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Edited by Christian J. Emden and David Midgley

This series promotes critical inquiry into the relationship between the literary imagination and its cultural, intellectual or political contexts. The series encourages the investigation of the role of the literary imagination in cultural history and the interpretation of cultural history through literature, visual culture and the performing arts.

Contributions of a comparative or interdisciplinary nature are particularly welcome. Individual volumes might, for example, be concerned with any of the following:

  • The mediation of cultural and historical memory,
  • The material conditions of particular cultural manifestations,
  • The construction of cultural and political meaning,
  • Intellectual culture and the impact of scientific thought,
  • The methodology of cultural inquiry,
  • Intermediality,
  • Intercultural relations and practices.

Acceptance is subject to advice from our editorial board, and all proposals and manuscripts undergo a rigorous peer review assessment prior to publication. The usual language of publication is English, but proposals in French, German, Italian and Spanish may also be considered.

Editorial Board: Rodrigo Cacho, University of Cambridge; Sarah Colvin, University of Cambridge; Kenneth Loiselle, Trinity University; Heather Webb, University of Cambridge.


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Edited by J. B. Bullen

Interdisciplinary activity is now a major feature of academic work in all fields. The traditional borders between the arts have been eroded to reveal new connections and create new links between art forms. Cultural Interactions is intended to provide a forum for this activity. It will publish monographs, edited collections and volumes of primary material on points of crossover such as those between literature and the visual arts or photography and fiction, music and theatre, sculpture and historiography. It will engage with book illustration, the manipulation of typography as an art form, or the ‘double work’ of poetry and painting and will offer the opportunity to broaden the field into wider and less charted areas. It will deal with modes of representation that cross the physiological boundaries of sight, hearing and touch and examine the placing of these modes within their representative cultures. It will offer an opportunity to publish on the crosscurrents of nationality and the transformations brought about by foreign art forms impinging upon others. The interface between the arts knows no boundaries of time or geography, history or theory.

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Edited by Katia Pizzi

Cultural Memories is the publishing project of the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory at the Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London. The Centre is international in scope and promotes innovative research with a focus on interdisciplinary approaches to memory.
This series supports the Centre by furthering original research in the global field of cultural memory studies. In particular, it seeks to challenge a monumentalizing model of memory in favour of a more fluid and heterogeneous one, where history, culture and memory are seen as complementary and intersecting. The series embraces new methodological approaches, encompassing a wide range of technologies of memory in cognate fields, including comparative studies, cultural studies, history, literature, media and communication, and cognitive science. The aim of Cultural Memories is to encourage and enhance research in the broad field of memory studies while, at the same time, pointing in new directions, providing a unique platform for creative and forward-looking scholarship in the discipline.
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Edited by Tamara Alvarez-Detrell and Michael G. Paulson

The Currents in Comparative Romantic Languages and Literatures series was founded in 1987, and actively solicits book-length manuscripts (approximately 200-400 pages) which treat aspects of romance languages and literatures. Originally established for works dealing with two or more romance literatures, the series has broadened its horizons and now includes studies on themes within a single literature or between different literatures, civilizations, art, music, film and social movements, as well as comparative linguistics. Studies on individual writers with an influence on other literatures/civilizations are also welcome. This series entertains a variety of approaches and formats, provided the scholarship and methodology are appropriate.
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Edited by Andrzej Kątny, Katarzyna Lukas and Czesława Schatte

The Danziger Beiträge zur Germanistik series includes both anthologies and monographs in the field of German Language and Literature. One area of focus is the link between German and Polish literature, but the series is also dedicated to Germanic philology and history. The editors teach and research German Language and Literature in Poland.
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Edited by Frank Polzenhagen and Monika Reif

DASK presents a forum for linguistic research on the interrelationship between language and culture. The series is interdisciplinary in nature and consists of monographs and collections of papers. The main purpose of the editors is to initiate a dialogue between linguistic science and neighbouring disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, semiotics, literary studies and intercultural communication. The aim of establishing a series at the intersection of linguistic and cultural studies is to provide academics and interested students with a scientific framework for studying the interaction of language and culture.

The series has been founded by Ulrich Ammon, René Dirven and Martin Pütz.

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Schriften zu Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaften / Studies in Philosophy and Social Sciences

Edited by Tadeusz Buksiński and Piotr W. Juchacz

Dia-Logos. Studies in Philosophy and Social Sciences is a peer-reviewed book series publishing valuable monographs and edited volumes on various aspects of philosophy and social sciences. The series is intended to be an interdisciplinary forum of deliberation according to our firm belief that challenges of the contemporary world require common and multilevel research. The Dia-Logos series does not represent a single ideology or school of thought, but it is open to different trends and various styles of reflection, trying to understand better the contemporary world. We invite the submission of manuscripts of monographs and edited volumes from academic philosophers and social scientists.
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Edited by Alain-G. Gagnon

The aim of this series is to study diversity by privileging an interdisciplinary approach, through political, legal, cultural and social frameworks. The proposed method of inquiry will be to appeal, at once, to the fields of political philosophy, law, political science, history and sociology. In a period characterized by the increasing diversity of contemporary societies, the authors published in this series will explore avenues for the accommodation and management of pluralism and identity. Such studies will not be limited to assessments of federal states, but will include states that are on the path to federalization as well as non-federal states. Serious efforts will be undertaken to enrich our comprehension of so-called ‘nations without states’, most notably Catalonia, Scotland, Flanders and Quebec. A point of emphasis will also be placed on extracting lessons from experiences with civil law relative to those cases marked by the common law tradition. Monist and competing models will be compared in order to assess the relative capacity of each model to provide responses to the question of political instability, while pursuing the quest for justice in minority societies. The series also addresses the place of cities in the management of diversity, as well as the question of migration more generally and the issue of communities characterized by overlapping and hybrid identities. A profound sensitivity to historical narratives is also expected to enrich the proposed scientific approach. Finally, the works published in this series will reveal a common aspiration to advance social and political debates without privileging any particular school of thought.
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Textes, Cultures et Représentations / Texts, Cultures and Performances

Edited by Marc Maufort

This series presents innovative research work in the dramaturgies of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Its main purpose is to re-assess the complex relationship between textual studies, cultural and/or performance aspects at the dawn of this new multicultural millennium. The series offers discussions of the link between drama and multiculturalism (studies of “minority” playwrights –– ethnic, Aboriginal, gay, and lesbian), reconsiderations of established playwrights in the light of contemporary critical theories, studies of the interface between theatre practice and textual analysis, studies of marginalized theatrical practices (circus, vaudeville, etc.), explorations of emerging postcolonial drama, research into new modes of dramatic expressions and comparative or theoretical drama studies.
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Edited by Irena Grudzińska-Gross and Andrzej W. Tymowski

Studies published within the series shall cover the range of approaches starting from anthropology to sociology and applied science to literature studies, philosophy, visual arts.

The series will be based among others on articles published in the academic journal “«Eastern European Politics and Societies»” since its funding in 1987. Individual volumes will present thematically arranged articles and essays on topics in contemporary and historical perspective on eastern European cultures, politics and societies.

Editors seek the submission of monographs, doctoral thesis and the book manuscripts as well as collective volumes and conference proceedings.

Interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary approaches are welcome.