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Transmedia and Public Representation

Transgender People in Film and Television


Edited by Magalí Daniela Pérez Riedel

Is media changing the way we see transgender people or is it the other way around? In the past twenty to thirty years, transgender people have gradually appeared in films and television shows with more and more frequency. However, more visibility does not always translate to a higher degree of acceptance of trans people. Authors in this book studied the most popular programs and movies of all times to see how much (and how little) media portrayals have changed when it comes down to trans folks. Although in recent years openly transgender celebrities and fictional characters have broken into the mainstream to challenge hegemonic understandings of this population, productions such as Transparent and Orange Is the New Black fall victim to commonplace portrayals, repeating the negative tropes they were trying to resist. Nevertheless, nuanced interpretations and thorough analyses from this collection show evidence that movies and programs with transgender people make progress from total erasure or invisibility. Transmedia and Public Representation: Transgender People in Film and Television is as complex and diverse as the authors, productions, and characters in it. It is a must-have, must-read book for anyone who studies or works in areas related to media, social sciences, and LGBTQ studies and activism. But it is also an appealing invitation to understand the current media landscape through the eyes and voices of trans and queer people, their relatives, and their allies.
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Edited by Jean Archibald and Marie Moran

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Sofonisba Anguissola

Une artiste maniériste au 16e-17e siècles

Florence Chantoury-Lacombe

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Gilles Menegaldo

Edited by Mélanie Boissonneau and Anne-Marie Paquet-Deyris

Twenty years after Universal horror movies, the Hammer studio brought back to life the great mythical figures inspired from British literature as well as French and European folklore (Dracula, Frankenstein, the Werewolf, the Phantom of the Opera, etc.). It invented new incarnations rooted in a precise historical context and revisited according to the evolution of British society. This independent studio constitutes a notable stage in the history of the genre between the Gothic horror of the 1930s and the more radical productions of the 1970s, which eventually contributed to its demise. Focusing on the peculiar balance between Hammer’s inventiveness and classicism, this volume mainly explores the lesser-known productions, examining as well its contradictions, paradoxes and limitations.

The book raises the question of the paradoxical modernity of films that are innovative in various respects (themes, modes of representation challenging censorship, aesthetics), but are also trying to resurrect a dying tradition, mostly offering a rather surprisingly conservative discourse despite their efforts to comply with the expectations of new audiences. The films born from the recent Hammer renaissance are still referring to this bygone Golden Age of the horror film. One may wonder whether the Hammer studio was a mere factory churning out mostly conventional horror films now buried in the dust of a gothic dungeon, or a true laboratory of modern cinematic horror whose past glory still inspires contemporary filmmakers. This volume will provide some answers and raise quite a few questions.

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Edited by Alix de Morant, Helga Finter, Eva Holling, Didier Plassard, Bernhard Siebert and Gerald Siegmund

This book assembles the contributions to the international symposium Narrativity and Intermediality on the Contemporary Stage in Montpellier 2016. The symposium was based on the hypothesis that, despite the rise of performative and postdramatic theatre and a subsequent abandonment of the plot, theatre performances tell stories after all. The variety of positions in this book now discuss and reflect the relation between narration, theatre and intermediality nowadays.

Ce livre rassemble les actes du Colloque international Narrativité & Intermédialité sur la scène contemporaine, manifestation qui s’est tenue à Montpellier en 2016. Les contributions réunies dans cet ouvrage ont trait aux modalités par lesquelles la scène contemporaine, qu'elle soit théâtrale, chorégraphique ou performative, continue de produire du récit. Depuis l'analyse des œuvres, et dans un dialogue avec les artistes,  elles se consacrent aux interrogations qui relèvent de l'intermédialité.