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Hermann Hesse and Japan

A Study in Reciprocal Transcultural Reception

Neale Cunningham

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The Preamble as Policy

A Guidebook to Governance and Civic Duty

Robert Irons and Jim Twombly

In The Preamble as Policy: A Guidebook to Governance and Civic Duty the authors show that the Preamble to the Constitution is more than an introduction to the document; it sets the tone for the rest of the document and how it should be viewed and interpreted. It is also a list of goals for a new government and a tool for holding our elected representatives accountable for their efforts on our behalf. The Preamble as Policy looks at the history of the development of the Constitution to show how the Preamble can be used to judge the laws and policies enacted by the federal government. The Preamble as Policy weaves political thought, history, and current events together allowing for examination of an oft forgotten part of the Constitution. It provides a unique framework and firm foundation for class discussions or social interactions about what we have achieved as a nation and where we might have come up short.
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Revolutions and the Making of the Modern World

From Peter the Great to Karl Marx

James Cracraft

Edited by William Benton Whisenhunt

Professor James Cracraft is an established specialist on early modern Russian history, particularly the era of Peter the Great (1682-1725), tsar and first Russian emperor. This volume gathers some of the many key articles and reviews published by him over the last forty years and more in a wide variety of scholarly venues, some of which are not readily accessible. They constitute in sum important contributions not only to Russian history broadly understood, but also to the study of history itself. The collection will include a preface by the editor and an introduction by the author, where he will sum up his decades of historical work and point to new avenues of needed research, all the while emphasizing that "history" properly understood does not exist somewhere on its own but is the creation, however imperfect, of professional historians (as "chemistry", say, is properly understood as the work, however imperfect, of professional chemists).

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Helmut Heißenbüttel

Edited by Christoph Rauen

Mit der dreibändigen Jubiläumsedition zum 100. Geburtstag liegen erstmals Helmut Heißenbüttels späte Schriften zur Literatur in gesammelter Form vor. Sie enthält bislang nur verstreut veröffentlichte Texte und zeichnet wesentliche Entwicklungslinien des essayistischen Werks nach.

Der dritte Teil beinhaltet Aufsätze zu Poetik und Literaturtheorie, Gattungen und Geschichte radiophoner Literatur sowie Comic und Science Fiction, ebenso wie autobiographische Essays, Interviews und Schriften zum Kulturbetrieb. Er versammelt außerdem Texte zum Kriminalroman aus allen Phasen von Heißenbüttels jahrzehntelanger Auseinandersetzung mit dem Genre.

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Theory of Power

Marx, Foucault, Neo-Zapatismo

Carlos Antonio Aguirre Rojas

The subject of power (singular) and multiple social powers (plural) is unquestionably central to contemporary societies all over the globe. Growing stronger and expanding farther all the time, the world’s anti-systemic movements have been forced to address this issue—the nature of power and powers—as among their most pressing debates. In the process, these movements have also been forced to consider the best possible strategy for confronting them. Should they seize political power, even if they run the risk of simply reproducing it? Should they destroy it altogether? Is it enough to destroy political power while economic, ideological, military, and religious powers remain untouched? And what is the most effective anti-capitalist and anti-systemic way to confront, defeat, and overcome the many different powers found in all present-day societies on Earth? To answer such questions, among others, this book discusses the rich, complex contributions of Karl Marx, Michel Foucault, and neo-Zapatismo to a complicated and essential subject: the theory of power.
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Understanding Social Media

Extensions of Their Users


Robert K. Logan and Mira Rawady

The purpose of this book is to understand the nature of social media and the impact they are having on almost all aspects of modern-day existence from family life and social interactions to education and commerce. Just as fish are unaware of the water they swim in and we humans are unaware of the air that we breathe so it is that the users of social media are unaware of the effects of these media and take their existence as a natural part of their environment. The authors make use of Marshall McLuhan’s media ecology approach to understanding media in order to reveal the effects of social media on their users, how they are changing the nature of our social interactions and how we through our interaction with social media have become actual extensions of our social media, the reverse of McLuhan’s notion that media are extensions of mankind.

The authors analyze the major social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Tinder, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and blogs as well as examining the Splinternet and the social media scene in Russia, China, North Korea, Vietnam and the Islamic world. Understanding Social Media studies the impacts of social media monopolies, the nature of advertising and branding in social media apps and the social media front in cyberwarfare and concludes with an analysis of the social media counter revolution waged by players who actually helped to create social media.

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Ehe und Familienschutz in Zeiten des demografischen Wandels

Ein Rechtsvergleich zwischen dem deutschen und ivorischen Einkommensteuerrecht


Patric Kra

Ziel dieser Arbeit war, das Wesen der deutschen Steuerdisziplin und des ivorischen Steuersystems, welches aufgrund der Kolonialzeit auch als Erbe Frankreichs angesehen wird, historisch auszuarbeiten. Besonders betrachtet wurde der steuerrechtliche Rahmen, da dieser in hohem Maße dem Schutz der Ehe und Familie dient. Anhand der unterschiedlichen Steuersysteme werden Verbesserungsvorschläge für das Steuersystem Deutschlands und der Elfenbeinküste gegeben, um die Ehe und die Familie besser zu schützen. Das Hauptaugenmerk liegt bei meinen Betrachtungen immer auf dem Schutz des/der Kindes/r. Insbesondere wird dabei auf die Stellung der Frau und deren Wandlung in den letzten Jahrzehnten eingegangen und es werden Vorschläge gemacht, wie vor allem Alleinerziehende und berufstätige Mütter sowohl in Deutschland als auch in der Elfenbeinküste steuerlich entlastet werden können und verfügt daher über einen hohen aktuellen Bezug.

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Agnieszka Walecka-Rynduch

The monograph is focused on three essential research problems identified by the key terms used in its title. The analysis covers concepts that previously were not subject to in-depth research projects: the MediaPolis, a MediaEgo and evolution of the political communication paradigm, observed and analysed on the political scene in Poland. Evolution of the public sphere and the media requires consideration of the causes of ongoing changes and of forecast transformations initiated by those changes. Hence, the research project focused on the sphere that emerged in an intersection of known discourse areas – public, political, meta-political and media discourses. The monograph summarizes years of research into the proposed concepts of a MediaEgo politician and the MediaPolis public sphere.

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Edited by Sheila Vieira de Camargo Grillo, Sandrine Reboul-Touré and Maria Glushkova

Comment constituer et comparer des corpus lorsqu’ils sont issus de langues différentes ? Cette question émerge en amont de tous les travaux en analyse du discours qui font se rencontrer, comme dans cet ouvrage, le français avec l’allemand, l’anglais, le japonais, le portugais ou encore le portugais avec le russe. De telles recherches ont donné naissance à l’analyse du discours contrastive. Les contributions posent et/ou explorent ce cadre théorique récent en retravaillant des catégories issues de l’analyse du discours française, pour certain.e.s auteur.e.s, et dans la lignée de Bakhtine, pour d’autres. Ainsi, les analyses ciblant la comparaison des discours entre plusieurs langues invitent à sélectionner un invariant, par exemple, un genre de discours. Elles consacrent aussi une place importante à la culture, inscrite dans l’anthropologie culturelle, suite aux travaux de Humboldt, permettant de présenter aujourd’hui la notion de culture discursive. Cet ouvrage invite enfin à s’interroger sur la comparaison à la fois d’un point de vue théorique et méthodologique, notamment dans le domaine des sciences du langage.

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Die Flucht in der Verfolgung - eine legitime Alternative zu Martyrium und Apostasie?

Tertullians Traktat "de fuga in persecutione" im historischen und theologischen Kontext seiner Zeit


Daniel Greb