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Voir à travers le texte, lire à travers l’image

Les mécanismes de la lecture du manuscrit médiéval


Krzysztof Kotuła

Le sujet du livre est le processus de la lecture du manuscrit médiéval enluminé. L’objectif principal est d’analyser, en détail, les fonctions possibles de l’illustration ainsi que les différentes formes de la relation que celle-ci entretient avec le texte. Au terme de cette analyse il sera possible de déterminer de quelle façon l’image peut influer sur la réception de l’œuvre littéraire par le lecteur. L’objet de recherche central est l’exemplaire du Roman de la Rose de Guillaume de Lorris et de Jean de Meun conservé à la Bibliothèque des Princes Czartoryski à Cracovie, sous la cote Czart. 2920, contenant de nombreuses miniatures originales qui en font un objet d’analyse particulièrement intéressant.

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Theodor Rütter

Person zu sein: Was bedeutet das für die Ethik der Zukunft und für unsere Moral heute im Umgang mit uns selbst und im mit einander?

Diese Frage wirft sich aus einem aktuellen Problem auf

− Aus der Digitalisierung aller Lebensbereiche und damit zunehmender Depersonalisierung;

− Aus modernen Technologien und damit verbundenen Ideologien, die immer tiefer in unseren Umgang mit einander und mit uns je selbst eindringen;

− Aus philosophischen Konzepten, die an Hirnforschung und Künstlicher Intelligenz orientiert das Personsein manchen menschlichen Wesen aberkennen und manchen Rechenmaschinen zuerkennen.

Das Buch entfaltet die Antwort auf die in seinem Titel aufgeworfene Frage historisch und systematisch: aus praktischer Vernunft, die sich an den Verstand wendet, das heißt, aus der raison du cœur.

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Edited by Marcin Grabowski and Tomasz Pugacewicz

This book discusses the applicability of Western International Relations (IR) theories to Asia and Africa and the rise of non-Western IR theories (especially in Asia), with case studies focused on the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Sub-Saharan African regions. Theoretically grounded studies of Asia and Africa are still in high demand, as International Relations scholarship on and in those regions seems underdeveloped in this regard. This is the case both in the application of Western theories in research on Asia and Africa, but especially IR theory-building by scholars in both regions. The book is driven by the question, whether we need specific Asia and Africa-oriented IR theories to describe, explain and predict developments in regional international relations or can we apply or adapt the so-called Western IR theories.

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Beiträge zu literaturgeschichtlichen Prozessen im 12. und 13. Jahrhundert

Zum Nibelungenlied, Walther von der Vogelweide und anderen Werken


Peter Göhler

Die Aufsatzsammlung behandelt wichtige Werke der Blütezeit der Literatur um 1200, um deren historisches Verständnis zu ermöglichen. Die Grundlage hierfür sind ins Detail gehende Textanalysen, die Inhalte und Gestaltungsweisen erfassen. Damit werden Voraussetzungen für spätere Rezeptionen offen gelegt, für die nicht nur die Inhalte, sondern auch die poetischen Formen prägend sind. Auf diese Weise verbindet sich der literaturgeschichtliche Aspekt mit der Rezeptionsforschung. Wesentlich ist, die Komplexität des literarischen Prozesses sichtbar zu machen und nach Parallelen in der Entwicklung der bildenden Kunst zu fragen.

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Bérénice 1934-44

An Actress in Occupied Paris

Isabelle Stibbe

The winner of nine literary awards in France, including the Prix Simone Veil, celebrating a woman of action, Bérénice 1934–44: An Actress in Occupied Paris is Isabelle Stibbe’s poignant debut novel. Now translated into English by Zack Rogow and Renée Morel, Bérénice 1934–44 reveals a young woman’s struggle to fulfill her career aspirations while concealing herself in war-torn France.

Bérénice yearns to become an actress, but her parents insist that career is not proper for a girl. She defies her Jewish family to become the leading younger actress in the Comédie-Française, France’s most renowned theater, right when the Nazis occupy France. Bérénice hides her true identity and last name to avoid detection. Living in a world without tolerance and torn between two lovers, Bérénice must choose between her passion for the stage, and her allegiance to freedom and to her Jewish heritage.

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Chinese Economic Reform and Development

Peter Lang Updated New Edition

Yining Li

Known as "Li the Shareholding Guru," economist Yining Li has had a significant impact on China’s economic transition, most notably as an early advocate of ownership reforms in the state and other non-private sectors and in his promotion of shareholding theory, initiating the drive towards a modern corporate system in China. The thinking behind these and other landmark contributions that have helped to reshape China are featured in Chinese Economic Reform and Development, a collection of seventeen influential essays written and published from 1980 to 2015. Incorporating original research, policy proposals, and theoretical thinking, these essays trace the development of Li’s thought and the process through which the "China Miracle" has been worked over the last four decades. This updated new edition introduces how inextricably linked Li’s academic work has been to the development of a distinctively Chinese path of economic reform.

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Data Rights Law 1.0

The Theoretical Basis

Key Laboratory of Big Data Strategy

Edited by Yuming Lian

Since its emergence, big data has brought us new forms of energy, technology and means of organization which will generate greater values by crossover, integration, openness and sharing of data. Nevertheless, risks caused by open access and the flow of data also bring us enormous challenges to privacy, business secrets and social and national securities. This raises people’s awareness on data sharing, privacy protection and social justice, and becomes a significant governance problem in the world. In order to solve these problems, Data Rights Law 1.0 is innovative in that it proposes a new concept of the «data person». It defines «data rights» as the rights derived from the «data person» and «data rights system» as the order based on «data rights». «Data rights law» is the legal normative formed out of the «data rights system». In this way, the book constructs a legal framework of «data rights-data rights system-data rights law». If data is considered as basic rights, on which new order and laws are to be built, it will bring brand new and profound meaning to future human life.

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Fear Management

Foreign Threats in the Post-War Polish Propaganda. The Influence and the Reception of the Communist Media (1944-1956)

Bruno Kamiński

The so-called ‘people's power’ – the communists – tended to make Poles afraid. At first – afraid of the Anglo-Saxon imperialists, then of the German revisionists, Zionist 5th column and ‘Kuroń and Michnik walking on the CIA’s leash’. The creation of the atmosphere of fear featuring Germans and their alleged ‘return’ lasted until 1970. In his Fear Management Bruno Kamiński reaches to the origins of this story. Based on a huge selection of sources this analytical study exhibits how in the first 15 postwar years Poles were threatened with the Western world. In the beginning, the Germans were chosen to play the role of the main enemy, dethroned later by the Americans. At the same time, the author proves that fear next to nationalism and ethnic hostility developed into one of the pillars legitimizing the communist system.

Marcin Zaremba, Polish Academy of Science, University of Warsaw

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Edited by Eva Wilden and Henning Rossa

Dieses Buch widmet sich der Interdisziplinarität, die für die Zugänge, Formate und Methoden fremdsprachendidaktischer Forschung charakteristisch ist. Qualitative und quantitative Forschungsansätze bzw. Mixed-Methods-Designs werden anhand aktueller Studien dargestellt. Ein besonderer Fokus gilt den interdisziplinären Bezügen der jeweiligen Studien. Die forschungspraktischen Beispiele stellen laufende bzw. kurz vor Abschluss stehendende Studien der empirischen Fremdsprachenforschung vor. So bieten die Beiträge einen aktuellen Überblick über fremdsprachendidaktische Forschungspraxis und enthalten vielfältige Anregungen für die forschungsmethodischen Optionen und ethischen Fragen, die es bei neu zu konzipierenden Studien im interdisziplinären Feld der Fremdsprachenforschung abzuwägen gilt.

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History of English Literature, Volume 5

Early and Mid-Victorian Fiction, 1832–1870

Franco Marucci

For ordering the hardcover version of this book, please contact (Retail Price: £100.00, $151.85).

‘Franco Marucci’s History of English Literature is unique in its field. There is no other book that combines such erudition and authority in such a compact format. An indispensable work of reference.’

— J. B. Bullen, Visiting Fellow, Kellogg College, Oxford

History of English Literature is a comprehensive, eight-volume survey of English literature from the Middle Ages to the early twenty-first century. This reference work provides insightful and often revisionary readings of core texts in the English literary canon. Richly informative analyses are framed by the biographical, historical and intellectual context for each author.

Volume 5 focuses on the fiction of the early and mid-Victorian period. After acknowledging the pioneering work of Disraeli, Bulwer Lytton and Ainsworth, the author turns to the masterworks of Dickens, Thackeray and Trollope. Significant attention is also dedicated to the work of the Brontë sisters and of Elizabeth Gaskell. Along with these major figures, novelists soon forgotten in their time and only now rediscovered – such as Yonge, Oliphant, Mulock Craik, Wood, Borrow, Blackmore, the ‘muscular’ Kingsley and his followers, and the sensationalists Wilkie Collins, Reade and Le Fanu – are discussed extensively. The final sections evaluate George Eliot’s and Meredith’s formidable oeuvres.