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Dennis Carlson

Edited by Shirley R. Steinberg, Robert Lake and Michael B. MacDonald

The late Dennis Carlson uses the alternative nature of the Burlington, Vermont, bred band, Phish, and the larger impact of rock n’ roll to look at youth and revolutionary music culture. A History of Progressive Music and Youth Culture is designed for those who work with or teach young people to understand the nature and origin of musical commitment and devotion. For academics, the book traces a cultural study of rock which is unlike any other discussion of music or musicology published.

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Lire la politique au prisme du genre

Petits accommodements du quotidien


Christine Guionnet and Bleuwen Lechaux

À l’aune des débats sur la parité en politique, de nombreux travaux scientifiques se sont penchés sur les rapports de genre entre hommes et femmes politiques et sur le caractère souvent masculin du pouvoir. Mais très peu de recherches ont exploré les rapports au genre déployés en dehors des manifestes militants pro ou antiféministes, c’est-à-dire la façon dont le genre peut constituer une grille d’analyse employée – ou non – par chaque citoyen·ne pour décrypter le jeu politique et lui donner sens. Pourtant, analyser les rapports au genre, c’est-à-dire la façon dont les individus, dans les rapports sociaux quotidiens, qu’ils soient élus ou électeurs, cadres administratifs ou journalistes politiques, permet d’éclairer la fabrique du politique et de renouveler le regard scientifique porté sur celui-ci.

Les contributions rassemblées au sein de cet ouvrage montrent combien les rapports au genre peuvent façonner les rapports au politique, à l’engagement militant et à l’action publique. Elles soulignent la diversité des processus par lesquels la politique est perçue, reçue et bâtie, mais aussi les obstacles auxquels se heurte la conduite de l’action publique. Les rapports ambivalents au féminisme ou l’évitement du genre sont autant d’entraves à l’emprise réelle d’injonctions politiques à l’égalité, à la parité ou à la mixité. On saisit mieux, dès lors, tout l’intérêt de se pencher sur les rapports au genre pour saisir les processus complexes de la fabrique du politique.

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Minding the Obligation Gap in Community Colleges and Beyond

Theory and Practice in Achieving Educational Equity


Jeremiah J. Sims, Jennifer Taylor Mendoza, Lasana O. Hotep and Jeramy Wallace

It is difficult to find justice-centered books geared specifically for community college practitioners interested in achieving campus wide educational equity. It is even more difficult to find book in this vein written, exclusively, by community college practitioners. Minding the Obligation Gap in Community Colleges is just that: a concerted effort by a cross-representational group of community college practitioners working to catalyze conversations and eventually practices that attend to the most pressing equity gaps in and on our campuses. By illuminating the constitutive parts of the ever-increasing obligation gap, this book offers both theory and practice in reforming community colleges so that they function as disruptive technologies. It is our position that equity-centered community colleges hold the potential to call out, impede, and even disrupt institutionalized polices, pedagogies, and practices that negatively impact poor, ethno-racially minoritized students of color. If you and your college is interested in striving for educational equity, campus-wide, please join us in this ongoing conversation on how to work for equity for all of the students that we serve.

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Predicting Item Difficulty in a Reading Test

A Construct Identification Study of the Austrian 2009 Baseline English Reading Test

Klaus Siller

In this book, the author investigates a central issue in language testing research: What are the key features that contribute to item difficulty in a reading test? Results of various statistical analyses of the multiple-choice reading items from the Austrian 2009 baseline reading test show a significant correlation between empirical item difficulty and both cognitive processes and metacognitive strategies. The findings thus provide evidence of the construct validity of the baseline reading test on the one hand, but are equally relevant to teaching practice on the other hand. The teaching of reading at lower secondary level in the Austrian context needs to focus more on cognitive processes of different complexity and the active teaching of metacognitive reading strategies.

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Realism and Revolution

Why (Some) Revolutionary States Go to War

Paul Ewenstein

This book argues that revolutionary wars are generally the product not of ideological fervor but of a desire for territorial gain, encouraged either by a perception of the revolutionary state’s weakness or the chaos caused by shifting borders. However, these are short-term problems, manifesting in the first few years after the revolution, if at all. In the longer run, it is the decision of the revolutionaries over whether or not to adopt a revisionist ideology and the reaction of the international system to that ideology that determines if the revolutionary state will remain conflict-prone. The truth of this theory is demonstrated both by an analysis of the historical record and through case studies of the Iranian, French, Turkish, and Bolivian Revolutions, as well as an examination of the Arab Spring. Finally, the book considers the theoretical lessons to be gleaned from a study of revolutionary conflict and offers some thoughts regarding its future. This book is a valuable resource both for those interested in revolutions and for students of international conflict, and is the only comprehensive work on the subject to take into account recent developments in revolution such as the Arab Spring.

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Mariko Morisawa

Eine der wichtigsten Aufgaben zur Erforschung der deutschen Sprachgeschichte ist die Analyse der sprachlichen Heterogenität und ihrer Veränderung innerhalb eines Stadtgebiets. Dieses Buch untersucht unter historisch-soziolinguistischen Aspekten die Verteilung von Relativsatzeinleitungen in verschiedenen Textgruppen aus der Stadt Nürnberg sowie ihre Veränderung im Laufe des 16. Jahrhunderts. Zum Korpus zählen Kanzleibriefe, deren Sprache als damalige Prestigesprache gilt, private Schriftstücke weiblicher und männlicher Verfasser und Drucke, wie etwa religiöse Erbauungstexte. Der Vergleich der Daten jeder Textgruppe miteinander zeigt, dass die Druckereien im Nürnberg der zweiten Jahrhunderthälfte einen größeren Einfluss auf den Sprachgebrauch der Bürger haben als die Kanzlei.

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Edited by Anna Chalupa-Albrecht and Maximilian Wick

Noch heute wirken sich genieästhetischen Prämissen verpflichtete Werturteile auch auf die mediävistische Germanistik aus. Blieb die gesetzte Dichotomie von klassischer Blüte und epigonalem Verfall bislang zumeist unhinterfragt, so bietet der Tagungsband eine verstärkt deskriptive Neudefinition des Epigonalitätsbegriffs, deren Praktikabilität er an einer breiten Auswahl heterogener Gegenstände erprobt. Der Sammelband umfasst neben gattungsgeschichtlichen Überlegungen auch solche zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte, zu Fragen historischer Ästhetik, zur Übertragbarkeit des Denkmusters auf naturkundliche Texte sowie zur zeitgenössischen und modernen intermedialen Rezeption mittelalterlicher Stoffe.

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A Suffering People Under State Terrorism

Edited by Sabria Chowdhury Balland

Bangladesh: A Suffering People Under State Terrorism explores the destructive political situation in Bangladesh under the one-party and one-person rule of the despotic Sheikh Hasina. The contributors to this edited collection examine the catastrophic political environment of the country in view of the Hasina regime’s relentless oppression and repression since 2009, the authoritarian rule of her father in the early 1970s as well as the topic of Indian political, cultural and economic hegemony to which this dictatorial regime is increasingly surrendering Bangladesh's national interest, integrity and sovereignty. The contributors also attempt to expose the wholesale corruption and unprecedented vote-rigging that have rendered the regime completely illegal and illegitimate. They also highlight how the regime has been clinging to power by systemically unleashing terror and tyranny through its widespread networks of state machinery.

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Kamilia Rostom

This book covers the integration of Syrian refugees in Germany, especially eastern Germany. In this novel genre of  “teddytext” the author visibly reacts with scholarly evidence to explain how eastern and western perspectives converge and differ. The author guides refugee integration by showing Syrians how Germans think, and vice versa. First comes a panoramic overview of the West’s “Diversity Transition,” now changing ethnic to mixed societies. The rescue effort is both corporatized and voluntary process-action, a mass form of government-civil society cooperation modernizing and speeding up conventional integration processes. Main obstacles include the national  east-west split, the east’s capital strike, and governmental efforts to manage Germany’s spoiled identity through politicized stigma management imposed via the remembrance policy. These together make easterners second class citizens. Former refugees are ethnic victim groups unable to take full part in Germany’s corporation-colonized lifeworld. This includes former Prussians and returned USSR German settlers whose political awakening seized on refugees in a struggle for power to oppose the remembrance policy. Brandenburgers oppose refugee integration through Know-Nothingism, deception, and ostracism, in part because refugee integration would threaten their “dirty togetherness” social organization. Nonetheless, refugees interviewed and examined in Berlin and Brandenburg are educated, motivated and, despite their traumatized condition, determined to stay and succeed. Their integration is happening more quickly and promises to be more completely successful than ever before. Improved skills recognition and refugee education are keys. Integration would be even better if Germany itself were integrated.


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Men on the Screen

Re-visions of Masculinity in Spanish Cinema (1939-2019)


Edited by Juan Rey

Cinema, whether it is understood as entertainment, business, criticism, or art, is always a reflection of the society in which it is born. Men on the Screen is a review of masculinity in cinema made in Spain by Spanish directors from 1939 to the present. The objective of this volume is, then, to observe the different types of masculinities, whose classification gives rise to a chronology that goes from the man who embodies the dream dreamt by the dictator Franco to the modern man, who is lost in his labyrinth, while also examining the repressed men, those men who have strayed and who live in the city, the rascals and braggarts, those who fight every day just to survive, the petty criminals, those men who divest themselves of the rancid national-Catholicism in order to be themselves, those who are caring, those who harass and kill their prey, the heroes, those who seduce women with their gab, corrupt politicians, those who sell their bodies, grandparents, violent and chauvinistic men, those who live in anguish for the passage of time, and even those immured by repressing and hypocritical morality. All of the masculine categories delineated above indicate that cinema is a reflection of the great changes experienced by Spanish society during these years. During this long period, Spain has gone from being a poor, isolated, dark, sad, politically and religiously depressed country to becoming a dynamic, modern country, one of the great countries of the West. And these transformations, these men, who are diverse, who are in conflict at times, and who are depressed, hopeful, hungry, consumerist, and dreamers—they are what cinema gathers. What follows next is a catalog of men who have wandered and roamed the Spanish screens.