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Saving Endangered Heirs and Estates

Studies in European Literature


Hugo G. Walter

This book is a collection of great and insightful essays which discuss heroic endeavors to save endangered heirs and estates by searching devotedly for the truth in various criminal and civil situations. This book focuses especially on important works by Arthur Conan Doyle, Theodor Storm, Frances Hodgson Burnett, and Agatha Christie, while also discussing works by other important European authors. In each of these literary masterpieces the landowner or heir is emotionally and physically endangered and his or her house and estate imperiled by one or more individuals from within his or her own family or from within the sphere of influence of the family. In these works by Arthur Conan Doyle, Theodor Storm, Frances Hodgson Burnett, and Agatha Christie there is a valiant attempt by such individuals as Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Mary Lennox, Hercule Poirot, and others to save the landowners and heirs who are endangered and the estates which are threatened by thoroughly investigating their situations and by searching meticulously for the truth. These protagonists share and exemplify the "passion for getting at the truth" which Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie’s Murder in Three Acts declares is the primary motivating force and inspiration for his criminal investigations.

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Speaking to Reconciliation

Voices of Faith Addressing Racial and Cultural Divides


John B. Hatch

In North America, Africa, and across the globe, many societies are deeply divided along racial, ethnic, political, or religious lines as a result of violent/oppressive histories. Bridging such divides requires symbolic action that transcends, reframes, redeems, and repairs—often drawing upon resources of faith. Speaking to Reconciliation showcases this tradition through speeches by Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Elie Wiesel, Desmond Tutu, Barack Obama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Ireland’s President Mary McAleese, and others. Some of these speeches set forth principles or spiritual practices of reconciliation. Others acknowledge injustice, make apologies for historical wrongs, call for reparations, or commend the power of forgiveness. Speaking to Reconciliation presents a conceptual framework for doing analysis and critique of reconciliation discourse and applies this framework in introductions to the speeches, offering readers a springboard for further study and, potentially, inspiration to promote justice and reconciliation in their own spheres.

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Sprache und Gesellschaft

Theoretische und empirische Kontexte der Linguistik

Edited by Joanna Szczęk and Łukasz Kumięga

Der Band adressiert die komplexe Relation zwischen Sprache und Gesellschaft und stellt deren theoretische Grundlagen vor und erprobt diese empirisch in bestimmten sozialen und institutionellen Kontexten. Diese Problematik wurde im Rahmen der folgenden thematischen Bereiche erfasst: linguistische Zugänge zum Diskursbegriff, Sprachbildung im Kontext der Migration, aktuelle Studien zur Stereotypenforschung, Pejorisierung im Kontext der Sozio- und Pragmalinguistik sowie Fallstudien zu diversen Aspekten der gegenwärtigen Diskurse. Somit reflektiert der Sammelband das Potenzial der gegenwärtigen linguistischen Forschung, zeigt deren mögliche Richtungen auf und lädt zur weiteren wissenschaftlichen Diskussion ein.

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Transforming Conflict and Building Peace

Community Engagement Strategies for Communication Scholarship and Practice

Edited by Peter M. Kellett, Stacey L. Connaughton and George Cheney

This inaugural volume in the Peter Lang book series on Conflict and Peacebuilding brings together works that richly depict the tensions between the promise and reality of applying communication principles and theories to conflict transformation and peacebuilding around the world and in the United States. Each chapter provides concrete examples of the doing of engaged scholarship in this context. Chapter contributors explain how their on-the-ground work has contributed to theorizing in communication and beyond as well as to conflict transformation and peacebuilding practice. Importantly, they also unearth the challenges in designing and implementing techniques and practices. As a collection, this edited volume underscores the communicative nature of conflict transformation and peacebuilding in particular, and engaged scholarship, in general. The collection also reveals tensions in doing engaged scholarship that are applicable to other contexts beyond conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

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Vielfalt der Linguistik

Bausteine zur diachronen und synchronen Linguistik


Edited by Maria Biskup and Anna Just

Dieses Buch enthält wissenschaftliche Beiträge von jungen und etablierten Forscherinnen und Forschern zu mehreren Aspekten diachroner und synchroner Sprachwissenschaft. Die Autorinnen und Autoren gehen u.a. auf textlinguistische, onomastische und lexikologische Fragestellungen sowie Sprachkontakte und Fachsprachen ein.

„Der vorliegende Band ist eine gelungene, ausgewogene Monographie, die Prof. Józef Wiktorowicz (Universität Warschau) gewidmet ist. Er fügt sich in die in den letzten Jahren wieder aufgenommene sprachwissenschaftliche Forschung mit historisch-kultureller Ausrichtung ein und stellt dabei einen wichtigen Versuch dar, Ergebnisse dieser Forschung zu dokumentieren. […] Der viele treffende Erkenntnisse und Schlüsse präsentierende Band leistet einen wichtigen Beitrag zu sprachwissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen und kann darüber hinaus selbst eine Grundlage für breiter angelegte philologische Forschung sein."

Dr. habil. Andrzej S. Feret (Jagiellonen-Universität in Karków)

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Engaging the Critical in English Education

Approaches from the Commission on Social Justice in Teacher Education


Edited by Briana Asmus and Charles H. Gonzalez

The chapters in this collection explore the implementation of social justice pedagogies with preservice teachers by members of the Commission on Social Justice in Teacher Education; a group of teacher educators from across the country whose primary goal is to prepare teachers to use socially just models to reach all groups of students and to create a more equitable educational system. In this collection, each member/author presents a critical model of social justice teaching by considering the ways in which gender, race, class, and other intersections function in the classroom. Individually, authors enact critical models by interrogating inequitable systems of oppression in their own professional and pedagogical environments. Collectively, the chapters ask what thoughtful, participatory social justice pedagogy looks like in multidimensional pedagogical spaces. At all levels, this collection explores the rewards and challenges of social justice pedagogy within and outside of preservice teacher preparation programs influenced by a constantly shifting political landscape. Ultimately, this collection seeks to discover how ideas of social justice are conceptualized and understood by English educators and K-12 teachers.

As a possible approach to this question, the chapters in this collection support ELATE-SJ’s paradigm for advocacy. This paradigm includes three areas of enaction: research, scholarship, and action. Within these areas, members of the commission (authors) seek to better understand how preservice ELA teachers see themselves and others, to develop flexible teaching models grounded in social justice pedagogy (SJP), and to delineate opportunities for transformation, growth, and change in and through our profession.

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Histoires de famille et littérature de jeunesse / Family Stories and Children’s Literature

Filiation, transmission, réinvention ? / Parentage, Transmission or Reinvention?


Edited by Rose-May Pham Dinh and Virginie Douglas

Ce livre réexamine la représentation de la famille dans des romans, albums ou pièces de théâtre pour la jeunesse relevant de différentes aires géographiques, culturelles et linguistiques. Bienveillants ou aliénants, les liens tissés entre générations ou au sein de la fratrie conditionnent la construction des jeunes protagonistes. La littérature de jeunesse reflète la diversité de la famille et sa capacité à évoluer, voire à se réinventer (familles monoparentales ou homoparentales, recomposées, adoptives...). En proposant des modèles parfois éloignés des réalités connues des lecteurs, elle les invite à réévaluer leur propre expérience mais témoigne aussi d’une certaine constance des attentes et des interrogations que l’institution suscite.

This book re-examines the representation of the family in novels, picture books or theatre plays for young people, belonging to various geographical, cultural and linguistic areas.The bonds between generations or among siblings, whether benevolent or destructive, play a decisive part in the young protagonists’ development. Children’s literature is shown to reflect the diversity of the family as an institution and its ability to change or even to reinvent itself (single-parent, same-sex-parent, blended or adoptive families…). Its fictional representations of the family may differ from the realities experienced by the readers, and invites them to reconsider their own experiences, yet show expectations and questions related to family life to remain fairly constant.

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Adolescent Fans

Practices, Discourses, Communities


Pilar Lacasa

Owing to the proliferation of screens and networked culture, young fans have moved beyond being simply media consumers. Today they are content interpreters and creators—living in a remix culture, reconstructing transmedia narratives, and interacting with culture industries. Young fans’ relationship to technology has transformed their discourses, interpersonal relationships, and the way they participate in communities. This book delves into these issues, looking at social and cultural approaches to human development to study the identities and activities of fan communities among young people. The book explores communities related to Harry Potter, One Direction, Fortnite, Warhammer, TikTok, and television programs. Drawing on an ethnographic approach and big data analysis, Adolescent Fans demonstrates how digital technology has changed not only fan behavior, but also research practices used to understand what it means to be a young fan.

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Albert Hirschman's Legacy

Works and Discussions

Edited by Luca Meldolesi

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Aziz Douai

Terrorism inspires intense emotions of fear, vulnerability, victimization, and helplessness that breed humiliation and shame and demands for redress by the victims—restoring the wounded honor through revenge and military action. The post-9/11 environment of the "global war on terrorism" has exacerbated these vicious cycles of conflict. It also created a media battleground in which conflating Islam with terrorism and deploying a religious lexicon of jihad, martyrdom, and sacrifice have become routine.

Yet, scholarship on the relationship between Arab media and terrorism is sparse—despite the salience of terrorism and other forms of politically motivated violence in the greater Middle East and North Africa region. How does Arab news cover "home-grown" or domestic terrorism in comparison to terrorist incidents that might be geographically distant? How does globalization influence the mediation of terrorism in Arab news?

This book addresses these lacunae and features a wide range of studies examining coverage of terrorism in Arab media. The case studies investigate technological, political, sociological, and legal infrastructures influencing the ways Arab media make sense of terrorism and international conflict events. The research contributes to the understanding of news frames as central to how terrorism news operates, construct and thereby explain the social world through familiar master narratives drawn from the region’s culture and history.