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Goncalo Placido Cordeiro

Este livro propõe a reconsideração do estado das relações entre a Bíblia e a literatura em torno de um pacto, de longa tradição, firmado entre poesia e teologia. A questão da dessemantização bíblica constitui foco de uma inquietação, ao verificar como a Bíblia tem sido sujeita à usura sistemática de uma lógica interpretativa, de acantonamento teológico, que de algum modo encapsulou o objecto bíblico e o exauriu. A proposta aqui apresentada investe na análise da obra de quatro poetas portugueses do século XX de modo a interrogar neles os efeitos da solicitação interpretativa do texto bíblico, elevado à categoria de matéria literária por excelência. Os diferentes modos de revisitação de uma tradição literária, religiosa e cultural serão tomados como manifestações de um fazer poético sensível às potencialidades de significação da herança bíblica, a que tanto Ruy Belo, Daniel Faria, Tolentino Mendonça, como Miguel Torga se encontram vinculados, entroncando assim numa linhagem poética que aqui se declina em torno dos eixos paradigmáticos do sagrado e do profano, da mística, da hermenêutica e da heterodoxia.

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Zhongjiang Wang

The main theme of this book is how newly excavated texts have provided new energy and perspectives to allow us to renew our understanding of ancient Chinese thought, especially that of Confucianism. Through an analysis of texts from the Guodian, Shanghai Museum, and other collections of excavated manuscripts, this book undertakes a wide-ranging analysis of Confucian thought in itself and also its influence on other trends of thought in ancient China. It focuses on such topics as morality, virtue, and self-cultivation, political philosophy, circumstance, and the relationship between human beings, others, and the natural world. It rethinks core Confucian concepts such as ren or "benevolence" and shendu or "maintaining one’s moral nature" as well as great Confucian notions on circumstance and political philosophy. This book also illustrates the influence that Confucian philosophy had during the Warring States period showing that elements of its moral philosophy informed the consciousness and behavior of state officials in such places as the state of Qin. Excavated texts are an inescapable part of Chinese philosophy, as such this book is invaluable to anyone wishing to understand ancient Chinese philosophy, Confucianism, and anyone interested in the interplay between material and intellectual culture.

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Experience in the Early Thought of George Tyrrell

Human, Religious, Christian, Catholic

Lawrence J. Donohoo

This study undertakes a comprehensive inquiry into the concept of experience in the thought of George Tyrrell from his earliest writings to 1900. No aspect of experience is passed over in its human, religious, Christian, and Catholic inflections. Tyrrell pursued a vast array of subjects and addressed them in often novel ways, even in his formative years, and at every stage of his thought he encountered the question of experience wherever he roamed. A study of experience in Tyrrell’s early works thus effectively offers a sweeping survey of the full gamut of his early thought. In the beginning we see that he came to recognize only gradually the significance of this category for all his inquiries. While scholars have traced experience in Tyrrell’s mature thought and researched its role in such targeted fields as ecclesiology and fundamental theology, the early writings by contrast have been largely passed over. This suggests a need for an unrestricted search at the origin of Tyrrell’s thought that tracks his discovery, formation, and evolution of this concept. We discover that its flexible and enigmatic character shapes and unifies the various questions that Tyrrell addressed over the years, thus marking his mature theology with a distinct character that was passed on to others in the universe of experience.

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Edited by Fang Cai and Juwei Zhang

El problema actual de distribución de ingresos de China tiene la universalidad presentada en el proceso del rápido desarrollo de los países de economía de mercado, también cuenta con la especialidad causada de los mecanismos institucionales chinos. Observar y comprender este problema requiere no solo comenzar con las leyes generales del desarrollo de la economía de mercado, sino también aún más con los sistemas y mecanismos especiales de China. En base de esto, el libro ha abordado los temas como la presentación y la esencia de la distribución del problema de ingresos de China, la brecha de ingresos y el riesgo de la trampa de ingresos medios, los niveles salariales y la proporción de compensación laboral, así como los cambios en el mercado laboral, impacto de la reforma fiscal y la seguridad social en la distribución del ingreso.
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Italian Industrial Literature and Film

Perspectives on the Representation of Postwar Labor

Edited by Carlo Baghetti, Jim Carter and Lorenzo Marmo

This book explores the representation of industrial labor in Italian literature and film from the 1950s through the 1970s. The first article of the postwar Italian Constitution states that the Republic is founded on labor. Forces across the political spectrum, from Catholic to communist, invested labor with the power to build a new national community after Fascism and war. The 1950s-1970s saw dramatic transformations, in economic, social and cultural terms, as labor moved from agriculture to industry and a whole generation of Italian writers and filmmakers used literature and cinema to interpret – and influence – these changes and to capture the new experiences of industrial labor. The essays in this book offer a comprehensive panorama of this generation’s work, examining key questions and texts, set against the context of history and theory, gender and class, geography and the environment, as well as their precursors and present-day successors.

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Navigating the Toggled Term

A Guide for K-12 Classroom and School Leaders

Matthew Rhoads

Online learning, blended learning, socially distanced classrooms, educational technology, safety protocols, instructional models, organizational logistics, and educator burnout are all realities presented by the toggled term. Navigating the Toggled Term: A Guide for K-12 Classroom and School Leaders sets the stage not only for the present but also well into the future to help K-12 classroom and school leaders navigate online learning, blended learning, integrating educational technology tools with effective research-based instructional strategies, and moving between various educational settings at the instructional and organizational level. This book provides experienced and novice classroom teachers and school leaders with best practice instructional and organizational frameworks integrated with mainstream educational technology tools to navigate the challenges of teaching students of all ages in an ever-changing world. Beyond the major instructional and organizational frameworks, this book touches on differentiating instruction for all learners, communicating to students and families within digital environments, and provides strategies for educator self-care. Last, this book includes teacher and school leader voice in the form of twelve narrative case studies of practicing educators that align with each chapter’s theme to show the strategies and frameworks in motion for readers.
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New Perspectives on Heretical Discourse and Identities

The Waldensians in Historical Context

Edited by Sarah Alyn Stacey and Joanna Poetz

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Reclaiming the Secret of Love

Feminism, Imagination and Sexual Difference

Katherine Zappone and Anne Louise Gilligan

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Rethinking the Academy

Beyond Eurocentrism in Higher Education

Augie Fleras

Universities and colleges like to self-idealize as relatively neutral and value-free sites of higher learning. In reality, the idea of the Westernized academy is deeply embedded in a Eurocentric logic that not only excludes alternative forms of knowledge and knowing, but also remains racialized, gendered, and sited in coloniality with respect to governance, scholarship, and entitlements. Efforts to address this gap between the ideal and reality have tended toward diversifying the academy through multicultural initiatives in diversity, inclusion, and equity. However helpful as a first step, these interventions are insufficient in generating the kind of substantive changes that would abort the academy’s crisis of legitimacy. Moves to decolonize, ungender, and deracialize the academy will require a commitment to the transformative principles of inclusivity, including a focus on those root causes associated with structural barriers and systemic biases. It remains to be seen if the academia can rise to the challenge of deEurocentrizing the idea of the academy along postEurocentric lines, while engaging the emergent demands and evolving realities of a postmulticultural world.
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Shashank Shende and Mehal Pandya

Edited by Assis Flaviano Sequeira

Gujarat is the nursery for Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in India; the very first Asian EPZ was housed in Gujarat in 1965. This study examines the contribution of Gujarat SEZs in socioeconomic development with specific research questions: (1) Are SEZs in Gujarat effective on the development front in the context of social and economic aspects? (2) What is the impact assessment of Gujarat SEZs by reckoning metrics based on direct economic impact, indirect/wider economic impact and social impact? (3) How can vacant land in SEZ be optimally utilized in Gujarat to fulfill the SEZ objectives? In the first of the three phases a model (research concept) was constructed from the literature to explore and validate the variables within the SEZs‘ influence on the social and economic development. The second part is a combination of single cross-sectional descriptive research design and empirical research with the use of quantitative techniques such as questionnaires and interviews with various stakeholders. This part was concerned with the establishment and testing of the hypothesis. Through a multilayer perceptron neuron network built with use of various statistical tools and techniques, the factors for socioeconomic development were ranked to get the final model with predictor importance. In the third part the important parameters were validated and a cross-comparison case study was done to obtain a confirmation of the findings. The extremely important factors are increase in exports, indirect jobs, logistics and minimum wages. The final model with predictor importance with target of SEZ impact on socioeconomic development features economic factors, social factors, indirect economic and other local factors in descending order of importance. Some optimal uses of vacant land as derived from the research findings include conversion of sector specific SEZs to multiproduct SEZs with a few service sector units in the mix and broad banding of SEZs.