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Shirley Jackson

A Companion

Edited by Kristopher Woofter

From the short story «The Lottery» to the masterworks The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Shirley Jackson’s popular, often bestselling works experimented with popular generic forms (melodrama, folktale, horror, the Gothic, and the Weird) to create a uniquely apocalyptic vision of America and its contradictions.

With a Foreword by award-winning Jackson biographer Ruth Franklin, this collection features comprehensive critical engagement with Jackson’s works, including those that have received less scholarly attention. Among these are the novels The Road Through the Wall, The Bird’s Nest, and Hangsaman, as well as Jackson’s historical study, The Witchcraft of Salem Village. Also included are essays on Jackson’s darkly humorous collections Life Among the Savages and Raising Demons, on Stephen King’s «literary friendship» with Jackson, on the little-known film adaptations Lizzie (1957) and Hosszú Alkony (Long Twilight) (1997), and the first-ever extended analysis devoted to Jackson’s unpublished satirical cartoon sketches.

The collection’s five sections focus on Jackson’s style, key themes, and influence; her politics and poetics of space; her treatment of the «monstrous» mother and monstrousness of motherhood; her representations of outsiders and minorities; and moving-image adaptations of her work.

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Kulturwissenschaftlich-interkulturelle Linguistik

Kommunikationstheoretische Grundlegungen, interkulturelle Dimensionen und fremdsprachendidaktische Perspektiven


Veronika Elisabeth Künkel

Die enge Verbindung zwischen Sprache und Kultur ist eine Grundidee der kulturwissenschaftlich-interkulturellen Linguistik sowie der Fremdsprachendidaktik. Ausgehend von kommunikationstheoretischen Ansätzen untersucht die Autorin, wie genau sich die Brennpunkte dieser Verflechtung ausgestalten. Darauf basierend erfasst sie systematisch die Voraussetzungen für erfolgreiche, sozial erfolgreiche und selbstbestimmte Kommunikation – auch unter Bedingungen der Fremd- und Mehrsprachigkeit. Die entwickelte interkulturell orientierte Theorie der Kommunikation bildet schließlich die Grundlage für den anwendungsbezogenen Teil der Studie. Dieser zeigt klare Perspektiven für die Sprach- und Kulturvermittlung auf.
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Peer-Gespräche in der Schule

Beobachtungen zum mündlichen Sprachgebrauch im Spannungsfeld zwischen Institution und Identitätsentwicklung im Jugendalter


Benjamin Könning

Peer-Gesprächen in der Schule wird von Erwachsenen gemeinhin wenig Beachtung geschenkt. Was aus Perspektive mancher Erwachsener wie belangloser Small-Talk unter Jugendlichen erscheint, erweist sich aus Sicht der Gesprächsforschung als hoch funktional im Schulalltag. Der Band präsentiert analytische Einblicke in Gesprächsaufnahmen von Schülerinnen und Schülern im Schulalltag verschiedener Schulformen und Altersstufen. Das Buch liefert neue Erkenntnisse über das Gesprächsverhalten, Positionierungsaktivitäten, Themenfelder sowie jugend- und institutionstypische Ausdrucksweisen der untersuchten Gespräche.

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Mehdi Khosravi

In order to understand the political structure and stability in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the nature of the Islamic judicial system in the country must be analysed. This book undertakes this responsibility and is the first comprehensive study of structurally deep-rooted corruption in the Islamic judiciary system. The findings of this research show that corruption in the judiciary is widespread in breadth and depth. This corruption has infiltrated every sector of the Islamic regime to the point where it impacts the day-to-day routine of the Iranian people.

Without a doubt, the influence of the Supreme Leader on the judiciary is the most prominent factor in the formation of judicial corruption and its epidemical spread to other parts of the government. This judicial corruption has calamitous consequences on Iranian society and has endangered society’s security. It has infringed on human rights, caused a dwindling economy, devalued the rule of law, and delayed social progress in the country.

This book will be of interest to students of legal studies, political science, Islamic studies, sociology, or religious studies. The book also provides precious insights for journalists, civil service employees, decision-makers, and all of those who are interested in discovering the reason for brutality in the Islamic judiciary. The book also provides useful information for the learned societies and research centres that are concentrated on Iranian studies, criminology, good governance, rule of law, and criminal justice systems.

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Cannibal Angels

Transatlantic Modernism and the Brazilian Avant-Garde


Kenneth David Jackson

In the first three decades of the twentieth century, artists, writers, musicians, and architects from both sides of the Atlantic interacted to create a modern style for Brazil. Their works shaped Brazilian national expression and self-definition for the twentieth century and into the present, with renewed relevance as Brazil plays an increasingly important role in global affairs. Artists such as Tarsila do Amaral and Roberto Burle-Marx are appearing for the first time in museums in the United States and Europe, along with the concept of antropofagia from the «Cannibal Manifesto», a theory of cultural autonomy and a model for fusion, hybridity, and assimilation. This book offers a cultural history and interpretation of Brazilian modernism in the arts and letters, exploring how modernism depends on transatlantic negotiation and develops through interchanges between Brazilians and Europeans.
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Tai-Chun Ho

Cast in the shadow of the soldier-poets of the First World War, Victorian war poets have often been disparaged as «armchair patriots» glorifying military action in an unthinking fashion. Challenging this long-standing assumption, The Crimean War in Victorian Poetry considers the evolution of the figure of the homefront poet and explores the daunting task of representing war from a civilian perspective.

By virtue of the medium of modern reportage, the Crimean War (1854-1856) witnessed the inauguration of the civilian spectatorship of distant suffering, provoking a heated debate over the concept of the war poet and the function of war poetry during moments of national crisis. Confronted with news of soldiers’ hardships and of the distress caused by the government’s mismanagement of war, the so-called armchair poet sought ways of addressing the problem of pain and adversity from a distance and of engaging with the politics of war by composing lines of verse at home.

This is the first book-length study to examine the predicaments and achievements of mid-Victorian war poets. It provides historically nuanced readings of how a diverse group of British poets – ranging from the Poet Laureate Alfred, Lord Tennyson to the highly acclaimed female poet Louisa Stuart Costello – fought a literary war as they reworked the established traditions of war poetry and experimented with poetic forms in response to news of distant combat.

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Seda Gökçe Turan

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Symphonie der Worte

Musikalisierung von Fiktion in ausgewählten Werken Irène Némirovskys


Eva Franziska Pemmerl

Das umfangreiche Werk der in Auschwitz umgekommenen Autorin Irène Némirovsky erlebt seit der posthumen Veröffentlichung ihres unvollendeten Romanepos Suite française sowie dessen prompter Auszeichnung mit dem Prix Renaudot eine internationale Renaissance. Die detaillierten Romanentwürfe und Projektskizzen aus dem handschriftlichen Nachlass der bereits zu Lebzeiten gefeierten  Schriftstellerin bedeuten einen Glücksfall für die Forschung, dokumentieren sie doch im Detail Némirovskys intensive Auseinandersetzung mit intermedialen Schreibexperimenten. Wie vor ihr Marcel Proust, James Joyce und Thomas Mann, entdeckte sie die Musik als vielseitiges Modell für die Konzeption und Gestaltung ihres Schreibens. Keine geringere als Beethovens fulminante 5. Symphonie stand Pate für Suite française – das Werk orientiert sich damit in Form und Struktur, aber auch in assoziativen außermusikalischen Inhalten an einer der bedeutendsten Kompositionen der klassischen Musik. Das Buch zeigt auf, mit welchen rhetorischen, narrativen und strukturellen Mitteln es Némirovsky gelingt, die jeweilige musikalische Vorlage in den literarischen Text zu übersetzen, und ermöglicht somit völlig neue Einblicke in das Hauptwerk der Autorin.
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Luis da Vinha and Anthony Dutton

Political scientists have long determined that a president’s relationships with his advisors is crucial in determining an administration’s policies. Over the last several decades, scholars of the presidency have paid particular attention to the advisory structures and processes involved in foreign policy decision-making. Their work has contributed to the development and refinement of three presidential management models to help frame the analysis of foreign policy-making: (1) formalistic model, (2) collegial model, and (3) competitive model. This book analyzes the management models employed by presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump throughout their presidencies by employing a structured-focus comparison method that is framed on a set of general and standardized questions used to analyze a series of case studies involving their Middle East policies. The book offers the first systematic comparative analysis of presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump’s management of foreign policy crises.
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All Our Brothers and Sisters

Jews Saving Jews during the Holocaust

Edited by Judith Tydor Baumel-Schwartz and Alan Schneider

The book focuses on the heroism of Jews throughout Europe who risked their lives to save their coreligionists under Nazi rule. The contributors discuss and analyze the actions of Jews who rescued other Jews from the hands of the Nazis. These actions took place, to different degrees, in Germany, in Axis states and all across Nazi-occupied Europe, from the early stages of persecution until the war’s end, in the framework of collaborative efforts and individual initiatives. The Jews who rescued other Jews during the Holocaust came like their non-Jewish counterparts from different backgrounds: men and women, old and young, religious and secular, wealthy and poor, educated and uneducated. The rescue missions took place in ghettos, areas without ghettos, jails, camps, hospitals, children’s homes, schools, monasteries, in hiding. This book focuses on these rescue missions and the people behind them, reminding us of their courage and willingness to act, even when it put their own lives in danger.