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Internationalization at home

A collection of pedagogical approaches to develop students' intercultural competences


Edited by Cécilia Brassier-Rodrigues and Pascal Brassier

The internationalisation of higher education has accelerated in recent years. Internationalisation at most higher education institutions mainly takes the form of study abroad. This immersion in an intercultural environment is believed to foster the development of academic and non-academic skills, thus improving graduates’ employability. Regardless of the geographical area, higher education institutions (HEI) have therefor put student mobility at the heart of their academic projects. However, the context has changed: the Covid-19 health crisis has led to a freezing of international mobility. Alternative solutions to traditional mobility must be found.

With this book, we intend to contribute to reflections on how to develop intercultural sensitivity and intercultural competences among students through Internationalisation at Home. For this purpose, in the eight chapters of the book, we present some pedagogical methods that facilitate the creation of a context conducive to interculturality and the acquisition of plural skills by students at home. Some authors examine how these competences can be assessed. Finally, we propose a framework explaining how a combination of activities within an institution can foster the development of students' intercultural competences.

Regardless of the approaches chosen by the teachers observed, they answered similar questions. These questions set a framework for reflections on efficient approaches to supporting the development of students' intercultural skills in an Internationalisation at Home context.

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La modernización y gobernanza del proyecto europeo en un marco plural con valores y objetivos compartidos

The European Project’s Modernisation and Governance in a Plural Framework with Shared Values and Goals


Edited by Jesús Baigorri and Jürgen Elvert

Este libro recoge las contribuciones realizadas al Seminario Doctoral sobre "La modernización y gobernanza del proyecto europeo en un marco plural con valores y objetivos compartidos", organizado en el Real Monasterio de Yuste por la Fundación Yuste entre el 19 y 24 de junio de 2019. Su contenido cubre diferentes áreas de investigación, entre las cuales se observan las líneas propuestas en el título de la publicación desde una perspectiva tan rica como diversa: la externalización de las políticas migratorias y fronterizas en la UE y la crisis de refugiados; los conflictos sobre la Europa social y la Directiva sobre desplazamiento de trabajadores; la Unión Bancaria; los desafíos y las perspectivas de "renovación" y el desarrollo de una nueva identidad en Europa; la política de defensa; la democracia y sus riesgos en Europa; el artículo 50 del TUE a la luz del Brexit; los emigrantes europeos y el nuevo éxodo judío; la crisis en el derecho penal de la UE para reforzar los derechos fundamentales y los valores europeos; y los mecanismos de denuncia de las Agencias Europeas FRONTEX y EASO para proteger los derechos fundamentales.

This book compiles the contributions made to the Doctoral Seminar on "The European Project’s Modernisation and Governance in a Plural Framework with Shared Values and Goals", organised by Yuste Foundation at the Royal Monastery of Yuste between 19 and 24 June 2019. Its contents cover different research areas, including the lines proposed in the title of this publication from a rich and diverse perspective: the externalisation of migratory and border policies in the EU and the refugee crisis; conflicts over social Europe and the Directive concerning the posting of workers; the Banking Union; challenges and "renewal" perspectives and the development of a new identity in Europe; the defence policy; democracy and its risks in Europe; Art. 50 TEU in the light of Brexit; European emigrants and the new Jewish exodus; the crisis in the EU criminal law to strengthen fundamental rights and European values; and the complaint mechanisms of the European Agencies FRONTEX and EASO to protect fundamental rights.

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Edited by Ana Pano Alaman, Fabio Ruggiano and Olivia Walsh

Les opinions que les locuteurs ordinaires, et pas seulement les linguistes de profession, portent sur les langues (c’est-à-dire les idéologies linguistiques) influencent les langues elles-mêmes, les transforment au fil du temps, et contribuent à la codification des normes. Ce volume offre une perspective comparative des débats principaux sur les langues romanes : Il traite les discussions animées sur le rapport entre les langues nationales et minoritaires et les dialectes, les doutes des locuteurs sur les relations complexes entre la norme et l’usage, et la langue utilisée dans le cinéma, la télévision et sur le web. L’analyse du discours et l’analyse linguistique textuelle de ces idéologies révèlent souvent des aspects négligés par les grammaires et les traitements linguistiques traditionnels.

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Edited by Dan Jaffé, Yaakov Teppler and Rivkah Nir

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Revolutions and the Making of the Modern World

From Peter the Great to Karl Marx

James Cracraft

Edited by William Benton Whisenhunt

Professor James Cracraft is an established specialist on early modern Russian history, particularly the era of Peter the Great (1682-1725), tsar and first Russian emperor. This volume gathers some of the many key articles and reviews published by him over the last forty years and more in a wide variety of scholarly venues, some of which are not readily accessible. They constitute in sum important contributions not only to Russian history broadly understood, but also to the study of history itself. The collection will include a preface by the editor and an introduction by the author, where he will sum up his decades of historical work and point to new avenues of needed research, all the while emphasizing that "history" properly understood does not exist somewhere on its own but is the creation, however imperfect, of professional historians (as "chemistry", say, is properly understood as the work, however imperfect, of professional chemists).

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Das Revolutionskonzept im postsowjetischen Kulturraum der ostslavischen Länder

Linguistische Frame-Analyse ausgewählter Massenmedien. Mit einem Exkurs zur Literatur


Anna Michailowski

Die jüngsten politischen Entwicklungen im postsowjetischen Raum haben gezeigt, dass Revolutionen keine Entitäten der Vergangenheit sind. Die vorliegende Publikation geht mithilfe einer linguistischen Frame-Analyse der Frage nach, wie sich die postsowjetischen Revolutionsdiskurse in Belarus, Russland und der Ukraine formieren. Das Ziel der Untersuchung ist die Rekonstruktion der medien- und diskursübergreifenden Revolutionskonzepte in Form von Frames. Die empirische Analyse veranschaulicht, wie man aus einer Reihe von Interpretationen kulturspezifische Denkmuster erschließen kann. Diese können die Deutung eines revolutionären Ereignisses und des gängigen Revolutionsbegriffs innerhalb einer (nationalen) Kultur vorbestimmen.

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Gabriel Masfa

This book focuses on the historiography of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is a study of the various ways Adventist historians have approached history. The author concentrates on select historians whose publications cover important issues for Seventh-day Adventist history. Such historians are recognized for their contributions, both published and unpublished, that are foundational to Adventist history and historiography. The book analyzes basic historical facts as used in the writing of Seventh-day Adventist history. It is analytical in nature by using documentary sources including relevant books, articles, and other research materials. It departs from using a strict chronological approach and instead focuses on major themes from Adventist history that illustrate Adventist historiography.


Gabriel Masfa has described the various threads of Seventh-day Adventist approaches to history. His book is a masterful treatment of a wide variety of approaches. It is an indispensable introduction to a fascinating historical topic.

                                                                       Edward Allen, President of the Association of Adventist Historians.
                                                                              Professor of Religion, Union College, Nebraska, United States

Dr. Masfa’s monograph is to be welcomed as the first critical historiographical analysis of Adventist Studies and the first substantive history of Seventh-day Adventist historiography.

                                                                    David Trim, Ph.D., F.R. Hist. S. Director of Archives, Statistics, and 
                                                                                      Research General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

This work will remain the benchmark standard for Adventist historiography for some time to come, and for this, the author must be commended.

                                                                    Michael W. Campbell, Ph. D, Professor of Religion at Southwestern 
                                                                                                            Adventist University, Texas, United States

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Khuloud Jamal Khayyat Dajani

No previous research has ever explored thoroughly the types and trends of smoking and the different models of tobacco smoking among Palestinian children. This study was designed to identify the factors that increase or mitigate risk associated with smoking among school children and adolescents living within the Palestinian territories. An ecological framework serves as the theoretical framework for the study, incorporating multiple levels of children’s and adolescents’ lives, including individual, family, school, peers, and community dimensions. The study is based on theory that considers the school as a central component of socialization and also on problem behavior theory, suggesting that humans develop clusters of dangerous behaviors that become part of their daily lives. This research study is based on the data set of the Health Behaviors in School-aged Children (HBSC) international survey, and employed a dual focus on individuals and schools. It revealed the high prevalence of tobacco smoking, the risk and protective factors affecting smoking, and showed that Nargilah ranked first among tobacco smoking habits. In an era of narrow agendas of “effectiveness” and “control,” this book suggests a way to incorporate schools as venues and spaces for behavioral transformation, growth, and positive change, and shows how awareness can be created within the families and the relevant agencies. Health promotion and risk prevention initiatives can help control tobacco smoking, the most preventable cause of death and disease in the nation. Those who smoke must quit, and we must work together to prevent children from starting this endangering health behavior.
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EU-Grundrechte und Umsatzsteuer

Der Einfluss des unionsrechtlichen allgemeinen Gleichheitssatzes auf den Vorsteuerabzug


Markus Müller

Die Umsatzsteuer ist eine „EU-Steuer". Nationales Recht und Unionsrecht sind eng miteinander verzahnt. Nach der EuGH-Entscheidung Åkerberg Fransson gelten im gesamten Bereich der Mehrwertsteuer die in der Charta der Grundrechte der EU verankerten Grundrechte. Dazu zählt auch der unionsrechtliche allgemeine Gleichheitssatz. Der EuGH bezieht sich in mehreren hundert Entscheidungen als Gerechtigkeitspostulat jedoch nicht auf das allgemeine Gleichheitsrecht, sondern auf den „Grundsatz der Neutralität der Mehrwertsteuer". Gegenstand der Untersuchung ist die Frage, ob geltende Bestimmungen der Mehrwertsteuer-Systemrichtlinie zum Vorsteuerabzug das allgemeine Gleichheitsrecht des Unternehmers verletzen.

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La mission dans tous ses états (XIXe-XXIe siècle)

Circulations et réseaux transnationaux


Edited by Catherine Foisy, Bruno Dumons and Christian Sorrel

Cet ouvrage propose une approche transnationale de l’étude des circulations et des réseaux missionnaires élaborés depuis la fin du XIXe siècle jusqu’à nos jours, en se focalisant sur l’analyse des parcours des actrices et des acteurs de la mission et ce, selon diverses échelles. Il tient compte des transformations socio-ecclésiales majeures parcourues au cours du siècle dernier, portant une attention particulière à la manière dont l’aggiornamento catholique, la Guerre froide, l’émergence de théologies contextuelles, puis l’avènement d’un monde multipolaire et globalisé, ont transformé les espaces et les réseaux missionnaires de manière pérenne. Que ce soit par l’analyse de revues missionnaires, de journaux intimes, de documents d’archives écrites et sonores ou d’entrevues menées avec des missionnaires, les contributions réunies dans cet ouvrage offrent un panorama riche et vaste des principales tendances à l’œuvre au cours de la période visée.

Par ailleurs, cet ouvrage collectif laisse transparaître un parti pris pour une approche multidisciplinaire telle que la commande l’objet même de la mission. De plus, il porte une attention particulière aux effets des échanges entre actrices et acteurs de la mission, installés sur les cinq continents, explorant des circulations et des réseaux qui ne se limitent pas à des dynamiques Nord-Sud, mais qui prennent en considération le dynamisme des liens entre pays du Sud. Enfin, il nous semble très important de souligner que cet ouvrage permet d’identifier de nouvelles pistes de recherche dans le domaine de la mission, par l’analyse de tendances actuelles telles que la mission inversée, la force de certaines Églises du Sud global ainsi que l’action d’organisations non gouvernementales catholiques, dans des contextes de transformations de politiques publiques, notamment.