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Leith Morton

This book analyzes the literature that emerged from World War II. It also examines the literature that resulted from the two major earthquakes that have struck Japan over the course of over the last hundred years. The small number of volumes previously published examining the literature of war and earthquakes in Japan have almost always focused exclusively on fiction while this volume focuses mainly on poetry. This volume breaks new ground in its attempt to draw together and analyze the literature produced by these tragedies as a single phenomenon. It provides a new template for the literature of trauma produced by such events as the earthquake that accompanied the tsunami and nuclear meltdown in northeast Japan in 2011.

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Edited by Przemysław Chojnowski

Es besteht kein Zweifel darüber, dass die internationale Karriere Zbigniew Herberts Mitte der 1960er Jahre in Österreich begann. Die Idee des vorliegenden Buches entstand im Rahmen des literarischen Abends «Auf den Spuren von Zbigniew Herbert in Österreich» der am Vorabend des in Polen begangenen Zbigniew-Herbert-Jahres 2018 in Wien stattfand. Im Mittelpunkt der Veranstaltung stand der österreichische Kontext im Werk des polnischen Autors (1924–1998), dessen Familie aus England stammend über Wien in die Hauptstadt Galiziens Lemberg kam. Der Band widmet sich ausgewählten Texten Herberts und geht auf zum Teil wenig bekannte Fakten aus der Biographie des Lyrikers und Essayisten ein, die dessen enge Verbindungen zu Österreich belegen.

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Zweisprachigkeit und das semantische Lexikon

Gezielte, sprachspezifische Förderung und Therapie in der Kita und Grundschule


Claudia Wahn

Das vorliegende Buch stellt evaluierte Förder- und Therapieformate zum Auf- und Ausbau des semantischen Lexikons zweisprachiger Kinder vor. Darüber hinaus möchte es den LeserInnen Anregungen für die praktische Umsetzung und Gestaltung von Einzel- und Gruppensituationen geben. Eine entsprechende theoretische Verortung mit dem Ziel des Praxistransfers auf der Basis von Evidenzbasierung soll nicht fehlen, v.a. da Zweisprachigkeit in der Sprachförderung und Sprachtherapie eine weitgehend ungenutzte Ressource darstellt. Zweisprachigkeit sollte in Deutschland nicht länger als Nachteil für die Bildungsentwicklung von Kindern gesehen werden, sondern als Vorteil im Spracherwerb, den es in den unterschiedlichen Institutionen des deutschen Bildungs- und Gesundheitssystems gezielt zu nutzen gilt.

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Apostolizität und Einheit der Kirche

Eine fundamentaltheologische Betrachtung der Kirchenattribute Apostolizität und Einheit, basierend auf der biblischen Grundlage des Epheserbriefes, unter Berücksichtigung der indischen Thomaschristentradition


Aby Puthukulangara

Apostolizität und Einheit sind zentrale Themen der Ökumene. Epheserbrief-Textanalyse und gründliche Untersuchung des Zustandes der damaligen Kirche versuchen Integrationsfähigkeit in der gespalteten Kirche zu finden. Geschichte, Entwicklung und heutige Situation der Thomaschristenheit werden selbstkritisch dargestellt. Der Beitrag des Vatikanum II gilt als Chance und Wendepunkt für die Orientalischen Kirchen und lässt Perspektiven für eine mögliche Zukunft erkennen.

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Bodies That Work

African American Women’s Corporeal Activism in Progressive America

Tami Miyatsu

Bodies That Work describes the redefinition of the invisible, fragmented, and commodified African American female body. In Progressive America, black women began to use their bodies in new ways and ventured into professions in which they had typically not been represented. They were bodies that worked—that labored, functioned, and achieved in collective empowerment and that overcame racial, ethnic, and class divides and grappled with the ideas and values of political, financial, and intellectual leadership, thereby dispelling the ingrained stereotypes of womanhood associated with slavery. Based on archival materials and historical documents, Bodies That Work examines four women who reinterpreted and reorganized the historically divided black female body and positioned it within the body politic: Sarah Breedlove Walker, or Madam C.J. Walker (1867–1919), an entrepreneur; Emma Azalia Hackley (1867–1922), an opera singer; Meta Warrick Fuller (1877–1968), a sculptor; and Josephine Baker (1906–1975), an international performer. Each reshaped a different part of the female body: the hair (Walker), the womb and hands (Fuller), the vocal cords (Hackley), and the torso (Baker), all of which had been denigrated during slavery and which continued to be devalued by white patriarchy in their time. Alleviating racial and gender prejudices through their work, these women provided alternative images of black womanhood. The book’s focus on individual body parts inspires new insights within race and gender studies by visualizing the processes by which women lost/gained autonomy, aspiration, and leadership and demonstrating how the black female body was made (in)visible in the body politic.

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Najimi Bashirullah

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From «Gastarbeiter» to European Expatriates

Greek Migrant Communities in Germany and their Socio-political Integration

Eleni Tseligka

The Gastarbeiter (guest worker) agreement between Greece and Germany in March 1960 sparked the biggest wave of emigration to central Europe in the history of the modern Greek state. Greece achieved its full European Economic Community (ECC) membership in May 1979 and, in the years that followed, the guest workers became European expatriates, particularly so after the 1992 Maastricht Treaty that created the European Union (EU).

This book examines two different intra-European regimes in relation to the Greek migrant communities of Germany: that of guest worker recruitment, and that of European expatriation, a bloc actor policy that transformed the previous bilateral migratory framework. By extension, this book engages in a comparison of two different ages of European unification, while at the same time examining the role that the social and cultural background of Greek migrants has played as a variable of integration.

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Gothic Metamorphoses across the Centuries

Contexts, Legacies, Media


Edited by Maurizio Ascari, Serena Baiesi and David Levente Palatinus

This collection of essays brings together an international team of scholars with the aim to shed new light on various interconnected aspects of the Gothic through the lens of converging critical and methodological approaches. With its wide-ranging interdisciplinary perspective, the book explores the domains of literary, pictorial, filmic, televisual and popular cultural texts in English from the eighteenth century to the present day. Within these pages, the Gothic is discussed as a dynamic form that exceeds the concept of literary genre, proving able to renovate and adapt through constant processes of hybridisation. Investigating the hypothesis that the Gothic returns in times of cultural crisis, this study maps out transgressive and experimental modes conducive to alternative experiences of the intricacies of the human (and post-human) condition.

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Lessons in Critical Theory

Marx, Benjamin, Braudel, Bakhtin, Thompson, Ginzburg and Wallerstein

Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas

Contemporary critical thinking was founded by Karl Marx approximately a century and a half ago. Later, in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, various critical thinkers (some Marxist, others not) further developed this perspective in studying the most important issues of their day: for instance, the future death of art, the conditions and limitations of how we understand and perceive time, the essential questions of how popular culture functions and expresses itself, the role of popular protest and the "moral economy of the crowd," the limits and crises facing modern bourgeois reason, and how to characterize today’s capitalist world. This book is a careful, rigorous review of these fundamental lessons in critical theory and critical thought as developed by some of the most important social thinkers of our age: Karl Marx, Walter Benjamin, Fernand Braudel, Mikhail Bakhtin, E. P. Thompson, Carlo Ginzburg, and Immanuel Wallerstein.

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Movements for Change

How Individuals, Social Media and Al Jazeera Are Changing Pakistan, Egypt and Tunisia

Rauf Arif

This book explores social media as an alternative channel of communication and resistance in Pakistan, Tunisia and Egypt, and argues that the term "Arab Spring" limits the scope of acknowledgement for the ongoing online and offline political uprisings in the Muslim World, which started beyond the geographical boundaries of the Middle East. Beginning with an exploration of the pivotal role of Al Jazeera and how it used social media content from protestors to make the uprisings a global conversation, this book takes readers through an overview of creative political protests in each of the three case countries, before delving into an in-depth examination of a specific icon that sparked each revolution in question, and an overview of social movements and the politico-cultural context in each country. In closing, this book offers an understanding on how the new collective memories of nations using social media to protest will affect future generations who are striving to rise against authoritarian regimes, including the Algerian Spring that is ongoing in 2019.

This book can appeal to a wide range of audiences, both inside and outside the academic world. Within academia, courses covering topics such as social media, social movements, comparative politics, Middle Eastern studies and global communication could use this book as a learning tool. In non-academic settings, journalism practitioners could benefit from this book to examine how social media can be an alternate media in the absence of traditional media, and how traditional news media outlets can collaborate with and utilize social media to perform their journalistic duty in oppressive regimes.