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Bachelor of Arts en Español como Lengua Extranjera (ELE) Online

Internacionalización, interdisciplinariedad y emprendimiento

Edited by Edison Neira Palacio

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Connecting Faiths and Nationalities

A Social History of the Clerical Profession in Transylvania (1848-1918)

Edited by Marius Eppel

This book examines the socio-professional background of the clergy in Transylvania, between 1848 and 1918, with a view to offering a comprehensive perspective on the clerical profession across various religious denominations. During the modern period, Transylvania was integrated in the Habsburg Empire and, as of 1867, in Dualist Hungary. As such, it represented a meeting ground for different ethnic groups and denominations. The prerogatives of the clergy could surpass their primary calling as spiritual leaders. They gradually assumed the role of intercessors between communities, higher ecclesiastical institutions, the government, and local authorities. Sometimes, they also took on the role of de facto leaders of the national and political emancipation movements.

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Coups de maître

Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Culture, in Honour of John D. Lyons

Edited by Michael Meere and Kelly Fender McConnell

This collection is dedicated to John D. Lyons, Commonwealth Professor of French at the University of Virginia and a preeminent scholar of early modern France and Italy. Lyons’s long and influential academic career has been instrumental in shaping generations of undergraduates, postgraduates and early career researchers through his teaching, advising, mentorship and critical reading. Bringing together original chapters from leading scholars in North America, Great Britain and France in the fields of medieval and early modern literature and culture, this volume will build upon the breadth and depth of Lyons’s wide-ranging corpus that spans a remarkable array of genres, including philosophy, the novel, theatre and history. The studies are organized around the key themes of Lyons’s research throughout his illustrious career and engage with authors ranging from Saint Augustine, Giovanni Boccaccio, Niccolò Machiavelli and María de Zayas to François Rabelais, Michel de Montaigne, Madeleine and Georges de Scudéry, René Descartes, Blaise Pascal, Marie-Madeleine de Lafayette, Pierre and Thomas Corneille, Molière, Jean Racine, Jean le Rond d’Alembert and Voltaire.
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Cultural Linguistics Applied

Trends, Directions and Implications


Edited by Arne Peters and Neele Mundt

This book offers a range of empirically-based case studies in the field of cultural linguistics and neighbouring disciplines such as intercultural pragmatics and language pedagogy. The first section explores intercultural communication and cross-linguistic/cross-cultural investigations in settings such as Brazil, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, Morocco, France and Canada. The second section focuses on applications of cultural linguistics in the field of foreign language teaching. By drawing on English as a Foreign Language and English as a Second Language contexts, the case studies presented further examine the ramification of cultural linguistics in the language classroom, enabling a better understanding of culture-specific conceptual differences between learners’ first and target language(s).

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Zehra Batu and Mikail Batu

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Edited by Walter Leal Filho

Qualität ist im Therapiebereich von elementarer Wichtigkeit. Nur durch optimierte Prozesse, die Verringerung von Fehlern und Risiken sowie einer hohen Sicherheit, erhalten Patienten die Dienstleistungen in der für sie notwendigen Qualität.

Insbesondere wenn Krankenkassen und Krankenhäuser unter Druck stehen, Kosten zu senken und gleichzeitig die Qualität der Dienstleistungen zu erhöhen, hilft dieser Band, indem er Zusammenhänge und Besonderheiten des Qualitätsmanagements im Therapiebereich erläutert.

Das Buch bietet praktische Beispiele, die veranschaulichen, wie Qualitätsmanagement in verschiedenen Kontexten integriert und praktiziert wird.

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Natalia Fateeva

В монографии демонстрируется возможность изучать современный поэтический язык не только с точки зрения эстетической функции, но и креативной, воздействие которой предполагает создание новых форм и неожиданных сочетаний при передаче разнообразной текстовой информации. Для исследования выбран поуровневый метод описания. На иллюстративных примерах показывается, как креативность проявляет себя на разных уровнях организации текста: фонетико-орфографическом, словообразовательном, лексико-семантическом, грамматическом – и как уровни взаимодействуют друг с другом. На уровне же целого текста важными параметрами становятся субъектная организация и взаимодействие текста с другими текстами.

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Shirley Jackson

A Companion

Edited by Kristopher Woofter

From the short story «The Lottery» to the masterworks The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Shirley Jackson’s popular, often bestselling works experimented with popular generic forms (melodrama, folktale, horror, the Gothic, and the Weird) to create a uniquely apocalyptic vision of America and its contradictions.

With a Foreword by award-winning Jackson biographer Ruth Franklin, this collection features comprehensive critical engagement with Jackson’s works, including those that have received less scholarly attention. Among these are the novels The Road Through the Wall, The Bird’s Nest, and Hangsaman, as well as Jackson’s historical study, The Witchcraft of Salem Village. Also included are essays on Jackson’s darkly humorous collections Life Among the Savages and Raising Demons, on Stephen King’s «literary friendship» with Jackson, on the little-known film adaptations Lizzie (1957) and Hosszú Alkony (Long Twilight) (1997), and the first-ever extended analysis devoted to Jackson’s unpublished satirical cartoon sketches.

The collection’s five sections focus on Jackson’s style, key themes, and influence; her politics and poetics of space; her treatment of the «monstrous» mother and monstrousness of motherhood; her representations of outsiders and minorities; and moving-image adaptations of her work.

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Kulturwissenschaftlich-interkulturelle Linguistik

Kommunikationstheoretische Grundlegungen, interkulturelle Dimensionen und fremdsprachendidaktische Perspektiven


Veronika Elisabeth Künkel

Die enge Verbindung zwischen Sprache und Kultur ist eine Grundidee der kulturwissenschaftlich-interkulturellen Linguistik sowie der Fremdsprachendidaktik. Ausgehend von kommunikationstheoretischen Ansätzen untersucht die Autorin, wie genau sich die Brennpunkte dieser Verflechtung ausgestalten. Darauf basierend erfasst sie systematisch die Voraussetzungen für erfolgreiche, sozial erfolgreiche und selbstbestimmte Kommunikation – auch unter Bedingungen der Fremd- und Mehrsprachigkeit. Die entwickelte interkulturell orientierte Theorie der Kommunikation bildet schließlich die Grundlage für den anwendungsbezogenen Teil der Studie. Dieser zeigt klare Perspektiven für die Sprach- und Kulturvermittlung auf.