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Enlivening Faith

Music, Spirituality and Christian Theology


Edited by June Boyce-Tillman, Stephen Roberts and Jane Erricker

The relationship between Christian theology and music has been complex since the early days

of the Church. In the twentieth century the secularization of Western culture has led to further

complexity. The search for the soul, following Nietzsche’s declaration of the Death of God has

led to an increasing body of literature in many fields on spirituality. This book is an attempt

to open up a conversation between these related discourses, with contributions reflecting a

range of perspectives within them. It is not the final word on the relationship but expresses a

conviction about their relationship. Collecting together such a variety of approaches allows new

understandings to emerge from their juxtaposition and collation. This book will contribute to

the ongoing debate between theology, spirituality, culture and the arts. It includes contexts with

structured relationships between music and the Church alongside situations where spirituality

and music are explored with sometimes distant echoes of Divinity and ancient theologies

reinterpreted for the contemporary world.

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Przemysław Żywiczyński and Sławomir Wacewicz

This book discusses the scope and development of the science of language evolution – a newly emergent field that investigates the origin of language. The book is addressed to audiences who are not professionally involved in science and presents the problems of language origins together with introductory information on such topics as the theory of evolution, elements of linguistic theory, the neural infrastructure of language or the signalling theory.

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Sophie Heine

While anti-European forces are still raging, pro-Europeans seem impotent and deprived of a strong, clear and convincing alternative. This book is an attempt to fill that void: reacting to the anti-European wave, it also outlines a strong criticism both of the current EU and of its advocates. Far from the Europeanist defence of the status quo, it proposes an original and radical project of European sovereignty. Its message is both critical and propositional.

This book is therefore original in its method, approach and content. It distinguishes itself from most of the literature on the subject by going beyond the narrow cleavage opposing mainstream anti- and pro- Europeans. In this general polemic, anti-European arguments usually promote a return to sovereignty at the national level, while pro-Europeans justify the existing EU configuration and its so-called "sharing" or "division" of sovereignty. Despite being clearly in favour of a deeper European integration in some fields, Sophie Heine refuses to throw away the classical concept of sovereign power. Relying on a rich literature and deploying a theoretical and strategic argument, she proposes to rehabilitate this notion at a supra-national level while avoiding the common traps of national sovereignty. This allows her to propose a redefinition of European federalism connected to her broader liberal approach.

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Genustransfer durch «Thinking for Speaking»

Kognitive Muster und ihre Bedeutung für den DaF-Unterricht


Katharina Hirt

Wie wirken sich kognitive ‚Thinking for Speaking’ Muster auf das Fremdsprachenlernen aus? Dieser Frage geht die Autorin mithilfe einer empirischen Untersuchung an deutschen Muttersprachlern nach, die Genustransfer anhand der Pronominalisierung und Kategorisierung von belebten, nicht-menschlichen Referenten (Tiernomen) beim Sprechen des Englischen erforscht. Chinesische und englische Muttersprachler dienen als Vergleichsgruppe. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass der Genustransfer durch eine unbewusste Fehlinterpretation des Genus zum Sexus ausgelöst wird. Die Existenz solcher kognitiven Muster bedeutet, dass das Erlernen einer neuen Sprache das Erlernen neuer Muster erfordert. Die Autorin folgert, dass die Genusvermittlung einen höheren Stellenwert im DaF-Unterricht erhalten sollte, um die kognitive Umstrukturierung zu fördern.

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Grounded Visionary

The Mystic Fictions of Gerald Murnane

Brendan McNamee

Grounded Visionary: The Mystic Fictions of Gerald Murnane is a reading of Australian writer Gerald Murnane’s fiction in the light of what is known as the Perennial Philosophy, a philosophical tradition that positions itself as the mystical foundation of all the world’s religions and spiritual systems. The essential tenet of that philosophy is that at a fundamental level all of life is a unity—consciousness and world are the same thing—and that it is possible, if extremely difficult, for the discriminating individual mind to experience this wholeness. Murnane’s work can be seen not to take its lead from writings in this philosophical tradition but rather to resonate with many of them through Murnane’s unique artistic expression of his experience of the world. The crux of the argument is that beneath their yearnings for landscapes and love, Murnane’s narrators and chief characters are all in search of the essential unity that the Perennial Philosophy postulates.

Taking its cue from Murnane’s self-description as a "technical writer," this book examines each of the author’s works in detail to reveal how structures and themes are seamlessly woven together to create artworks that shimmer with mystery while at the same time remaining thoroughly grounded in the actual.

Grounded Visionary is the first full-length study of Gerald Murnane’s work to tackle head-on his underlying mystical sensibility and is also the first to deal comprehensively with the author’s complete fictional output from Tamarisk Row to Border Districts. This book will be of interest to all lovers of modern literature and will be of special interest to students of Australian literature and those concerned with the interface between art and spirituality.

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Der Konzern im Kompetenzrecht der EuGVVO

Unternehmensgruppe und internationale Zuständigkeit


Samy Sakka

In der Unternehmenswirklichkeit ist der gesetzliche Normalfall einer Einzelgesellschaft zur Ausnahme geworden. Trotz zunehmender internationaler Verflechtung von Unternehmen fehlt es bis heute an besonderen Regelungen zur gerichtlichen Zuständigkeit bei Klagen mit Konzernbezug. Der Autor beleuchtet umfassend, welche Gerichtsstände der EuGVVO im Rahmen von Streitigkeiten mit Konzernbezug eröffnet sind. Er untersucht dabei ausführlich Ansprüche im Konzernaußen- und Konzerninnenverhältnis. Er hat dabei besonders im Fokus, die Schutzzwecke des materiellen Konzernrechts (insbesondere Abwehr von Gefahren für beherrschte Unternehmen, Gläubiger und Minderheitsaktionäre bzw. -gesellschafter) auch im Kompetenzrecht besser zu verwirklichen und gibt wertvolle Reformanstöße.

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José Pascal da Rocha

La médiation internationale est à la fois un art et une science. Cette étude se concentrera sur la médiation politique en tant que moyen de réglement d’un conflit violent, mettant ainsi fin au conflit et en permettant à la tierce partie mandatée d'aider les parties à trouver des structures et des stratégies nouvelles ou de différents mécanismes pour traiter leurs griefs sous-jacents. Sur la base de 5 phases distinctes, le guide tentera d’illustrer et de démontrer les mécanismes généraux du processus de médiation, démarrant avece le début du processus de médiation jusqu’à l’atteinte d’un résultat satisfaisant et obtenu par le biais de la médiation. Enfin, une étude de cas complexe sur la médiation au Soudan sera utilisée pour valider le modèle de médiation présenté dans ce guide. Einfin, Le manuel se terminera avec des leçons clés tirées du cas et par des réflexions finales d’ensemble. En tant que tel, il est dédié à informer le curieux, à servir en tant que tôme de réflexion pour le praticien plus érudit et à stimuler la conception et l'innovation de l’analyste politique pour contribuer à l'établissement d'une épistémologie fondamentale de la médiation.

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Liberation in Higher Education

A White Researcher’s Journey Through the Shadows


Sarah Militz-Frielink

Liberation in Higher Education introduces and expands on the notion of Endarkened Feminist Epistemology (EFE) based on a qualitative case study of Cynthia B. Dillard and her students as well as the white researcher and author, Sarah Militz-Frielink, as she became transformed through her research in higher education. Dillard, who created EFE as a teaching and research paradigm in 2000, grounded it in several frameworks: Black feminist thought, standpoint theory, the tenets of African American spirituality, and the work of Parker J. Palmer on non-religious spirituality in education. The book delves into EFE’s origins and students’ meaning-making experiences with EFE—including related themes such as healing, identity development, cultural histories, spirituality, and the evolution of the phenomenon over time. This book also includes a chapter in which Militz-Frielink applies EFE as a methodology to herself, which is one of the recommended practices of EFE as a research tool. Liberation in Higher Education concludes with implications and recommendations for practitioners, particularly white practitioners in higher education who work with African American students in predominantly white institutions.

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José Pascal da Rocha

A mediação internacional é tanto uma arte quanto uma ciência. A fim de lançar alguma luz e aprender com instâncias de mediação política, este estudo se concentrará na mediação política como um meio de regulação de conflitos, pelo qual um conflito violento é terminado e o terceiro mandatado auxilia as partes a encontrar estruturas novas ou diferentes e mecanismos para resolver suas queixas subjacentes. Com base em 5 fases distintas, o manual tentará ilustrar e demonstrar os mecanismos gerais do processo de mediação, desde o início do processo de mediação até o alcance de um resultado mediado. Finalmente, um estudo de caso complexo das mediações do Sudão será usado para dar sentido ao modelo de mediação apresentado. O manual terminará com algumas lições importantes aprendidas com o estudo de caso e com os pensamentos finais gerais. Como tal, dedica-se a informar o curioso, a servir como um companheiro de pensamento para o praticante mais instruído, e para estimular mais design conceitual e inovação com o formulador de políticas, a fim de continuar trabalhando para o estabelecimento de uma epistemologia básica de mediação.

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The Memory of the Bishop in Medieval Cathedrals

Ceremonies and Visualizations

Edited by Gerardo Boto Varela, Isabel Escandell and Esther Lozano Lopez