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Edited by Alix de Morant, Helga Finter, Eva Holling, Didier Plassard, Bernhard Siebert and Gerald Siegmund

This book assembles the contributions to the international symposium Narrativity and Intermediality on the Contemporary Stage in Montpellier 2016. The symposium was based on the hypothesis that, despite the rise of performative and postdramatic theatre and a subsequent abandonment of the plot, theatre performances tell stories after all. The variety of positions in this book now discuss and reflect the relation between narration, theatre and intermediality nowadays.

Ce livre rassemble les actes du Colloque international Narrativité & Intermédialité sur la scène contemporaine, manifestation qui s’est tenue à Montpellier en 2016. Les contributions réunies dans cet ouvrage ont trait aux modalités par lesquelles la scène contemporaine, qu'elle soit théâtrale, chorégraphique ou performative, continue de produire du récit. Depuis l'analyse des œuvres, et dans un dialogue avec les artistes,  elles se consacrent aux interrogations qui relèvent de l'intermédialité.

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Romanian Diplomacy in the 20th Century

Biographies, Institutional Pathways, International Challenges

Edited by Adrian Vițalaru,, Ionuț Nistor and Adrian-Bogdan Ceobanu

This collection of studies examines different aspects of Romanian diplomacy in the 20th century, thus highlighting the activity of various diplomats, seeking to explain the changes produced within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs following political transformations in Romania, and aiming to analyse different topic and "dossiers" related to foreign policy, as well as the negotiated perspectives of career diplomats, ministers of foreign affairs, and politicians regarding the directions of foreign policy or the "dossiers" of national interest and security.

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Edited by Meltem İnce Yenilmez and Ufuk Bingöl

This book covers deep researches from different perspectives and disciplines upon Covid-19 pandemic impacts on social, legal, economic, cultural issues by successful and expert researchers in their field. In this book, different and rigorous analyses of all areas influenced by Covid-19 researches were made in order to be one of the emerging reliable sources about the Covid-19 literature with various dimensions.

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Theory of Power

Marx, Foucault, Neo-Zapatismo

Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas

The subject of power (singular) and multiple social powers (plural) is unquestionably central to contemporary societies all over the globe. Growing stronger and expanding farther all the time, the world’s anti-systemic movements have been forced to address this issue—the nature of power and powers—as among their most pressing debates. In the process, these movements have also been forced to consider the best possible strategy for confronting them. Should they seize political power, even if they run the risk of simply reproducing it? Should they destroy it altogether? Is it enough to destroy political power while economic, ideological, military, and religious powers remain untouched? And what is the most effective anti-capitalist and anti-systemic way to confront, defeat, and overcome the many different powers found in all present-day societies on Earth? To answer such questions, among others, this book discusses the rich, complex contributions of Karl Marx, Michel Foucault, and neo-Zapatismo to a complicated and essential subject: the theory of power.
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Transimpérialités contemporaines / Moderne Transimperialitäten

Rivalités, contacts, émulation / Rivalitäten, Kontakte, Wetteifer


Edited by Laurent Dedryvère, Patrick Farges, Indravati Félicité and Elisa Goudin-Steinmann

La notion d’ « Empire » est plus présente que jamais dans les discours médiatiques et savants ; elle semble offrir une grille de lecture efficace pour appréhender les réalités contemporaines les plus diverses. Depuis une trentaine d’années, la recherche a nuancé notre compréhension du phénomène impérial. Les travaux récents ont ainsi soulevé la question des superpositions et appartenances multiples entre empires. Cette perspective « transimpériale » offre un enrichissement aux acquis de l’histoire des transferts culturels, de l’histoire transnationale et de l’histoire globale. Les contributions de ce volume éclairent les différents aspects du concept de « transimpérialité » et illustrent son utilité heuristique en histoire contemporaine, dans une perspective franco-allemande élargie.

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Apprenticeship in dual and non-dual systems

Between tradition and innovation


Edited by María José Chisvert-Tarazona, Mónica Moso Diez and Fernando Marhuenda-Fluixá

Vocational education, apprenticeship included, is subject to reviews and updates that the recent crises are demanding. The role of education and training systems in different welfare regimes is key in shaping what it involves becoming an adult, a worker and a citizen. Nevertheless, policy-makers often indicate dual systems as the most successful, efficient and intelligent way to provide vocational education. This volume contributes with research that discusses the appropriateness of dual systems in Germany and Switzerland and shows some of its current weaknesses. It also portrays effective and non-effective ways of introducing apprenticeships in non-dual systems in Sweden and Spain. The authors want to contribute to the debate on the internationalization of VET and particularly of dual systems, to clarify differences between apprenticeship and alternance (too often taken as synonymous). Particularly relevant is the seldom-cited case of France.

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Julius Remmers

Im modernen Journalismus werden im zunehmenden Maße inkürzester Zeit Nachrichtentexte generiert und veröffentlicht (sog.automatisierter Journalismus). Der Autor untersucht hierzu viele ungeklärteoder nicht hinreichend geklärte praxisrelevante Rechtsfragen. Dabei fokussierter sich auf die rechtliche Einordnung computergenerierter Nachrichtentexte (insbesondereim Urheberrecht) und auf die vertraglichen Schuldverhältnisse zwischen den amautomatisierten Journalismus beteiligten Akteuren: Datenlieferant,Computerprogrammhersteller und -anbieter sowie Medienunternehmen. Einen engenBezug zur Praxis gewinnt der Autor insbesondere dadurch, dass er dievertragsrechtliche Prüfung anhand von Musterverträgen zweier im Bereich desautomatisierten Journalismus tätigen Unternehmen vornimmt. 
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Goodbye America

Fifty Years of American-Jewish Women's Immigration to Israel, a Collective Autobiography (1967–2017)

Edited by Judith Tydor Baumel-Schwartz and Barbara Getzoff Schoenfeld

The Book Goodbye America: Fifty Years of American-Jewish Women’s Immigration to Israel, a Collective Autobiography (1967-2017), is composed of 18 autobiographical essays written by American-Jewish women who made aliyah between 1967 and 2017. Each essay traces the author’s path to making that choice, and describes and analyses her life after her immigration and at various crossroads of her life.

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Hermann Hesse and Japan

A Study in Reciprocal Transcultural Reception


Neale Cunningham

Hermann Hesse once stated that his Japanese readers understood him best among all his readers worldwide – a little known fact among readers of Hesse in the West. This book examines Hesse’s reception in Japan and of Japan in the context of a transcultural reception process. It traces the different phases of Hesse’s reception in Japan and contextualises this reception in terms of the regional setting of East Asia and the cultural authority of imperial Japan. The role of transcultural mediators as figurative nodes in the world literature system is analysed, with a particular focus on the key role played by Hesse’s «Japanese» cousin, Wilhelm Gundert. Finally, Hesse’s epistolary exchange with his Japanese readers is unfolded to show how deep affinities arise, which result in the creation of a type of «spiritual» capital. This epistolary exchange, together with the translation of the Zen bible Pi Yen Lu by Wilhelm Gundert, inspired Hesse to write a series of three unique Zen-poems as a means of expressing a lifelong search for transcendence.

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Polities and Poetics

Race Relations and Reconciliation in Australian Literature


Adelle Sefton-Rowston

A reconciliation movement spread across Australia during the 1990s, bringing significant marches, speeches, and policies across the country. Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians began imagining race relations in new ways and articulations of place, belonging, and being together began informing literature of a unique new genre. This book explores the political and poetic paradigms of reconciliation represented in Australian writing of this period. The author brings together textual evidence of themes and a vernacular contributing to the emergent genre of reconciliatory literature. The nexus between resistance and reconciliation is explored as a complex process to understanding sovereignty, colonial history, and the future of society. Moreover, this book argues it is creative writing that is most necessary for a deeper understanding of each other and of place, because it is writing that calls one to witness, to feel, and to imagine all at the same time.