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History of English Literature, Volume 4

Early and Mid-Victorian Prose and Poetry, 1832–1870

Franco Marucci

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Teacher Stories

Perspectives on Inclusive Pedagogical Language in Zimbabwe

Kumbirai Khosa

The teaching of English in multilingual contexts such as Zimbabwe, where English is often not the primary language of the Black majority public school student population, is a highly contested issue. Though generally considered as necessary in an increasingly globalized, English language dominated world, this conventionally Eurocentric, elitist-oriented English education system is imbued with colonialist discourses that tend to shape and complicate educators’ understandings about the place of diverse sociocultural backgrounds, ethnic-identified indigenous languages, indigenous knowledge systems, and differently abled learners within its conventional structures.

In Teacher Stories, the author utilizes postcolonialist theoretical lenses and a poststructuralist-inflected narrative inquiry approach to self-reflexively analyze her impressions of three veteran Zimbabwean teacher educators’ interpretations of what they understand to be their experiences of learning and teaching English.

The purpose of this research is to provide English education scholars and policy makers with some insights into what veteran Zimbabwean English teacher educators perceive as the efficacies and challenges of implementing policy-mandated inclusive education pedagogical practices. Since English teacher educators’ perspectives are a much under-researched area of English in a Zimbabwean context, this study makes a meaningful contribution to the international field of English education.

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Das Verfahren vor Streitbeilegungsstellen

Eine Untersuchung im Lichte der ADR-Richtlinie


Markus Augenschein

Die Vorschrift des § 204 Abs. 1 Nr. 4 BGB, wonach die Verjährung eines Anspruchs mittels Güteantrag unkompliziert und risikolos gehemmt werden kann, war in jüngster Zeit Gegenstand etlicher Kontroversen in Literatur und Rechtsprechung. Im Mittelpunkt der Diskussion stand dabei die Frage, welche Bestimmtheitsanforderungen ein Güteantrag erfüllen muss, damit diesem verjährungshemmende Wirkung zukommen kann. Ebenso umstritten ist die Frage, unter welchen Umständen ein Güteantrag wegen Rechtsmissbrauchs nicht verjährungshemmend wirken soll. Diesen Rechtsfragen an der Schnittstelle zwischen materiellem Recht und Prozessrecht widmet sich der Autor unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der EU-Richtlinie 2013/11/EU über alternative Streitbeilegung in Verbraucherangelegenheiten (ADR-Richtlinie).

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Die Dogmatik des Gesellschafterbeschlusses

Rechtsnatur, Wirksamkeitsvoraussetzungen und Auswirkungen auf Beschlussmängelklagen


Laura Gerauer

Der 72. Deutsche Juristentag hat im Jahre 2018 empfohlen, für das Personengesellschaftsrecht ein eigenes Beschlussmängelrecht nach dem Vorbild der §§ 241 ff. AktG gesetzlich einzuführen. Die Publikation befasst sich mit der Frage, ob das aktienrechtliche Beschlussmängelsystem bereits de lege lata nicht nur in der GmbH, sondern in allen rechtsfähigen Verbänden des Privatrechts gilt. Ausgangspunkt dieser Frage ist, wie der Beschluss privatwirtschaftlicher Zweckverbände dogmatisch einzuordnen ist und auf welche Weise er zustande kommt. Die Autorin arbeitet für die Beantwortung dieser Frage die historische Entwicklung des Beschlussrechts auf.

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Ethical Investing

Opportunities and Challenges of Morally Justified Investments


Manfred Stüttgen

Ethical investing is becoming increasingly attractive for investors and banks. Financial performance and reduced risk, social-ecological responsibility and a good consciousness are typically promised. However, which moral rules and considerations should actually guide an investor? This book analyses selection criteria for ethical investing and its underlying theoretical premises. It outlines the opportunities and challenges of an investment style that integrates ethical norms and values into the investment process. Investors and financial advisors will benefit from reading this book that is also a good investment for researchers and analysts in the field of sustainable investing and the ethics of finance.

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Edited by Julia Nikiel and Izabella Kimak

The essays included in this collection offer an overview of literary works, films, TV series, and visual art which reflect the current (post-)millennial fascination with theorizing ends and beginnings. The contributions intend to x-ray the most crucial aspects of contemporary North-American literature and culture. Addressing a variety of media, the authors of the essays gathered in the book wonder at the ongoing spectacle of exhaustion and regeneration which is playing itself out on the American stage.

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The Plundering of the Vanquished

The Economic Repression during Early Francoism

Julio Prada Rodríguez

Economic repression became a keystone of the social exclusion policies of the Franco dictatorship from the stage of the coup dʼétat. Beyond its utility in provisioning the warfronts and for the proper functioning of the rearguard, it became a valuable deterrent and a weapon of intimidation that smothered any expression of non-conformity. If its efficiency was so remarkable, this was due to the fact that it did not act in an isolated fashion, but projected itself on the social body that had already suffered the combined effects of the Civil War, the physical repression and the rest of the coercive and social control mechanisms employed by the regime.

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Der Kommentar zum Zweiten Buch der Elegien des Properz. Herausgegeben und übersetzt von Roland Stürzenhofecker


Roland Stürzenhofecker

Dieses Buch führt die 2015 begonnene Neuausgabe des Gesamtkommentars zu den Elegien des Properz fort, den Philippus Beroaldus 1487 in Bologna veröffentlichte. Das Buch bietet, wie der erste Band, eine genaue Abschrift des Inkunabeltextes von 1487 sowie eine deutsche Übersetzung, ergänzt durch Zitierung der antiken Belegstellen, die Beroaldus heranzieht. Die Herausgabe der Kommentare zu den Properz-Büchern drei und vier sollen folgen.

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Contemporary Relations between Poland and Ukraine

The “Strategic Partnership” and the Limits Thereof


Andrzej Szeptycki

The book analyses contemporary relations between two biggest states in East-Central Europe: Poland and Ukraine. This topic is of interest for three reasons: difficult history of the two countries, different models of development adopted after the end of communism and the common challenge of aggressive Russian policy. The timeframe of the work is from 1989-2018, with an emphasis on the period after 2014, when the Russian-Ukrainian war began. The book is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the history and determinants of Polish-Ukrainian relations. The second one presents political, economic, social and military relations between the two states. The last part focuses on more specific issues such as historical memory, the Polish-Ukrainian border and relations with the EU.

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Contents, Use, Usability

Dictionaries from the Perspective of a Translator and a Language Teacher


Edited by Dorota Osuchowska and Lucyna Harmon

This book is directed at lexicographers and professionals in Translation Studies and English Language Teaching. Chapters by translation scholars alternate with chapters by teachers of English; within them, sections on the contents of the works discussed alternate with sections on their use and/or usability. Each of the chapters offers a glimpse of interesting research possibilities that practice raises, the issues we need to investigate and explain, as well as how to turn some of this research into practical action.

The book proves that dictionaries continue to play an important part in our daily and academic lives, though it is not always clear how they should fit into the overall pattern of curriculum design, teaching materials or learning styles.