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Unleashing Suppressed Voices on College Campuses

Diversity Issues in Higher Education, Second Edition


Edited by Kandace G. Hinton, Valerie Grim, Mary F. Howard-Hamilton, O. Gilbert Brown and Mona Y. Davenport

To be unleashed is to be unbridled, set free, not controlled, or loosed. This second edition of Unleashing Suppressed Voices on College Campuses is all of these descriptors and more. The contributors of this volume released the often captive voices of students, faculty, and staff on college campuses who are mostly marginalized and silenced. The cases that are shared in the book are from actual experiences that many have faced in recent years. As such, the use of cases in teaching and training relative to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are important and useful tools. This book is a must use for courses in student affairs prep, higher education leadership, human resource development in higher education, and counseling programs. The cases provide rich context, detailed storytelling, theoretical frameworks, and thought provoking questions to encourage dialogue within the classroom or training sessions. Finally, each case provides a reading list to build upon the literature base that connects to the issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

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Edited by Elvira Narvaja de Arnoux, Lidia Becker and Jose Del Valle

Las cuarenta contribuciones del presente volumen se remontan al Tercer Congreso Latinoamericano de Glotopolítica (Hannover, 27-30 de septiembre de 2017) y abordan una multitud de temas en la interfaz entre la dimensión política de las intervenciones en los lenguajes y la dimensión semiótica de los procesos sociales y políticos. El libro se sitúa en el ámbito de la glotopolítica y está estructurado alrededor de los siguientes ejes temáticos: perspectivas teóricas sobre la dimensión social y política del lenguaje, instituciones e ideologías lingüísticas, lenguas minorizadas / multilingüismo y migración, enseñanza de lenguas e instrumentos lingüísticos, políticas lingüísticas, discursos políticos y análisis del discurso, medios de comunicación masiva y medios digitales.

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African American History

An Introduction, Third Edition

Joanne Turner-Sadler

Every year more colleges and high schools are offering classes (and often making them required classes) in black history. Joanne Turner-Sadler provides a concise and probing treatment of 400 years of black history in America that can be used with age groups ranging from high school through college and beyond. Equally the book provides a digestible overview for anyone interested in African American history and the constructs of the culture. In African American History: An Introduction, Third Edition the author touches on key figures and events that have shaped African American culture beginning with a look at Africa and its various civilizations and the migration of the African people to America. Some essential topics covered in this updated edition:

  • African Kingdoms and Rise of Slavery in Europe
  • The Roots of Oppression in the Americas
  • The Origins of the Black Middle Class
  • Emancipation, Civil Rights, and the Quest for Equality
  • The First Black President and the Growth of New Coalitions
  • Demographic and Ethnic Change beyond the 20th Century
  • Them Vs. Us: Tribalism and Voter Suppression

This book is an indispensable addition to all library collections as well as a teaching tool for instructors. It is heavily illustrated (photos, maps, timelines) with useful end-of-the-chapter questions, summaries, and activities for further study. Additionally, this book contains a handy bibliography of suggested readings.

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Joanna Zoglowek

Die Frage, welche externen Rechtsfolgen innerverbandliche Satzungsverstöße bzw. unzulässige Satzungsgestaltungen von Tarifvertragsparteien – insbesondere gegenüber dem tariflichen Gegenspieler – nach sich ziehen, wird im kollektiven Arbeitsrecht unter verschiedenen Gesichtspunkten virulent. Einer umfassenden Erörterung sind die externen Rechtsfolgen von Verstößen gegen das Innenrecht der Tarifvertragsparteien bisher gleichwohl noch nicht zugeführt worden. Die dahingehende rechtswissenschaftliche Diskussion und Judikatur erschöpfen sich vielmehr in einer punktuellen, fallgruppenorientierten Betrachtung. Die Verfasserin arbeitet diese Fragestellung – unter Berücksichtigung der bereits vorhandenen Kasuistik – fallgruppenübergreifend auf und führt sie einer allgemeinverbindlicheren Antwort zu.

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Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

Conceptos Fundamentales

Edited by David Schwarzer, Mary Petrón and Clarena Larrotta

Bilingualism and Bilingual Education: Conceptos Fundamentales explores relevant concepts of bilingualism for pre-service Spanish/English bilingual teachers in the United States. This volume is reader friendly while presenting complex theoretical content. It is the first of its kind to seamlessly switch between English and Spanish languages for academic purposes. This book fills a gap in the academic literature related to translanguaging as a modern and global phenomenon. The authors invite bilingual educators to develop translingual classrooms with bilingual students in which academic English and Spanish are intentionally mixed. Volume contributors center their discussions on theory, practice, and action as they reflect on their own bilingual journeys. Features such as glossary terms, discussion questions, and intentional reflection on each author’s bilingual journey make it innovative and a must read in all bilingual teacher preparation programs in the nation.
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John D. Clayton

Thomas Chalmers was arguably the most popular Scot and influential churchman of his age. However, when he was first educated, ordained, installed, and serving as a parish minister in the Church of Scotland, he was by his own admission not yet a converted Christian. How could a minister of the gospel not believe the gospel? How this happened is telling of his context, country, and church, but it is not a short story. From a confusion of church and state dating back to the Scottish Reformation to an increasing secularism in and through the Scottish Enlightenment, the Church of Scotland moved increasingly away from its Reformation roots and the necessity of the gospel in Christian conversion, as evidenced in the early life of Thomas Chalmers.

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Edited by Graeme Davis and Kieran McCartney

The global COVID-19 lockdown has led to a complete transformation of education. Never again could pedagogy be separated from its digital dimension. Traditional learning practices were replaced overnight by digital practices, frequently untested. Many educational settings were forced to address the fragmented national and regulatory frameworks that direct teaching and learning practice as well as testing. The Digital Learning and the Future book series was born of the pandemic, offering an outlet for teachers and scholars to share their research and practices in this new reality.

This interdisciplinary book series examines the use of digital technology in education. It is part of an unfolding educational agenda around technology-enhanced learning, where technology is both blended as a tool within existing pedagogies and drives new pedagogies. The series looks to the future, to emerging technologies and methodologies. Areas of interest include educational futures and future pedagogies, pedagogy and globalization (including MOOC), mobile learning, edtech, technology in assessment, and technology and face-to-face blended learning.

The series encourages proposals for short-format books (between 25,000 and 50,000 words) with the aim of responding quickly to this rapidly changing field. Short monographs, co-authored or edited collections, case studies, practical guides and more are all welcome.

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Enduring Presence

William Hogarth’s British and European Afterlives


Edited by Caroline M. Patey, Cynthia Ellen Roman and Georges Letissier

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Myoungsu Ko

Die verschiedenen Konzepte fahrlässiger Mittäterschaft werden dargestellt und als nicht überzeugend befunden. Der Hauptteil der Arbeit analysiert nach der kursorischen Feststellung, dass das Analogieverbot der Figur nicht entgegensteht, konkret die Unbegründbarkeit fahrlässiger Mittäterschaft auf der Grundlage des höchstpersönlichen Schuldprinzips, das als verfassungsrechtlicher Grundsatz die Grundlage des gesamten Strafrechtssystems bildet. Die richtige Lösung bei fahrlässigem Zusammenwirken besteht in einer Vorverlagerung des Fahrlässigkeitsschuldvorwurfs unter Annahme eines psychischen Beitrags zum Erfolgseintritt. Dies entspricht sowohl dem Wesen der Fahrlässigkeitsdelikte als auch dem Schuldprinzip.

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Jochen Claussen

Der BGH bejahte in seinem Urteil vom 14. Mai 2013, BGHZ 197, 225, die Schutzgesetzeigenschaft von § 323c Abs. 1 StGB, dem Prototypen der echten Unterlassungsdelikte.

Diese Arbeit untersucht zunächst die aus der Bejahung der Schutzgesetzeigenschaft resultierende Reichweite der zivilrechtlichen Haftung und deren Beschränkungsmöglichkeiten. Anschließend wird erörtert, ob sich die Haftung für echte Unterlassungsdelikte in die bisherige Unterlassungssystematik integrieren lässt. Anhand der gefundenen Erkenntnisse würdigt der Verfasser umfassend den aktuellen Streitstand zur Schutzgesetzeigenschaft des § 323c Abs. 1 StGB und lehnt diese ab. Abschließend untersucht der Verfasser die Übertragbarkeit der dargestellten Ergebnisse auf die weiteren echten Unterlassungsdelikte.