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Apprendre des langues distantes en eTandem

Une étude de cas dans un dispositif universitaire sino-francophone

Jue Wang-Szilas

Dans une perspective interdisciplinaire, ce projet de publication s'inscrit dans les champs de la didactique du chinois langue étrangère (CLE), de la didactique du français langue étrangère (FLE), de la communication médiatisée par ordinateur (CMO), de l’analyse des interactions d’apprentissage et de l’ingénierie pédagogique. À partir d’un dispositif eTandem chinois-français initié et développé par l’Université de Genève (Suisse) et l’Université du Hubei (Chine) sur cinq années, cet ouvrage aborde deux problématiques : l’ingénierie pédagogique du dispositif et la co-construction des compétences via la réalisation des rôles d’expert et d’apprenant entre les locuteurs natifs et non natifs dans un environnement d’apprentissage virtuel. En analysant de manière fine les interactions au sein de binômes d’apprenants à partir de 11 enregistrements vidéo et de leur transcription, l’étude tente de découvrir comment les échanges entre apprenants se déroulent. L’analyse montre que les styles d’organisation y sont variables, et peuvent se regrouper selon trois catégories : « entretien » (donnant-donnant), « professeur » (enseignant-élève) et « ping-pong » (bavardage). Cependant, le « projet didactique » sous-jacent aux échanges, grâce notamment à son caractère institutionnalisé, mobilise des ressources technologiques et interculturelles en lien avec le processus d’apprentissage. Il est démontré en particulier comment les stratégies de résolution de problèmes (négociation du sens et de la forme) sont prolongées et enrichies par les outils informatiques. Par ailleurs, en présentant l’évolution interactive de l’ingénierie pédagogique du dispositif, l’ouvrage étudie l’influence des exigences institutionnelles, des pédagogies et des cultures éducatives sur la motivation, les stratégies et les performances des apprenants.

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Edited by Luka Szucsich, Agnes Kim and Uliana Yazhinova

This book assembles contributions dealing with language contact and areal linguistics. The goal of the book is to investigate linguistic convergence in Europe with a strong focus on the languages of Eastern Central Europe which show many remarkable similarities. The focus is put on a methodical and empirical component in the investigation of two or more languages in the context of possible language contact phenomena. Languages of Eastern Central Europe and adjacent parts of Europe use a considerable amount of common vocabulary due to the transfer of loanwords during a long period of cultural contact. But they also share several grammatical features—phonological, morphological and syntactic ones. This book tackles lexical and grammatical phenomena in language contact situations. The authors take up diachronic, synchronic and language acquisitional perspectives, and discuss methodological problems for the field.

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Kerstin Reget

Es ist ein altbekannter Mechanismus, dass insbesondere in Krisenzeiten das Vertrauen in bewährte Institutionen schwindet. Dies gilt auch für die Europäische Union, deren Zusammenhalt und Aufnahmefähigkeit in diesen Tagen mehr denn je in Frage steht. Gegenstand des Buches ist die Untersuchung der potenziellen Auswirkungen der Ost-Erweiterungen auf die Handlungsfähigkeit der EU. Wie gestaltet sich nach Aufnahme der neuen Mitgliedstaaten die Entscheidungsfindung im Ministerrat sowie im Europäischen Rat, also in den Institutionen, die als Hauptinstanz für die Vertretung nationaler Interessen gelten? Und wie funktionieren nach der jüngsten Vertragsreform von Lissabon die Abläufe im interinstitutionellen Kompetenz- und Entscheidungsgefüge? Ist der Europäischen Union der Spagat zwischen der Erweiterung nach Mittel- und Ost-Europa und der Wahrung ihrer ‚Capacity‘ (auch mit Blick auf die vollzogenen institutionellen Reformen) gelungen? Diese Fragestellungen beantwortet die Autorin anhand von zwei Fallstudien zu den Verhandlungen um den EU-Haushalt.

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Philipp Zeller

Mit Beginn der Wirtschafts- und Bankenkrise im Jahre 2007 wurde die Organ- und Managerhaftung zu einem zentralen aktienrechtlichen Thema. Seit der Krise ist das Rechtsinstitut des besonderen Vertreters gemäß § 147 AktG von zentraler Bedeutung.
Der besondere Vertreter kann unter den Voraussetzungen des § 147 AktG von den Aktionären eingesetzt werden und kann Ersatzansprüche der Gesellschaft anstelle von Vorstand und Aufsichtsrat geltend machen. Auch kann er diese Forderungen gegenüber Vorstand und Aufsichtrat geltend machen. Das Buch untersucht und bewertet die Entwicklung des besonderen Vertreters, definiert seine Rechte und Pflichten sowie seine rechtliche Stellung im Lichte der wichtigsten Rechtsprechung. Auch werden Verbesserungs- und Reformvorschläge im Zusammenhang mit dem Rechtsinstitut vorgestellt.

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Children of the Liberation

Transatlantic Experiences and Perspectives of Black Germans of the Post-War Generation

Edited by Marion Kraft

This volume was originally published in German in 2015, commemorating the end of World War II seventy years earlier and acknowledging the contribution of African American soldiers to Germany’s liberation from fascist rule. Using an interdisciplinary approach, it collects the voices of some of the descendants of these World War II heroes. In this volume, Black Germans of this post-war generation relate and analyse their experiences from various perspectives. Historical, political and research essays alongside life writing, interviews and literary texts form a kaleidoscope through which a new perspective on an almost forgotten part of German history and US American–German relationships is conveyed. The collection explores causes and consequences of racism in the past and in the present as well as developing strategies for achieving positive changes.
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Kejun Xia

The purpose of Chinese Philosophy and Contemporary Aesthetics is simple and straightforward: to discuss empty, nothing, opening, white, nature color, blankness, and different delicate senses, in ink-water painting and calligraphy, around discourses of poetics, philosophy ideas, and art critics.

Because xu has inner plasticity and re-generation, which are crucial for its aesthetic discourse, the relation between "nature" or "naturalness" and "emptiness" approaches a fundamental question of modernity—the relation between event revolution and "silent transformation."

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Cimarrón Pedagogies

Notes on Auto-ethnography as a Tool for Critical Education


Lidia Marte

The book Cimarrón Pedagogies is a testimonial account of how to use Critical Auto-Ethnography as main strategy for undergraduate research projects. The pedagogical approach here shared is a form of marronage, that help us create –at least in the classroom and for one semester– small liberated spaces, bridging the individual and the collective, private and public, past and present, the poetic and the political, and the local/global negotiations in our students’ lives. Researching the ground of student’s everyday experiences through their personal perspectives, is a form of engaged pedagogy utilizing experiential, project-based and place-based assignments, as well as other experimental strategies. Through an auto-ethnographic project the feminist phrase ‘the personal is political’ is felt, not just pondered, researched and theorized, generating multiple insights and empowering students to create their own ways of liberation and to document their own cultural histories. This auto-ethnographic narrative is an homage to teachers and mentors, and a celebration of live-long self-directed learning, as embodied in the author’s own educational roots and routes. The book will be useful for college instructors and teachers, as well as undergraduate and graduate students, for diverse courses, ranging from anthropology to the humanities. The guide to the research project and the appendix, are also useful for any reader interested in researching and documenting topics of significance to their local lives and to their communities.

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City Places, Country Spaces

Rhetorical Explorations of the Urban/Rural Divide


Edited by Wendy Atkins-Sayre and Ashli Quesinberry Stokes

Regional differences matter. Even in an increasingly globalized world, rhetorical attention to regionalism yields very different understandings of geographic areas and the people who inhabit them. Regional identities often become most apparent in the differences (real and perceived) between urban and rural areas. Politicians recognize the perceived differences and develop messages based on that knowledge. Media highlight and exacerbate the differences to drive ratings. Cultural markers (from memorials to restaurants and memoirs and beyond) point to the differences and even help to construct those divisions. The places identified as urban and rural even visually demarcate the differences at times. This volume explores how rhetoric surrounding the urban and rural binary helps shape our understanding of those regions and the people who reside there. Chapters from award-winning rhetorical scholars explain the implications of viewing the regions as distinct and divided, exploring how they influence our understanding of ourselves and others, politics and race, culture, space and place, and more. Attention to urban and rural spaces is necessary because those spaces both act rhetorically and are also created through rhetoric. In a time when thoughtful attention to regional division has become more critical than ever, this book is required reading to help think through and successfully engage the urban/rural divide.

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Coffee and Conflict in Colombia

Part of the Pentalemma Series on Managing Global Dilemmas

Dylan Scudder

Against the backdrop of an increasingly globalized business environment, the book provides readers with a pragmatic approach to strategic management of complex issues that arise from the tension between fiduciary and ethical priorities. If the challenge of management is making decisions in situations of uncertainty, Coffee and Conflict in Colombia is the ultimate test of finding business solutions in extremely volatile situations. Based on firsthand experience on-site and years of rigorous research, this book leverages a real-world case of a global coffee consortium facing the challenge of negotiating wages for its farmworkers during a low-intensity conflict in and around Colombia. Beyond the direct consequences of the negotiation, many farmworkers are ready to join local militia if a wage deal cannot be reached, thereby fueling the cycle of local instability and violence. Putting readers in the role of consultants to a client operating in the area lets them experience defining moments of managing this high-stakes situation with limited information and considerable time pressure. Almost as if "parachuting" into an escalating conflict scenario, readers form critical relationships with characters that introduce them to management tools and techniques they need to arrive at a successful conclusion. The excitement and intensity of Coffee and Conflict in Colombia equips business leaders of today and tomorrow with valuable know-how they can apply to the uncertainties of everyday business in an international context.

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Edited by Elizabeth Smith Rousselle and Erika M. Sutherland

(Con)textos femeninos: Antología de escritoras españolas, Tomo I: De Al-Ándalus hasta el siglo XVIII presenta poesía, drama y prosa de autoras de la Edad Media, el Renacimiento/Barroco y el siglo XVIII. Cada sección tiene introducciones sociohistóricas que esbozan el contexto histórico, el contexto social y el contexto de la mujer para situar la literatura. Se incluyen notas a pie de página en español para facilitar la comprensión de los textos. Al final de cada selección literaria aparece una corta biografía general de la escritora. La sección medieval tiene versiones árabes y hebreas de los escritos originalmente publicados en esas lenguas. Esta presentación bilingüe continúa en tomo II de (Con)textos femeninos que tiene literatura de escritoras españolas del siglo XIX hasta la actualidad.