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Cycling Diplomacy

Undemocratic Regimes and Professional Road Cycling Teams Sponsorship

Jiří Zákravský

Due to the financial situation in the professional road peloton, many cycling teams struggle to find their sponsors. This situation is an opportunity for undemocratic politicians to promote their countries via cycling. Thus, some of them decided to create and support their own cycling teams. Generally, four WorldTour teams supported by undemocratic regimes and their governments have existed in professional cycling history. This book focuses on all of them; it reflects the existence of the Kazakh Astana Pro Team, the Russian Team Katusha (financed by the Russian government until the end of the 2015 season), the Bahrain Victorious (formerly called Bahrain Merida and Bahrain McLaren) or the UAE Team Emirates and the way they are/were used as sports diplomacy instruments.

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Damian Pierzak

Historical exempla were an important part of the Roman political discourse. They could serve as a moral guide to conduct, but also lend credibility to an orator’s argument. In his extant orations, Cicero often draws parallels between his contemporaries and the old Romans or, less frequently, he compares the Romans of the present day with non-Roman individuals. Cicero himself calls such foreign examples ‘exempla externa.’ Using a theoretical framework that combines the precepts of ancient rhetorical theory and modern terminology, this book explores the ways in which Cicero employed exempla externa in oratorical practice. It argues that there were many different categories of exemplum for Cicero to choose and that exempla externa were not necessarily suitable for negative lessons.

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Edited by Barbara Janusz-Pohl

Juvenile Justice Systems outlines options for shaping the juvenile liability models, in the form of model-patterns: the welfare model, the justice model, the rehabilitative treatment model, the restorative justice model, and different mixed models, especially the so-called “4xD formula.” This comparative work consists of 4 parts, describing the general issues of juvenile criminal liability and characterizing three mixed models: the Polish, the Brazilian and the Portuguese. The comparison of three systems severely influenced by welfare ideas is seen as an innovative element of the presented work. The critical, theoretical analysis contributes to the reflection on the modelling of juvenile justice systems. Therefore, it may be of particular interest to legal researchers and practitioners.

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Truth, Beauty, and the Common Good

The Search for Meaning through Culture, Community and Life

Christopher Garbowski

The examination of the transcendentals of truth, beauty and the good in this book stems from the perspective of Christian humanism, transcending ourselves in moral psychology, and perfecting ourselves to attain the good life. These critical approaches are each pertinent to the search for meaning in our lives which the transcendentals augment. From such a perspective, the book engages in an exploration of the philosophy of culture and religion which at key points in the discussion draws upon ritual, works of high and especially popular culture. The truth that moves us closer to discovering meaning and a fuller humanity is largely found in the world and culture that surrounds us and is related to wisdom, which is something that concerns us all.

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Luca Valleriani

This volume deals with the language of the British upper class in natural face-to-face dialogue and how this is rendered fictionally in audiovisual media. Its main aim is that of reorganising the sparse information on the topic that is found in previous scholarly studies through a qualitative methodological approach.

After focusing on the linguistic description and evolution of the upper-class sociolect, the study offers original insights on the language of the Royal Family and its representation in the TV series The Crown.

The results from this research, which combines the disciplines of sociolinguistics and dialectology applied to the audiovisual text, will hopefully open a new path in the study of language of elite groups in Britain, arguably an under-researched topic.

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Edited by Uwe Schütte

Pop music is a deeply transmedial art form, a hybrid of images, attitudes, performances and texts. This bi-lingual volume examines the diverse transmedial processes of exchange and hybridisation occurring between German pop music and other forms of art. It aims to make an important contribution to the emerging field of German Pop Music Studies, which is seeing a recent upsurge in interest in the UK. Comprising chapters by a range of scholars from both the Anglophone world and Germany, the volume explores how German pop music interacts transnationally with political issues as well as art forms such as film, video, and fine art. A particular focus of the volume is placed on the manifold processes of mutual exchange between German-language literature and German pop music. Artists examined in this volume include Kraftwerk, Einstürzende Neubauten, Tocotronic, Ja, Panik, Gerhard Richter, R. W. Fassbinder, amongst others.

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Against the Grain

The Poetics of Non-Normative Masculinity in Decadent French Literature


Mathew Rickard

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André Malraux and Art

An Intellectual Revolution

Derek Allan

This study provides a step by step explanation of André Malraux's theory of art. Drawing on his major works, such as The Voices of Silence and The Metamorphosis of the Gods, it examines key topics such as the nature of artistic creation, the psychology of our response to art, the birth of the notion of "art" itself and its transformation after Manet, the birth and death of the idea of beauty, the seriously neglected question of the relationship between art and the passage of time, the emergence of our "first universal world of art," the contemporary role of the art museum and the musée imaginaire, and the contentious question of the relationship between art and history.


Rejecting negative criticisms from writers such as Maurice Merleau-Ponty and E. H. Gombrich, the study argues that Malraux offers us a theory of art that is fully coherent and highly illuminating. In addition, the analysis shows that he presents a radical challenge to the traditional explanations of art inherited from the Enlightenment that have dominated Western thinking for some three hundred years. In short, the study unveils a way of understanding art that is nothing short of an intellectual revolution.

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Jan Felicjan Terelak

The book is a scientific monograph, based on a natural experiment on cognitive, emotional and social functioning during the year-long isolation of 21 winter hounds at the Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station. The conducted research was of a specimen and sociometric nature. The results presented in the book are unique in the literature on the subject due to the longitudinal nature of the research conducted, together with its high frequency (every two weeks). Moreover, the social isolation was total in its character, due to the large limitation of connectivity with the outside world, which could be considered analogous to future long-term space missions.