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Researchers Remember

Research as an Arena of Memory Among Descendants of Holocaust Survivors, a Collected Volume of Academic Autobiographies

Edited by Judith Tydor Baumel-Schwartz and Shmuel Refael

The book Researchers Remember: Research as an Arena of Memory Among Descendants of Holocaust Survivors, a Collected Volume of Academic Auto-biographies is composed of over 30 essays written by prominent researchers worldwide belonging to the “Second Generation” and “ Third Generation” of Holocaust offspring. Each essay traces the author’s path to a research profession, focusing on the influence of their family’s Holocaust background at various crossroads of their life.
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Christoph Anton Xaver Hauf

English verbs of speaking have been affected by profound and intriguing changes, in particular between Old and Middle English. These changes crucially involve the loss of the verb cweþan and its replacement by say, which remains the most common verb of speaking to this day. The present study provides an exhaustive corpus-based, cross-period, and multi-dimensional appraisal of verbs of speaking used as part of the linguistic expression of communication in the history of English situated within a frame-semantic and constructionist framework. Moreover, it elucidates the fascinating changes affecting the verbs used to talk about communication between Old and Middle English. Also, this study sheds light on the functions of medially placed reporting clauses emerging in the Middle English period.

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Aportaciones al estudio de las lenguas

Perspectivas teóricas y aplicadas


Edited by Juana Luisa Herrera Santana and Ana Díaz-Galán

Los trabajos que se recogen en este volumen son una muestra de la vasta y diversa producción científica desarrollada por numerosos investigadores e investigadoras que, en su mayoría, están vinculados al Instituto Universitario de Lingüística Andrés Bello de la Universidad de La Laguna. Son múltiples las lenguas objeto de estudio –latín y griego clásicos, griego moderno, inglés, español, árabe, bereber y mancañá– y distintos los enfoques y planteamientos en los diferentes aspectos y temas tratados: gramática, lexicología, lexicografía, fraseología, análisis del discurso, procesamiento del lenguaje natural, enseñanza de segundas lenguas, traducción, contacto de lenguas e historiografía lingüística.

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Enduring Presence

William Hogarth’s British and European Afterlives


Edited by Caroline Patey, Cynthia E. Roman and Georges Letissier

To order print copies of this book, please contact (Retail Price: £60.00, $90.95).

Long after his death in 1764, William Hogarth is still our contemporary. Far from leading a secluded existence in museums and academies, his legacy of vibrant images and provocative ideas remains a powerful source of inventiveness and inspiration for the artists of today, as once for those of yesterday, be it on page, stage, canvas or digital formats.

After approaching the artist by way of his challenging aesthetic philosophy and his resistance to normative categories, this two-book set considers Hogarth’s pioneering sense of performativity, which has long made him the treasured interlocutor of actors and playwrights, from David Garrick to Bertolt Brecht or Nick Dear. His work has permeated film, television, the graphic novel, art and narrative, which all bear witness to his versatile and powerful use of images and its resonance in the modern and contemporary age. Brimming as it is with energy, plenty, affliction, entropy and empathy, Hogarth’s contradictory universe of chaos and beauty is in tune with ours and resonates vividly with contemporary passions and struggles.

The twenty-eight essays in this collection chart the teeming legacies of William Hogarth and explore the ways in which his works and ideas were and are revisited and appropriated in the UK and across Europe. For the eighteenth-century artist lives on as an unforgotten presence, whose invigorating and challenging memory energizes multiple expressive forms, including drama, visual arts, literature, film, graphic novels and TV serials.

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Grupos léxicos paratácticos en la Edad Media romance

Caracterización lingüística, influencia latinizante y tradicionalidad discursiva


Santiago Del Rey Quesada

Denominados en la tradición romanística "parejas sinonímicas", "duplicaciones", "bimembraciones", etc., los grupos léxicos paratácticos constituyen uno de los fenómenos de estilo más llamativos y característicos de la escritura elaborada en la historia de las lenguas europeas. Este libro ofrece un análisis de las estructuras léxicas paratácticas desde una perspectiva plurilingüe y de acuerdo con un enfoque teórico-metodológico sustentado en la lingüística de variedades. Con base en un corpus de textos traducidos del latín al español, francés, italiano y portugués en la Edad Media y primer Renacimiento, se estudian las unidades en relación con el problema de la sinonimia, se realiza un recorrido historiográfico del fenómeno, se caracterizan morfosintáctica y semánticamente los grupos y se discuten el papel del cultismo y el carácter discursivo-tradicional en la conformación de las combinaciones paratácticas.

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Edited by Esra Sena Türko

In women entrepreneurship studies, the regional emphasis generally remained limited to the studies carried out within the scope of regional development. Regional differences were detected in many studies. However, unless the research was conducted within the theoretical framework of the regional economy, they were not discussed within this context. This book aims to represent the findings of studies on women entrepreneurship from various theoretical frameworks, which address differences and similarities at the regional level together and reveal the big picture. In addition, the factors causing differences in women entrepreneurship at the regional level and the topics, in which differences were observed, have been examined. The research involves conceptual and applied studies.

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Slawische Sprachen unterrichten

Sprachübergreifend, grenzüberschreitend, interkulturell


Edited by Anastasija Kostiučenko, Agnieszka Zawadzka and Tamara Münzer

Im Fokus des Sammelbandes steht die Fachdidaktik des Russischen, Polnischen und anderer slawischer Sprachen im deutschsprachigen Raum. Die zwölf Beiträge thematisieren die Förderung interkultureller Kompetenzen, den Medieneinsatz beim Fremdsprachenlehren und -lernen sowie die Zielgruppe der Herkunftssprecher*innen. Sie behandeln ebenfalls die Nutzung von Erschließungsstrategien und den Sprachtransfer sowie die Binnendifferenzierung im Fremdsprachenunterricht als Antwort auf die Heterogenität der Lernenden. Die Publikation richtet sich an alle, die in Universitäten, Schulen, privaten Bildungsinstitutionen oder Kulturvereinen tätig sind und die dort slawische Sprachen als Fremdsprachen vermitteln bzw. Herkunftssprecher*innen unterrichten.

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Authentic Connection

Music, Spirituality, and Wellbeing


Karin Hendricks and June Boyce-Tillman

This volume focuses on the ways in which mutual musical engagement might play a role in creating healthful, life-giving experiences. Scholarly chapters and reflective interludes illustrate how people use music to forge authentic spiritual and emotional connections with others, including in times of physical isolation and political unrest. Chapters and interludes address topics such as relationship building, community, wellbeing, therapy, education, and ecology. Each describes various ways in which individuals connect authentically with themselves, others, the music they make, and the physical and spiritual world around them. Many authors address current global crises including the COVID-19 pandemic, racism, nationalism, environmental injustice, and associated climate catastrophes. Authors articulate various qualities of authentic human connections, and discuss various ways in which music might be poised to facilitate emotional and spiritual connections in some of the most challenging and physically isolating times.

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Urszula Paradowska

This book addresses the question whether translation students can successfully increase their information competence as a result of a purposeful intervention. As translation technologies have become a staple in the translation industry, the ability to interact with the Web to solve translation problems is now a basic market requirement. Although there is a growing body of empirical research into web search behaviors of translators and the use of web-based resources in translation, none of the studies aimed at incorporating information competence strategy training into a translation course. The study described in this volume aims to fill this gap. The book will be of interest to translator educators as well as to professional translators who want to improve their web search expertise.

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Education for Liberation, Education for Dignity

The Story of St. Monica’s School of Basic Learning for Women

Wesley A. Stroud

This work focuses on creating a narrative concerning the development of St. Monica’s School of Basic Learning for Women in Gulu, Uganda, which was started by Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe and is an adult primary education program for women. This study utilized a narrative inquiry design to describe the experiences and significant relationships of individuals who contributed to the development of St. Monica’s School of Basic Learning for Women. The story offers insight into the challenges and successes of developing educational opportunities for women in the post-conflict setting of northern Uganda. The narrative contributes to the knowledge base concerning leadership strategies in education positioned within a multi-cultural collaborative effort. Sister Rosemary’s motivations, purpose, and vision provide an inspirational example of how pioneering educational opportunities for others can be accomplished.