and simultaneously profound manner; respectable erudition and academic self-discipline; and the notable skill of handling different domains of knowledge, among others. The most remarkable quality, however, is the author’s concern both for the reader—who is carefully led into quite unknown and still frightening territory—as well as for his protagonists, the mentally ill. All told, I believe that this book will be of interest not just to students of psychiatry, psychology, and anthropology, but also to a broader circle of readers who are excited by the wretched and admirable destiny of being human.

Haralan Alexandrov

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Das Verhältnis von Buddhismus und Politik in Sri Lanka

Narrative Kontinuität durch Traditionskonstruktion


Madlen Krüger

In Sri Lanka galt über Jahrhunderte das in buddhistischen Chroniken festgelegte Verhältnis zwischen König und Mönchsorden. Mit dem Wegfall des Königs im 19. Jh. wird die Verbindung von Buddhismus und Politik neu verhandelt. Einführend in die Diskussion zur Konstruktion von Tradition illustriert die Autorin, wie vor dem Hintergrund kolonialer Einflüsse und postkolonialer Umbrüche vorkoloniale Ordnungen, wie etwa die Verbindung von König – Mönchsorden – Volk, neuen Aushandlungsprozessen unterliegen. Im Fokus stehen religionspolitische Debatten, die seit der Unabhängigkeit 1948 bis zu den Präsidentschaftswahlen 2015 zwischen politisch aktiven Mönchen und den jeweiligen Regierungen oder Präsidenten geführt wurden. Die Autorin zeigt auf, wie Fragen nach den Aufgabenbereichen und Verantwortungen des Staates gegenüber dem Buddha Sāsana sowie den Zuständigkeiten und Pflichten der Mönche debattiert werden.

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New Approaches in Health Sciences

New Methods and Developments in Health Sciences

Edited by Gökhan Aba

New methods, new approaches and advanced technologies have started to be used for patients to gain access to less costly and more quality diagnosis and treatment services in a shorter time. This book, which includes new approaches in health sciences, has been written by successful and expert researchers who work in different health disciplines of health sciences.

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L’essentiel de la médiation

Le regards des sciences humaines et sociales

Edited by Michele De Gioia and Mario Marcon

Est-ce qu’un linguiste envisage la médiation de la même façon qu’un juriste ou un didacticien ? Est-ce que la médiation cognitive a quelque chose à voir avec la médiation interculturelle et la médiation institutionnelle ? Est-ce que le médiateur culturel, le médiateur social et le médiateur urbain exercent le même travail ? Lorsque la médiation apparaît dans des textes ou des discours, on saisit sommairement à quoi elle renvoie, d’autant plus que sa définition s’enrichit des connaissances, des compétences, des pratiques et des situations propres aux domaines qui la concernent.

Cet ouvrage questionne « l’essentiel de la médiation » suivant le regard des sciences humaines et sociales. Des scientifiques, experts, professionnels apportent des éclairages par une approche globalement pluridisciplinaire et quelquefois interdisciplinaire, à partir des sciences du langage, sciences de l’information et de la communication, sciences de l’éducation, sociologie, philosophie, droit. Leurs contributions mettent en lumière des traits conceptuels transdisciplinaires faisant consensus, dans le but de parvenir à une caractérisation conceptuelle à la fois transversale et autonome de la médiation.

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Revoke Ideology

Critical Constructionist Theory in the Human Sciences


Alipio DeSousa Filho

Edited by Jennifer Sarah Cooper

In these crooked times of chaotic and contradictory discourses in every social sphere, from politics to food production, "ideology" has become the buzzword to represent some solid structure on which to cling or under which to recoil, in an effort to understand reality. But how this structure is built and what it ultimately upholds – this is a primary focus of the Human Sciences. In this book, the author argues that in the Human Sciences, from its founders to contemporaries, a common premise is apparent: the fundamental property of all human-social reality is its character as something constructed. Through a vast set of analyses and reflections of his own, and by philosophers, psychologists, psychoanalysts, sociologists, anthropologists, neuroscientists and linguists, the author shows how this premise, applied, which he coins as critical constructionist theory, constitutes the fundamental theory of the Human Sciences. The book also traces how the main development of this theory gave rise to critical deconstructionism – philosophical, sociological, and anthropological – as an analytical procedure in contemporary studies and research, valid in discussions on culture, ethics, human rights, gender, sexuality and ethnicities. Understanding the role ideology plays in this construction, then, is key to liberation from oppressive conceptual structures of reality. This book exposes that role.

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Rochelle Brock

In Sista Talk Too, Rochelle Brock brings meaningful new material which evokes and updates her past examination of Black women in today’s culture. The first Sista Talk: The Personal and the Pedagogical is an inquiry into the questions of how Black women define their existence in a society which devalues, dehumanizes, and silences their beliefs. Placing herself inside of the research, Rochelle Brock invited the reader on a journey of self-exploration, as she and seven of her Black female students investigate their collective journey toward self-awareness in the attempt to liberate their minds and souls from ideological domination. Throughout, Sista Talk attempted to understand the ways in which this self-exploration informs her pedagogy. Combining Black feminist and Afrocentric theory with critical pedagogy, Sista Talk Too frames the parameters for an Afrowomanist pedagogy of wholeness for teaching Black students and strength in dealing with an unpredictable and often unstable view of the future. Rochelle Brock brings us something to be remembered by, chapters and writings from students and colleagues to help us survive and thrive in this world…all in the spirit of love, life, and Oshun.

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Comparing Canada and the Americas

From Roots to Transcultural Networks

Patrick Imbert

Comparing Canada and the Americas: From Roots to Transcultural Networks covers the Americas in a comparative perspective spanning from the 19th century to the 21st century. It explores socio-cultural dynamics changing considerably in the Americas, which are progressively shedding their original fascination for Europe and slowly recognizing the importance of Indigenous, Afro-descendants, and immigrant cultures. The Americas have many dynamics in common, such as the presence of shared dualistic paradigms, like civilization/barbarism, which is a synonym for self/others. From the invention of the Nation States to globalization, the valorization of taking roots has transformed into the valorization of the legitimacy of geo-symbolic displacements. A comparative study of Canada, Quebec, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the USA reveals both the exclusions and the inclusions that, in literary, artistic, and media productions as well as political essays, are founded on the opposition between interior and exterior. The current era has seen the displacement of these oppositions within the context of the recognition of the others. This recognition is rooted in multicultural, intercultural, and transcultural perspectives. In the current networked and complex contemporary world, literary, artistic, political, and media texts go beyond dichotomous oppositions and historical master narratives legitimating exclusions. Instead, they valorize "chameleoning" and the surprise of encounters with different cultures, thus creating new perspectives linked to a techno-cultural and democratic future based on the desire to share and to belong to oneself.

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(Cross-)Mediale Selbstentwürfe in den Slawischen Kulturen


Edited by Ingeborg Jandl and Gernot Howanitz