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Cycling Diplomacy

Undemocratic Regimes and Professional Road Cycling Teams Sponsorship


Jiří Zákravský

Due to the financial situation in the professional road peloton, many cycling teams struggle to find their sponsors. This situation is an opportunity for undemocratic politicians to promote their countries via cycling. Thus, some of them decided to create and support their own cycling teams. Generally, four WorldTour teams supported by undemocratic regimes and their governments have existed in professional cycling history. This book focuses on all of them; it reflects the existence of the Kazakh Astana Pro Team, the Russian Team Katusha (supported by the Russian government until the end of the 2015 season), the Bahrain Victorious (formerly called Bahrain Merida and Bahrain McLaren) or the UAE Team Emirates and the way they are/were used as sports diplomacy instruments.

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Maximilian Wick

Das Buch widmet sich poetischen Positionierungen zu kosmologischen Problemfeldern in lateinischen und deutschsprachigen Epen des Hochmittelalters, u.a. der Cosmographia, dem Architrenius, dem Laborintus, Flore und Blanscheflur, dem Wigalois sowie der Crône. Dabei plausibilisiert es ein Diskursnetz im Bereich jeweils kosmologisch fundierter anthropologischer, epistemologischer sowie poetologischer Fragehorizonte. An die Stelle eines einsträngigen Fortschrittsnarrativs tritt die Annahme einer ‚Gemengelage‘, einer Textlandschaft aus verstreuten Einheiten. Gezeigt wird, wie diese sich – zumeist in Form von Verschiebungen, Überlagerungen und Synkretismen – zu den drängenden Fragen zeitgenössischer Kosmologie im 12./13. Jahrhundert positionieren.

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Edited by Hasan Kemal Süher, Deniz Denizel and Tuna Tetik

New Communication in the Post-Pandemic Era: Media, Education, and Information is a collection of contemporary post-positivist research and cultural/interpretative studies that explores new areas, redefines old concepts, and proposes rare discourses over communication theories, and portrays a new scene upon the edge of the global crisis by COVID-19 pandemic, which might lead to an ultimate paradigm shift pushing the post-industrial societies to a new complex of multi-layered structural regressions. Covering a broad range of multidisciplinary topics, –including consumer behavior, advertising strategies, public relations, blockchain technologies, new education channels, labor economics, disaster politics, health engagement, corporate communication, information systems, streaming services, music reception, reality television, animation, filmmaking, new personality models, and brand-new aesthetic styles– this manuscript of selected essays and articles is optimally designed for academics, researchers, educators, media professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, organizers, scientists, artists, public relations specialists, and students who intend to enhance their understanding of how the structures of ‘New Communication’ resist, accept, or repurpose the new historical conditions of the global crisis through media, education, and information.
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Edited by Fatih AYHAN, Burak Darici and Candy Lim CHIU

The coronavirus epidemic, which swept the whole world at the beginning of 2020 and
turned into a widespread pandemic, has caused an important economic and social crisis.
Governments and policy makers have tried to keep business life afloat with financial
incentives and supports, government aids to combat the epidemic. The habits of doing
business with remote working, flexible working, social media and internet use and online
systems have been heavily used. After the Great Depression, the COVID epidemic caused
serious contraction on the global economy. Therefore, it is important to examine the
effects of this crisis by experts.

With this book, the effects of the COVID crisis on different fields have been examined in
detail by experts from different disciplines. We hope that this book will make significant
contributions to researchers and scientists.

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Christine Merkel

Das vorsatzlose Sich-Entfernen vom Unfallort ist in der Praxis weit verbreitet. Trotz zahlreicher Versuche ist es bislang weder dem Gesetzgeber noch der Rechtsprechung gelungen, eine praxistaugliche Lösung zu entwickeln, um diese Fälle von § 142 StGB zu erfassen. Diese Publikation trägt nicht nur erstmals in gründlicher Weise zur Klärung der Argumente bei, die im Zusammenhang mit der Strafbarkeit des unvorsätzlichen Sich-Entfernens vom Unfallort de lege lata und de lege abrogata bisher ausgetauscht werden. Sie liefert mit dem Entwurf einer eng begrenzten Rückkehrverpflichtung auch einen innovativen Beitrag für die weitere Diskussion der Strafbarkeit de lege ferenda.

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Edited by José Antonio Guillén Berrendero and Gijs Versteegen

Studying the different forms of socialization of the concept of virtue during the early modern age is currently one of the most complex and cross-cutting topics in the field of history and related disciplines. The work Studies on the idea of excellence in Europe (15th–19th centuries) Virtus vera nobilitas est brings together essays by historians and philosophers that set out to show the problems posed by the concept of virtue in the early modern era.

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Nova Acta Paracelsica 29/2021

Beiträge zur Paracelsus-Forschung


Edited by Pia Holenstein Weidmann and Markus Ries

Die Beiträge des Bandes untersuchen Paracelsus’ aggressiv wirkende Rhetorik, seine speziellen Aussagen über die Evolution, seine Konzepte von Engeln und Geistern sowie die Paracelsus-Bezüge russischer Gelehrter. Präsentiert werden ein authentischer Brief des Paracelsus und Bucheinträge im Stift Einsiedeln.

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Harmony Effects Across Language and Perception

Some Conundrums around the Unity of the Mind


Gaetano Fiorin and Denis Delfitto

This book offers original insights around a fascinating idea: Perception and the rest of cognition, crucially including language, are closer to each other than the Cartesian tradition dared to dream. By combining recent results in cognitive neuroscience, the philosophy of perception, and the syntax of natural language, the book demonstrates that there is continuity between higher and lower cognition. Percepts from perceptual experience are propositional, conceptual, and they are not divorced from objective reality. Human cognition is merged with the natural world, able to reflect it in complex ways and interact with it in modalities that are since the very beginning computationally complex and rich in content.

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Anglo-American and Polish Proverbs

Linguo-Cultural Perspective on Traditional Values


Bożena Kochman-Haładyj

The main purpose of the publication is to present a linguo-cultural picture of traditional values (such as the value of life, freedom, dignity, family, religion, community, truth, good, beauty, and God) reflected in Anglo-American and Polish paremiology. The author analyzes the proverbs with the use of semantic approach and divides them into several thematic categories and subcategories related to the sphere of values. The paremiological analysis carried out from a contrastive perspective provides additional evidence to support the claim that, despite some widespread axiological views common to languages, there exist distinct differences characteristic only of a given linguo-culture, naturally caused by different, among others, geographical, historical, social, and cultural environments.

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Supporting Education with Afterschool Learning Environments

Out-of-School Learning at After School Hours-Turkey Case

Esin Acar

The book examines the approaches in Turkey and in international contexts and also offers cultural insights through analysis of the extensive fieldwork research. The author analyses how after-school education should be carried out from the viewpoints of parents, school managers, teachers and students as well on the basis of the research. Additionally, the book features some contributions mentioning the practical reflections of some practitioners and supervisors about after-school education in Chicago.