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Bildungsherausforderungen in der globalen Migrationsgesellschaft

Kritische Beiträge zur erziehungswissenschaftlichen Migrationsforschung


Edited by Wassilios Baros, Solveig Jobst, Ricarda Gugg and Thomas Theurer

Erziehungswissenschaftliche Migrationsforschung wird hier verstanden als ein wissenschaftliches Arbeiten, das sich in einer transdisziplinären Perspektive mit sowohl lebensweltlich als auch gesellschaftlich relevanten Problemlagen im Kontext von Migration und Bildung befasst. In den Beiträgen werden unterschiedliche Problemstellungen erziehungswissenschaftlicher Migrationsforschung aufgegriffen und kritisch diskutiert. Hervorgegangen ist die Textsammlung aus intensiven Auseinandersetzungen im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe Erziehungswissenschaftliche Migrationsforschung, welche mit dem Anspruch verbunden ist, neue (kritisch-reflexive) Akzente sowohl für die migrationsgesellschaftliche Öffnung von Bildungseinrichtungen als auch für erziehungswissenschaftliche Migrationsforschung zu setzen.

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Tensiones de la Democratización Educativa

Conflicto, convivencia y autoridad en la escuela media argentina (1983–2015)

Daniel Pedro Míguez and Andrea Paola Gallo

El libro tiene por objetivo central exponer los resultados de una investigación de más de 10 años sobre las reformas educativas que procuraron democratizar la escuela secundaria argentina entre 1983 y 2015. Particularmente, se centra en aquellas políticas que intentaron modificar el orden normativo de la escuela, las formas de autoridad docente y el gobierno escolar con el objetivo de hacer de la propia experiencia educativa una instancia de formación ciudadana de los y las estudiantes. El texto presenta algunos antecedentes históricos de estas reformas, expone las condiciones en que fueron implementadas, analiza la secuencia de normativas mediante las que buscaron instrumentarse y los efectos que alcanzaron en la vida cotidiana de las escuelas de distintos sectores sociales.

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Edited by Enisa Mede, Kenan Dikilitaş and Derin Atay

Teacher education in higher education has been of great interest as a research area in recent years. The discussion focuses on topics such as tertiary pedagogies, professional development, instructional innovative practices as well as technology and instruction.

Following these topics, the contributors of this collected volume deal with English as a medium of instruction (EMI) and Content and Language Integrated Language (CLIL). They examine the professional development of lecturers and discuss further topics such as English for academic purposes (EAP), English for special purposes (ESP) and English for vocational purposes (EOP). Finally, they explore the use of technology as an instructional tool. This book is designed as a resource that enriches the knowledge of the teachers and aims to empower them to maintain, develop and increase students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills so that teachers can provide better classroom experiences for their students.

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Black Men’s Studies

Black Manhood and Masculinities in the U.S. Context


Serie McDougal III

Black Men's Studies offers an approach to understanding the lives and the self determination of men of African descent in the U.S. context. It not only frames their experiences, it also explores the multidimensional approaches to advancing the lives of Black men. Particular attention is given to placing Black men in their own unique historical, cultural, and socio-political contexts.

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Community College Leadership and Management

Reframing Institutional Practices for Student Success


Carlos Nevarez and J. Luke Wood

Community College Leadership and Management places emphasis on reframing college practices in order to advance student success. This calls for leaders to be well versed on promising strategies which have illustrated evidence in advancing academic success. Such practices include intrusive academic advising, exit interviews with dropouts and graduates, and the use of technology to supplement face-to-face academic counselor advising. These leaders are aware of and welcome the challenges and opportunities a changing student population presents to community colleges. The authors critically analyze and call for a deconstruction of conventional practices and the construction of new approaches to understand how student success is envisioned. For example, a redefinition of what constitutes student success is advanced. A redefinition of student success—as the attainment of an academic, vocational, career, or personal goal—is put forth. This broader perception, definition, and meaning of student success is not limited to or constrained by an accountability paradigm. It is driven by the need to capture a more complete picture of the trajectory of contemporary and traditional enrollees from increasingly diverse backgrounds: students whose goals do not fit solely and neatly into two traditionally dominant outcomes like graduation and transfer. It is the role of community college leaders to affirm, inculcate, and communicate this more nuanced definition, allowing it to guide the vision and mission, programs, policies, and practices of the institution. Carlos Nevarez and Luke J. Wood support their arguments through various models, frameworks, research findings, case studies, and presentation of self-reflective questions aimed at advancing reflective community college scholar-practitioners.

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Elizabeth R. Drame, Tara Adams, Veronica R. Nolden and Judy M. Nardi

The Resistance, Persistence and Resilience of Black Families Raising Children with Autism presents nuanced perspectives in the form of counternarratives of what Black families who have children with autism experience at the intersection of race, class, disability and gender. It intentionally centers the expertise of Black parents, challenging what is considered knowledge, whose knowledge counts, and how knowledge can be co-generated for learning, sharing and advocacy. The book speaks directly to Black parents on the autism journey. To right systemic racial inequities and to cultivate culturally responsive practices, it is critical for practitioners and professionals to understand what is known about Black families’ experiences with autism in general and how these experiences differ because of our intersecting identities. University faculty and students in programs involving medicine, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, nursing, political science, school psychology, teaching, special education and leadership can benefit from the wisdom offered by these parents. This text is perfect for several courses, including those in departments of anthropology, women and gender studies, health sciences, psychology, special education, teacher education and administrative leadership. In addition, given the uniquely Black perspective presented in the text, this text is relevant to other fields, including ethnic studies, cultural studies, urban studies and African American studies. It is relevant to individuals who wish to better understand how issues of race and intra-racial differences shape lived experiences with disability in American society.
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Edited by Nihal Yurtseven

Each generation brings their distinct features to classrooms, which makes teachers to rethink their instructional practices and reorganize the learning environment to accommodate students’ needs. The youngest generation, called Generation Alpha, has its own traits that makes it unique and worth considering. We have prepared this book in attempt to help teachers gain a multi-dimensional perspective about effective teaching, creative thinking, handling individual differences, managing classrooms, testing, leveraging digital intelligence, and gaining data literacy skills while dealing with Generation Alpha. The book addresses all teachers, teaching any level or grade, regardless of their branch

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Das Artefakt als materialisiertes Netzwerk Neuer Lernkulturen

Ein ikonographisch-ikonologisch-netzwerktheoretischer Zugang zu stillgestellten Praktiken Neuer Leistungskulturen im Portfolio

Andrea Bossen

Neue Lernkulturen bringen nicht nur neue Instrumente der Leistungsbeurteilung in den Unterricht, sondern auch spezifische Materialität(en). Dabei wird eine Revalorisierung der Artefakte in erziehungswissenschaftlicher Forschung immer noch eher randständig diskutiert. Die Autorin dieses Buches unternimmt einerseits eine methodologisch-methodische Suchbewegung, die das Potenzial und die Anschlussfähigkeit von Bruno Latours Akteur*in-Netzwerk-Theorie in Bezug auf (materielle) Artefakte in der Ethnographie auslotet. Andererseits geht sie der Frage nach, welche Neue Leistungskultur sich am Beispiel der Portfolioarbeit in Neuen Lernkulturen entfaltet – insbesondere dann, wenn die Beurteilungsgruppe heterogene Akteur*innen und Aktanten versammelt.

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Erfolgsfaktor Quereinstieg

Auf dem Weg zur multiprofessionellen Schule

Edited by Christina Hansen and Walter Gusterer

Das Buch befasst sich mit dem Konzept der „professional learning communities". Damit ist die Vorstellung von „Lehrern als Lernern" verbunden, die in einer Schulgemeinschaft miteinander und voneinander lernen und ist besonders effektiv für schulische Personalentwicklung und das Lernen der Schüler*innen zugleich. Am Beispiel von Teach For Austria wird dabei ebenso theoretisch fundiert wie konkret aufgezeigt, was professionelle Zusammenarbeit bedeutet und wie sie konkret gestaltet werden kann. Damit wird durch die Arbeit von TFA ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Bildungsqualität in Österreich geleistet. Das Werk richtet sich an interessierte Pädagog*innen, Schulleiter*innen, Studierende, Expert*innen aus schulischen und außerschulischen Handlungsfeldern , Psycholog*innen und Therapeut*innen in Aus- und Weiterbildung, die neben vielen guten Beispielen pädagogisch- systematischer Zusammenarbeit auch eine professionstheoretische Fundierung des Ansatzes nicht scheuen.

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Innovations in Education Concepts

From Correction to Creation

Zhenguo Yuan

China's Path to Education Modernization, Vol. 1: Innovations in Education Concepts: From Correction to Creation summarizes a set of socialist education development systems with Chinese characteristics from scratch in the past 40 years of reform and opening up in China. From the change of educational concept, the development of educational undertakings, the gradual improvement of educational legal system to the prosperity of educational science, China’s Path to Education Modernization involves the reform and development of all kinds of education at all levels. It can be called the encyclopedia of educational development in China for decades and covers the macro-analysis and practical guidance of China's educational development. It is a suitable supplement for educational theory experts, frontline workers, and general readers worldwide.